Sebastian Vollmer- 

Offensive Tackle Houston-

 6-7 3/8, 312, 32 Reps,

5.12, 36", 9'3", 4.50 SS,   

Vollmer 2008

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My Review Of Sebastian Vollmer:


Vollmer is a very interesting prospect. He is a much better athlete then his height would indicate. He has the athleticism to play OLT in the NFL, although I'm not sure he has the feet. He gets away with more, because he has such long arms it makes it easier to punch passrushers and meet them at the edge, but his feet are just a hair slow. He is a tall thin looking guy, well relatively thin for a football player. He had more of a basketball player build at Houston than an O-Tackle build. He looks like he can add 15-20 pounds easy. Most important of all he has to learn to bend his knees more, as all extra tall O-Tackle need to do. He is so huge hat he can play too upright ans still get away with it. He has to bend his knees, get lower, bend at the waist more, anything, because NFL D-Linemen will toss him aside if he tries to play as upright as he did at Houston.  I watched him at the East West games, and did learn much netter hand placement and was able to sink his hips a little better. I thought he might be a bit of a 'tweener. He plays with a lot of finesse, and does an excellent job extend his arms and pushing and shoving with his hands. But I'm not sure he has the meanness and drive blocking to play ORT. However, with his humongous size and condor-like wing span, he could develop into an OLT, if he can smooth out his kick-step, and learn to dip his hips more. I was surprised at his combination of size and athleticism Here are my notes from the East West game, "Good run blocker. Extends arms well. Has an okay punch, but uses his long arms more to push passrushers past the QB. Dominated during practice when lower level D-Ends couldn't get past his long arms. He has worked his way into the 3rd Round, and if he could play a little meaner and work on his Punch he could start in the NFL. More of a Right Tackle. Very long arms. Keeps his feet moving in Pass Protection. Doesn't stopped until the whistle. He still plays a little high in run-blocking, but he is so big and his arms are so long, that no D-End at the East West game could get inside his pads. Dominated every D-End they put in front of him by extending his arms into their pads, grabbing shirt, and just kept his feet moving until they were out of the running play. Looks like a swing Tackle in the NFL. Could see some reps at OLT. Terrific pass protector. He still stands up a little coming out of his stance on running plays. He needs to fire out with better lean." He also has a tendency to envelop D-Linemen like a giant Venus fly trap. The problem is if he gets his hand outside the shoulder pads it is a Hold in the NFL. He has to work on hand placement and keeping his hands inside the shoulder pads.  He also had back surgery in 2006. 

BB During the Draft:

"We are pretty well connected down there (Houston). Vollmer has played both Left and Right Tackle for Houston. Scott O'Shea is our receivers coach. His farther is Mike O'Shea who is a trainer down there (Houston). I worked with his farther Mike when I was in Baltimore in 1975, my first year in the league. Vollmer played in the East-West game. He has played both LT and RT in college, and also in the all-star games. So we think he give us some flexibility. He also is a big man who works hard, and brings some size and toughness. So we look forward to seeing him compete on the Offensive Line."

BB Saturday night after Day One:

"Vollmer is a big offensive tackle. Heís played both sides. Heís played left side and also played right side at the East-West game. All those guys are mature guys. (They are) guys that have had full good careers, played in all-star games, have had a good track record all the way through their college careers. So we are looking forward to getting them on the field and letting them compete for the opportunities that we have on our team. (There are) a couple local connections. Itís coincidental, but itís always good to build your roster with guys from BC, UConn and the New England area. Itís a little added cherry on the top."

Sebastian Vollmer missed a full year in 2006 and played the last couple years. Is he one of those projectable guys with the physical tools?

"Like I said, heís played. He played during the year. Heís played left tackle. Heís played right tackle. He played in the East-West game. Heís played quite a bit. Thereís no problem finding him on film. So I donít think itís a projection any more than with any other player. You could see him out there playing every week."

What about the fact that he didnít play football until he came over here?

"Oh yeah, sure. I think heís certainly a developing player. I donít think heís had quite the football experience that quite the other football players have had, but heís playing. Itís not like Stephen Neal, or even a guy like Cassel, who didnít really play in college. Is he as polished as some players at that position? Probably not. But he has a lot of good tools to work with. Heís a tough kid, very smart, well conditioned athlete. Heís a big man. Like everybody, he has a lot of work to do. But I think heíll work hard and try to do what we ask him to do. So I think he has a chance."


you get Vollmer you take about him being that good looking Right Tackle 6-8, does he have to potential to pack on some weight? Talk a little bit about him, and say Ohrnberger, does remind you a little bit of say a Hochstein who you can move around on the interior to keep number 12 on his feet? 

"Yes, I'd say to both of those. Ohrnberger played Left Guard at Penn St, and a little bit of Right Guard, and worked at Center, but they had Shipley, they had a good Center who was also a senior who came out in the Draft. So Rich never really played Center at Penn St, but he practiced at Center everyday, and they had kind of a four man rotation. So, you know he worked at all the spots, and you know we worked him out snapping the ball and all that. So, I think he will have the versatility to play all three the spots. And then, I also think he may be competitive for playing time (this season), so we'll just have to see who that all shakes out. But those are some of the similar qualities that Russ has. I don't think they are exactly duplicated, but they are in that ballpark. Vollmer, you know, he is a big-big guy with a big frame. You know, he blocks out the sun. He's a mountain of a man. But a very well conditioned athlete. I think their probably is some room to put on some weight, but I think he's pretty (fully) developed. he's a little bit of an older player, like when we took Nick (Kaczur) a couple years ago. I think he's 25. So, he's not 21. He's pretty fully developed. He has a Right Tackle looking body, but he played Left Tackle at Houston. And also practiced at Left Tackle at the East West game. He played Right Tackle in the East West Game. So it looke like he at least has the chance to have some flexibility at either end of the Offensive Line."


German OL Vollmer impressive at Houston Pro Day

The University of Houston held its pro day Friday indoors on AstroTurf in front of representatives from 17 NFL teams. Twelve players took part in the workout, which included a huge breakfast for scouts at 7:30 a.m. with burritos and fruit in what was an overall great day and a great workout.

One name to keep in mind is OL Sebastian Vollmer (6-7 1/2, 312 pounds), who came to the Cougars from Dusseldorf, Germany. He was a European high school all-star who took a redshirt year in 2004 and missed the entire 2006 season because of a back injury. With his athletic ability and long arms, Vollmer is a guy who is worth targeting in the sixth or seventh round of the draft. Heís a player who could be a starter and a solid player for years to come or a guy who could play for two years and never be heard from again.

Vollmer turned in times of 5.13 and 5.16 seconds in the 40-yard dash and also had a 36 1/2-inch vertical and a 9-foot, 3-inch broad jump. He had a 4.50 short shuttle and a 7.51 three-cone drill, and he did 32 repetitions of 225 pounds on the bench press.