Tyrell CrosbyOLT Oregon

6-5, 309, (O) 5.23, 7.89 3-C!

17 Reps, 35 1/4" Arm, 4.77 SS,

8'3" Broad, 33" Vert,

Moving Backwards: Part IV. 


He is so good at blocking through the DL, and taking out the LB. "I think he will be a pretty good pro if he gets with the right team. If you are strong you can play in the NFL," a scout said. "He can improve his feet and learn tricks and shortcuts to help in that area. Coaches can slide protections to him. But you can't coach that size and power." He has a smooth not twitchy kickslide.   

Smart player, who plays the stunts right, and doesn't get dragged inside by the DE trying to free up the DT. Great seal blocker. They do a lot off complicated and unnecessary scheming, and he gets it all. He did not test as well as expected. 

He is fierce run blocker. "Crosby may not be well known outside of the Pac-12 but offensive line enthusiasts will appreciate his intimidating girth and power in the running game, where he often simply rag-dolled opponents," a Scout said. "Given his success on the left tackle, Crosby deserves an opportunity to remain on the blindside, though his bulk and physicality suggest that a move back to right tackle or even inside at guard could be in the forecast." He hurt guys in the run game, and had no trouble getting to the second level to block LB.

He can shove the little DE five yards inside on outside runs to his side. "He’s been blocking his butt off, man," his teammate Royce Freeman said. "If you ask me he’s one of the best, if not the best, tackles in the country. He gives everything he has every Saturday for us. I’ve seen that for four years and I’m really just appreciative to have him as a teammate and a blocker for me." He will have trouble reaching DBs on the second level on fast outside runs sometimes. 

He is a great combo of a dancer's feet and a boxers hands. "Going in as a rookie you really want to gain the respect of the older people, the guys that have been there," Crosby said. "You’ve gotta just put your head down and work and show them that you’re there to make the team better. Just earn their respect through time. Just don’t get in there acting too cocky. Having the respect of your team is huge." Great size, bulk, and lower body explosion. 

He can pancake the big DLs, and dance with the speed guys outside. "On the field if you’re wearing the opposite color as me I’m going to try to rip your head off each play," Crosby said. "I’m going to finish, play nasty and just really get after you." He plays with great knee bend, and can sit in his slide and punch and pancake with great power.

Great blocking down on the DT with brute force. "A lot of people think that’s easy, but every movement is the opposite of what your muscles are used to," Crosby said. "It’s hard to adjust, but I got a lot of reps at both so I’m comfortable on either side." He has experience playing on both sides of the ball. 

Great road grader. He pops guys back with some great nasty. He can grab the ILB, and put him on skates through the 2nd level. He devastates defenders with his hands moving forward. You do not want to be in front of him on run downs. Plays with nice violence. His bench at the combine was surprising, because he often looked like the strongest OT on Tape. However, his 35" arm was a great stat for him. 

Great smooth kickslide. He never seems like he is in a rush, but cuts off the little rushers at the pass with excellent consistency. Great at shuffling inside and blocking the DT in pass pro. He did not give up a sack when I watched, but he did give up some pressure. He wins ugly, but wins. He can pancake a rusher moving backwards in his slide.

Elite powerful hands. He is a blocker who is all feet and hands. He has very powerful hands to grab shirt and just stop guys. The last guy I saw who was as good as him just holding rushers in place was Lewan. He is not the most athletic OLT in this Draft. He looks like an NFL OLT moving backwards. 

Additional Notes:

Combine: He had a good but not great off season so far. A little slow for OLT. He looked more like an ORT at the Combine. Looked natural in pass pro drills. He is so smooth and natural moving backwards. Not quick enough in slide drill. He had great feet in mirror drill. Smooth and in control. He looked like an OLT in mirror. 

At worst he could be a swing tackle. He could drop into the 3rd Round, if teams thinks he is a Swing Tackle. I think he can play OLT in the NFL. But might have to play ORT to start, and can be the backup at OLT as a rookie. Plus, as we move more and more into passing League, ORT become more and more valuable every year.

2017: Started all 13 games his senior season ... Named third-team All-America by College Sports Madness and honorable mention All-America by both SB Nation and CollegeFootballNews ... Seventh linemen in UO history to be awarded the Morris Trophy as the Pac-12 Offensive Lineman of the Year, voted on by opposing defensive linemen ... Claimed first-team All-Pac-12 Conference honors, while being named Pro Football Focus first-team All-Pac-12 Conference ... Integral part in Oregon’s 3,263 rushing yards gained in 2017 ... Oregon finished the year ranked 12th in FBS averaging 251.0 yards rushing per game ... Invited to play in 2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl: Nice job catching and pushing the D-end past the QB. He squats a little low more than bends his knees sometimes. But plays with great knee bend. That is where his power comes from. Great run blocker with his arms extended. He got smoked in a drill by Okoronkwo. Then stepped up and got his hands in the rushers shirt, and they were done. Nice power step. They didn't goof around and gave him the start at the Senior Bowl. He looked smoother and held his hands up better. He was excellent in the Senior Bowl game, and didn't give up a Sack.

Youngstown ST: He waits sometimes for the rusher to make a move before he moves, and that is not good. He is not real nifty in the open field trying to block outside on 2nd level. He is not a guy you want pulling to the sideline. He threw a block through the DE, and impacted the blitzing LB up and out of the play. He is a phenomenal run blocker.

Tyrell Crosby Vs Stanford:

Crosby is a ferocious blocker. Whatch him step outside and then dance his feet, and then drive the OLB back five yards, and block through the whistle. That was probably the best display of who he is as a player (:01). Watch the quick burst to step out and snag the speed rusher again. Then he just helped him run himself out of the play (:14). He has such a great feel for position.

Not only can you seem him kickslide, but watch the feet gallop back when he bails, and runs effortlessly backwards with the big rusher. He danced back too much and gave up an inside lane (:23). He is a terrific power blocker (:35). Watch him devastate the 5-Tech, and then continue to punch him backwards until the RB can slash behind him.  

Relentless in run game (1:08). Great pulling to the right with great impact and power (1:17). He can play OG in the NFL. Just watch him block down on the DT and not just stone him, but drive him back (1:26). Short-set, short-set, short-set. Do college OLT's kickslide anymore? (1:35). Great powerful hands (1:52). His feet stop, but the power to grab the 5-Tech's shirt and hold him in place is very impressive.

That is s some excellent speed moving backwards to cut off the speed rusher. Then the one handed body slam. Great feet moving backwards. I was wrong to take him out of the 1st (1:58). Nice job stepping outside, and not just sealing, but controlling the OLB. Love how he kept his feet moving (2:07). Again be beat the rusher to the pass, almost to fast (2:14). But was that a kickslide?

Watch the nice pull, and him devastating the 5-Tech in the hole. He drove that 5-Tech back five yards, then turned and drove him sideways. Then drove him back after the whistle (2:23). Even though he is an OLT, he is one hell of a pulling guard (2:31). Terrific power at the point, with his feet stepping again (2:39). Okay, so he is the best at moving forward and blocking through the whistle (2:55). But now we need to see him moving backwards?

They are getting their asses kicked! Why do they keep running (3:46). I don't understand college football anymore.  

Crosby Vs Stanford:


Crosby Vs ASU:

He moves himself so well backwards, but he tends to shuffle and not slide (:04). He is an elite run blocker (:21). Nice kickslide back. His base was a little wide. But his feet moved back so well, and he kept his hands high and tight. He moves back fast, without any chicken wings of chunky legs (:39). That was one of the best slides I've seen in this year average class.

Shuffled his feet without sliding. But watch the great quick feet, and he got into positioned and stoned the little guy (:47). He slid back a couple feet. Then watch the suddenness in the turn inside. Then the awareness to snap back outside and pick up the stunter (1:26). He exchanges DLs on stunters smoothly and with power. 

Smooth slide back. Then once he grabs the slow rusher he is done (1:34). He Kickslid nicely. Then stopped when he caught the rusher. But he did a good job keeping his feet moving, and kept his grip on his shirt for about 5 seconds (1:59). Nice and smooth slide against a speed rusher (2:51). Great position. So he barely had to move to grab his shirt, pull him up, and stone him (2:57). Watch the great punch up with the inside hands moving backwards (3:19). That was great blocking.

Great job getting his hands on the rusher, and keeping his feet moving. That is a small fast rusher (3:31). Okay, I just want to judge these guys moving backwards in the second tape. But watch him put this little LB on skates through the second level (3:41). Great job being patient and holding his position (3:48). Then the inside power step to almost pancake the speed rusher. That was an elite recovery.

Nice kickslide. Then he catches the little rusher and continues the slide back until he can control the speed rusher (3:57). Terrific mirror on the outside speed guy who was trying to get him out of position. But he smartly kept his position, and almost picked up the stunter by accident (4:21). Nice start to the pass pro, but then looses his feet a little. But he recovers and goes and hits the DE and pushes him outside (4:37). He faked the outside block, as they are pulling guys on the play action (4:54). Then he turned and devastate the DT with a great power punch. Then he used his long arms to stalemate the DT at the line.

He moved forward on the play action, and block two rushers (5:01). Great seal block on the play action pass. Watch how he kept his feet moving (5:17). A whiff, lol, that turned into a great block (5:25). He got caught getting too cute on the play action, but watch the stumbling bail that kept his QB from getting hit (5:45). It doesn't have to be pretty, but it foes have to be effective.

Great slide that allowed him to keep his hands on the rusher all the way past the QB, and through the spin move back (6:11). Elite impact in run game. He made the DL quit long before the whistle, and turned back to fight for his teammate (6:19). Elite runner taking out two guys, and driving the second 20-yards out out of the play (6:28). That was as good as it guts in the run game.

Watch the quick feet as he pedals back. Then the great sudden turn to hit the DT. Then the great awareness to to hit the DE  bursting into around the QB, as he is turning back outside to pick up the blitzing LB (6:43). He blocked three rushers on that play (granted, one by accident;). I'm dropping the mike here. He is the best OLT moving backwards in pass pro in this Draft. Plus, he is likely the best road grader as well. 

Crosby Vs ASU:


Crosby' Official Bio:

College Madness Third-Team All-America
SB Nation Honorable Mention All-America
CollegeFootballNews Honorable Mention All-America
Morris Trophy
First-Team All-Pac-12 Conference
Pro Football Focus First-Team All-Pac-12
Pro Football Focus All-Pac-12 Team (Week 1, 2 and 6)
Ed Moshofsky Award (Offensive Line MVP as Voted on by Teammates)
Reese's Senior Bowl Invitee

2017: Started all 13 games his senior season ... Named third-team All-America by College Sports Madness and honorable mention All-America by both SB Nation and CollegeFootballNews ... Seventh linemen in UO history to be awarded the Morris Trophy as the Pac-12 Offensive Lineman of the Year, voted on by opposing defensive linemen ... Claimed first-team All-Pac-12 Conference honors, while being named Pro Football Focus first-team All-Pac-12 Conference ... Did not allow a quarterback sack or hit all season according to Pro Football Focus ... Allowed only three QB hurries according to PFF ... Integral part in Oregon’s 3,263 rushing yards gained in 2017 ... Oregon finished the year ranked 12th in FBS averaging 251.0 yards rushing per game ... Invited to play in 2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl.

2016: Injuries dampened the season for the Ducks’ top offensive lineman, missing all but two games his junior year . . . Missed the season opener but returned to the starting lineup for the next two games before his season came to a premature end at Nebraska . . . Took part in 18 snaps in each of his two appearances . . . Contributed to Oregon running for a season-high 336 yards against the Huskers.

2015: The 12-game starter at right tackle saw his string of 13 consecutive opening assignments (dating back to 2014) interrupted against Arizona State despite logging 76 snaps in Tempe . . . Played a large role in Oregon rolling up over 400 yards on the ground on three occasions, including a season-high 485 yards in the opener vs. Eastern Washington . . . Contributed to the Ducks' 8.5 per-carry rushing average against the Eagles . . . Took part in 90 or more plays seven times, including a career-high 107 snaps against California, while participating in more plays (1,046) than any of his offensive teammates . . . Served as a vital cog for an offense that ranked fifth in the country in total offense, rushing, and scoring, in addition to his role in helping Oregon extend its hold on the league's rushing title for the 10th year in a row.

2014: Made the most of his opportunities as a true freshman, coming off the bench to take part in 40 snaps in the season-opening win vs. South Dakota before injuries along the front line helped open the door for nine starting assignments at right and left tackle - including the final six outings . . . Made appearances in all 15 games, including 97 plays in the Pac-12 Conference Championship Game and 90 at Utah . . . Was the recipient of the Ducks' Pancake Award for his ability to position the most defenders to the ground . . . Proved to be crucial to the success of a running game that led the conference on the ground for the ninth consecutive year (234.5) and amassed more than 300 rushing yards against Arizona and Florida State in the conference championship game and Rose Bowl, respectively . . . Also played a prominent role for an offense that paved the way for the Ducks’ appearance in the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship, with Oregon finishing third in the country in total offense (547.0) and fourth in scoring (45.4).

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