Derek Wolfe

DE/DT Cincinnati

6-5, 295, 33.25" Arms,

33 Reps, S-1.71-1.70

33.5" V, 7.26 3-C! 4.44 SS,

9'0" Broad, (4.94-5.0), 




Under Rated .


Wolfe is nice sized DE/DT who might have the best hands in the Draft. He plays like BB coaches it. He is so good at playing low and with his arms extended. He jsut kept dominating game after game when I watched him without any fanfare.

He might not be the fastest guy on the field, but he can hustle across the field and get in on a tackle. Shows nice quickness on the outside stunt. Gets up field Fast. Nice burst off the snap. Nice hands. He did a Push-Pull on the Rutgers right tackle and just throw him to the ground. 

They like to line him up at LDT and stunt him under the other DT and sometimes the DE as well. Double teamed consistently, and on one goalline play against Rutgers he was Triple teamed, and that is always a win for a D-Lineman. 

Lines up at NT in the Cincinnati Nickel. He is very effective rushing the QB from the Nose. He is not the biggest or strongest looking guy on the field, but he is always moving towards the ball with leverage, hands, and power. Even when he is well blocked, he will get under the pads and drive the blocker towards the ball and gets his hands or pads on the RB. 

He has such great instincts. He is one of those guys that makes a move inside or outside and he is in front of the ball-carrier sometimes even surprising himself. He loves the Rip when lined up on the Right side. Against Vandy was just so good that it has to propel him into the 1st day. He is so good against the run. He defines relentless. Has the top notch instincts to dominate in the NFL, and has enough speed and quickness to get to the QB as a 5-Technique D-End. 

He is so quick and slippery off the snap in the rush, and then he goes right into the O-Lineman and Bulls him right into the QB. He just never stays blocked, and when he hits the QB he goes down fast. He takes on the double team block so well, and can toss two blocker aside and still get to the RB. R

eminds me of  Pats DE Mike Wright. This guy is going to play in the NFL for a long time. He has the speed and athleticism to Play 5-Technique D-End and still get to the QB. Great hands. He really controls and Shrugs aside O-Linemen with his hands. Every time I watch him I come away more impressed. He is not going to look pretty at the Combine and will drop because of it, but he will be a steal on the Day Two. 

The most impressive aspect of his game is that he is a DT who hustles from sideline to sideline. He is so quick off the snap. When he anticipates the count, he just gets buy O-Linemen before they can even move. He can lined up on the Nose, and just Swam over the Center before he can get his hands up, and bursts into the RB before the OC could even turn around. It was an amazing display of Quickness, hands, and football awareness. He just gets up field so quickly. 

He and Hughes compliment each other so well. Hughes hold the point which allows Wolf to attack up field most of the time. he so good at knocking the OG back locating the ball and making the tackle. 64 T, 9.5 S, 19.5 TFL, before the Bowl game. Great hands. He is so aware in the chaos. Terrific Push-Pull, which he likes to Rip off of. Uses multiple moves, and always appears to be moving forward. He has nice read and react skills. He does a nice job of keep his arms extending and playing arms length from the OG. 

He is a guy who just keeps popping up on film. I don’t know how you can watch Cincy play and not seem him as a 1st Round pick or a second day steal. Reminds me of Mike Wight, only quicker and with much better hands. He is that rare blend of 3-technique DT, and looks like he can play D-End in a 3-4 and still has the burst, quickness, and speed to be able to get to the QB from the D-End position. I think there are a lot of 3-4 teams in the second half of the 1st round that will be looking strongly at him. Real nice Interior quickness, and can make the OG miss right off the snap. Nice feet. Terrific lateral quickness. Nice Rip around the corner 

Wolfe Vs Vanderbilt 

This is really what he does best. He plays with his arms extended, controls the OG with his strong hands as he reads the play. He misreads the Play action, but watch him shed to OG when he sees the RB coming. Then he sees the RB doesn’t have the ball, and burst through the RB and OG’s blocks and is TTC to the QB quicker than a dragon can inhale (:07). That is such a great read and react play. Do I need to show Pat’s fans any more? This kid can play.

Tough to see what is going on, until you see Wolfe shed the O-Guard and is bursting all alone to the QB, and crushes him. There were so many times he just looked unblockable at Cincinnati (:16). Here he is lined up really at 5-Technique even though there are only two down linemen. He gets stalemated trying to turn the corner (:23). He gets a bad blast off the snap, and gets stalemated a little. Then the RB comes over for a double. Then he does what he does so well, he uses his strong hands and leverage to shrug the OG off of him and makes a play on the ball carrier (:29). Here he is standing up to the double, but can’t make a play (:39). He stands up the OC, sheds, and makes a play on the ball carrier (:49). The OC has him sealed to the outside. Watch how he uses his hands and feet together with balance and leverage to shift to the other side of the OC and get his hand on the football (:57). Unfortunately the RB just slips through his hands. Can you see the resemblance to Mike Wright?

He burst into the hole abandoned by the OG, and gets blocked just enough by the FB to let the RB slip through. However, he sheds and makes a play on the ball as consistently as anyone in this draft. He a 3-4 D-End waiting to happen (1:03). He sees it, and burst up field. He takes on the block of the FB with his excellent hands, and just has that knack for grabbing shirt and using a Pull to change direction and shift sides, and just misses again (1:11). Tape glitched (1:21). There he is shedding the double team and making the play again (1:30). BB can’t teach the 5-Technique any better than this (1:35).  He holds up the OG and what for the RB to come, and then sheds him and makes the tackle. He also usually plays better on the leftside as I think you are starting to see.

He shots the gap from the right side again, and over runs the play a little. He gets back into it, and tackles his own teammate, but again you can see the quickness, read and react ability, and the ability to shift back into position through blockers (1:43). He holds up the double team and forces the RB to bounce it outside  (1:50). This really shows how he can gets his hands on the OG and just shed him almost at will (1:58). He uses his hands and extends his arms and changes direction four times before falling on the QB. That is just incredible technique, power, and quickness (2:05). It is amazing how he can dominate an O-linemen by grabbing shirt.

Okay Pat’s fans, here he is on the Nose, like Mike Wright. Did you see that burst into the OG that sent him back 2-yards, yikes. He has that play all but stopped, and then the ORT doubles down on him and drives him inside, and he still hustles around the double team and get back into the play (2:14). He drives the O-Guard up, and the RB reads it and goes to the other side. So he just leverages his way over to the other side of the O-Guard and makes the play, like he does time after time after time (2:22). This is just a great Stunt, he blocks off the OG and the OLT just long enough to spring the D-End, and then chases the QB outside (2:31). That is as good as it gets for a 5-Technique D-End.

Here he is on the Nose again. Just power, leverage, and hands. Did you see him shaking the body of the OG with his hands (2:41). You can really see him right here, coming off the snap low and arms extended. That is how BB coaches it (2:51). He just powers under the OG, reading run on short yardage. Watch how low he gets leveraging the OG backwards (3:00). Taking on the double by coming off the line low with arms extended (3:07). This is the stuff you can’t teach. He gets into the OC, absorbs the double of the OG, then spins out and hustles all the way across the field after the QB (3:15). He just keeps coming.

He is not all power and leverage, watch the quick Swim, and hit on the QB that causes the INT (3:26). Stuffing the Double team in the hole again. (3:36). Stuffing the double team, and then he has the RB in his clutches as it looks like everybody else on the defense is chasing the wrong guy. That is just a great play (3:43). Great-great play. He uses his hands to ward off two blocker and then dives into the feet of the RB (3:54). Watch his mates swarm to him after. 

Shooting the gap (4:03). Turning the Corner. That is a passrush from a BB 5-Technique (4:09). Passrushing from the 5-Technique again. He gets his hands on the ORT and tries to Dip around the Corner (4:19). Well it was nice while It lasted.

That is just a great read and react play. He notice something it's right in Hooville, and retreats, redirects, and turn the corner into the QB. That is as good as it  (4:28). He bursts off the line. He reads it correctly, but gets tackled by the OG (4:36). That was Holding that should have stopped the drive.

He gets trapped in the traffic (4:43). He uses his hands nicely to work laterally down the line (4:49). That is a 5-Technique rush (4:55). He just has that knack for keeping working his way up field (5:04). Stalemated, you don't see that very much, in fact that might be his first one this game (5:17). A nice Stunt outside, and just as he is going to hit the QB the OG flashes back and crushes him (5:23). But check out the agility and lean when he tries to Dip back into the QB.

He set the edge, and when the RB goes the other way he sheds and attacks (5:31).  Okay, that’s enough. I’m suppose to be watching "Lady and the Tramp" for family movie time! QDmtB05eJII

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