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Patriots Get Redemption.



November 15th, 2010

The game started out predictably, with both teams trying to out physical the other. There was a lot on the line for these teams, as the winner of this game had the inside track on home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and both teams knew it. This game was going to be a war. Just as a side note, I thought Meriweather garnered a lot of redemption in my eyes by saying hi to his young daughter rather than saying hi to his college. I thought that was a nice touch

The Steelers came out running. The Pats met Mendenhall at the pass, and stopped the charge flat. The Steelers then tried to attack through the air, but Gary Guyton would have none of it. Kyle Arrington defensed a pass on 3rd and 7 to end the drive.

Brady came out throwing to Gronkowski who caught and held onto the ball like his life depended on it, and in many ways because of last week, maybe it did. Another pass to another tight end Alge Crumpler, and the Pats had their first 1st down, and the Steelers big three looked like they were back on their heels. Another pass to Gronk and another first down brought the ball into Pitt territory, and it was time for a ground assault. BJG-E ran for 18, and it was the longest run against the Steelers defense all season. Then Brady remember that Welker was on the team and the memory caused another 1st down. The Pats tried to advance on the ground again, but their was nothing for BJG-E’s full frontal assault. Then he dropped a bad throw by Brady, to set up 3rd and 9 from the 19. Boom, redemption comes for Gronkowski in the form of a 19-yard Touchdown pass from Brady. NEP-7, PS-0, Patriot Redemptions-2.

However, the battle had just begun, and the war was far from over. Pitt went back to the ground advance they are so used to using to gaining territory with, but only got 3, and then a Mayo Smackdown made it 3rd and 10. However, Rapistberger was able to hit the ever-slowing Heath Miller for a first down. But the air attack stumbled nicely as Ward dropped the ball and Trai Essex held, a drop on 1st and 20, a Gary Guyton Sack and redemption (and just for the record I predicted an increase role blitzing for Guyton's speed before the season), and it was 3rd and 30. Which set up a nice Sack for Phoenix Crable (who looks like he has completely redeemed himself after his disastrous first three years) and Mike Wright.

Fragile Edelman had a nice punt return (and I'll give him a redemption, a little one;-). It was starting to look like the Steelers were as prepared this week as the Pats were prepared for the Browns last week. The Pats sensing blood in the water like sharks, came out in the the no huddle shotgun and attacked with Branch for a 1st down. Then a quick run by the Amazing Woodhead, whose magic keeps flashing each week, and a play-action pass to Branch, and the Pats were at the 26-yardline. However, what looked like a perfectly set up screen was submarined by Woodley in a great defensive play. A bad throw by Brady made it 3rd and 9. Then Brady had another memory of the long ago redeemed Wes Welker, and it was 1st and 10 at the 14. BJG-E gave another body shot run, more to soften up the Pitt middle than for production. However, a Chop-Block made it 2nd and 23, but they stayed within field goal range. Woodhead had a quick shot to the Pitt gut for 3, and it was 3rd and 20. The Amazing Woodhead helped Brady disappear from a swarming Pitt passrush and caught the ball and ran for 16-yards, but couldn't quite get the 1st down. NEP-10, Pitt-0, Patriot Redemptions-7.

Pitt came out going to their predictable tricks and ran the ball right at a Pats defense looking for redemption against the run after last week. Patrick Chung Hammered Ward down into the dirt still seeking redemption for his disappearance from the defense from the past few weeks. He caused a misreception and Sanders came in to knocked Ward out of the game. After 27 minutes of referee confusion it was 3rd and 7. And Mr Chung came in and earn his redemption with a vicious assault of Mike Wallace, right at the 1st down marker. However, the refs, who gained no redemption in this game, gave him the 1st down. Pitt came out in three wide and Chung came up to play the Nickel Corner, and the ran for three. Rapistberger hit Mewelde Moore, and got a Mayo Smackdown short of the 1st Down. However, Moore went right into the Pat’s gut for a 1st down. Then Rapistberger floated it down the sideline to Emmanuel Sanders, who had to push off McCourty to even have a shot at the ball. Then a bad pass by Rapistberger and it was 3rd and 10. Rapistberger was flushed out of the pocket by Cunningham, and Tully Banta-Cain came in and crushed him for a Sack.

The Pats came out in what looked like tactical blunder and abandoned the shotgun, but play action passed it to Branch for a nice 9 yards. On 3rd and one they kept up the aerial assault against the defenseless Steelers air defense. Brady threw it to the redeemed Welker who ran across midfield for a 26-yard reception. Welker rumbled bumbled and stumbled on a bubble screen for a miraculous 1st down. Then trickeration almost led to a TD pass to Tate, but Bryan McFadden wasn’t fooled. It was starting to look the Pat had outsmarted themselves, as a penalty and a drop made it 3rd and 15. Brady threw the ball between two receivers, and mental mistakes had destroyed the Pats physiological assault on the Steelers.

The next assault started out with the well redeemed Chung make a nice form tackle on Moore in the open field of only a 2-yard pick up that looked like it was going to be a lot worse. A two-yard run made it 3rd and 6. With Pats D seeking redemption for 3rd down ineptitude, Rapistberger ran out of the pocket and got the 1st down. Then Mr Spikes met Mr Moore in the hole. Spikes won. 2nd and 9. McCourty made a nice run blitz inside and dived at Mendenhall’s feet, but he side-stepped free and flanked the Pat’s D to the outside for a fast 33-yard run. Then Rapistberger showed how he has eluded police for so long, by eluding 3 or 4 passrushers and scrambling outside to make a great pass down to Health Miller at the 12-yardline. Mendenhall garnered another body-shot, and as the Pats middle started to soften, he got 3. Then a swarming Pats passrush forced Rapistberger to step up and fire a bullet into the endzone. However, two Pats DBs swarmed over Wallace, who dropped the bullet shot by Rapistberger, 3rd and 7 at the 8. They floated a Fade to the Corner of the Endzone but it floated out of bounds, but an off the ball call made it 3rd and 3. Then the well redeemed Patrick Chung, tagged Sanders as he tried to catch the ball in the Endzone to end the drive with a fieldgoal. NEP-10, PS-3, PR-8.

Brady came out with another aerial assault as the Amazing Woodhead pulled a football out of his helmet for 9 yards. Welker, as he so often does, dropped another pass earlier in the game, and he was wide open right down the middle of the field. However, Welker seeking redemption again, quickly caught a quick pass for 6. A Draw by the amazing Woodhead. He looked like he was going to make the Steelers defense disappear for a 1st down. However, he couldn't quiet pull it off, as he appeared more interested in bedazzling the defense rather than follow his blockers. I'm still not sure how Pitt stopped that run and forced a punt?

Pitt came out in the shotgun, and ran a draw for 3. A silly illegal procedure call made it 2nd and 12. However, Chung made another great play, he blitzed from the Pat's right side, as Pitt ran another Shotgun Draw to their right, and Chung came all the way across the field to make a futile tackle. A looong incomplete made it 3rd and 12. TB-C made another nice rush and hit Rapistberger to force a bad throw and a punt.

The Pats got the ball back almost at midfield, but decided to run a Draw for some reason, and he was smacked down by Timmons. But Brady came back to Branch for a 1st down. A drop by Tate, who is still seeking redemption, made it 2nd and trouble, as the Pats were still short of field goal range. Branch had another nice reception to make it 3rd and trouble. A bad throw by Brady made it 4th and trouble. The Pats were in no man’s land, out of field goal range and to close to the 20 to punt. A Time out made it 4th and Oh-oh, but Gronkowski caught the ball for a 1st down. Then a ridiculous call made it 4th and 16. Terrible-terrible call. I never see that push off by the tight end called against another team?

The Steelers foolishly decided not to surrender the Half, and came out with a half-hearted drive to nowhere.

The Pats received the ball to start the 2nd half. A BJG-E play action pass to himself made it 2nd and 3. With the Steelers looking up to the sky, the Pats blitzkrieg was taking its toll on the Steelers air defense. BJG-E burst right up the gut for a 1st down. Then a short run by BJG-E and a another reception by BJG-E, who seemed to tackle himself as their was no Steelers in sight, and the Pats were at the 40 and looking to score again. Woodhead continued the BJG-E ground assault on the Steelers gut with a 2-yard run that set up a play-action pass to Branch for a nice Comeback reception for a 1st down. BJG-E came in with a another body punch to the Steelers gut, and Brady was throwing to Welker for a 1st and goal. Then BJG-E gets tackled by Brady for a short punch into the Steelers gut. Boom, Rookie Redemption is all alone out in the flat, and Brady tosses him the ball gently for the most gentlemen like touchdown I’ve seen in a long time. NEP-17, PS-3, PR-8.

The Steelers come out throwing, but the Pats appeared ready. A Draw leads to disaster as Mike Wright burst threw enemy lines to make a terrific Tackle For Loss to make it 3rd and 11, and Mike Wright decides he likes it behind enemy lines and Sacks Rapistberger, or with the new pussified rules never got dust on his scaly butt, for a gentlemanly Sack. It appeared that the Steelers were in win full retreat, and there only hope was for the Pats to treasonously execute their victory with random acts of stupidity, the refs, or both. It was starting to look like both, as multiple attacks on victory made it 3rd and 23, and a horrible non-call forced a punt. It took three random acts of stupidity by the Pats and two random acts of crappy-calls by the refs to give the retreating Steelers life. Mendenhall ran into the line not once, not twice, but three times on 1st down to somehow pick up 4-yards. Then he spun his was to a 1st down. Wallace caught a pass for a 1st down, and it looked like the Pats and the refs had stopped the Steeler's retreat with unacceptable intelligence. Then the Refs, after the Steelers defender perpetrated a sneak attack on Welker before the ball arrived, make another horrible call on Meriweather who was flagged for going for the ball? And it seems the NFL had decided at halftime that the Steelers should not be allowed to lose a game at home, and made some phone calls to the ref's room.

The Steelers were handed a 1st and goal and couldn't do anything with it, as the Pats D told the league and their refs to go fuck themselves. Even though the league told the refs to start making calls for the Steelers, they still couldn’t score as the kicker shanked a kick as bad as I’ve ever seen a kick shanked. It was as though the football gods finally came down and told the refs to call the game correctly.

And just when we thought it was safe for the Steelers to turn around and completely halt their retreat, Tate finally regained his redemption with a 45-yard reception. However, the refs have their jobs to save and a penalty made it 1st and 15. With the safeties finally in retreat, Welker caught a wide open 15-yard reception for a 1st down. BJG-E, who had been softening up the Steelers body all game, punched another body shot for 7. Boom, another body shot by BJG-E for 10, and it was 1st goal from the 8. Branch weaseled his way out of bounds at the 4. Then Koppen led a sneak attack that Brady finished in the Endzone, and Rapistberger looked like he was going to cry on the sideline, LOL. However, the Pats miss the extra point to make it NEP-23, PS-3, PR-9.

The Steelers come out trying to prove to themselves that this is not a blow out, and almost reach midfield as the 3rd quarter ends. However, on a 6-yard pass, my main man Chung got injured again. He walked off the field, and the Steelers WRs suddenly seem braver. As Sanders, who has been dropping passes all game when Chung was in the field, makes two quick catches to get them closer to the Endzone. But with Chung back on the field no Steelers WR was open, but off setting penalties off set the play. Wallace used his great speed to make it 1st and goal. Rapistberger floated it to Sanders for an evil looking Touchdown, and then looked up to thank god she didn’t press charges.

Tate forgetting he has been redeemed ran back the ensuing kick off to the forty. The Pats came out attacking the Steelers weakened gut, and BJG-E gave another 1st down body shot. Another body shot, and a play action pass to himself, and BJG-E had another 1st down. The Pats were over mid field looking to put the Steelers back in full retreat again. An incompletion and an intentional grounding made it 3rd and 20. A much too short pass made it 4th and way too long.

The Steelers, with the crowd and the refs on their side came out with more confidence then they should have and started looking like they could chip their way down field. And boom Patrick “my main man” Chung slapped a pass up in the air, and Sanders, seeking redemption for all his horrible mistackles this season, grabbed the ball and ran into the Endzone. And then the Horror! I’m sorry, but we need to protect the child from, “Illegal Group Celebrations!” I mean, just because you make the play the appears to seal the game and forces the Steelers into unconditional surrender is no need to celebrate or get emotional in any way. What will the children think! Then next thing you know children will start running through the streets thinking sports should be fun, and celebrating with your teammates is acceptable behavior! (I’m weeping now) What about the children! Does this make me a full fledged member of the Republican yet? NEP-29, Pitts-10, PR-10.

However, just as I was about to go to bed, the defense relaxed and let Rapistberger throw under their prevent a victory defense. Zip-zip-zip-zip-zip-zip-TD,  and they had allowed them to score and convert a two-point conversion before I could fall asleep. Plus, Pitt only ran 1:38 seconds off the clock. NEP-29, PS-18, PR-10.

The Steelers came out with an onside kick, which can look so good when it works, and disastrous when it doesn’t. I admit they probably had to go for it, but a run and a pass and the Pats had a 1st down at the Steelers 30. BJG-E continued his assault on the Steelers body, and the Steelers response was to start burning timeouts. Two runs made it 3rd 5 from the 25 as the clock ticked under 5 minutes. And boom, Gronkowski caught his 3rd Touchdown reception this game. And even though it was only a 40-yard drive, the Pats took 2:19 off the clock. Plus, it was clear that both defenses were exhausted, and neither could stop either offense, and the final 4:23 was going to be a wild ride. NEP-36, PS-18, PR-11 ( I gave another to Gronkowski, three TD receptions has to equal another redemption;-). 

Pitt came out throwing with ungodly precision: zip they were at their 40, zip they were at our 42, zip they were at the 34, and zip they were in the Endzone. A 2-point conversion made it 36-26, and everyone in New England was wondering what the hell had just happened as Pitt ran only an impressive 1:26 off the clock. However, another silly onside kick right to Alge Crumple, who returned it to the 33, and the Pats were in field goal range again. However, the clock had surrendered the game to the Pats. They raided over two minutes off the clock, captured all of Pitts timeouts, and advanced past the 2-minute warning. The Pats-39, the Steroid Steelers-26. 

However, the Steelers kept up the offensive, even though the battle was over and the war was won. It was like at the end of our horrifying Civil War. Lee had surrendered after millions had been killed, mutilated, and destroyed. However, the battles kept up for week and in some cases months as word was never received that the war was over, and in the worst of the worst situations the fighting continued for months and years as many refused to surrender. So Pitt kept attacking and the Pats kept smacking them down. I nice Sack on Rapistberger ran just about all the time off the clock. Until they were down to the Pats 14 with no time, no timeouts, no time for an onside kick, no chance of scoring twice, and I realized what had happened, Rapistberger doesn't understand the meaning of the word, "no". A Mayo Smackdown of Sanders at the 7 to 9 yard line (it was hard to tell as Mayo knocked him so far back), and the game was officially over. Pats-36, Steroid Steelers-26.

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