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Patriot's Vs The Streak.



November 20th, 2010

This week is a strange week. The Colts are not the Colts of old, or even last year. They are not a top five, or maybe even a top ten team. What they have is Manning and Wayne, and not a lot else. There defense is terrible. Their offensive line is terrible, except for the fact that because of Bill Po-Lyiní their O-Line is allowed to hold more than any other O-Line in the league. If you want a fun and amazingly annoying game to play, watch how many times the Colts O-Line blatantly holds or literally tackles a Patriotís passrusher in this game, and take a shot every time itís not called. The last time they played I counted a cool dozen. Oh by the way, here is my conspiracy theory, did you watch the Super Bowl last year? Did you see how the referees stuck it to the Colts, LOL. Do you think that had anything to do with the head referee retiring after that game, and sticking it to Po-Lyiní for all those years of crap he had to take from him? Just asking;-)

Itís a little bit funny, but the defense this week has nearly the opposite weaknesses as the defense last week. Not completely, because Caldwell changed the defense more than a little. He does not run a pure Tampa Two. He keeps his safeties back, and likes to shoot the MLB deep on passing downs like the Tampa Two, but he likes to go man underneath the deep protection. Last week Brady exploited the flats on the side the edge-rushers were blitzing from with amazing efficiency. This week he will be playing a Colts team that rarely blitzes, and will have more holes in their coverage in the middle of the field. Brady will have more time to throw, as they are not at hom were Po-Lyin' can pipe in noise when the Pat's offense is on the field to help his passrushers, and the Colts secondary is ripe for the picking. This is just not a good defense. I like their linebackers and D-Ends, but other then that they are less than average at every other position. I mean, I wish I knew more about these guys. Jerraud Powers and Kelvin Hayden are their starting Corners? Who the hell are those guys? Antoine Beathea is a good player, but Aaron Francisco? Really? Iím just not scared. As for their D-tackles, Antonio Johnson and Dan Muir, I know more about their back ups than there starters. I admit it, this defense is more a mystery than a collaboration of All-Pros to me. This is not the team that has beaten the Pats 5 of their last 6 meetings.

The two biggest factors for me are the play of the Safeties and the weather. The Colts keep their safeties back, way back, like the Ravens. This is a mistake against the Patriotís offense. They are a dink aní dunk offense that tears up the middle of the field. If they donít take their safeties up at all, Brady will kill them underneath. Plus, if the Pats can run the ball? Their offense is monstrous. The Colts have the worst run defense in the league, and there is no way they can stop this offense. This is not like the San Diego game, where I didnít see anyway the chargers could win. Manning could go nuts and throw for five touchdowns. However, I just donít see how anybody could pick the Colts to win this game.

Plus, this game is being played in Foxboro, in the cold, and maybe even in the snow. A dome team coming into Foxboro in winter conditions? Against Brady? Please! Plus, there offense is so banged up, I donít even know if they can put 11 players on the field;-) Oh, another thing to hate about the Colts, why is it that every year all the national pundits go on and on about the Colts injuries. Iíve never heard so many excuses given to one team, ever. Whenever we play the Colts, the story is always about how banged up the Colts are, and not a whisper of injuries to any other team. Itís the NFL for Christ sakes. Everybodyís injured? How many starters have we lost this season, before the season even got going? Thatís right, you donít know, because no other team in the NFL whines about injuries like the Colts.

So itís simple, I canít see the Coltís defense slowing the Patís offense down. Plus, against the Coltís offense, look for the Patís to do every dirty trick in the book to take away Reggie Wayne. Use a box and one, or even a triangle and two double and triple team him inside the zone. Okay so those are more basketball things to do, but you get what I mean. I wasnít the biggest Wayne fan ever; I always thought he was a good player, but overrated. However, over the past two or three years he has been great, and I mean a great player against us. Almost all his catches were against very good coverage, and he still caught the ball. Stop Wayne and you stop this offense. What is BBís defense the most known for? Taking away the one thing that he thinks can beat his team. That thing, or rather guy, is Wayne . Keep two guys on him, keep three guys on him, hell keep 11 guys on him. Just keep an 11 man zone around Wayne. Whichever side Wayne lines up on, the entire defense should shift over to the that sideline, and form a huge conga-line of defenders dancing down the left or right sideline, LOL. But seriously, they need to Moss him. They need to keep a guy over and a guy under him, with a linebacker watching him in the middle; McCourty and Meriweather, and another defender in the area. He should have two or three defenders on him every time he catches the ball.

Picking the Patriots this week would be the easiest pick of the year, if not for Manning and the streak. However, with: our improving play on both sides of the ball, the Colts inability to stop the run, the Colts only having one real weapon on offense, being on the road, and the weather, plus the Colts wah-wah-wah injuries, this looks as good of a lock as there is. Is that enough analysis? I heard one particularly annoying pundit claim they picked the Steelers last week because of their brilliant analysis? And those of us who picked the Pats just did so without any analysis, we were just idiots. Not that he was wrong, or rather so hopelessly wrong that he should quit any kind of pre-game analysis or anything. Oh-no, not the greatly brilliant King I Am. Oh yeah, bite me! I thought it was rather obvious that Pats were going to kick the shit out of the Steelers, just like I think it is rather obvious this week that the Pats are going to break the Colts winning streak against us. Sorry, if I donít have enough analysis to suit such high standards as yours, LOL. 

Draft Post Script:

Tonight on channels 4, 5, 849, 804, hell, tonight on about 15 stations Texas A&M is playing Nebraska . There are two interesting prospects, and maybe a few more who could be Patriots come draft time (I like Roy Helu, but his more of a later round pick). Iím not a big Jared Click guy. I thought he garnered a lot of production last season by playing next to Suh. However, he is having a nice season, and he has the size and strength, with a nice blend of speed and quickness to play D-End in a 3-4. It looks like the Raiders are going to drop us out of the top ten, and Crick is just the type of guy who could fall into our laps. Another guy is of course Von "my main manĒ Miller. If you go by BBís history a D-Lineman is a strong possibility, even though we suddenly seem to have an overabundance of D-Linemen with Ty Warren coming back next season. So Crick is a long shot. However, is their anybody out their who doesnít think the Pats could use another passrusher? This guy is the best pure passrusher in this years draft. He led the NCAAís in Sacks last year. This year has been a very interesting year for him. Texas A&M moved almost exclusively to a 3-4, and moved him to ROLB. So he was playing almost always in a different position than he was used to, D-End. This year they are bouncing him all around. He is mostly playing at ROLB, but he also has lined up at LOLB, RDE, and LDE, and in a couple of instances I swear he lined up at ILB. He bounces all over the field this year. And unfortunately for me, and I have to admit that it is probably what is best for his development for the NFL, he has been dropping (ug) back in coverage a lot this year. This is a good thing for him and his development, but dag-nabit I like to watch this guy passrush. So the interesting part, during the first four games of the season he didnít have a Sack do to many reason: luck, the change in defense, his position changes, his floating around to hide him form the offense, and of course dropping (ug) into coverage. However, he was averaging 6 QB hits a game, and what do I always say, ďyou have to hit the QB win in the NFL.Ē I found that stat to be remarkable. I would take 6 QB hits a game and no Sacks anytime. Plus, over the next six games he garnered 6 Sacks, that is an average of a Sack a game. He is just the best in the NCAAís to watch rushing the QB right now. Okay, the problem teams might have drafting him. He has been listed pretty consistently at 6-2 240, and he doesnít look any bigger this year than last year. He looks like a 4-3 OLB (smaller and faster), but plays like a 3-4 OLB (stronger, tougher, and a passrusher). He doesnít fit BBís perfect diagram. However, he is eerily similar in height and weight to TB-C and Rob Ninkovich. So he is not a definite no, and should be a definite yes, if he is still on the board when the Pats pick. He should fall in the draft because of his lack of perceived production this past season, and lack of perceived size. However, he plays strong, very strong. He is a freak athlete who is as fast on the field as any linebacker in this Draft, and he is freakish strong on the field, and Iíve seen him hold the point and toss aside a Tackle and a Fullback and still make the tackle. Strength is not an issue with this guy.

Okay, so we are knocked out of the top. So were do we go with our first pick: Passrusher-certainly, OG-some good choices, RB-give me Mark Ingram any day, but dare I say WR. There is a lot of uncertainty in this years Draft regarding WRs, but man there are about ten underclassmen who could come out and make this maybe the best WR Draft in history. If Julio Jones (jr) or AJ Green (jr) are on the board BB cannot pass on them, they wonít be. But what about: Greg Little, Malcolm Floyd (jr), Jonathon Baldwin (jr), DeVier Posey (jr), Leonard Hankerson, Ryan Broyles (jr) Terrence Toliver, Marvin McNutt (jr). I mean, that could be ten guys who could all go in the 1st Round, or 7 guys who donít come out, or anywhere in between. Would BB pull the trigger on Little of Floyd if they were still on the board in the 1st Round? I would. I'm really not sure if he would or not, but Iím starting to lean in that direction more and more. However, I think this is going to be a record breaking year for Juniors not coming out. I mean Luck is definitely not coming out, and Locker looks like he wants to go, but can he? How many of these guys will trade the certainty of next season in college, for the uncertainty of labor stiff and ownerís unrelenting greed. I mean, is it just me, or are the owners greed going beyond just plain evil. They are guaranteed, with the TV money and the Salary Cap, to make 35-60 million dollars a year, on their hobby! This is their business it is their hobby! In the NFL, for every owner except I think Al Davis, this is not their main business, this is their recreation, their fan fun time, their hobby. They are already squeezing the livelihood out of the rest of us in the country with their business practices, do they really need to squeeze the livelihood out of the players, for their HOBBY? Seriously? The greed of the wealthy always amazes me, and the need of middle class labor to protect the wealthy against their own interests always sickens me. Wake up people! The wealthy have stolen this democracy, and if you continue to worship their rights not to help this country then you are just as guilty for the destruction of our economy as they are. 

Ridiculous media overreaction post script:

Okay, another thing that annoyed me this week. Michael Vick for MVP. This is the most classic example of the terrible overacting reporting that ESPN has created, where the only fact that matters is the very last thing that happen, with no perspective, reflection, understanding of history, or common sense. Vick had the best single Quarter for a QB in NFL history by throwing for 5 TDs. Great story, great film, fun to watch. However, it was one Quarter? He has 11 TD on the season? 5 TDs in the first Quarter against the Redskins, and 6 in the Entire rest of the season! What in the hell are you people talking about? Could somebody help me Iím drowning in a sea of bullshit. 

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