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Patriots Vs. the 

Hated Jets 

Review, Redux.



September 23rd, 2010

The game started out oddly. The Jets defense looked a little whipped. I was shocked at how bad they looked. What mad me so frustrated about the game was that the Pats could have really done serious damage to the Jets seasons. If they Jets were so devastated by their loss to the Ravens, and then the Pats came out and kicked their ass in week two, it would take a lot to overcome two straight home loses. Instead, the Pats let the Jets off the hook.

Besides the disintegration of Brady's brain, nothing new happened. The defense had a decent rush in the first half, and played well. In the second half the rush completely disappeared, and so did the defense. Sanchez was allowed to sit back in the pocket and casually comb his hair while he chose which receiver to give the ball to. The good news is that the young secondary really didn't play that bad. They were right on the ball most throws, but with all the time in the world Sanchez could place the ball wherever he needed to, and he needed to make a lot of perfect throws in that game.

The real disaster with the game was the loss of Kevin Faulk. Now we have 2 and half running backs on the roster. Neither healthy running back is anything more than a JAG. Faulk was a heart and soul guy who Brady relied on for some much in the passing game that I don't know if this offense can overcome his loss. He was their main Draw guy, he was their best blitz pick up guy. He was there best receiver out of the backfield. He was their best Screen runner. he was they guy Brady knew he could trust. 

The other concern I have is this ridiculous no-Coordinator-team. What do position coaches do? They install the defense and offense the HC and the two coordinators design. What do the Coordinators and the HC do during the game? They make adjustments. So who is making the adjustments during the game? It appears like nobody is. It appears that the 3 or 4 half-coordinators the Pats now have or don't have don't feel comfortable enough to change the game plan during the game. BB is at his best when he delegates to good football guys, only by his own act of not deeming any of the three and a half half-coordinators worthy of a promotion to coordinator, he is saying I don't have any intelligent football guys I can trust. So how can the three and a half half-coordinators feel comfortable changing the game during the game. It hasn't happened. It doesn't seem like it is going to happen. This loss goes strictly on the big shoulders of BB and Brady. Brady had a bad game. I'm sorry Pat's fans, but Brady is human, and all people have bad days at the office. The difference between him and us is that our worst days aren't filmed live on world-wide TV. I know this because if my worst days were filmed live on world-wide TV I would have been locked up long ago;-) As for BB he was hosted on his own petard. His inability to delegate and name coordinators, has caused brain-freeze in all three and half of his half-coordinators brains during the game. This is out worst nightmare. Like I always say (okay, so it's like I've never said before), "If you have three half-defensive coordinators, then you have none." 

Okay the good news is that it was only the second game of the season. It really wasn't a meaningful loss, other than the trend of second half collapses has continued over from last season. We have to live with a young inconsistent defense that can't hit the quarterback consistently. And like I always say, "if you can't hit the QB you can't win." As for Brady, every year Brady has two or three games where he stinks. And most important of all, the Bills, or as I like to call them Brady's Bitches, are coming to town next week so the offense will be fine folks. As for BB, who knows? All's I can say is that our defense looks very good half the time, and the other half of the time they look young, dumb, and full of cum. Next week they will be playing against maybe the worst O-line in the league, and a passrush will emerge, and miraculously the young defense will look good again.    

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