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Patriots Out Run Buffalo.



September 24th, 2010

This is a game similar to last week, the Pats are playing a defeated looking division rival. They had their chance to crush the Jets season last week by giving them their second straight loss at home, and failed. This week they are facing a team that is so inept that they complaining that other teams are laughing at them. The only real question with this team is Locker or Luck. Just for the record, Luck is the better QB, and the Bills will take Locker with the first pick in the draft, as any Junior would be a fool to come out early next year with no NFL season in sight. The Pats have to attack this team fast and hard and not let them have any sense of laugh-killing victory. This team is desperate for any kind hope at all, and if the Pats allow them to regain any sense of pride in their football abilities they will attack like rapid dogs rather then lay down. 

They key on defense is easy, the Bills O-Line verse the Pats front seven. The Bills have what is shaping into the worse O-Line in the NFL, and the Patriots' front seven have to remind them of that early and often. Don't allow them to gather any sort of momentum, and allow their defeating doubts to overtake their play. The Patriot's defense have to defeat them at the LOS early and often. Blitz-blitz-blitz. The Bills don't have the QB or the Wide Receivers who can beat a team anymore. Lee Evans was a great WR, but he has lost a step, and has no one on the other side of the field to keep all the attention of the secondary off of him. They have one real weapon, and he's a rookie. CJ Spiller can beat you with speed, but he is more of an all-purpose back then a work horse. If their was ever a game the Pat's defense needed to set the edge it is this one. Do not let Spiller get outside, and he is a limited back. 

This is a game where the Patriot's have no excuses when it comes to winning the edges. The Bills O-Line has some talent inside, but both their O-Tackles stink. Stop Spiller and Evans, an the Bills are defeated.

On offense it won't be as easy. The Bills have a good defense, and won't be as easy to defeat. Their three starting D-Linemen and both starting ILB are excellent against the run. However, their defense is much better against the run than the pass, and the Pat's lack running backs. I hate to say this, but the Pat's have to drop back, put more pressure on Brady, and throw-throw-throw the ball. With Brady-killer Aaron Schobel on a couch in Houston watching the game like us, their is really no one left to fear rushing the QB. Aaron Maybin has the most talent in the passrushing department, but he can't beat-out Reggie Torbor to start at ROLB. They have some good veteran Corners, but nobody is above average in talent and needs to be avoided. Jairus Byrd is their best player in the secondary, and with the three others JAGs next to him, he can be easily avoided. 

Once BB decided to banish Laurence Maroney (that's right one final whine from the no defunct Laurence Maroney Fan Club), he decimated this offense into a pass happy crew. The Bills offense is similar to the Vikings offense of a few years ago when we played them. The one thing they can do is stop the run, so why bother even trying. Pass-first, pass-second-and pass-third, and when once you have ground their hopes into the ground it might be time to start thinking about the ground game. If there is more than 7 rushes in the first half, then this coaching staff does understand what it has with this team. Just like last week, look for the Pat's to spread them out and dink-and-dunk and go-deep to Moss early and often. The only reason to have two Tight Ends on the field is to put Gronk and Hernandez in the slots, or to use Hernandez in the Kevin Faulk blitz pick-up role. There is a pretty good chance that Edelman, and god help us Woodside, could fill a role as a 3rd down receiver out of the backfield. However, do really want either one of these guys being the only man standing between Brady and and a 260 pound psychotic blitzer? Hell no! Sammy Morris is probably best suited for that role, but he is going to be needed to run the ball with his old legs, and the more you ask him to do the sooner you'll lose him too. I believe that Hernandez is the type of H-Back you can line up in the backfield and he can pick up the blitzer as well if not eventually better that Morris. It will be interesting to see who steps up and become Brady's BBF when the blitzers are coming. I would say this has been the final whine by the now defunct LMFC, but I'd be lying;-)  

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