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Patriots Playoff Preview.



November 22nd, 2010

This game looked to me, more and more, as a preview of the playoffs; two very good teams fighting for their lives in a single elimination game. The Colts fighting on the road, desperately trying to keep their slim hopes alive. The Pats defending their home turf with the vengeance of a homeowner finding a prowler sneaking into his basement. Neither team giving quarter, and both looking like they would die rather than asking for any quarter. This game was an epic struggle between two teams with everything to lose, and what seemed so little to gain as the god damn Jets were handed their third straight game in the Forth Quarter by team practicing random acts of stupidity rather than practicing winning!?! God damn it! Does anybody else’s nuts ache?

The game started off unpredictably, as the Pats came out throwing, and the Colts seemed to want to run the ball, which made me very happy. All the rules have been manipulated to the point that passing the ball is like playing flag football, while running the ball allows the defense to be physical. First, Po-lyin manipulated all the rules of the game to protect his franchise QB, who hates to be hit. Then the NFL hierarchy, in all its’ infinite wisdom, decided that Safeties can’t hit WRs going across the middle? The last violent act defenses had left to defend the pass. So now, NFL made it official, defenses are no longer allowed to defend the pass. By Playoff time, teams will figure out that all-out aerial assaults are going to be the path to the Super Bowl. Like the blueprint of the Saints last year, they had a merciless passing game that set up the run, and a finesse pass defense, that didn’t try and physical receivers, they played the ball when it was in the sky and made the big INTs when they needed them. Only now air defenses are even more powerless to defend aerial assaults as you can’t hit a WR as he is catching the ball and try and jar it lose. WRs are free to leap into the sky right in front of defenders without worries. The teams with the best QBs and passing games in the playoffs will win. Pittsburgh took themselves out of the game last week by trying to run the ball for three quarters. My biggest worry this week was the Pats would try and stubbornly run the ball at the worst run defense in the league early and too often and fall behind way to early. 

Also, my crackpot conspiracy theory part two, does anybody find it odd that James Sander was defensive player of the week in the NFL? Is there a split in the NFL offices? What did he do last week that was so great? He had that great INT on Rapistberger, but his biggest impact on the game was his literal impact on Hines Ward. He knocked the brains of Hines Wards right out of the game. it seems the officials who pick the players of the week sincerely disagree with the officials who pass out the fines for playing football they way everyone was taught two to play football. Isn't that what the high minded NFL offices are pretending (18 game schedule) to be so concerned about (18 game schedule), player safety (18 game schedule)? Or are they more interested in the appearance of player safety so they can initiate their player-endangering 18-game schedule? So they can increase profit by what 1, 2 %? You do know that two more regular season games will not cause more then a 2% profit increase, at the most, but will end the careers of hundreds of players much earlier than a 16 game schedule. Not that the owners care, as long as the can make another million-a-year on their hobby! Because that's what were talking about, about an extra million-a-year for billionaires who make 35-50 million, gar-un-teed, just for watching their favorite hobby. And people think I'm a douche. But helping those who don't need any help at all, instead of people who need help, like most of the rest of us, especially now with the winter oil bill looming on the horizon! And just continue to watch the wealthy steal all that is great about this country, yeah! “The Liberty of a Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself.  That, in its essence is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group.”  Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Go Billionaires! I mean, before the Midterm Elections, that scumbag Boehner (just for the record Multinational Corporations means companies who don't want to pay American workers/Outsourcers) who wants repeal  is going to be the second most powerful republic behind Junkie Rush, bragged about how he was going to continue the Bush criminal tax cuts for the wealthy, which has already added over a Trillion dollar to the Deficient and counting. All of Boehner's ideas are the same Bush ideas that nearly destroyed this country. When asked how he was going to pay for it, he happily stated he was going to rollback the parts of the Stimulus package that help 90% of us. You remember the Stimulus Package, which created and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs and cut the taxes on the middle class, (THAT RIGHT FANS OF FOX FAKE NEWS, O'BAMA'S STIMULUS PACKAGE CUT YOUR TAXES, AND NOT THE TAXES OF THE WEALTHY, THAT'S WHY YOUR REPRESENTATIVES HATE IT SO MUCH!) but didn't help the upper ten percent, so Fox Fake News (which is still reporting that O'Bama will never cut the taxes of the middle class, even though he already has??? And people listen???) attacked it like it was a baby raper, and all the middle class republican morons whose taxes were just cut went on the warpath. When pressed to be specific Scumbag Boehner said he would repeal the tax cuts for the middle class. I shit you naught, and all the middle class republicans who had their taxes cut by O'Bama stood up and cheers, like little lemmings on crack, "Yeah! Repeal our tax cuts so those who don't need any help in any way shape or form can get 3% more profit next year. Yeah!"   

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Indy came out running and throwing almost every other play. The Pats defense played right from the beginning like a Playoff tested bunch they were not. Physically abusing any attempt to run with enthusiasm and energy. Running the ball now-a-day only seems to excite defenders who don't have to think about how to hit properly, they can just smash, jab, and hit everything in front of them. The Colts kept running the ball for naught as TB-C and Jermaine Cunningham were flying off the edges, and Wilfork and Warren were holding their ground, to stop the run on Brown. However, the Colts decided this game was more important then the health and brains of their players, and snuck Austin Collie onto the field in what could only be called another despicable act by the despicable Po-lyin. And apparently, like me, the Patriots defense didn’t know he was playing so they couldn’t cover him. Patrick Chung fell down and Collie brought the ball to midfield and received a Meriweather beat down that showed his scrambled brains hadn’t been unscrambled yet, and he had no business being on the field, nice call Po-Lyin. However, as the Playoffs approach, it is going to be big plays in the passing game, by big play players, on big play defenses that will cause teams to advance. Teams that can hit the QB (gently), Sack the QB (gently), and make plays on the ball in the sky; these are the teams that will advance in the playoffs. Enter stage left, my main man Brandon Meriweather. As Manning gets pressure by Wright and TB-C, he overthrows the ball, and Meriweather leaps high in the sky to snag the ball, and then takes off like a squiggly-wiggly varmint worming his way down field. I-N-T-bay-bee! Take that Haters!

The Pats come out firing, like it’s the Playoffs and there is no time for mercy, repercussion, and playing gently. Brady to Welker and my fears relieved, as the Pats came out throwing and thinking they can run later. In the playoffs, the passing games will decide who wins the Super Bowl. Which team can make the big plays in the passing games on both sides of the ball. The Pats started out making the big plays on both sides of the ball in the passing game. And boom, Welker is wide open right in the middle of the field and grabs the ball the 10-yards, and then runs into a crowd of Colts and powers his way into the Endzone through three alleged Colt’s defenders. 7-zip Patriots.

Rising star McCourty makes a play on the ball like a playoff veteran instead of a rookie. However, Garcon made a better play on McCourty’s arm and he wasn’t able to grab the ball. Than Manning goes right back to Garcon for a 1st down. Two go nowhere runs made it 3rd and 9. Manning throws the ball to a third Patriots defender, and the Pat’s D was looking more and more like a Playoff defense that can play the ball in the sky better than most. However, both Mayo and McCourty couldn’t hold onto the ball! If only Mayo and McCourty were as good as my Brandon “my main man” Meriweather;-)

The Pats came out like they were going for the ring, and kept attacking through the air, and aerial attack-tack-tack their way to the Super Bowl. A pass interference call set up a BJG-E run to make it 2nd and 5 at the 29. Brady then hit the amazing Woodhead who sawed a tackle in half to create a 1st down. BJG-E ran for a tough 4 yards, but an incomplete pass made it 3rd and 6. However, the playoff tested Brady calmly facing an all-out blitz threw a casual pass to Branch for the 1st down. Finally, the Pats said, "screw the running game", and Branch catches his second straight 1st down. The Pats were suddenly in field goal range at he 32. BJG_E runs to the 30, but the Pats have another random act of intelligence and throw the ball the Welker, who plays the ball off the turf at the 19. The Pats are forced to quick snap the ball to prevent a reply, and BJG-E gets another tough 5 yards, and just like that it’s 2nd and 5 at the 14. The Amazing Woodhead, with another trick up his sleeve, gets hit hard at the LOS, yet somehow tricks his way to the 11-yard line and makes the 1st quarter disappear. The 2nd quarter starts with a 3rd and 1, and it’s starting to look a little undone as the Pats are running too much. Brady has another random act of intelligence and throws a beautiful pass to the miraculous Wes Welker to make it 1st goal at the 3. The Amazing Woodhead sneaks out of the backfield and just when it looks like he pulled another TD out of his hat. However, Jerraud Powers made a great defensive play and somehow prevented virtually any gain. Then the Pats made their  first mistake of the game. However, the Pats came back throwing, and Brady lasered the ball to Hernandez who squeezed into the endzone. 14-zip Patriots.

The hapless Manning then threw the ball in the ground at Austin “What the hell am I doing in this game” Collie. Then the 1st blatant non-Holding call occurred. Mike Wright burst pas the left guard, and he grabbed him from behind in a choke hold as his elbow locked around Wrights neck from behind, and allowed Manning to throw for a 1st down. Then Mayo got a Smackdown on Austin “where the hell am I” Collie, and predictable the brain injury to Collie was re-concussed, and he had to leave the game. However, the Pats biggest worry reared it’s ugly head and they couldn’t get the stop on 3rd down. Then Brown was swarmed by over by defenders, and received a Mayo Smackdown by half the defense. However, Manning weaseled his way out of a TB-C Sack as Brown snuck out of the backfield and caught the ball from Manning and ran for 26 yards. With the young inconsistent defense looking vulnerable, the Colts ran the ball to the one, and Manning flicked a way too easy TD pass to some jerk (sorry;-) to cut the led in half. Pats-14, Colts-7, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 3.    

A great KR by Tate previewed the Colts inability to stop the Pats in anyway. They drove right down the field virtually unencumbered, until BJG-E ran it in from 6-yard line. Pats-21, Colts-7, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 3.  

Manning, sensing the weakness in the Pat’s pass defense, came out throwing to Wayne for a 1st down. They tried to run again for some reason, and Spikes burst through the line and tackled Brown at the LOS. Then back to Wayne, who wasn’t quadrupled teamed again for some reason, and caught a 9-yard reception, to reach the two-minute warning. Jarvarris James somehow ran for a 1st down. Ninkovich and Wright sandwich Manning just as he released the ball, and another pass made it 1 and 10 at the 49. However, an incompletion and a Holding call made it 2nd and 15, with :44 left on the clock. Then Wayne wasn't quadruple teamed again and he caught a 15-yard 1st down pass. Then, believe it or not, Wayne wasn't quadruple teamed again? He caught the ball and ran down to the 11-yard line, with :09 left in the half. Wayne, remember him, he was left in single coverage again, and he sneaked into the left corner of the endzone for a way too easy TD reception. Pats-21, Colts-14, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 3.

Half Time. Okay, did anybody see Seymour’s bitch-slap of Rapistberger? LOL! Tell me that wasn’t F-ing hilarious. Is he the biggest bully bitch on the planet? LOL! He went down like a coed locked in the Ladies room! LOL! Sometime, just sometimes, life is too good to be believed;-)

The Pats refused the ball to start the 1st half so they received the ball to start the 2nd half.

Brady came out in the shotgun ready to throw, even before the injured Colt’s player could get off the field. Bang, Welker for 9, and BJG-E runs it right into Indy's gut for a 1st down. Then Freeney spun off Light as Brady was play-actioning the ball, and slammed into him for a Sack. Woodhead got a nice chunk back with an 8-yard run, but a bubble screen to Branch went for naught and it was punting time.

Then the highlight of the game was the referee calling a holding penalty on the Pats, only to say, "Hold it, the penalty is on the receiving team, and then laughing at himself as the crowd cheered.

Back to our regularly scheduled program... 1st and ten at the Colt's 7. A go no where run made it 2nd and 9. But the Pats D looked confused as McCourty, Mayo, and Spikes yelled at each other and allowed ???? for 9. James took it for a 1st down. A Draw to Donald Brown for three. However, for all the effort the Colts were still only at the 30. A quick run made it 2nd and 8. Then Tamme caught a bullet by Manning to make it 3rd and 3. Tamme slid underneath the coverage as they blitzed and brought the ball over midfield. James ran it to the Pats 47. A swarming Pat’s D caused a drop by Garcon with 6:08 left inn the 3rd quarter, to set up a 3rd and 9. But Manning under threw Garcon to set up the punt. The good news is that Manning took 6 Minutes off the clock and Welker returned the ball to the 21.

Pats came out throwing 4-yards to Branch. Woodhead prestidigitations (I love that word "prestidigitations," he says in a low grandiose stage magicians voice) his way for 5 yards to make it 3rd and 1, and it was Sammy Morris time, 1st down Morris. BJG-E comes out in the power set and runs for 3. Then as Brady gets killed by Keyunta Dawson, as Woodhead disappeared out of the backfield and somehow emerged at the 1st down marker with the ball. BJG-E for 4, and the Pats were punishing the Colts D and running out the clock. Branch rolled for a 1st down, and they were over midfield with less than 2:00 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter. Woodhead squirms around Light for 7, and then magically made the entire Colt’s defense disappear for an amazing 37-yard TD run. Pats-28, Colts-14, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 3. And believe it or not Woodhead makes the tackle on the ensuing kick off.

Manning throws for 5. Then rising star McCourty intercept the ball for Manning’s second I-N-T-Bay-Bee. Pats-28, Colts-14, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 4. 

BJG_E runs for 5 to end the 3rd Quarter with the Pats up 14 and with the ball, and it sure looked like the Pat’s O was going to run the ball right down the Colts throat. This was the quarter to show that they were a Super Bowl caliber team. BJG-E was three fingernails away from a TD on a 16-yard run. Then Welker for 9, and the Pats are suddenly at the Colts 30. BJG-E bumps and bruises his way behind a fighting Pat's O-Line for a 1st down. Green-Ellis Bumbles over a stumbling Mankins for 3, and the Pats are at the 25. Brach makes his 7th catch to make it 1st and ten at the 11-yard line, and the Colts D looks whipped. Woodhead slips the ball inside the ten. BJG-E slams into the line to bring the clock under 11 Minutes. On 3rd and five the Pats are forced to throw, and Brady fires an uncatchable rocket at Edelman who miss it, but a field goal made it Pats-31, Colts-14, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 4. 

The Pat D was giving up a lot of yards, but they were smacking down any Colt who had the ball, and now the Colts O was starting to look tentative. Until Brown ran it for 36. White caught the ball at the 12, and the Colts suddenly looked motivated again. Brown ran for a 1st down, and it was 1st and goal from the 5. Then something horrible happened. Pats-31, Colts-21, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 4. 

The Colts had come out and made a Playoff type statement, and now it was the Pat's O time to come out and make a game ending statement. An incompletion led to another amazing run by Woodhead for 6. Leading to the biggest play of the game so far, and the biggest non-call of the game as well, as Branch was mugged before the ball arrived, and the refs were putting the Pats victory in jeopardy.

Manning came out throwing, and zip-zip-zip and they were at midfield. On 2nd and 7, after Mike Wright got knocked out of the game, Indy tried a Draw that ran smack into Wilfork. Then at least three holding penalties led to a 1st down reception by Pierre Garcon. As two Colt O-Linemen were beating up Warren for another sensational non-holding call, As two Colts O-linemen attacked Warren ripped off his helmet and threw him to the ground, after the ball was thrown. TB-C came over to shove one Warrens assaulters off of him as they were hitting him in the head now that his helmet was off. TB-C was called for a penalty, and the two O-lineman assaulting Warren were given Lady Byng Memorial Trophies for Sportsmanship. Can we please get the cheating Po-lyin off the competition committee, I mean that was embarrassing. And then another horrible thing happened, Manning through the ball, to my Super Sleeper at WR in this past Draft, Blair White for a TD. Pats-31, Colts-28, Plays On The Ball In The Sky by Pats 4. 

With 4:46 to go and Hoyer was warming up on the sideline, I thought I was going to cry. But Brady came in, thank goodness. Now, with the Colts, the Refs, and the NFL Hierarchy against them, the Pats came out to beat them all. BJG-E burst around the right side for a 1st Down. Then he dived around Freeney for 2. He ran for 1 as the clock ran under 3 Minutes. Brady went to the shotgun on 3rd down and threw it right into Hagler’s hands. Punt and panic time.

Manning came onto the field with 2:25 to go in the game and 3 Time Outs. A short pass for 4, and Tamme was wide open for a 1st down to bring the clock to the 2 minute warning.

Brown runs a Draw for 8 yards, but a throw to a WR’s ankles made it 3rd and two. Brown ran it right up the middle for a 1st down at the 43. A nice run for 9 and a false start for -5 made it 2nd and 6. Pressure by Cunningham and Wilfork cause Manning to throw the ball a little long and Wayne wasn't able to reach out and grab it. 3rd and 6 and the game on the line, the Colts called a Time Out. Then Manning went to the shotgun and the Pats decide not to double team Wayne, again, and surprise-surprise it’s a 1st down. Then suddenly, amazingly, miraculously Jermaine Cunningham burst around the ORT, he reaches out to Manning like Adam in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling reaching out to God. However, manning isn't god, and his hand just scraps Manning's chest. Manning throws the ball awkwardly, even they were in field goal range. Even though a field goal would tie it. Even though he was off balance. Even though the game was on the line and Cunningham had just given him a gentle slap in the chest. 

James Sanders leaps up to the heavens and pulls down a miracle. Bye-bye Indianapolis! NEP-31, IC-28, POT BITS by Pats-5, Consecutive wins at home by Brady-25!

Leaving only the question, was that a Super Bowl worthy win, or another forth quarter defensive collapse that forewarns of doom? On the positive, the young defense made multiple plays on the ball in the sky, and continued their big play showings that helped the Saints get to the Super Bowl last year. On the negative, allowing 37 points in the past two 4th quarters combined, is a troublesome stat to say the least. Stay tuned Pat’s fans it’s going to be a bumpy ride.   

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