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3,000 Miles From Graceland.



October 18th, 2010

As the Patriot Elvis flies 3,ooo miles to California, and I just don't see how San Diego can win. I hate to bet against a desperate Home team. The Charges are going to come out on Sunday bolts blazing. They are as desperate as desperate can be. At 2-4 there is hope, and may sound dumb, but is all hope erased at 2-5? Probably not, but the window is closing fast. There are so many factors going in the Patriots favor that it makes me nervous. Things have been going so much better than anticipated this season that I just canít seem to trust it.

San Diegoís offense, though ranked Number one appears from 3,000 miles away to be in disarray, ďPhilip Rivers had no Antonio Gates, no Malcom Floyd and no Legedu Naanee to throw to in today's practice,Ē Chris Jenkins reported from 3,000 miles away. ďAll three of the aforementioned targets were not participating in practice for the second straight day, leaving Patrick Crayton and undrafted rookie Richard Goodman as the two wideouts with the first unit.Ē Yikes! Theyíve already lost Tomlinson and Vincent Jackson, and now they might be missing Floyd (leads the team in receiving wit 24 catches for 513 yards), Naanee (would be starting if healthy), and Gates (2nd in receiving first in TDs with 7), or rather: Floyd is out, Naanee is out, and it look like Gates will be out. That is a loss of Riverís top 4 or 5 guys from last season. Including what, 3 Pro Bowlers?  Do you remember last week all the whining about losing one All-Pro wide receiver? Can you imagine losing all three starting receivers, your starting RB, and maybe the best TE in football. I hate San Diego, and I hate to give them any credit at all, but I really like Gates as a player. I think he is the best Tight End in the game. Plus, their offensive line is really struggling. I just donít see how the Chargerís offense can overcome that giant a deficit. I have been hearing a lot of pundits saying the Patís will have to score in the 30ís to win, and I have to wonder why? How is San Diegoís offense going to score 30? I just don't see it.

Their defense on the other hand is terrific. If the Ravenís defense isnít the best defense in the NFL than it probably is San Diegoís defense. They have two good rushers. The first edge rusher Shawn Phillips, but he has not had a sack since he abused Arizonaís wounded O-Line for 4 Sacks. Their second leading Sacker is ILB Kevin Burnett, who has 5 Sacks in the past 3 games. The worrisome aspect of the Chargerís defense is that they are 1st in the NFL against the Pass. I have enjoyed the Patís running game in a complimentary capacity, but I donít think itís quite readying for primetime. I do not believe that the running game can carry the day. However, I also don't believe the Charger's defense can stop the Pat's defense. If the Patriot Elves' can score 23 on the Raven's at Home with Brady having an off game for over a half, I believe they can score 23 on the Charger's defense 3,ooo miles from Graceland.  

The question that can't be answered before this game is the San Diego switch. The chargers have played like crap to open the past four seasons, and then suddenly flipped the switch and made the play offs. Can they do it again? I'm not so sure. If they were healthy I would say yes, but they are far from healthy. I don't see how they can get around their losses on offense and flip the preverbal switch. 

The bad news is that the Charges have won every game at home this year, and lost every game on the road. The road loses are what is giving Patís fans their biggest belief they can beat the Chargers, road loses to: KC, the Rams, Seahawks, and the Raiders. However, not only did they beat maybe the two best teams they faced this year, they crushed the Cards and the Jags at home.

The best news is that while the Patsí are starting to look like they have the best Special Team unit as a whole; it looks like San Diego is turning into the worst Special Teams unit in the NFL. This has to be a huge difference for the Pats if they want to take this game. The Charges Unit is worse than Miami ís Unit. They have been giving up TDs left and right. In the Chargers first three losses they gave up 30 points on special teams.

The fact of the matter is that: the Patriots improving defense is better than the Chargers depleted offense, the Patriots offense is an even match for the Chargerís defense, and the Patriots Special team units are far superior the San Diegoís. I just donít see any way the Chargerís can win? I always get the most worried before a game when I donít see any way the opponent can win. 

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