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A Tale of Two Toms.



November 1st, 2010

The game started off with a BJG-E run, and essentially ended with a BJG-E flip out. We are learning more and more about this team each week. They are not just a young team, they are a tough hard-nosed team as well. Brady is not just back, he has become a second half player again. If this team continues to get better each week, they could  make a hell-of-a-run come play off time. The mild mannered Tom Brady suddenly turned into Captain Second-Half this season, and yes that is an Underdog reference. I just bought my kids an Underdog DVD.... Okay fine, I bought myself a Underdog DVD and pretended it was for the kids;-) 

The Pats started the game with a go-nowhere run by BJG-E, against my recommendations;-) If ever their was a game to use the pass to set up the run this was it. Now I know I was exaggerating a little. I know they have to run to try and keep the Vikings D honest. The last thing Brady needed was Jared Allen blasting off the line every play, and I know the runs would pay off later in the game. I just wanted to see Brady go crazy is all. The Patriots then came spread them out (yes!), and easily got the first down. A Draw to Woody led no where. But the Pats tried to get tricky and outsmarted themselves into a punt. Favre then came out and handed the ball to Peterson who weeble-wobbled for 7 yards. Then Peterson got to the outside for a first down run, as Cunningham wasn’t able to set the edge. Then Favre play-actioned his way into a way too easy pass. A completion to Peterson was smashed into by Mayo and Arrington just at the first down marker. The Pats were doing a good job of allowing only short gains, until they finally were able to string Peterson out, until he got the Mayo Smack-down behind the line of scrimmage.

Patriots came out throwing, finally. An incompletion led to a play action pass to Woody, who was then thrown the ball for 7, but a bad throw by Brady made it 4th down. The Vikes went back to Peterson who powered through three tackles for a nice one yard run, which of course led to a quick pass to the slanting Mercury Harven, who had his ankle jammed into the turf as Sanders leaped on top of the back of his foot and bent it backwards for what sure looked like a painful ankle sprain. Then the amazing Peterson kept on chuggin’ into the Pats D-Line, and they were starting to get frustrated as Wilfork gave him a little frustrated jab as he got up, but he kept juggin’ into the line for 5 and 6 yards. Until Gerhart came in to rest Peterson and lost a yard, forcing Farve to throw. Cunningham got pressure on Favre and even hit him hard, but he was still able to hit Bernard Berrian for a first down. Then in came Peterson, who was looking like he was going to have one of his best games. He weeble-woobled for 9, and then leaped though the line for another first down. The Vikes were suddenly in the Redzone with what looked like an unstoppable force in Peterson. However, Spikes burst through the line and stuffed Peterson. Then came the flopping Favre play, he slipped out of a TB-C Sack, and threw the ball into the endzone but the Resilient Brandon Meriweather knocked the pass down, but as Farve was throwing the ball Guyton charged, Farve saw he was going to be hit so he flopped to the ground like a pregnant fish, just as Guyton hit him and it was a penalty, of course. Which led to a short run to the one-foot line by Peterson, which of course led to a second run by Peterson for a TD. He had 13 runs 3 seconds into the second half in a pace that would put him on pace for over 50 runs in the game, LOL. However, slow-motion replay had a great view of another Mayo Smackdown, and of course the refs refused to over turn the TD run. The bad news is that it was 7-zip Vikings, the good news is that it took 13 runs by Peterson to get it done, and there is no way he can keep up that pace against this physical smack down defense.

The Patriots countered with another go nowhere run into the Vikings mammoth D-Line. Then another play-action pass to the running back, this time BJG-E, and the Pats had a first down, yeah! So they decide to try another go-nowhere run to BJG-E. Which led to the spread, and a bubble screen to Branch who had a great run, he bounced off Chris Cook, and suddenly he three big fatties running in front of him for a first down. Then Brandon Tate somehow made a fumbling, bumbling stumbling 33-yard reception. Another go-nowhere run by the valiant BJG-E and it was 2nd and 7. The miraculous Wes Welker receives the ball to the 3-yard line. Then another Wildcat snap, which was caught one-handed by the Amazing Woody, and he sliced into the endzone to tie the game at 7.

With the worn-out Peterson resting on the sideline Gerhart couldn’t make it to the LOS again. A bubble-screen to Harven who ran diagonally across the field for 15-yards in an odd looking play. Then the Vikings penaltied their way into 2nd and 25, as Ninkovich charged into Favre who had to intentionally ground the ball for a ten yard loss. Cunningham crashed into Favre and knocks him hard to the ground, but he was able to slip the ball out to Gerhart for a 13-yard slip screen. Then Berrian makes a nice catch over the middle, but is hit just short of the first down to force a punt. Welker caught the punt on the 7-yard line, for a sad three and out series. 

It takes all of three seconds for Harven to make a 19-yard catch into Patriots territory after the punt. But Peterson is barely able to run for two, as the Pat’s defense wore him out in the first quarter. But on 2nd and 8 Favre threw the ball to Harven who cut across the middle under two other receivers and was able to pick up the first down by diving to the ground. Then another of the Vikings endless weapon on offense Visante Shiancoe caught a 9-Yard pass. Then 2nd and 1 and Peterson burst right up the middle for ten yards and a 1st down, and Vikes are suddenly inside the ten yard line and looking to score. But a surge of red led by Wilfork and Spikes on first down for another punishing loss by Peterson. Favre dropped back to throw and all’s e saw a sea of red in the endzone and he was forced to throw the ball away, making it 3rd and goal form the 10. Gerhart slipped out of the backfield after hitting TB-C and dash straight to the endzone, but he was met at the goal line by Wilhite and another Mayo Smack-down. On 4th and goal, Childress decides on another random act of stupidity as instead of taking a 3-point led into halftime, he decides to run the worn down Peterson right into a sea of red, which lead to a Mayo-Cunningham-Wilfork-Spikes-Ninkoivich Smackdown! End of he half, with a great goal line stand by the Pat’s young defense, which seems to get better every quarter. BB had decided to take Moss away, and he was one hundred percent successful in the first half.

The second half started with a meatloaf and pepperoni pizzaroll omelet. That’s right, I put meatloaf and pepperoni pizzarolls in my omelet, and it was delicious. When I looked up, the Vikes were chipping their way downfield again and Favre got himself a Mayo Smack-down. nut he completed the pass for a first down. However on his next pass after the Smack-down he had his worse throw of the game and threw the ball way behind Visante Shiancoe after he curved himself behind all three Pat’s linebackers. But Favre then came back and made two nice throws to get the ball inside the Redzone. But Peterson ran into a sea of red led by Tully Bainta-Cain. Minny was then able to screen the ball to Peterson who took it down to the 5-yard line for 3rd and a long 2. But again Farve dropped back, and all he could see was a sea of red in the endzone. He tried to laser the ball into Bernard Berrian for a needle in a haystack TD, but the crack was too small and the Vikes had to go for a FG. 10-7 Minny.

Captain Second-Half, known more as the mild mannered Tom Brady, came out with a gleam in his eye and immediately threw it to Gronkowski for a 5-yard gain. Then BJG-E finally found a hole against the Vikes terrific run defense and ran for 9 and a first down. A failed screen threaten to end the drive prematurely again. However, Captain Second-Half dazzled the Vikes passrushers with his dancer’s feet (LOL), and somehow after jitterbugged around the pocket he then pierrotted his way out of trouble, he somehow stopped and threw to a streaking Brandon Tate who was wide open 25-yards down field. Captain Second Half threw a perfect pass to a sprinting Tate who caught it in stride and weaved his way forty more yards down field for an 65-yard trick or treat TD pass. New England 14, Minnesota Vikings 10, Pepperoni Pizzaroll burps 7.

Then the sea of red refused to allow a first down and Smacked down Harven at midfield to force a punt. The Pats come out passing on first down, incomplete, and then running on second down for 4. I hate that combo of passing on first down and running on second down. It almost always ends up with 3rd and long. Then an all out blitz led to a misread by Branch or Brady for a LOOOONG incomplete pass. A weak-field positionless punt gave the ball back to the Vikes at midfield, and a rested Peterson ran to force a play-action pass by Favre, who tried to force it into Harven. But as he was smacked down to the ground by McCourty the ball bounced right up into rising star Devon McCourty's hands who then ran the ball down to the Vikings 37.

Then the tough BJG-E, who really took a beating in this game finally found some open air and ran it for a tough ten yards. Another short run by BJG-E, and Woody was flashing across the middle of the field for a first down catch. And then Pats were inside the Redzone looking to score. Captain Second Half then handed the ball to BJG-E who followed Stephen Neal into a hole, cut off his block and ran through a single leg tackle to skipped his way calmly into the endzone to make it NE 21, MV 10, PPB 14.

The defense bolstered by their last three stands met Peterson in the hole for only two. But the stubborn Peterson took a power-toss for 7 hard yards to make it 3rd and 3. Favre then threw it outside to Visante Shiancoe, two-yards short of the first down, but he turned and looked like he was going to reach the sticks. HOWEVER, and that's a big however, Ninkovich, doing his best Mayo imitation, smacked Visante Shiancoe down, well short of the first down forcing a punt.

Captain Second Half came out throwing to Woody who was high lowed by Chad Greenway and the mammoth Kevin Williams, who picked him up and spun him around like a propeller for a helicopter like 6-yards. Enter the tough and never say die BJG-E, who had a nice 5-yard run for a first down, and it looked like the Pat’s O-Line was starting to wear the Vikes mammoth D-Line down. Then Captain Second-Half shot a dart right into the hands of a streaking Hernandez, who had snuck out of the backfield, 7-yards down field, and just sprinted another 20-yards for a terrific 27-yard gain. Then another run by the tough BJG-E set up 2nd and 7, and bam, they run a Draw to the Amazing Woody who runs smack-dab into Neal’s big butt, and he goes down with the games first butt-tackle for a loss of three. Brady throws to Hernandez who catches the ball but can’t run for the 1st down as he had to come back for the ball a little. Mesko lofted a brilliant punt to the 5-yard, that bounces backwards, but Dane Fletcher, who had a nice game, fumbles it into the endzone, and it drew the clock down to 11 minute mark.

But Favre came out and blasted the ball downfield to Harven who was smacked down by Sanders at midfield. But an incomplete pass by Favre  led to a blown up screen, and it was 3rd and ten. But the Pats blitzed as Gerhart snuck out of the backfield and sprinted downfield for a 20-yard gain. The Pats were now dropping back into the deep zone, and Favre finally figured out how to throw underneath, and other short throw and run, and Fletcher came right up the middle to Smack-down Favre and cause another Intentional Grounding penalty to make it  rd and 13. Then an all out blitz forced Favre to throw it high and slow to a streaking Moss, and Meriweather was forced to smack him and fell down, However, it was a smart play by Meriweather, that’s right jerk offs! A smart play by Meriweather, who was in single coverage with Moss, and Moss beat him badly deep, as he does with most safeties, and Meriweather smacked him off balance as he fell to the ground, and prevented an easy touchdown. Take that haters! LOL. He prevented a sure TD and kept Moss catchless, which was their primary goal going into this game, take away Moss. Then Myron Pryor gave the final Mayo Smack-down to Favre driving his face mask right throw Favre’s chest, forced a incomplete pass, as Meriweather came flying in to make sure by smacking Moss down, and the ridiculous referees call on an off-the-ball foul to give the Vikings 1st and goal. And let me tell you something the NFL wants you to forget, hitting the Qb like that wins you a LOT of games. Then, of course, just to annoy me, Tavaris Jackson throws an easy TD pass to Naufahu Tahi. The Vikes down 5, are forced to go for 2, and of course, just as I predicted, Jackson threw a perfect pass to Harven for a falling out of bounds Two-Point Conversion, and “first game back syndrome” was in full swing.

So the Pats get the ball back with 7:22 left in the game and up only 3. However, the tough BJG-E burst thought the hole between Koppen and Neal, and if not for a shoe string tackle he could have chugged a long way. Then they give it to him again, and he is met by three Vikings in the backfield, but he somehow weasels his way through them then runs straight up field for a remarkable 9-yard run. However, a false start caused by 3 Minnesota D-Linemen jumping into the neutral zone, which apparently isn't a penalty this week, and Wes Welker gets tackled by Ben Leber two minutes before the ball arrived, for what was the worst non-call I have seen in a long time, and the ridiculous referee’s were putting their mark on the game. But Captain Second-Half calmly drops back and throws the ball to Welker for a tough first down reception, and then Wes jumps up and yells, “Bite me refs!” A two-yard loss by BJG-E brings the clock down to 4:07. However, enter Captain Second-Half, the Vikes give an all out blitz, and Brady has to scramble to his left, or get smacked down like Favre, then he stops and throws across the field to the slippery Danny Woodhead, who somehow slithers his way to the 1st down marker for a vital 3rd down conversion for the Patriots. With the ball on the forty, and the clock wound under 4 minutes, they ran BJG-E right up the middle for 5. Minny burned a timeout. Then the left side of the O-Line smacks-down the Vikes D-Line and BJG-E runs for a 1st down, and the Vikes final timeout is burned. The Vikes oversized Defense was worn down by the Pats O-Line, so they ran it to BJG-E right up the middle, which was clogged by Jared Allen who jumped inside, so BFG-E bounced outside as they had lost contain, and he ran all the way down to the goal line, but just stepped out of bounds at the last second. Then another go-nowhere by BJG-E, ironically ran 42 seconds off the clock. Another go-nowhere run ran the clock down to the 2-minute warning. The Pats came out in the same formation and BJG-E flipped out! He was spun around again for a perfect helicopter flight into the endzone for a perfect 10.0 TD flip, and essentially ended the game.

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