Shane Vereen

RB California

5-10, 210, 4.5 Forty, 31 Reps, 

34" Vert, 4.28 SS, 9'7" 6.95 3-C!



Work Ethic and Versatility.

By Tom Mahoney


I'm not real thrilled with this Bio, that's why I waited until he was healthy and ready to play. I have always felt a little disconnected from Vereen. I do like his feet. One of the measuring sticks I like to use for RB is Backs who have real quick feet and that make you miss quickness, yet are bigger and stronger than you think. Vereen runs like a little guy, but showed up at the Combine at 210 pounds, and bench 225 pounds 37 times. That is a very good sign for his potential in New England. 


The good news with Vereen and Ridley is that they both don't have a lot of wear on their tires from college. Vereen was the primary backup Jahvid Best until he broke his little head. So he had to play a number of different roles over the past three seasons. He Redshirted his freshman year. So to get on the field for most of his first two seasons he had to fill a variety of roles. He is already an excellent receiver out of the backfield.


He is an excellent one-cut runner. He has nice balance and quickness. What I really like about him are his feet and his eyes. I'm not sure he'll ever a great lead Back, but he has a lot of traits that will allow him to play for a long time in the NFL. He was voted Team Captain. He was MVP of his team in '09. He had returned punts, kick offs, and has 75 career catches for 674 yards and 6 TDs. 


He is not super explosive and doesn't have that fifth gear. However, whenever, where ever, and however they have put him in he has produced. He is one of those guys who might not flash on the field as much as you'd like, but he gets the job done. He is one of those guys you want on your team. Heis one of those guys a team can turn to when the chips are down, like when Best got knocked out of reality and he stepped up and really led that team. In two or three years he and Ridley are going to be causing a lot of problems for defenses.  


This is a nice run. He lines up at the Wildcat QB. He takes the snap and really shows his quickness weaving though traffic. he finds the crack and then cuts up field (0:05). A simple power-toss, and he follows his blockers perfectly. He does great job cutting outside the ORT and inside the FB (0:14). Once he turns up field he finds those extra yards and likes to cut back when he can (0:24). This is the run I like, it's mostly blocking, but once he sees the hole, his burst off the cut is going to make him a lot of money (0:32). He runs to the huge hole, and watch the acceleration (0:39). He hits the hole at an angle, and cuts straight up field with an amazing burst (0:45). He gets off balance, but still uses his great great make you miss, one-cut, quickness to gain yards on a sure loss (0:51). He didn't see it here. he usually runs with such great vision that when he gets stuck like this it's surprising (0:57). 


Another great run where he great vision and one-cut quickness make a big gain out of what appears to be a mis-blocked play. That is the kind of run that can't be taught (1:05). The more I watch him play, the more I can't wait to see him in a Patriots uniform. He just squeeze out those extra yards when there really is nothing there (1:17). Here he lets his natural elusive instincts get him in trouble. He should have boroughed his way back to the LOS, but his instincts told him he could make 'em miss. This was his worst run of the game, and it wasn't that there was nothing there. It was that he recognized it too late and lost three extra yards (1:25). 


A cutback into a cutback (1:35;-). The thing I like about him on the Goal line is that there is no hesitation. He gets the ball and blast forward. This was well blocked and an easy cutback for a TD, but he doesn't give the defense any extra time to try and make a play (1:41). Just getting the most out of the blocking (1:55). he got caught here. However, it happens so few times that it is surprising (2:02). Back to theh Power Toss which seems to be his favorite play. He cuts right between his blockers perfectly and gets hit from the side by the LB (2:09).


He looks a little like Ridley here with the nice Hop-Cut. He is so quick running inside (2:19). Power Toss that is not well blocked. He makes the first guy miss, but looses his momentum and make the second guy miss (2:25). This was a very scary hit, as it was so eerily similar to the hit that knocked Jahvid Best out of college football (2:42). However, he gets right up and back into the game and really shows his toughness as that vicious slam doesn't effect his play at all. 


This is just running with great eyes. He catches the all and takes his time to let his blockers get into position. It looks like he is cooked as three defenders are burst out to he edge, but his patience allowed his blocker to make the play. Then plants a foot and burst up field (2:49). Here he is at Wildcat QB. he shows patience, and then a great burst again. I like this run because he usually runs like a little guy, but really shows his size and strength here (2:59). Just a guy lower his head and turning a sure loss into a few yards. This is as important a run as any other he makes on this tape (3:08). Another Power Toss and he turns another sure loss into a yard. Not a great run, but he keep falling forward and getting every yard on badly blocked plays (3:14). He gives a little shimmy-shimmy-shake with his shoulders, but there is nothing there, so he lowers his head and gets the tough 2 yards (3:21). 


Here he is lined up wide as a WR, for a Bubble Screen. He does a good job making the first guy miss, which is what you want in a Bubble Screen (3:26). this is a great run. Talk about finding the crack. He doesn't need a big seam to run through, and he keeps wiggling, shifting, and slipping his way forward. Then he powers forward and almost drags him in (3:34). He gets right into the pile and somehow slips out. This is the kind of vision and cut back that can't be taught. Then bounces off one defender and gets dragged and hit down by two defenders (3:44). He just gets the ball, one-cuts, and burst into the hole (3:59). 


Nice cut outside, but he gets caught by the D-End with the momentum to make him miss (4:04). This is a great run. This is all him. He bounces outside as the D-Tackle sheds the OG and blows up the play. then he bounces out the OLB, and races down field to the sideline. What makes him so special is that he has the quickness that makes the big guys miss, and he has the power to make DBs pay for daring to get in his way.  (4:10). Just watch this first cut. The D-Tackle has him dead in his sights, and he suddenly is 3-yards to the left. That is the lateral quickness that is going to produce a lot of yards for the Patriots (4:20). There is nothing left to say. Just check out this cut (4:32). 





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