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Patriot's Vs The Flu.



December 25th, 2010

This game is all important and probably meaningless. It would be hard to think you should bet against the streak in this game. However, you have to give the Bills credit. They stink, but they have been fighting hard all season. After losing the entire fist half of the season, they actually have a winning record in the second half of the season, and have surprising won two straight and 4 of the last 6. Plus, is there any team the Bills want to beat more than the Patriots? The bad news is that the Pats have the flu. Winning this game could be a monumental achievement. 

This not going to be an easy win. Since the midpoint of their season they are giving up 15.5 point a game, and scoring 25 points a game. If they had done that for the whole season they’d be tied for first in points allowed, LOL. According to the NFL Green Bay is first, allowing 15.7 Point Per Game, while Pittsburgh is 2nd, allowing 14.9 PPG ? The Pats by the way are 16th allowing 21.6 PPG . A 25 PPG scoring average for the whole season would put them at ten, just behind the Raiders at 25.2, and the Saints and Cowboys at 25.3. Do I need to tell you the Pats are number one?

So what I’m trying to say is that Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills have been a different animal since the midpoint of their season. He has developed into a legit NFL QB. They used to say that it took 3-5 years to develop a QB. Now if a QB doesn’t develop in two or three, they say he is a bust. Fitzpatrick for the season has a 23 TDs and 12 INTs. Over the past six games he only has 5 INTs and 10 TDs. Not great, but he lends a stability to the offence that the Bills haven’t seen in a long while. Plus, don’t forget Fred Jackson. He is a big bruising runningback. He is the kind of runningback that has given the Pats trouble this season. Offensively, this team should give the Pats trouble. However, we saw last week what young QBs can do to a BB defense, just like Fitzpatrick did to us in week three, but when they face BB the second time they are not nearly as successful. Plus, depth has become a massive issue along the D-Line. Between injuries and the Flu it could be a long day in the trenches for the Pats.

Defensively, the Bills have a problem. They can’t stop the run. This will be the worst run defense the Pats have faced in a while. If you can’t stop the Pats running game this offense will destroy you. However, Connolly is out. 

The bottom line is that the Bills will come out looking for blood, and the Pats will have to weather the storm. However, I don’t think the Bills defense can stop Brady with a running game. This is going to be another tough and ugly game like last weeks game against Green Bay . Okay, between Christmas and the big storm coming, I have to go dig out the snow-blower, that’s all I got. Except to say I fins it hard to believe the Pats can win this game. It's just too much crap piling up against them this week.

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