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Pats Vs. Colts

Some Good News For Pats Fans.

2 Real Football Stories.



Part I.

 Part II.


Pats Vs Colts.

1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter.

Epically Funny 3rd Quarter.


7-Things For Champ Weekend.

Let It Rain.



Colts Vs Broncos.

1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter.

3rd Quarter.

4th Quarter.


Pats Vs. Ravens.

1st Quarter: Knocked out, Twice!

2nd Quarter: The Signs.

3rd Quarter: The Signs.

3rd Quarter: WAAAA!

4th Quarter: Team of Destiny.


7-Things For Ravens.

O-Line and Defense.



7-Things For Wildcard Weekend.

O-Line Is Everything.



7-Things For Sunday.

Invincible At Home.



7-Things For Sunday.

They Put The "Uck" in Suck



Pats v. Dolphins.

1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter.

Up and Down Irony.

A Knack For Hitting The QB.


7-Things For Sunday.

The Revolution Starts Here.



Ayers: Pressuring 2nd Place.

Shooting Star.

1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter.

I Plead Insanity.

4th Quarter.


7-Things For Sunday Night.

A Very Tired 7-Things.



#7-Things for Saturday.

Champ Weekend.


7-Things From the Loss.

The Real Question.



#7-Things for Green Bay.

Am I Crazy?



The Latest Fad.



#Pats Vs Lions.

1st Quarter.

 2nd Quarter.


7-Things for Sunday.

An Ain't Gonna Happen Addition.




3-Things From Sunday Night.

1st Quarter.

 2nd Quarter.

3rd Quarter.

 4th Quarter.


7-Things for Sunday Night.

We've Got a Gronk.




7-Things For Saturday.

Week 12.



7-Things From Saturday.

Week 11.




2015 NFL Draft.


Player Prospects.


Up Dated 11/8

7-Things From Saturday.

Week 10.




Pats Vs Denver 1st Quarter.

Pats Vs Denver 2nd Quarter.

Pats Vs Denver 3rd Quarter.


7-Things For Sunday.

Pats Vs Manning.




7-Things For Saturday.

A Very Short 7-things.  


7-Things From Tuesday.

Playoffs! Playoffs!




Pats Vs. Da Bears.

1st Quarter.

 Post Game Ramblings.

2nd Quarter.


7-Things For Sunday.

Pats Vs Bears.




7-Things For VJ.

Are You Kidding ME?  


7-Things For Saturday.

Week Nine




7-Things From Saturday.

A Very Special D-Line Addition



7-Things From Saturday.

College Football and The Draft




Pats Vs. Jets.

Divisional Grind.


7-Things For Thursday Night.

Another Grumpy 7-Things




Pats Vs. Cincy.

1st Quarter: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever.

2nd Half.


7-Things For Sunday .

Only an Idiot Would Pick the Pats




Pats Vs. Cincy.

It Seemed Like a Divorce

1st Quarter For The Haters

2nd Quarter.

3rd Quarter.


7-Things For Sunday Night.

Help! I Need Somebody




Patriots Draft Blog.

Game to Watch This Weekend



Patriots Draft Blog.

Thoughts on Players

Jaelen Strong



Ty Sambrailo

Melvin Gordon.



2015 NFL Draft.


Player Prospects.

3rd Round


Up Dated 10/1

Pats Vs. KC.

Why The Hell Would Anyone Read This: Part I

You Might Want To Read This.

 Why The Hell Would Anyone Read This Part: II

You definitely Don't Want to Read This.



7-Things for Kansas City.


A Very Grumpy 7-Things.


Up Dated 9/29


Pats Vs Raiders.


1st Half.

2nd Half.


Up Dated 9/23


Pats Vs. Oakland.


Seven Things for Sunday




Pats Vs. Minnesota.


First Quarter. 9/15

Second Quarter. 9/16

Scattered Notes. 9/17

2014 Week Two Blog.


Seven Things for Minny


Up Dated 9/14


2015 NFL Draft.


Player Prospects.

2nd Round+


Up Dated 9/14

2014 Week One Blog.


Seven Things for Miami



Up Dated 9/6


2014 Preseason Blog.


The Young O-Linemen.

The Cuts are Coming.


Up Dated 8/29

2014 Preseason.

Third Game Notes:

Brady, Defense, and Notes.

Second Game Notes:

First Game Notes:


Updated 8/24

#4th Round Review:


Day Three: Part one 97-105

Day Three. Part Two: Picks 130 and 140.

Cameron Fleming.


Updated 7/16

4th Round Review:


Day Three: Part one 97-105

Day Three. Part Two: Picks 130 and 140.

Cameron Fleming.


Updated 7/16

Celtics 2014 Off Season Blog.

The Zeller Trade.

The LaBron Trade.

Smart Move In Detroit.

Summer League Players.

Updated 7/12


2014 Celtics Draft.

James Young Tape Finally Finished:




Updated 7/11


1st Round Review:


NBA Draft Review: Part One.

NBA Draft Review: Part Two.

Embiid Tape added


Updated 7/4

2014 Celtics Draft.


Part I: Picks 1-8.


Up Dated 6/26


Aaron Gordon 6/26.

Marcus Smart 6/26.

Noah Vonleh 6/26.


4th Round Review:


Day Three: Part one 97-105

Day Three. Part Two: Picks 130 and 140.


Updated 6/15


Draft Review Picks 33-44

Day Two: Part Two 45-55

Day Two: Part Three 56-64

#Draft Review 3rd Round:

Part One Picks 65-80

Part Two Picks 81-88 Oops

Part Two Picks 89-96

Updated 6/7

Kareem Martin.


Scott Crichton.


#Will Sutton.


Jimmy Garoppolo.

Up Dated 6/5



AS-J Tape.


Kyle Van Noy Tape. Oops


Up Dated 5/19

Ra'Shede Hageman Tape.


Updated 5/18

It's finally here!

The greatly anticipated: 


Dominique Easley Tape.


Up Dated 5/17

Draft Review Picks 1-5


Part Two-Picks 6-11

Part Three 12-22

Part Three- Pick 23-32


Updated 5/14

Day Three Mock Draft


Part One. Picks 101-120 Oops

Part Two. Picks 120-140 Oops

I can't f-ing upload today


Updated 5/10

2014 Player Ratings-

Day Three!


Pats 6th and 7th Round picks included.



Day Two Mock Draft


Part One. Picks 33-48

Part Two. Picks 49-64


Updated 5/9

May Mock Draft


Part One. 5/8

Part Two. 5/8

Part Three. 5/7

2nd Round

Part One. 5/7

Part Two. 5/7


Updated 5/5

Top Six Corners

1. Justin Gilbert.

2. Jason Verrett.

3. Kyle Fuller.

4. Darqueze Dennard.

5. Bradley Roby.

6. Phillip Gaines.




Tier 1B Passrushers:

1. Khalil Mack. OLB/DE

1. Anthony Barr. OLB/DE

Tier Three Passrushers:

1. Dee Ford. DE/OLB.

2. Marcus Smith. OLB

3. Jeremiah Attaochu. Oops


2nd Tier WRs

1. Cory Latimer.

2. Davante Adams.

3rd Tier WRs

3. Brandon Coleman.

4. Matt Hazel.



Top Three RBs


Jeremy Hill.

Carlos Hyde.

Bishop Sankey.



Calvin Pryor.

Guided Missile


Marcus Martin.

 All Punch Baby.



2014 Draft Blog.


The Magnificent Seven


The Return of the Magnificent Seven.



Fighting Irish Part II.

A 5-Tech For My Father.

Fighting Irish Part III.

Fighting Irish Part IV.

Fighting Irish Part V.

Fighting Irish Part I.



March Mock Draft


Part One. 3/18

Part Two. 3/18

Part Three. 3/18



Updated 3/18

Ultra Crappy 2nd Round.


I didn't finish before Combine and had to finish now: 

Part One.

Part Two. Surprise Pats Pick.


Updated 3/5

2014 Combine.


Offensive Linemen.

 Defensive Linemen.


Wide Receivers.


Updated 3/2

Best Draft Ever.


Why Nice Receivers Will Fall To Pats in 2nd and 3rd Rounds.


Updated 2/20

The Gay Update.


Why Sam Will Fall.


Updated 2/18

2014 Draft Blog.


Knock Their Block Off.



January Mock Draft.


Top 11 Pick in Place.

Picks 12-21 Done.

Picks 22-31 Done


Updated 1/31

Scouting The DBs.


DBs Vs Chargers 1st Half.


The Offense has been read.

Second Half.


Updated 1/17

The AFC Championship Game.


7 Things For The DBs.


Updated 1/18

Pats Vs Colts


1st Half.

2nd Half.

They Broke Their Heart!


Updated 1/12

Beautiful Beating.


Patriots In The Playoffs.


Updated 1/13

Seven Thing for Saturday Night.


The Weather, the Weight, and the History.


Updated 1/11

Today's Bowl Games



Part Two.


What a Day On Saturday.

Pinstripe Bowl.


Updated 1/3/14

Another Step Up.


Pats Vs Ravens.


Updated 12/26

Seven Thing for the

 The Playoffs!


The Two Minute Warning!


Updated 12/22

Why Would Anyone Read This?


The Puke Game. 

Pats Vs Miami


Updated 12/17

They Just Have to Never Lose Again.


Pre and Post Pats Vs Miami


Updated 12/16

7-Things For Sunday.


Pats Vs Miami


Updated 12/15

Pats Vs Cleveland


Utterly Destructive Natural Disaster.

Updated 12/12

Pats Vs Houston


Second-Half Patriots, Again.

Updated 12/04

Pats Vs DBs


2nd Half.



Updated 11/27

7-Things For Sunday Night


Pats Vs DBs


Updated 11/24

7-Things For Monday Night


Pats Vs Panthers


Updated 11/18

Pats Vs Pitt.


1st Half.

2nd Half.


Updated 11/05

Pats GM Vs Pats Coach



Updated 11/04

7-Things For Sunday.


Lines Are key.


Updated 11/03

7-Things For Sunday.


Is There Anything better Than Winning Ugly.


Updated 10/06

7-Things For Sunday.


Is There Anything better Than Winning Ugly.


Updated 10/06

I'm Back!


Two Prospects to Watch.




Pats Vs Miami

 This Might Be To Wacky To Read.


Updated 10/31

7-Things For Sunday.


Is There Anything better Than Winning Ugly.


Updated 10/06

Two Articles for Thursday;


Elvis Has Left The Building




Updated 10/3

Pats Vs Atlanta


Part 1: Most Peculiar Momma.

Part 2: 2nd Half.

Part 3: Conclusion!


Updated 10/2

7-Things For Sunday Night.


We're Not Who We Thought We Were.


Updated 9/29

Growin' Up


LBs Baby



First Quarter

Barely Holding The Team Together.


2nd Quarter

Utterly Bizarre Twists in the Plot.


2nd Half



7-Things For Tampa.


Stupid is as Stupid Does.


Updated 9/22

A Toe Sucking Win.


Pats Vs Jets



7-Things For Thursday.


A  Jets Edition.


Offensive Offenses.


Updated 9/12

One Wacky Win


Pats @ Bills



7-Things For Sunday.


A  Buffalo Edition.


Updated 9/08

Four For The Forth




and Beauharnais


2014 NFL Draft Blog


Are You Watching?



Updated 9/04

2013 Preseason Blog


Oh Wait. 9/4


Suddenly Someone. 8/25


Caught In Disaster. 


2013 Celtics Summer Blog


The Young Three, Bigs.


Updated 7/17


Celtics Blog Mock 

Draft Review

NBA Mock Draft Review Part I.

NBA Mock Draft Review Part II.

NBA Mock Draft Review Part III.

NBA Mock Draft Review Part IV.

NBA Mock Draft Review Part V.

NBA Mock Draft Review Part VI.

Finally- The Olynyk Tape.


Updated 7/9


Celtics Blog Mock Draft 2.0

NBA Mock Draft 2.0 Part I.

NBA Mock Draft 2.0 Part II.

NBA Mock Draft 2.0 Part III.

Updated 6/27

Celtics Blog Mock Draft

NBA Mock Part I.

NBA Mock Part II.

Updated 6/26

NBA Mock Part III.

Updated 6/25



PatsDraft Draft Blog 2013


Slurping-Up Mr. Irrelevant 6/12.

He Wore A Green Shirt. 6/10


Updated 6/12  



Armond Armstead Part One:

The Odyssey

June 1st


Armond Armstead Part Two:

The Pat's 1st Round Pick

June 3rd

Joyce Boyce Part One:

The Reason


Joyce Boyce Part Two:

The Team

2013 3rd Round Review


3rd Round Part 1 Draft Review

3rd Round Part 2 Draft Review

Logan Ryan- Solid not Spectacular

3rd Round Part 3 Draft Review

Duron Harmon- The Mystery Man


Updated May 22nd

2013 2nd Round Review


Round Two Part 1 Draft Review

Round Two Part 2 Draft Review

Round Two Part 3 Draft Review


Updated May 2nd


2013 Draft Review.


Part One Round 1 Draft Review 

Part Two Round 1 Draft Review

Part Three Round 1 Draft Review


Updated 4/29


2013 NFL 2nd Round


1st Half of 2nd Round done.

2nd Half of 2nd Round done.

1st Half of 3rd Round done.

2nd Half of 3rd Round done Oops.


with Pats picks.

Updated 4/26



2012-2013 Drafts



Summer 2012





2011 NFL Draft in Review


2010 Season in Review


2010 Draft in Review


2009 Draft In Review


2008 Draft In Review


2007-2003 Drafts In Review