Zack AllenBC DL

6-4, 281, (U) 4.95, 

34 3/4" Arms, 24 Reps,

9'4" Broad,  32" Vert, 

7.34 3-Cone, 4.36 SS, 



Allen is a freak. Despite his size, he is really a Wide-9 Base End. Whichever side he lines up on, he gets out wide like a Wide-9, because he like to run behind his eyes and see the QB. Unbelievable job faking up field and using an arm over inside, and leaping up and block the pass. He just kept growing at BC, and a lot of teams see him as a 3-Tech now. But I think he is still just a big Edge, who needs to lose a few pounds. 285 is too big for him. It slowed his rush a little. He needs to be in the 270s. 

He does a great job stunting inside and dragging multiple OLs to him. When the outside guy flushes the QB he is right in front of him to sack the QB runs into him. He just has that knack for making big plays on big downs, even when he stunted inside and three blockers grab him. Which happened to him more than any other DL this season. Not just the doubles, but the triple-teams.

Nice job pushing the OLT up and back, and then shedding him when the QB takes off inside. Great job reading the sweep and getting five yards into the backfield, and taking the RB down. He is so good on the speed rush. Consistently slapped the OLT’s arms down, and dipping and/or ripping to crush the QB as he swiped at the football. When he is hot, he causes OTs to false start. Then he can stunt inside to free up the DT outside, and jump up and bat the pass down. He is such a freak athlete. 

He is a valuable player on special teams. He blocked a Field goal against FLA ST. He overwhelmed the OC and OG, and blocked the kick. He always seems to get pressure on the QB. It isn’t his sacks that are impressive, it is the constant pressure and trouble he caused QBs. He does a great job forcing the QB to dump it off, and then destroying him at full speed. Which causes the bad pass on the next play as well. It is amazing how he can flash into the backfield, and bend around and hit the RB running to other side, for a TFL.

Doesn’t let runners get outside of him. He is the best Edge in this Draft against the run. He is such a great athlete that it is easy to forget that he is 285-pounds. He gets to the QB more through attrition than explosion. But he is a force against the run. You cannot run to his side, and he is great at turning the short corner, and bursting inside to find the RB running inside. He had over 100-tackles two seasons ago. He was better in 2017 when he was 270 or so pounds.  

2017 (JUNIOR): Started 13 games at defensive end … one of two defensive linemen with 100+ tackles nationally … recipient of the 79th annual George "Bulger" Lowe Award, "New England's Heisman Trophy" and one of America's oldest college football accolades ... All-ACC honorable mention selection … ranked second nationally among all defensive linemen with 100 tackles … led BC with six sacks and tied for 10th in BC single-season history with 15.5 tackles-for-loss … named ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for the first time in his career after career-best 14 tackles and three tackles for loss against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17).

He has the legit size of a 5-Tech, but he is not a 5-Tech. It looks like he turning himself into a 5-Tech though. He was a strong side D-end who could punish QBs in 2017. He might not get to the QB as often as some the speed guys in this Draft, but he punishes QBs when he hits them. He hurts them. He moves almost as fast as a lot of those 250-260 pound Rushers, but he is over 280, and might still be growing. He seemed to add to 10-15 pounds each year at BC. 

Excellent bull rush on the OLT. Always seemed to play with arms extended. He has the speed and power to shove off the OLT up, dip, and hit the QB in the back to cause the fumble. He just has that knack for finding the ball. When he gets his hands on the OT's arms first he gets by them. Surpassingly good Rip to turn the corner for a guy his size. Nice job getting his hands up when the QB throws.


Additional Notes:

Combine: He looked like an Edge in cover drills. His hips got a little tight. He had a great catch in cover drill. Some think he is a 3-Tech. That is not a good thing when you play the Edge. He was at his best at BC as a 9-Tech in 2017. He is the strongest Edge guy in this Draft, 24 Reps. And because of that he can play 3-Tech and 5-Tech. He could still slide into the 1st. His 34 and 3/4" arms were a great number for him. He really knows how to use his long arms to keep blockers off his shirt. 

Great upper body strength. Nice feet high stepping over bags. Nice burst backward and forward. He has some nice quicks and COD. It looked like he outgrew the Edge at the Combine. Nice job moving backwards in drop drill. He showed his quick feet in Cover drill. He has to lose weight to stay on the Edge. His Forty was disappointing but not bad for a 281-pound guy. His 3-Cone and Short Shuttle were both nice numbers for a guy his size. 

Elite character. It is hard to believe a 280 pound guy can move backwards in space like that. Allen is another DE who can use the swipe to great effect. When he gets to the OT’s hands or arms fast, he is at the QB quicker than he can throw. He is so good at grabbing the OT’s arms and pulling himself past him. 

Clemson: He was terrific against an excellent Clemson team. He was consistently getting into the backfield and scaring the QB. Nice job getting to the RB on the option and forcing the QB to keep it so the LBs can hit him. He is a force on the QB’s right as well. He burst into the backfield, and the QB tried to throw over him. He had the instincts to leap and knock the pass back at the QB, who then caught it. Then he tackled him for about a 15-yard loss. He forced the hilarious big hit on the QB with his incredible athleticism and instincts.

FLA ST: He does such a great job slipping inside and finding the RB. He is such an underrated run stuffer. There are not a lot of guys who use their hands and feet in balance as well as Allen to hit the QB and explode him off his feet. He has a great long stride hop forward that surprises OLTs. When FLA ST was behind in the 4th they started doubling him with the RB. And when they didn't he ran by the ORT and hit the QB as he threw. 

NC ST: He is such a great athlete. He was a 280 pound dude covering the RB out of the backfield against NC ST, and he leaped up on the Goalline for an INT. That is just a great play for guy big enough to play 5-Tech. The fact that he can play any edge position from 5-Tech to DE to OLB, and still cover the RB on the Wheel is amazing athleticism. If he drops to the Pats they cannot pass on him. I would love to see what the Pats would do with a dude like that! 

He will struggle to set the edge when he is lined up a D-end, which is not as bad if he was at OLB. He can slide down the line on a run away and shove the OT to the ground, and find the RB in traffic and grab him and pull him down. He is so athletic sometimes that you forget how big and strong he is. He will get cut to the ground and can bench himself off the ground like a spider, and still move laterally into the RB at the LOS. Nice shoulder shove into an inside swim against Dives.

Zack Allen Vs Temple:

At his size, he is a beast setting the edge. He is one of the best in the draft at pushing OLs up field. He has such a great blast off, and puts speed to power with one inside arm better than most. Great spin move inside. 

He seems to arrive at the QB just after the ball is gone, but when he hits a QB he hurts him. He seems to play better on the Strongside. He never gives up on the play. He has developed a nice shoulder club Dip move to the QB. He is so consistent driving the ORT back to the QB. That is what he does best.

He can get to the QB from the blindside as well. Good job moving down the line to grab the QB. Nice job to ran around the TE, and force the QB to throw the ball away quick. He forces QBs to throw the ball away a lot. He scares QBs when he charges them. He is so good at slashing inside, out of the rush, and getting to the QB on the Draw. He is finding the RB in the backfield better than the QB this season.

He is relentless after the QB. He is so tough to block. That is his best skill. He likes to break inside, but he can get around the ORT and grab the QB from the side and pull him down. When he sacks the QB he really hurts him, and he really struggles to throw on the next down. Better speed rusher than you'd think for his size. 

He had two sacks and 3 TFLs against Temple. More from relentlessness than a knack sometimes, but The More I Watch him The More I Like him. 

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Zack Allen Vs Temple:

Zack Allen Vs Syracuse:

Okay, this is not his best Tape, but it is his shortest and the Draft is getting damn close. You can see his best traits on this Tape, and his struggles finding the ball against the Option or RPOs, which is his worst trait (:01). It is tough to hold onto a block on Allen on the Edge. He is so good at slapping off hands, and swiping the OL's arms (:09). Syracuse really changed its blocking scheme to focus on Allen. That is the biggest compliment you can give a DL. 

They lined him up all over the front seven. Here he is essentially at 5-tech (:15). Here he is at 5-Tech. He dropped, and spied the running QB looking for him to take off (:22). Over on the blindside. He burst inside, and forced the QB to keep the ball on the Option. Then chased him and forced him to dump it off (:31). He saw the QB back off the scramble and went down field. When the WR took off, Allen was the one who got all the way out to the sideline and got in front of the WR. 

He just keeps working and getting himself into the fray (:41). They will line him up at ILB and let him blitz. Watch the speed to power, before he got doubled, held, and pulled to the ground (:55). It looked like he was more interested in keeping the QB in the pocket than hitting him (1:25). Watch the great Swipe and inside move that freed up the outside blitzer to flush the scrambling QB (1:25). I'm not sure he is the QB you want to flush outside and force to run. He is the guy you want to trap in the pocket. 

Switched to the blindside again. He got fooled by the play action a lot in this game. But watch the speed to power to pop the OLT back to give himself a lane to the RB he thought was running a Dive (1:35). Back inside at 5-Tech. He tried to clog the 3-gap on the zone run and got tripped up (1:46). He shed the ORT with the swim, and went and got the RB (1:53). He is normally much better reading the play, but the RPOs in this game killed him. However, you can see the burst to the RB that you have to have inside. 

He pushed the TE as he went outside, and then broke open inside the OLT (2:18). He got cut on the edge by the ORT (2:24). Great burst inside from the Wide-9, and he almost got the RB in the backfield. He was there, but they pulled the ORG over to crack him (2:42). He broke inside though the double and got held at the point (2:51). But it allowed two teammates to get to the RB. 

Touched by four blockers on that play, including the play action RB. No one got more attention from blockers than Allen (2:58). Setting the edge with some attitude (3:33). It was clearly his job to get the RB on RPOs (3:22). He got a late start in the rush. He got a little chip on the TE (3:29). But this is what he does best. He consistently beat the ORT in space to get to the QB. He just ripped past the ORT and got pressure on the QB, which lead to a dump off. 

This is also what he did consistently. He set the edge with his heavy hands, and then went and got the RB (3:40). He got doubled in the rush, which let two other guys get to the QB. But then watch him split the double team anyway (3:43). He burst upfield to the QB. He burst past the ORT. Then watch the agility, suddenness and burst to turn back around and go and get the RB (3:58). He burst inside, and got the attention of three blockers, so the outside guy could blitz (4:05). Watch him shed two blockers with his hands, and get back outside. Then the great club to knock the ORT's hands off his shirt to force the QB inside where there was help. Then the great spin move to shed the ORT, and get even with the QB. 

He shoved the ORT almost off his feet as he moved inside. Then he took a shot from the OLG and Allen got pissed, punched him up and drive him 5-yards backwards (4:14). He tried go inside and got doubled, which opened things up for the blitzing LB (4:38). He got outside to cover the RB swinging outside (4:33). He burst inside the blockers, got position and stuffed the RB at the point (5:09). That was a nice bread and butter play that all DEs need to do, but most don't. 

Nice blast off. You could really see his burst there. Then he turned the corner with a Rip, and forced the QB out of the pocket (5:24). Speed to power. Then got a hand up to help make the bad throw (5:34). He stunted inside and grabbed two blockers to help the LB blitz. Then he split the two blockers when the QB took off (5:42). He burst upfield and opened up the inside rush for the blitzer (5:50). Wide-9. He rushed and saw the RB sneaking out of the backfield, and got out in front of him (6:07). Then he saw the Jet-sweep to the WR, stopped, and went and got the little guy in space. 

Well that wasn't his best Tape, but it showed how much attention he gets from blockers. You can watch one of his best Tapes against Temple above. He struggled to read the RPOs, but most DLs do and that is why it is so effective. You could see his elite ability to take on blockers and shed with power, hands, chops, quicks, and lateral explosion. You saw the elite hustle and the mayhem he can cause an Offense. You could also see the splash plays he made against Temple against a more conventional offense. 

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Zach Allen Vs Syracuse:

Allen's Official Bio:

Tackles: 14 vs. No. 16 Virginia Tech, 10/7/17
Tackles for loss: 4.0 vs. Temple, 9/29/18
Sacks: 2.0 (2x) last vs. Temple, 9/29/18
Fumbles Forced: 1 vs. Temple, 9/29/18
Fumbles Recovered: 1 (4x) last at Virginia Tech, 11/3/18
Interceptions: 1 (2x) last at NC State, 10/6/18

2018 (SENIOR): All-ACC Second Team... Pro Football Focus Second Team All-America selection… New England Football Writers All-New England Team... FBS recipient of the 73rd annual Nils V. "Swede" Nelson Award from the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston... All-ACC Academic Football Team selection … Walter Camp Football Foundation Connecticut Player of the Year… Preseason All-America selection by Phil Steele’s and Athlon Sports... semifinalist for the Bednarik Award, Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Wuerffel Trophy and Ted Hendricks Award Watch Lists... picked up a sack and three tackles vs. UMass (9/1/18)... registered five tackles and 0.5 TFL at Wake Forest (9/13/18)... grabbed five tackles, a half sack and recovered a fumble at Purdue (9/22/18)... posted 4.0 TFLs, 2.0 sacks on eight tackles with a forced fumble, two pass breakups and a quarterback hurry against Temple (9/29/18)... picked up his second career interception and added six tackles and 0.5 TFL at No. 23 NC State (10/6/18)... earned ACC Defensive Player of the Week with seven tackles, including three TFLs for 10 yards and a sack vs. Louisville (10/13/18) and added a blocked extra-point... totaled six tackled with a sack and 1.5 TFLs against No. 25 Miami (10/26/18)... recovered a fumble, totaled four tackles, two pass breakups and two quarterback hurries at Virginia Tech (11/3/18)... made four tackles, including a 12-yard TFL on a ball batted back to the QB, while also being credited wit a pass breakup and two QB hurries against No. 2 Clemson (11/10/18)... blocked a field goal, broke up a pass, was credited with a QB hurry, made six tackles and a sack at Florida State (11/17/18) and was named ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week... grabbed five tackles with 0.5 TFLs vs. No. 19 Syracuse (11/24/18).

2017 (JUNIOR): Started 13 games at defensive end … one of two defensive linemen with 100+ tackles nationally … recipient of the 79th annual George "Bulger" Lowe Award, "New England's Heisman Trophy" and one of America's oldest college football accolades ... All-ACC honorable mention selection … ranked second nationally among all defensive linemen with 100 tackles … led BC with six sacks and tied for 10th in BC single-season history with 15.5 tackles-for-loss … named ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for the first time in his career after career-best 14 tackles and three tackles for loss against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17) … started season opener at Northern Illinois (9/1/17) and totaled nine tackles … eight tackles, including two behind the line of scrimmage against Wake Forest (9/9/17) … equaled a then career high with nine tackles, including one sack against Notre Dame (9/16/17) … productive game at No. 2 Clemson with eight tackles (9/23/17) … seven tackles, first career interception, two tackles for loss and a sack in the win against Central Michigan (9/30/17) … one of the best performances by a defensive lineman in school history against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17), finishing with a career-high 14 tackles … totaled three TFLs, one sack and one QB hurry as well against the Hokies … six tackles, including 0.5 TFLs in the 41-10 win at Virginia (10/21/17) … led BC with nine tackles, two pass breakups and a quarterback hurry against No. 23 NC State (11/11/17) … team-high 11 tackles and 1.5 TFLs in the 39-16 victory over UConn at Fenway Park (11/18/17) … four tackles, including three behind the line of scrimmage, in the 42-14 victory at Syracuse (11/25/17) … seven tackles and a sack against Iowa in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (12/27/17) … CoSIDA Academic all-district selection.

2016 (SOPHOMORE): Played in all 13 games, making one start against Georgia Tech (Sept. 3) in Dublin … recorded 36 tackles on the season, including 19 solo stops … fifth on the Eagles with 10 tackles for a loss of 52 yards … third on the team with six sacks for a loss of 42 yards … added four pass breakups, three quarterback hurries and two fumble recoveries … part of the defense that ranked in the top 10 in the country in eight categories, including ninth in total defense (314.2 yards/game), second in sacks (3.62 sacks/game) sixth in tackles-for-loss (8.2 TFL/game) and seventh in rushing defense (108.5 yards/game) ... BC defense tied the school record with eight sacks twice, at Massachusetts (Sept. 10) and vs. Maryland (Dec. 26), and recorded at least 10 tackles for a loss four times … BC’s 47 sacks on the season tied the school record set in 1994 … recorded first career tackle for a loss against the Yellow Jackets …set career highs in tackles (6) and tackles for loss (2.5), and tallied first career sack and fumble recovery at UMass … tied career high in tackles with six at Virginia Tech (Sept. 17) ... recorded second fumble recovery while registering three tackles at NC State (Oct. 29) ... tallied four tackles in the win at Wake Forest (Nov. 26) … set a career high with two sacks for a loss of 15 yards in the Quick Lane Bowl victory over Maryland (Dec. 26) ... part of the defensive line that was named the bowl MVP.

2015 (FRESHMAN): Played in all 12 games, primarily as a member of the special teams unit … participated in 66 plays on special teams and 46 plays at defensive end … in the first game of his collegiate career, registered an assisted tackle in the season opener vs. Maine (Sept. 5) … recorded one solo tackle against Howard (Sept. 12) … was in a season-high 15 special teams plays vs. Virginia Tech (Oct. 31) … earned the Athletic Director’s Award for Academic Achievement.

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