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Patriot's Vs The Trap.



November 6th, 2010

Cleveland stinks. I know it, you know it, we all know it, but worst of all the Patriots know it. This week it seems I've developed a case of Trap Tourette Syndrome. It seems I can't talk to anybody this week without saying, "Trap!" Okay this is going to be short and sweet. I played basketball yesterday with a cold, but instead of burning it off, it made it ten times worse. This morning as I puked up green chunkies out of my lungs, I knew I made a mistake, and now I feel like my brain is swimming in a fishbowl. "Trap!"

Besides we have all know the story: we have the better team, we're on a better role, and we have by far the better QB. We should win this game easy, the problem is that the Pats' players know it. The trouble started long before I was even thinking about doing this story. Brady strolls into Mangini's press conference, and starts asking him questions about how to stop himself, ha-ha-ha. Brady is known for his  fanatical preparation. not his goofball antics before the game. I think it's clear he is not taking this game as seriously as the past few weeks. "Trap!"

The Browns have a nice simple defense. Nothing great, nothing eye-pooping, nothing really to fear. However, what they are is tough and physical. They can ground you down when you aren't looking. They will fight you for every yard, and have battle every team to the finish every week. They run a similar defense to BB's where the sum is greater than the parts. Were if each player does his assignment, they play better as a whole. Now personally I don't like their Corners and I think we'll be able to pass on them, but will we be motivated to prepare to pass on them, or is the offense goofing around like it's a Bye Week. "Trap!" 

Their offense stinks! There is no way Peyton Frigging Hillis is going to kill us. "Trap!" Colt McCoy was a great college QB. I heard some silly commentary this week, were a guy said didn't like McCoy in college. McCoy was a great player in college. A truly great player in college. If you didn't like him coming out, then you weren't watching him. The stat I love the most in Colt's college career is that in ten games into his Junior season he was completing 80% of his passes. If you didn't like that then you don't know what you were watching. He is smart, prepared, accurate thrower, who besides his height was tailor made for the West Coast Offense. The problem is that he is a rookie, and this defense shouldn't lose to a rookie QB. "Trap!" The rest of their skilled players are average at best. I loved Brain Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi coming out of college, but they have not developed as I had hoped. They are still young and I think they will continue to develop into excellent WRs, but they are not their yet. Do I need to recount the disappointments of Ben Watson in New England? "Trap!" Tell me he isn't going to kill us. The list of former BB's guys seems endless, "Defensive line coach Bryan Cox and strength and conditioning coach Rick Lyle are former Patriots, while assistant offensive line coach Andy Dickerson was a Belichick coaching assistant," Someone wrote in PFW's Game 8 Preview. "Even Jerome Henderson (defensive backs) and Carl Smith (quarterbacks) have pre-Belichick ties to New England as a former player and coach, respectively." That's right, I'm so sick I have to pilfer shit from the internet;-)

In a lot of ways this game is like a division game, because of Mangini's familiarity with the team. Plus, don't forget Brain Daboll and Rob Ryan. Daboll was BB's hand picked resident genius, and BB has hired Rob as well, and has had nothing but glowing things to say about him. Brad Seeley was another BB favorite.  These three guys know the Pats as well any coaching staff in the league. The Browns will be well prepared to face the Pats. "Trap!" 

 Well, that's all I got. This is going to be one ugly AFC division rival like game. Snap up the chin straps because this one is going to hurt.

Draft Post Script:

I have become a big Da'Quan Bowers fan. I watched him closely against B.C. last week. And I knew he was a good edge rusher, but was a force against the run in that game. He was making tackles, grapping, or at least getting his hands on the RB almost every time they ran to his side. He has a nice slice move where he keeps the OT off his body with his long arms and slides down inside, and holds off the OT with one arm, and scoops his other arm around the RB. He is so strong he can hold off the OT and still catch the RB, he doesn't always make the tackle, but he slows him down. Plus, he is a terrific passrusher, not just an edge rusher. He can hit the QB in multiple ways. 

Also tonight on CSNE Texas A&M is playing Oklahoma. Von Miller was my favorite edge rusher from last year. He has been struggling early in the season, but it looks like he is getting back on track. He has been playing more at OLB and is out in space more, so it will help his development as Pro, but hurt m=him this season. With the Raiders starting to win games, it is looking more and more like the Pats lottery pick is sinking to a mid first round pick. So player like Bowers, Adrian Clayborn, Marcell Darius, Stephen Paea, Cameron Heyward, A.J Green, and Julio Jones will probably be off the board. So you have to start looking at the second tier guys who will fall for one reason or another. Like the obvious big two from North Carolina Marvin Austin, and Robert Quinn. And players who don't quite fit into NFL measurements, but play big, like Von Miller and Mark Ingram. Miller is listed at 6-2 240, but he plays strong as an ox, and is relentless. If they drafted Miller with their first pick, I would be doing cartwheels. In Texas A&Ms Bowl game last year he made a series of plays on a goal line stand that was unbelievable. First he stopped a run as the ROLB. Then he line up at RDE, he leveraged under the OLT and shrugged him aside, then the FB ran smack dab into him and he caught him and then threw him aside, and tackled the RB for a loss. It was an unbelievable display of strength and leverage for a 240 pound edge rusher. To take on the OLT and the FB and still make the tackle to save a TD. Then he lined up on the right side again as an edge rusher, and of course the QB waggled to the opposite side, then decided to run it in as the goal line appeared open by the Cone. Miller ran all the way across the field and dragged down the QB from behind before he could get in the endzone. It was the best display of speed and strength from an edge rusher I saw all last season.  

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