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Patriot's Vs The Worst Backups In The NFL.



December 19th, 2010

This is one of those games where it is a lot easier to be a fan than a coach. I can sit here and say there is no way Green Bay wins this game, and who really cares? While BB has to come with the ways I am bragging about to stop Green Bay .

Green Bay has a nice defense. It is underrated to most of the people around here. How often do we really get to see them play? They are another 3-4 team, but they are a little different that most other 3-4 teams. They are better against the pass then the run. The 3-4 was actually created to give more speed in the front seven to stop the run. Now it seems the scheme has shifted into a multiple blitz defense that is used more to confuse the QB and the O-Line than stop the run. This team gets excellent pressure on the passer and gets excellent coverage on the backend. Plus, they have a top CB who can take your top WR out of the game. The scary part of the Packer defense is how good a season Clay Mathews is having. He has been spectacular season. He has 12.5 Sacks in 14 games. That is pretty darn good season.

Our defense has been playing better lately, and their defense has had a better overall season. The big difference is the offence. Our offense is the best in the NFL, even Marshal Faulk, who proclaimed his hatred for the Pats live on National TV said, “Brady is the League MVP.” The Packers offense is a mere remnant of the offense they had hoped to unleash on the NFL this season.

These to teams are an interesting opposites of themselves. In the beginning of the season the Packers looked like legit Super Bowl contenders, and the Pats clearly didn’t, unless you lived your life with Patriot blinders on. I didn’t really pick a number this year, but I kept saying they would be lucky to go 10-6. So I guess I picked them for 9 wins, and I think that was a good objective number. The looked like a mostly average team with two advantages, Brady and BB. Little did I know that those two would turn into the two biggest advantages any team had in the entire NFL this year. Most people now have Brady as the clear cut choice for NFL MVP, and I have been saying for weeks that no coach has done a better job with their talent then BB, and it is not even close. No team has come close to improving as much as the Pats as the season went along. Meanwhile at the Packer cave, the exact opposite has occurred. No team has gotten worse as the season went along as the Packers.

The team we are facing tonight is not a legit contender. They are not even a legit Playoff team. They are just a mug. I’m not trying to disparage their coach or their team. It is a matter of injury. You lose the leader of your defense Nick Barnett for the season. Sure they have some nice receivers, but when you lose your brilliant young tight end. Your Pro Bowl Running back, and I pleaded with them at draft time on my silly website to draft a backup for Ryan Grant, and they didn’t listen. Like I said earlier, it’s not just the loss of a player that matters, it is the quality of the back up that might be more important. Just look at Connolly. If he didn’t develop into a good O-Linemen where would out offense be?  The Packers are not the same team that started the season. The final straw is the loss of Aaron Rogers. Without Rogers they are not worthy. They might have the worst backup running back in the League, and the worst backup QB in the League. They will both be on the field tonight, and that is to big a discrepancy between starters and backups to overcome. End of story. End of game.     

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