What We Learned From The 2020 Draft: 

Part II. 


The Pats hit the defense hard on Day Two. We learned that BB was not very happy about all the defections on the Defense. We also learned that he likes the depth he has on the Offensive side of the ball. He believes that N'Keal, Jakobi, and Gunner are going to be dudes for Stidham next season, and maybe Edelman and Sanu can stay healthy. We also learned that Belichick believes that the defections on defense left a lot more holes that have to be filled. Losing Van Noy and Collins really hurt the Pats Defense, and BB had to do something about it. 

Day Two as was master stroke for the Pats. If you didn’t like the Pats pick of Kyle Dugger than you are declaring that never saw him play in a very Trumpian way. If you heard someone say they hated the pick than you should never listen to what they say again. I mean, unless you like insanely ingesting poison and magically delicious ultra violet light into your body? Dugger is a top prospect and elite athlete, who went to a small school. If he had gone to Alabama, he would have been a top ten pick. Stick that in your Lysol can and magically ingest it! 

The Pats were able to trade down, pick up a 3rd, and still snag him because he went to a Division II school. "As far as a chip [on my shoulder]? Yeah! It's definitely grown into a mountain on my shoulders. It's definitely something that's going to be permanent," Dugger said. "I'm going to carry it throughout my career as long as I have the opportunity to play the game. But Division II football, it may be different in the way that the program wasn't made to produce NFL players. So a lot of the things, if I wanted to get better, I would have to take it into my own hands as far as my work ethic. The way I approached myself. How I looked at myself on film. How I critiqued myself. 

"I really had to go the extra mile and not just look at who I'm playing against but kind of compare it to what I was trying to get to. It definitely developed a lot of the work ethic and the things that I do off the field, the way I look at film, the detail I look at film with, how I teach myself. It definitely developed the side for me." If he had gone to a Division I school he would have been an easy 1st after his great Combine. 

I liked Chinn a little more (the day before the Draft;). He made more impact plays against the run at the Senior Bowl. He stood out on Tape as an instant impact guy against the run. But Dugger was better in the passing game than Chinn. Which is more difficult to stand out at, but more important in today's NFL. He was a Cover Two and Cover One Safety who played some Corner last season at Lenoir Rhymes at 220-230 pounds (though he was 219 at the Combine). Dude is a freak. He covers the TE down the Seam very well. 

He was a beast at the Senior Bowl. "For me, it just gave me an opportunity to kind of solidify what I already knew, that I could play at this level," Dugger said. "And just also the opportunity to play and learn from the coaching staff who was teaching me things and just learn things about myself while being able to study the short week of film. So, it kind of gave me an extra boost of confidence." He looked like a 1st Round pick at the SB. 

He is amazing tackling the RB or WR catching the ball outside and getting to the sideline to tackle them from centerfield. They seem to have a scheme oriented defense, and scheme different defenses for different teams, like the Pats. He will play completely different in different games, for the whole game. He will be a Cover One Safety the whole game. Then the next week be a Box Safety and cover in the Slot the next game. You can argue that is what BB likes the most about him. He can handle the mental changes in scheme each week. 

Elite and incredible athlete, who leaped over a WR on the ground that had fallen down and tipped the ball up, and grab it; Dugger flew, literally, over the WR and grabbed the ball that was tipped up by the WR, for the interception, and returned it for a TD. Not just a pure athlete. Smart. Great eyes. Reads and reacts as quick as you want. Plays behind his eyes very well. Understands his responsibilities at different positions on the field. 

He can play both Strong and Free Safety in the NFL. "It was a good mix of both," Dugger said when asked if talk to the Pats about playing Free or Box Safety. "More so coming down to the box. It was a little bit of talk about Free Safety, though. But it was definitely a pretty good mix of both." I would love to see him play some Linebacker, even if it is only in Nickel And Dime situations. 

His speed, quicks, and explosion is starling on Tape. Instant change of direction. Rare athlete with elite physical traits. He can get from Cover One to the LOS, outside the numbers, to knock the RB off his feet. At the Line of Scrimmage! Great downhill tackler. Flies past teammates to reach the ball carrier and knock his block off. When he slams into a pile, the whole scrum slides back and down. Takes great angles outside. 

He was also a captain and a punt returner. "I'm very comfortable to follow my hands and being back there to catch the ball and receive and have an opportunity to change the game," Dugger said. "Other than being on the defensive side of the ball. So, I'd say really comfortable. I did play running back for the first 10 years of my football career, so I think it really stands out that I've got a feel for the football when I'm back to catch a punt." He averaged an impressive, even for Division II, 17.4 yards per Punt return and returned six for TDs. 

He can get over aggressive and take false steps forward on play action. He can be a little helter skelter in coverage sometimes. Twitchy and explosive moving forward. Flies down hill like a rocket to get outside to cover the RB. It is amazing how he lines up at Cover One in the middle of the field on the 3rd level and runs at the perfect angle outside and can get past the LOS to the RB. Amazing field speed, instincts and explosion. Elite talent. 

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