What We Learned From The 2020 Draft: 

Part IV. 


The GOATs are gone, long live losing for Lawrence. The last time Scarnecchia left, the Pats got the Googs. He was a power scheme blocking coach. The Pats had all the light athletic OLs geared to a zone blocking scheme like they have now. And he failed. They didn’t give him the style of players that he needed to succeed. 

They aren’t going to make that mistake again. That is why they picked three OLs on Day Three. The question is did we learn that Cole Popovich is the new O-line Coach. And is he going to stick with the Zone blocking scheme that Scarnecchia perfected? But we also learned that they will be shifting away from the Zone blocking scheme. 

We learned that this is likely Thuney’s last season with the Patriots. We learned it might be Shaq’s well. BB is not going to give an OLG a five year 100-mllion dollar contract. And he loves Thuney. But, he is just too old school. He just can’t put that much of a Cap hit for an OG. Not when you can get a prospect like Onwenu in the 6th. 

We also learned that this is likely Cannon’s last season with the Pats as well. Justin Herron is not going to be ready this season. He played OLT at Wake, but I’m not sure he’s an NFL Left Tackle. He will be redshirted and put on the right side. They will see if he can replace Cannon in 2021 or 2022. 

Onwenu is a plug and Play ORG, but he won’t start in 2020 unless due to injury. He has some versatility. He started one game at OLG in 2018. He also played a little D-tackle as a freshman. He played ORG and Nose Tackle against Rutgers as a freshman in 2016. So this pick has been brewing in BB’s brain for three or four years or so. He also played some D-tackle against Penn State and Hawaii as a freshman. 

Body ugly dude, who is very underrated as an athlete because of his size. Natural athletic ability. Great natural balance. Superb size. Great long arms. 34 3/8 inches arms is an elite number for an OG. His arms are longer than their OLT prospect Justin Herron. He might be able to play some emergency OT with that arm length. Great heavy hands and punches that can pancake big guys inside. 

There is not a lot of space between Ruiz, Bredeson and Onwenu in talent and production. All three are big and played great in the run offense. Onwenu was a very efficient blocker. He can play. You cannot leave him out of the conversation with those two. On Tape he is just as good but played ORG. That’s the least respected O-line position. He was a force. Steady. Persistent. Could dance to the 2nd level. 

Great consistency using his great feet and long arms to win. He can catch the rusher, grab his shirt, and hold him in place for five or six seconds. Naturally strong. Great balance in contact. Great base. Powerful hands for holding shirt. Stays and plays low with leverage. 

Justin Herron played Left Tackle in an offensive scheme that had some zone blocking in it. Plays to the whistle. He has some drive in him. He plays high but can still power the D-end back for a while. They like to slide the line. Nice burst out of stance outside when they slide the line to his side. 

When he gets high, he can get punched out of the run game. They have him block the DT in pass pro too much. Made me nervous. It unleashed the D-end in the rush consistently. So why? They didn’t trust him? Not as nifty against 3-4 defenses. North Carolina gave him a lot of trouble. 
Slides wide, grabs, and held on a lot in pass pro. Needs some work on kick-slide. 

Very quick feet moving back. He can flash some great feet sometimes. When he stays and plays in balance he wins. When he gets his hands under the big power D-end’s hands he wins. Good job sliding inside to block the DT in pass pro. Very quick feet. Doesn’t really kick-slide. Needs a lot of technique work in kick-slide. But he has the feet to do it. He has the athleticism and size to succeed at Left Tackle. 

He can be a good finisher. When the DE gets out of balance, he’ll slam him to the ground. He will get too high, and get shoved up and back when he does, but he can re-anchors quick. He has to stay and play lower first and foremost. He is going to need a lot of technique work, because he didn’t really kick-slide at Wake. Little things become bigger problems in the NFL. Good job slamming the 5-Tech inside. 

Dustin Woodard has some base and power. Quick through contact, and can get popped up and still turn and seal. Terrific re-anchoring. Heavy hands. He can shove up and off after the snap. Then punch with the left and slam the DT to the ground with his right, on runs to the other side. Nice job moving laterally down line (like in the Pat’s zone blocking scheme?) and hand fighting the giant size NT all the way past the seam. 

Woodard is the most versatile interior OL in this Draft. He started for an entire season at ORG 2017, every game at OLG 2018, and was the starting OC for Memphis in 2019. Good athlete for an interior OL. More slider than puller. Good in zone block, not the niftiest puller outside. Not the niftiest feet when he gets past the 2nd level. Solid in pass pro at OLG. He can pull outside the OLT on play action, and block on the edge in pass pro very well. Solid base. Plays and stays low. When the DT or NT guesses wrong, they are done. 

Good size. Good athlete. Good hands. Plays hard. Works hard. He has some quicks, snapping the shotgun and getting his hands in the NT’s shirt. Then sliding off and bursting to the 2nd level and grabbing the LB’s shirt. He has a knack for grabbing shirt. Lightning quick hands. He gets them up quick off the snap, and reacts to the DL. 

Cassh Maluia LB Wyoming has that knack for creating turnovers. He has some clutch in him and had an interception in overtime to seal the win against Hawaii. He will make the Pats next season on IR, special teams or not at all. He has a nose for the ball. You can see the game is very important to him. If will and desire mean anything, he will make the Pats this year. Makes plays all over the field because of effort and hustle. 

Great quick feet. He looked great at his Pro Day. Nice burst and explosion. He can sink his hips. Terrific agile athlete who can flip back up to his feet when he falls. He has some good speed. Great feet moving laterally to stay in front of the RB in run defense. Great effort in pursuit. Plays Hard. Works hard. 

Balance can be an issue changing direction. I like this kid, with the caveat that I didn’t watch his tape until after he was drafted by the Pats (so I might be prejudice;). Has some great on field Speed. Looks like a special team maven. Ran a 4.53 Forty at his Proday! All out all the time guy, who can play smart as well. When he is moving on he field, he looks like a special teams Dude to me. 

URFA Jeff Thomas- WR Miami: Bouncy. Hyper. Great hands. Good eyes. He can get open adjusting the pattern to get open in a hole in the zone. Amazing explosion to twist and back and grab the ball with one hand thrown behind him, like he did against LSU. Nice speed down the seam. Tricky hitch step to stall the CB. Then burst past him deep. 

He runs a nice skinny Post from the Slot. He will line up outside and can get open in a Post pattern, and catch it over the middle when he knows he is getting hit. Good job with inside release when the big CB tries to press him. He can still burst past him with good speed. Excellent explosion and speed off the free release. 

He can get open over the top fast on the out and up. Pushes off nicely deep down the field to get the space to catch the ball. Great job then slowing as the CB over runs the play. Then he can leap up and snag it high in front of the CB. Great Vert. Then he can twist his body around to sneak one foot in bounds. Great agility. Elite body control. Huge catch radius. Amazing sky-walker who can contort his body in the air to catch the ball and twist back to catch it. 

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