Mock Draft

Part I.

Pats Camp:

STAR of the WEEK!

By Tom Mahoney

The signing of Nelson Agholor went a little under the radar, when you consider he signed for only 24-Mil over two years. He was the star of the week, on the field this week. He was the best player on the field on Friday. He was all flash and dash after the catch. He was bouncy and haviní fun. Flying through patterns, with the greatest of ease, to get open. Showing great soft hands.
"We've known Nelson for a while but having him here, you certainly have a little different perspective, but he's a smart kid. He's got a lot of position flexibility and good skill and talent," Belichick said. "He's like everybody else, learning from scratch, learning a little bit of a new offense and some things; the way we call things and do things and all that, but nothing that he or any other new players can't handle. It's just part of the process, but he's doing well, good to work with him."
He was on a level so far above the Wide Receivers from last season that it was like watching a Unicorn. He was an epiphany. A rare sightly of an actual NFL Wide Receiver on the Patsí Practice Field. Last season it was Jakobi Meyers, and the cast from the Bad News Bears at WR. Agholor was so good this week he made Cam occasionally look like a viable option at QB.
"It's a great opportunity," Pats newest WR Nelson Agholor said. "You know, we're working. I'm new here, so it's about learning the plays, learning different routes, learning the adjustments, and just working on timing. I think I'm picking up things, but it's been a grind and I'm enjoying it."
Too fast in pattern for the exceptional Patriots Corners. Too quick in cuts and breaks to be contained. Too flashy to not smile when he amusingly hopped, skipped, and jumped after the catch in jubilancy, with a series of great runs. Impressive soft hands catching the fastball short, and turning up field like a runaway-rocket. Explosive running after the catch, which he also beings to his patterns.
ďI learn from a full-concept. I like to learn everything. I have great coaches that are teaching me that. Every day I try to put in on tape and learn from what I put on tape,Ē Agholor said. ďItís just studying, man. Itís a grind. Itís not easy. If you do it well, and you stay consistent with it, you help yourself have more opportunities. All the different [concepts], old-school learning ways. I study with flashcards. Repetitive. Say it to yourself. Whatever way you can do it.Ē
He was so great at getting open deep downfield, tracking the ball while pulling away from the CB, and snagging it over his head. He will be a terrific defense breaking deep threat, with Jonnu Smith. Smart, veteran, experienced WR who knows what it takes to succeed in the NFL, and can show some of the young weapons. Just too subtle, smart, and swift in pattern to stop.

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