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Patriot's Vs The Yip-Yapping Yahoos from Jersey.



January 15th, 2011

The Draft is approaching and including the NFL I have watched over 30 games in the past three weeks. I have pages of notes and info and this years mock draft will as informative as in past years. However, I am now bleary eyed and dizzy and still haven't watched the damn championship game yet. Sp here is the best I can do right now.

The lines have been crossed, the assholes have been marked, and civility has been shot into the darkest void of Sarah Palin’s hit list (If I hear one more full of shit republican say, “we have no idea at all why he did it” I’m going to puke. As every single republican dam well knows we have a pretty damn good idea of why he did it! When an asshole piece of shit psycho bitch republican puts of a hit list of democratic leaders up on her evil, destructive, and un-American website, and puts targets on their faces for idiots to shot at, and a lunatic shoots one of them, then we have a pretty damn good idea of why the lunatic did it, asshole!. And to pretend she and her cronies and in a small way all those who egged her on are not somehow at fault, if not flat-out accomplices in evil, is disrespectful to the dead. Shame on you, shame on all of you who praised Obama for the first time for letting you-all off the hook. That shame you felt immediately after the incident was the truth you keep hidden in the back of soul bubbling up to the surface. Shame on all of you who participate in the Rightwing’s rhetoric of hate. Shame on all you-all who listen to Junkie Rush, Glenn Peckerless (I mean, he is a restroom homosexual isn’t he?), or visit the murderess’s evil, destructive and murdering website.)

Okay, whatever. It must be playoff time;-) If this game doesn’t your balls tingling then it’s time to turn them in (and yes I don’t really know what means either but I’ still pissed). This is going to be a truly physical, ugly, vicious piece of art.

The keys to the game are simple. If the Pats block the Jets over-blitzing scheme they will score in the thirties. The Jets like to over load a side or the middle, and force the O-Line to pick up the right defender, like BB said earlier, “I'd say the bigger problem is just blocking them. Blocking them and getting open and blocking them in the running game, blocking them in the passing game, getting open. But they definitely give you some recognition problems and tough looks and move people around and try to defeat your protection schemes and that type of thing, so that's very challenging, too. You can't afford to turn a guy…it's bad enough that you have to block them, but if you a turn a guy loose and miss him completely then you have no chance. First thing we have to do is get them identified and get them picked up.”

This is going to be another big game for the tight Ends, and when the Pat’s TE’s are playing well this team is near impossible to beat. With Gronk and Crumpler blocking and Hernandez and Gronk catching passes, it opens up so much for everyone else in the offense. The Jets Corners are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One is great, and the other has greatness in him, but struggles mentally with the game. This looks like one of those weeks where he has talked himself into the game. Cromartie has trouble covering the little quick guys, but is going to be extra motivated this week. He has made it personal, and though he has shown in his life that he doesn’t deal well with personal. That is more off the field. If those two corners can be effective against Welker and Branch it will put a lot more pressure on the defense. The good news is the Branch’s biggest problems are his wheels, and he has been resting for three weeks. Upon further review, I think Deion is going to have a huge day. When he has his otherworldly quickness he can separate from anyone.

My worry is Sanchez. He completely sucked last week, but he won’t completely suck this week. It looks like the Pats are going to try and take the running game away from the Jets. So the game will be in Sanchez’s hands. He should be better this week. However, the cold air has been his nemesis so far in his short career, and it been the bane to Brady’s opponents in his career, and the night air of Foxboro on Sunday is suppose to feet freezingly splendid. Though I think Sanchez will be much better than last week, I don’t think he can beet Brady in the fringed cold. To me that is really all there is to say, Sanchez can’t beat Brady in the cold of Foxboro in January. Besides, and Scumbag Sarah rant left me with a headache, so that's all I got.

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