Tre Jackson- OG FLA ST

6-3 3/4, 330, 33 1/2" Arms, 

(S 1.92), (U5.54), (O 5.52),

25" Vert, 8'4", 10.7" Hands,

The Scarnecchia Connection. 

Part IV.


So far the most underrated story of the Draft for the Pats has been Dante Scarnecchia working with the FLA ST guys as a consultant for the Pats. So you know the Pats want to pair one of the three offensive guards with their old buddy Brain Stork. "We do a lot of stuff very, very similar to what [the Pats] do on offense" FSU O-line coach Rick Trickett said to someone at the Herald about Erving and Tre Jackson. "I think both guys will be ready as far as the Xs and Os. Both guys are really good solid football players. How many damn true football players are there? I always knew that Stork was a damn football player. He is a tough guy, and he was a football player. I think these two guys fit in that same mold." If the Pats pass on Erving in the 1st and Jackson in the 2nd, the Florida State line also holds two OG's who should be available on Day Three: Bobby Hart and Josue Matias. This is a series of Tapes on the three remaining Florida State O-linemen:

It is starting to look to me like Tre Jackson is the most likely Patriot of the four. I think they will be going for the freak factor in the 1st. If they want Erving they are going to have to take him in the 1st. But Jackson might be just as good, and he should still be on the Board at 64. Now of course it is a risk. Jackson could very well be gone before pick 64, but interior linemen always go later than expected. In Drafts you can never tell. Maybe Erving is gone at 32, and maybe Jackson is gone a 64. However, odds are Jackson is on the board at 64, and it is likely that Tomlinson is on the board. OGs and ILBs always drop a little lower than expected. 

I also like Tomlinson in the 3rd. Last year they took a rocket scientist at right tackle, so why not a neurosurgeon for a right guard. We must remember that their are other OGs who will fall further than their Draft Value. There are rumors that Kouandjio's knee is not perfect, and some think Cann will drop out of the 2nd Round as well. I see all three as solid 2nd Round talents will drop into the 3rd, maybe right into the Pats' lap in the 90s somewhere. Kouandjio has familiarity with the Pats system playing for Saban. Alabama is not as complicated scheme-wise for O-linemen as FLA ST, so it not as close a match. But Saban is on the BB tree. He has similarities in offense, just like the much more obvious similarities on defense. So the Pats can take a chance that Jackson or Tomlinson or Cann is on the board late in the 2nd, because they have Kouandjio, Matias, and Hart a round or four later. Though all evidence is pointing toward the FLA ST OGs.

So it is worth the risk for the Pats to pass on Erving to take a freak factor guy at a need position, like Sammie Coates or Byron Jones, hope their vast potential comes together like it did for Jamie Collins. Plus, there is always Cann or Kouandjio. With all the depth at OG this year, there could be five, six, or seven OGs going on Day Two. Now they want one (or please-please-please two;-) of the FLA ST interior linemen. They have a familiarity with the Pats system, Scarnecchia, and their buddy Stork can help with their transition to the NFL. But wacky things happen in a Draft (and I still say that Hart is more valuable to the Pats in the 5th or 6th than Jackson in the 2nd). So the Pats could take a chance and take two dynamic guys with their top two picks and grab a Guard in the late 3rd, where they usually go.

It is important to note that the Pats could have as many as six picks in the top 100 or 101. They have their top three picks, and the second pick in the 4th round from Tampa. Plus they are projected to get a Compensatory Pick at 97 or 98 for Aqib Talib. And, they should get a pick in the 1st or 2nd from the Jets because of their malicious tampering. 

The Commish has to do something for what the Woody illegally did to the Pats. Pats fans have to stand up and starting spreading the news that the Jets tampering was the worst thing to happen in the NFL in the past 10 to 15 years. The comparison to what he did, to what happens the week before the free agent deadline begins, is ludicrous. His malicious tampering occurred during the season, as the Pats were preparing to make their epic Super Bowl run. He came out and told the Pats defensive MVP that he wants to sign him with all his heart in the off season, just as the Pats were preparing for the most important point in the season. You have to say that is not just tampering but attempted sabotage. That act has destroyed the integrity of the League, and apparently it is up to us Pats Fans to set it straight (I think you're going to enjoy this Pats Fans;-).

Rant Alert! Rant Alert! Rant alert!

It wasn't an agent calling a GM to set up some perimeters after the season, while every one was waiting in the two week purgatory for free agency to start. It was a cold calculated shout out to Revis to get him thinking about leaving the Patriots, and not concentrating on the Playoffs. It was a purposeful distraction to a team that was about to go to war with the rest of the NFL world in the Playoffs. He could not have tried more purposely to hurt the Pats playoffs chances if he planted a ball needle in Brady's locker. The act was despicable, malicious, and successful. The real problem that you can't get away from Mr. Commissioner is that it was successful

You cannot say the tampering was just one of those things, and "just stupid not malicious." That is a lie. If the Jets hadn't pursue and signed Revis, than it was would have been just a stupid harmless things. But as soon as they started relentlessly pursuing him, it became a crime against everything the Tampering Laws stand against. It was anything but a random act of stupidity, as disingenuous Jets suck-ups are trying to portray it as being. 

Not only did Woody plant his evil seed, he saw it grow to fruition. All the silly, stupid, and mostly ignored tampering rules are there for a reason, and ignored or enforced for a reason. Because the League cannot have what happened here with Revis ever happen again, ever. They cannot have owners publicly declaring their love for a player, during the season, while still under contract for their top Division Rivals Team. What all the disingenuous Jets suck-ups are saying is that it doesn't matter. Which is so stupidly wrong that you can only call them trolling liars. This happened during the season. Not after the season. Not in Purgatory when the season is over, and everyone is waiting for the new year to start in a couple of weeks. So they can start rebuilding their teams again. This isn't a silly mishap that stayed within the spirit of the Tampering Laws. This was a cold calculated smashing of the contract laws the NFL depends on so completely. The Commish has to come down hard and heavy on the Jets to ensure that this never happens again. Never Again!

His only real recourse is to give the Pats the Jets 1st Round pick, like the Pats were forced to do when they tampered with Belichick. Which led to the infamous and fabulously funny note handed to the ex-Prez of the Jets Steve Gutman. To make it even funnier, the urban-legend is that it was written on a napkin in pencil, "I have decided to resign as the HC of the NYJ." Because of that silly note, the Pats were forced to give up their 1st Round pick. You cannot have Owners making contracts with coaches while they are under contract with their Division rival. 

Since that edict came down it has not happened again. The message was given and received. Now it is time to do it again. Okay Jets suck-ups and NFL executives, pay particular attention to this part: You cannot have Owners opining for players under contract with other teams, during the season. "During the season" is the part you suck-ups want to leave out, and apparently Mr. Commish wants to sweep it under the rug. Don't let him Pats Fans. The penalty for such infractions has already been established, during the Pats-Jets wars in the 90s. The penalties were so sever that no owner, not matter how malicious, dared to do it again. Until now.

Now! if the Pats wanted to sign Suh for Wilfork money, they just have to call a press conference in December and tell him, "We are going to shower you with gold and take you to the Super Bowl, and let you live happily ever after." Hey, why not? If Woody can do it. If he can steal the Pats best defensive player during the season without repercussions, than so can every other team in the NFL. Unless the Commish wants to enforce the precedent that have been established already, in direct regards to Pats V. Jets, and Jets V. Pats. The precedent is that the Jets give the Pats their 1st Round pick. Remember those 1st Round pick punishments went both ways in regards to tampering. Both teams gave up 1st Round picks to each other for their Tampering Crimes. That is why no one has so maliciously tampered with a division rival since. The League needs to be reminded. Their will no longer be such malicious sabotaging and Tampering against Division Rival again (or for another 10 to 15 years;-), once the Jets surrendered their 1st Round pick to the Pats.

Before the Jets professed their love for Revis again, the Patriots had a chance to sign Revis to a contract and make another Super Bowl run. Afterwards? Now? They do not. Specifically because they lost their Defensive MVP to tampering by Woody. He did not succeed in sabotaging the Pats Super Bowl chances in 2015, but he did a maliciously good job for the 2016 Super Bowl. If their is one thing Pats Fans have learned since 2015? It is that winning and losing the Super Bowl hinges on such a perilously thin thread that is it almost impossible to see. The Jets tampering cut that thread on the Pats, and they need to be compensated in a way that can help them recover. Which is the real point of the Tampering crime. Woody succeeded. He illegally declared his love during the season, and stole his top rivals defensive MVP. That is why the tampering rule exist, to prevent just such a scenario. Next December all the Owners of losing teams can declare their love for the top rival's top free agent with no repercussions. And then go and sign them!

Revis said himself it was a tough decision, and that he was teeter-tottering back and forth. So you can only conclude that if the Woody didn't tamper with Revis so maliciously during the season, then he resigns with the Pats before the free agency deadline. The Super Bowl winning team gets it's defensive MVP back and makes another run at the Super Bowl. You can call it speculation, but you cannot say it isn't true. Revis was a whisper away from signing with the Pats before the deadline, but he was obviously fantasizing about going back to the Jets like a jilted lover. If he never felt the vicious whisper from the Jets' Tampering Crime, he didn't have time to forgive Woody for ejecting him from New Jersey in the first place. So he resigns with the Pats. The only dispute in the contractual arrangements the Pats made with Revis was in the guaranteed money, because the Tampering Johnson offered him more. You can agree or disagree with me, but you cannot say that Revis wouldn't have sign with the Pats if he didn't know he had unprecedented guaranteed money waiting for him from the New Jersey Tampering Criminals.

The only thing that matters is that if the tampering Woody doesn't tamper, Revis signs with the Pats. It was that close for him. He had no idea that Woody loved him again. After he rejected him most maliciously, and sent him to live in the swamps of Tampa Bay. The idea of going back to the scenic swaps of New Jersey doesn't take seed in his head. Than he is still pissed at Woody for rejecting him in the first place. He resigns with the Pats with a fair market value contract, and they go to the Super in 2016! And no matter how much of a Jets suck-up your are, you cannot argue that the real crime is that he succeeded in stealing his top rivals defensive MVP by tampering during the Season. If he didn't declare his love for Revis on National TV, Revis never knows about him wanting him back, and joyously signs with the Pats. That is fact and opinion.

That is the problem that has to be squashed here. It is of such vital importance to the integrity of the so-called Shield. You cannot have owners willy-nilly breaking contract law to sabotage their top rivals. The Kraft's could go to court and win a gigantic lawsuit for such a breach of contract as this. This is why the usually silly Tampering Laws have been put in place. It is not just a matter of integrity, it is a matter of contract law, and law suits, and turning Owner's Division  rivalries into court cases to destroy the League. This is no laughing matter. The crime has been done. The perpetrator benefited tremendously at a huge detriment to their top rival. A top rival that was harmed irreparably in regards to a contractual agreement. That is easy millions in open court.

Because Woody declared his love for Revis during the season, and then opened the vaults to steal him. That is the shattering of the spirit of the Tampering Laws. That is the criminal problem. If Revis signed back with the Pats, or Woody never really pursued him so maliciously, than no harm no foul. When he declared he had to have Revis back, and then really pursued him with an unprecedented contract, in regards to guaranteed money, than it is a lie to say it was a harmless mistake. It was such an open and obviously calculated move, because he then did pursue him with all his heart. He hurt his main rival, with an unprecedented, malicious, and manipulating destruction of the Tampering Laws. In the exact spirit with which those laws were designed to protect each team.

If the Jets aren't forced to surrender their 1st Round pick or at minimum their 2nd (or even better both;-), then the NFL has smashed it's integrity, and has started it's decline like Mark Cuban predicted. Each year Owners will decry their love for players legally under contracts for their Division rivals during the season. Whether just to hurt their rival, or illegally steal their defensive MVP doesn't matter. This door has to be slammed shut, now. The only way to do that is to hurt the Jets more than the satisfying feeling Woody got from stealing Revis from the Pats. The precedent for that punishment has been set, and must be carried out. The only way the Commish can keep the integrity of the Shield intact to is surrender the Jets 1st Round pick to the Pats, period. I rest my case your honor.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program, still in mid sentence.

Whew! That was fun. and important. So tell-one tell-all Pats fans. Send this Rant to everyone you know. Let everyone know that this will not stand. We cannot have the Jets tampering with our players during the season, and stealing our players in the off season, and the NFL has to know that. The Jets have to be punished severely where it hurts (no not in the Woody;-). In the Draft.

Okay, so back to poor Tre Jackson. He just wants to get drafted by the Pats so he can beat up on the terrible tampering Jets. He has been the best college Guard over the past two seasons. He plays in a complicated NFL blocking scheme that originates from the same brains as the Pats blocking scheme. Which makes him particularly valuable to the Pats. Because not only did he play in that scheme, he succeeded better than any other OG in this Draft.

Arguably the nation’s best guard in 2014 as he earned unanimous All-America honors and was named South Team MVP at the 2015 Senior Bowl…three year starter who earned his first start as a true freshman in the 2011 Champs Sports Bowl and was a fixture in the lineup the rest of his career, making 42 starts.

Nice feet in pass pro inside the phone booth. Sometimes he needs help from OC, but they combo block so much that it is hard to really say that. One thing about the Linemen from FLA ST in this Draft is that they all are always looking to punch, jab, and chip on defenders their line mates are blocking. They switch rushers with each other effortlessly. They worked as a unit so well together that they often looked like an NFL O-line. That experience is paramount in transitioning to the NFL. Jackson was the best at doing that all season, and the second best in the second half of the season after Erving moved inside to OC.

When he plays with his arms extended in PP, he is real good. He is also very unique, because he can look truly great on power blocking runs, and he always seems to look excellent in zone blocking plays were he is move-blocking while slanting to the left or right. That is a unique talent that is very important to the Patriots, because they run both zone-blocking schemes, and power-blocking schemes during every game.

Nice power blocker. He can drive the DT back and to the side a few yards. He has some nice strong hands to latch onto a DT and not let go, even when he tries to move backwards or outside on sweeps or tosses. Huge lower base that is a force moving forward. He often impacts the DT to a dead stop, and then slowly starts driving him backwards. His power extends past the initial hit.

Plays with arms extended well. No trouble stoning smaller blitzers. Shoves off stunters nicely, and catches the DE swinging into him. He has giant thighs and a bubble butt that allow him to sit back comfortable in perfect pass pro form for an OG. He sits so comfortable between Erving and Hart and uses his heavy hands to punch and jab at rushers. When no one rushes his lane, he can turn and shove rushers to the ground on the double team punch to either side of him.

He can get to the second level hit the linebacker nicely, but can lose his balance sometimes. He is not always good out in space. He will get outside side sometimes and not find a defender to hit. However, when he does find a smaller defender out in the flat he destroys him. He looks so good when he is low and patient in pass protection. When he relies on his long arms he can keep DTs at bay. But sometimes he get impatient and over extends himself out of balance balance. He just kept getting better against NC ST. He will over run the linebacker on the second level sometimes.

I had to really drop him after the Clemson game. The FLA ST O-line was completely dominated and he was not an exception. He has to play the speed rusher inside better. He has to remember he is an OG, and they go later than they should. He looks like he might drop into Day Three to me. He is so big and strong, but has that flaw. He was blocking the guy that knocked the ball out of Winston's hand in the 1st quarter against NC ST. He looked so much better moving backwards against NC ST in the 2nd Half. He even handed off the DT smoothly on a stunt, and jabbed the D-End backwards on the switch.

2014: Captured South Team MVP honors at the 2015 Senior Bowl following the 2014 season where he was arguably the nation’s best offensive guard…became just the fourth Nole guard to capture consensus All-America honors...three-time All-ACC honoree and two-time all-conference first team selection...four-time ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week who led the FSU offensive line with a remarkable 87.1 average...had highest grade in 12 of 14 games, including five games with an average at 90 or above...started 42 games, including 26 straight...leader of one of the nation’s top offenses which averaged 33.7 points and 441.4 total yards...paved the way for FSU to pile up 574 yards of total offense against the nation’s then-top-ranked defense at Louisville in a 42-31 win…season-best grade of 94 came versus Boston College…key protector of QB Jameis Winston, who led the ACC in passing yards and total offense...opened holes for Dalvin Cook to set the FSU freshman record for rushing yards. 

Nice job recovering on the goal line when the DT makes a quick move inside. He likes to chicken wing his arms back, and then swing them up into the DT on power run plays. So he has to wind up sometimes to hit him. When he turns a run play into a mauler fest he wins. When he gets lower than the DT they are done. He has to stay and play low more consistently. Something he did later in the season. He looked little out of shape early in the season. He doesn't have elite feet, but he can get to the second level and seal the LB outside. Once he has his big mitts on a linebacker they are done. He really has to flap his wings moving backward in pass protection sometimes against speed. But he is so good at holding his position against speed. That is not a good sign. But he is so low and powerful that it is tough to knock him down, even when he is off balance.

He had a great Senior Bowl. He was able to get position on Shelton a few times and was able to get low and hold it. He was asked to pull out to the sideline a few times at the Senior Bowl and did a great job using his feet to get outside. I questioned his feet a little during the season, but at the SB he looked like a better player than I saw early in the season. He progressed a lot as a prospect during the season and at the Senior Bowl. He also showed he could double on a DT while running to his right, and then get up field and find a DB to hit on a Sweep. He did an excellent job in PP at Senior Bowl. He won the South teams MVP.

Jackson, Matias, and Hart Vs Miami:

This Tape is insanely long. But, it does give you a great study of the four important O-linemen in this Draft for the Patriots. This is important, because right now the odds are in favor of one of these guys being on the Pats next season, and maybe two. Granted it is tough to say that the odds are much over 50-50, but in the NFL Draft that is as good a set of odds as you are going to get as late in the Draft as the Pats pick.

Tre Jackson is the right guard. Bobby Hart is the right tackle, who I think will move inside to play OG. Cameron Erving is the OC. Josue Matias is the left guard. Matias does a nice job getting his hands up quickly. Watch him turn his feet to angle the rusher to the Strongside. This is a blindside screen, so they want the rushers going up field and towards the strongside. Hart has to stay engaged on the edge, but Jackson and Fleming slip off a little too early to go and get out in front of the RB (:01). Jackson does a nice job getting low. He jams one rusher with his left arm, and then jabs the other rusher with his right arm. Then slides to the left a little and gets in front of the first rusher and stones him with both hands (:09). Hart does a nice job kick-sliding back to meet the speed rusher behind Winston. That is a long way to go for an ORT.

This is real nice by Hart. He gets his long arms out and into the power rusher. He stones him quickly with his feet and hands, and maintains his balance nicely. Matias powers into the rusher with his hands. You can see some heaviness in his hands there. Then he grabs his shirt and he is done (:17). This is an odd and nice block. Jackson is pulling up field, but he sticks his right arm out and grabs the rusher heading towards Hart. He is focused on the ILB, but he gets twisted to the side because of his grip on the DT. But he is able to twist back and take out the ILB. Unfortunately, Williams is running a dive right inside of him (:23). Great block by Hart. He blocks down on Chickillo and drives him to the other side of the line. The more I watch Hart the more I like him.

Matias does a nice job shoving off Chickillo, and the OLT comes in and jumps in front of him. Jackson jams the DT up, and slides past him smoothly. But he can't get a block up field. Hart gives the nice arm swing to the D-End and sprints out to the Flat (or as much as he can sprint;-). Then he misses the block as well, but he did give the WR some room to run under him. Winston threw that ball too quickly outside (:30). You get a nice quick look at Hart in his kickslide. He chips inside to help Jackson when the D-End chips and then stunts inside (:38). Matias gets a little high, but he meets the big power rusher with nice power. He gets his hands up and on his pads. He lost the hand battle and got twisted inside, but he did a great job of holding on and not letting the big DT get near the QB. A lot of times it is just about holding on for an O-lineman when he is beat.

Jackson does a nice job here. He stays low and winds up his arms and impacts the DT up with his hands moving up. They hold each other for a second or two and then Jackson starts moving him backwards. Matias pulls to the right as Erving blocks down behind him. He gets caught up in traffic, as he has to push his way past Jackson's feet. He just misses his man motoring to the right, as the RB didn't show patience (:44). Meanwhile Hart is in a brawl at the Point. He gets high, and his hands a little outside. But he holds onto the shoulder pads and twists the DE out of the play.

Hart has no trouble stuffing the outside speed rusher again. Jackson does a great job stuffing the big power rusher, with a nice double team block with Erving. Then he slides off and picks up the stunter. It looked like an ill conceived Center Screen. Matias pulled again and had trouble hitting his guy moving to his right (1:01). Jackson does a nice job stoning one rusher, but the delayed blitzer slashed past Erving as he didn’t see him (1:07). Hart was terrific on the edge again. He redirected the inside blitzer that Jackson picked up, and then use his feet and technique to meet the rusher at the pass. Then he held on until Winston was able to run by him. Matias was solid on the combo blocks with the OLT and Erving. Which makes it more likely that the delayed rusher was Erving's man, and the guy that hit Winston was a mental mistake by Erving.

Matias just stays in technique and moves backward with his hand essentially pointing into the chest of his rusher. I love how focused he stays on the rusher right in front of him. Hart uses his feet to get into position to absorb the rusher again. However, it did look like he put his head down a little (1:27). Jackson gets a little lost in the middle. He sees the NT jamming Erving back, and turns and punches him with some impressive heaviness in his hands.

Hart does a nice job keeping his position between the D-End and the QB. Then gets his hands into his shirt as soon as he can reach him. That was a nice play by Hart. It is not easy not to lunge at the rusher there, but keep in your technique. Jackson just chips down on Erving's man, twice. Matias swings open the outside gate, turns, and bails. He is lucky the rusher wasn't able to turn into Winston (1:35). Matias holds his position inside, and then tries to bail to the Corner when he sees the OLT didn’t pick up the stunter. Hart opens up the inside Gate badly. He anticipated the outside speed rush and hopped outside too quickly. Jackson didn’t do much either here (1:53.5). You can see the double stunt really screwed the entire O-line up (2:00). The freshman OLT didn’t switch, Hart left the inside gate open, and Matias and Jackson couldn't get into position to save them. Though you could see Hart make a nice recovery and pushed the rusher past Winston.

Hart stones the rusher on the edge. Jackson helps Erving stone the NT again. Matias dances with the other 5-Tech (2:11). Matias does a nice job slanting into the NT, and washing him out of the play. Jackson absorbs the blast off the line by the other big guy, and pancakes him. Hart does a nice job getting outside and dancing with the DB (2:34). Hart turns and blocks down on the DT in the misdirection play. Matias give a nice impact to the DT, and allows him to wash himself out of the play (2:34). Jackson gets lost in traffic. Okay, this is taking and getting to long. I am going to skip ahead to the second half. By the way Winston was in the shotgun for 27 of the 31 offensive plays run in the first half. In my math world that is pretty darn close to 90% snaps in the shotgun. Can I say it? Should I say it? I'll say it. Florida State QBs have a tendency to suck in the NFL. I honestly can’t remember a good one.

Jackson uses his nice quick feet well to move back and stay in perfect position. He gets a jab in on a rusher and grabs onto the shirt of a second rusher. Matias does a nice job shoving Oliver into Erving, and then switching off and picking up the stunter looping around. While Hart simply shadows Chickillo on the edge with his nice feet (4:26). Hart mirrors his man nicely, and gives him nothing again. Matias holds his position and chips to the side when he can (4:46). Jackson picks up the blitzer and jams him in the gut. But he lowers his head, which allows the rusher to skip past him to the QB, but it is too late.

Hart does nice job holding his position while no one is coming. Then Wham! The big NT slams into him and he knocks him backwards. Jackson stays low and calmly picks up Chickillo stunting inside. You get a nice look at Matias's quick feet and hands here. He does a nice job holding his position again, and using his feet to get his hands into position (4:53). Again, I like t he way Hart moves backwards with purpose, position, and technique. I like the way Jackson extends those long arms, gets his hands into the big rusher, and stones him. While Matias is more of a dancer with his quick feet, he can really turn and impact the rusher locked up with Erving (5:02). Matias impacts the DT, and gets him moving in the wrong direction with a nice zone block. However he is able to stop, and you see Matias' strength and balance as he stays in position and tries to twist the DT to the ground. Hart just punches Chickillo out of the play, and then holds his position (5:11). Jackson has as good a zone block as you will see. He gets the DT moving to the right, and then turns and seals him outside. That is a great power block in a motion scheme.

Hart just uses his feet to calmly keep his position. It looks like they are reluctant to rush in his lane. Jackson tries to be patience, but can't. However, watch his cat quick explosion to his left as he tries to hit the DT slanting to the other side. Matias has the whole D-line slanting into him. He does a nice job extending his long arms and stoning the rusher, which clogs the hole for the rusher Jackson was behind (5:21). Matias calmly uses his feet, hands, and helmet to stone the big rusher. Jackson waits patiently for the big NT to finally move up field and stones him  (5:28). This is a nice look at a one on one with Chickillo and Hart. Chickillo gets a nice blast off, but Hart meets him at the pass. You can see Hart over extends to reach him with his hands. This allows Chickillo to stop, grabs his arms, and redirect to the QB by pulling Hart past him. But Hart dances with him just long enough to give Winston the time.

Hart blocks down on Chickillo trying to beat him inside, and just powers him out of the play. That is a great block. Jackson knocks the inside guy so far back that he looses him. Matias never looks comfortable pulling to the right to me (5:45). Matias waits for the slow rusher again with his feet dancing. Hart angles outside to the speed rusher, and shuts down the angle nicely. While Jackson grabs the shirt first and the rush is done (5:52). Jackson stalemates his opponent on the backside. I love this block by Hart. Watch the explosion as he gets the inside shoulder of the D-End. He dives him back, turns, and seals him with great explosion and help from the double team block (6:03). This is big play for Matias. He is not good pulling to the right. However, he shows here he can get to the second level, straight ahead, with some power and agility.

They all do a Solid job in pass protection again. As a group, they get better as the game wears on (6:20). This was the wacky helmet block by Erving. Luckily Hart washed the speedy OLB way out of the play and gave Winston a place to run. Jackson was also able to stone big #47, and then shove him past Winston when he redirected, and hold him on the backside when Winston was finally able to take off. The best block however was Matias. He grabbed hold of Chickillo's shirt and stalemated him for eight or nine seconds (6:29). Hart tries to stay in his technique, but the speed rusher got the angle on him. I thought this was impressive. He has to turn and bail as he lost position. However, he doesn’t shove him past Winston. He somehow grabs his shirt and stalemates after he was beaten by his speed. You just don’t see an ORT recover like that very often (6:50). Meanwhile, Jackson and Matias jam their rushers up and stone them with almost identical position and technique. Also watch the blitz pickup by Carlos Williams. He might be the best 3rd down back in this Draft. That was some very impressive blocking for Winston.

I like how low Matias gets here. Watch him spring out of his stance and get outside. He pulls much better to his left than his right. He has trouble getting through traffic, and there is less traffic to the left when you are an OLG. He chips on Perriman, and still gets in the way of Chickillo and impacts him up. Jackson does a great job pulling behind Erving, then stopping and turning the big NT and sealing him on the backside with a great hand fight. Hart does a nice job getting to the 3rd level, but arrives to late to hit someone, but if the RB had broken free Hart might have sprung him for a TD (6:57). Hart can look a little choppy with his kickslide, but he always gets there, and once he has a hand on the rusher he is done. Jackson gets a little high, and the rusher is able to knock him back and get his inside shoulder. But he makes a nice recovery and crosses in front of Winston to jam the rusher again. Matias calmly impacts the NT on the Combo block with Erving. He can be inconsistent in the 1st half, but he gets better in the 2nd half. Maybe more then the other three guys (7:04). Again, notice the great chop block by Carlos Williams. He dances, finds a target, and takes out Chickillo's legs like they are bowling pins.

Watch Jackson here. He blocks down on the nose tackle to help Erving. Then he spots the missile shooting up the middle, and gets his hands on him to slow him down. He sees Williams pick up the missile, and turns back to the double team block, but the DT was running away for some reason. Hart blocks down on the 5-Tech. He gets his big hands on him and dances with him until Winston throws (7:14). I love this block by Williams. Watch him scramble over to the opposite side of Winston, without getting in his way. He reads the ultra quick blitz of Perryman. He stays on his feet. Extends his arms. And fights him tooth and nail until Winston throws. When you add in his size, speed, and ability to block, he is the best 3rd Down back in this Draft.

You get a good look at Hart getting jammed back, and the rusher gaining his outside shoulder. But Hart keeps his feet moving, gets his hands back up, and stones him. I like Hart's feet. Matias fights the rusher and gives him nothing but pain. Jackson is so effective in pass protection. He stays and plays low, and does such a nice job keeping his arms extended, like he does here. However, he will duck his head sometimes, like he did here. It will hurt him more in the NFL (7:24). Matias turns, jolts the rusher with both hands, and stones him. He has been excellent in the 2nd half. You can see Jackson get a bit of a bad angle here. He is leaning forward instead of sitting back. He has to clean that up. You can also see Hart with his hands a little low, and chicken winging his arms a little (7:31). Matias is on the right side here at guard. He played ORT as a freshman so we know he can play on both sides of the center (7:40). Also Jackson is on the left side. I saw that Walter had the Pats taking Jackson in the 2nd. This worried me a little because I think they need an OLG. So it is good to see that he at least plays on the left side on special teams. So Jackson is not a one side only OG. Plus, Wendell can play on the left side if Jackson plays on the right. Wendell started games on both sides of the line this year, and at Center.

You see this a lot with Hart. He uses his feet to get himself into position to create an impact with his hands and helmet, and then holds on for dear life. Watch this explosive block by Matias. He fires off the snap, puts the DT on skates, and drives him out of the arena. Another explosive block. Jackson's block was the best of the bunch. He comes off the snap low and mean. Impacts the DT up, and drives him, and seals him outside ten yards from the play. That was awesome (7:47). Wow! Watch Jackson get his butt low, exploded into the DT with both bands, and knock him straight back on his butt. That is two straight awesome blocks (7:55). Meanwhile, Hart shuffles outside and mirrors the rusher, who looks like he is afraid to let Hart get his hands on him.

This is an elite block by Hart. You can see the Big Uglies have wore down the Miami defense. Watch Hart as he absorbs the initial burst of the DT. Catches him, and then throws him to the ground. The rusher gets up off the ground and he keeps hitting him until he knocks him into Matias, who has pulled over to that side on the play action. He does a great imitation of an ORT. I think that it is important to note again that both Jackson and Matias become more interesting if they can play on both sides of the line. I feel comfortable that both can play on both sides (8:14). Watch this combo block by Jackson. He punches the DT past the marker, hands him off to Erving and gets to the 2nd level to try and seal the Safety. Matias turns and hits Perryman, and helps him to the ground. Hart does a nice job impacting the D-End up and drive blocking him to the marker. However, while he is usually great at sustaining blocks, the D-End is able to sheds him just as the RB arrives (8:25). Another short yardage situation. Matias has a nice block. He impacts the DT up and knocks him back (8:32). But it is Jackson and Hart who make this a first down run. Watch the power as they drive the strong side of the Miami D-line past the marker with force and explosion. That is elite short yardage blocking by Jackson and Hart.

Hart comes off the snap with nice explosion. He knocks the D-End back on the play action. Then he stops, and regains position. He moves backwards a little and stuffs the D-End again. That is excellent pass blocking on the play action. I love what Matias did. I love when guys chip to the right by jamming their hand into the chest of the rusher on the right, while turning and watching the rusher on the left. Jackson short sets back and waits. Then picks up the DT and quietly stalemates him (8:38). Matias comes out of his stance a little late, puts a shoulder into a rusher, and then sneaks out to block the screen (8:49). Matias is solid in Pass protection again as he stuffs the rusher and then hands him off to the OLT. Jackson doubles the NT, and gets shoved off, but Erving holds on (8:56). Hart focuses on the OLB faking a blitz. Then switches to the D-End going wide and shoves him out of the rush.

There are some interesting goings-on on the right side of the line on this play. You want to talk some combo blocking. The OLB steps up to blitz. Hart stays with the D-End as a second linebacker steps up, and two linebackers blitz. First, Carlos Williams steps up and blocks the outside speed rusher. Then Hart jams the D-end with his long arms. He over extends a little. But the D-end tries to push him inside as the linebacker is twisting behind him. Hart shoves him off to Jackson, who stones him, and then picks up the ILB twisting outside. That is as good as it gets against an Odd front multiple blitzing scheme (9:03). Matias does a great job here. He fires off the snap and impacts the 5-Tech on the play action. Then he slowly shifts into pass protection. He steps back a little and extends his arms as the illusion of the run is done, and now he has to pass protect. Jackson isn’t as smooth in the transition to pass protection. He gets a better hit in on the NT, but steps back inside as Winston takes off to the outside. This gives a lane to the NT that he can’t take advantage of it (9:16). Meanwhile Hart gets outside position, and then moves to the second level. But there was no one around. But he did a good job of going to the spots he was coached to go to.

Matias is solid in pass protection again. He also does a great job of holding onto the big 5-Tech's shirt as Winston runs by. Hart uses his kickslide nicely to stay in position and throws the speedy blitzer out of the play. Jackson is solid in pass protection against the 5-Tech as well. Their switch offs inside with Erving are also NFL caliber (9:28). Miami goes even front and FLA ST goes screen. Jackson does a nice job pushing the DT outside, as he rushes up field, and then sliding off and sprinting in front of the RB. Then he gets to the sideline and takes out a DB (9:39). Matias slows up the 5-Tech and then pulls himself past him. He gets all the way to the other side. He gets into great position to lead the RB down field, but he misses the block. Hart stays in to block, as he has been coached to do all game. He shoves the speed blitzer out of the play.

Another nice Zone block by Matias and Jackson on the 5-Tech and NT. The RB actually squirts through the line behind Matias' block. Hart lets the other 5-Tech run himself out of the play. He gets a little high, but watch the great feet and agility as he spins around with the big 5-Tech. He really does have some interesting NFL qualities on Tape. He is a guy the Pats could get in the 5th Round or later. You can also see the great block by Erving on the second level (9:53). Matias tries to pull him down the line with a Zone block, but he over extends and looses his balance. But check out the wall created by Erving, Jackson, and Hart that is great blocking on the strong side (10:15). You can see Erving, Jackson, and Hart moving almost in unison to the right. Erving is quickest off the snap, but Jackson stays the lowest. Meanwhile Hart just sends the blitzer out of the play again (10:15). Those four guys are very interesting. They are not pretty and don’t win pretty, but they do win.

Hart, Jackson, and Matias Vs Miami:


Jackson's Official Bio:

2014 Honors

  • Unanimous All-American
  • Senior Bowl Participant – South Team MVP
  • All-ACC First Team (Media/Coaches)
  • AFCA All-America First Team
  • Associated Press All-America First Team
  • Sporting News All-America First Team
  • Walter Camp All-America First Team
  • Sports Illustrated All-America First Team
  • All-America First Team
  • USA Today All-America First Team
  • All-America First Team
  • All-America First Team 

2013 Honors

  • All-ACC First Team
  • Coaches All-ACC First Team
  • All-America Second Team
  • All-America Honorable Mention

Arguably the nation’s best guard in 2014 as he earned unanimous All-America honors and was named South Team MVP at the 2015 Senior Bowl…three year starter who earned his first start as a true freshman in the 2011 Champs Sports Bowl and was a fixture in the lineup the rest of his career, making 42 starts.

2014: Captured South Team MVP honors at the 2015 Senior Bowl following the 2014 season where he was arguably the nation’s best offensive guard…became just the fourth Nole guard to capture consensus All-America honors...three-time All-ACC honoree and two-time all-conference first team selection...four-time ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week who led the FSU offensive line with a remarkable 87.1 average...had highest grade in 12 of 14 games, including five games with an average at 90 or above...started 42 games, including 26 straight...leader of one of the nation’s top offenses which averaged 33.7 points and 441.4 total yards...paved the way for FSU to pile up 574 yards of total offense against the nation’s then-top-ranked defense at Louisville in a 42-31 win…season-best grade of 94 came versus Boston College…key protector of QB Jameis Winston, who led the ACC in passing yards and total offense...opened holes for Dalvin Cook to set the FSU freshman record for rushing yards. 

2013: Two-year starter for the Noles offensive line that produced the best offensive season in school history...has started 28 career games...his first start was the 2011 Champs Sports Bowl...owned second-highest grade among Seminole offensive linemen (80.2)...had best grade among Seminoles against Idaho (89), Syracuse (93), NC State (86) and Maryland (89)...graded out to 84 percent or above in eight of final nine contests heading into BCS National Championship Game... the Noles set FSU and ACC records for single-season total offense (7,267 yards), points per game (51.6) and yards per play (7.67) and the national record for points (723)…the Noles led the country with 94 touchdowns…FSU set the ACC and school records for total touchdowns (94), passing touchdowns (42) and the school record for rushing touchdowns (42)…Florida State ranked first in the ACC and sixth in the nation in total offense (519.1)...with the nation’s top offensive line providing protection and opening holes, Florida State rushed for 2,844 yards (5.6 ypc), while passing for 4,423 yards…his dominant play helped Jameis Winston become the youngest player ever to win the Heisman Trophy.

2012: True sophomore who stepped into the starting lineup at right guard and proved to be one of the very best in the Atlantic Coast Conference...started all 14 games and boasts the second-highest season grade - 84.7 percent - among all offensive line...his 22 knockdown blocks rank third on the team, including three each against Murray State, USF, Boston College and Virginia Tech...posted the top grade among linemen in six games...made his 15th consecutive start in the Orange Bowl, which will be good for a share of the lead among offensive returnees in 2013.

2011: Played sparingly prior to making his first career start at right guard in the Champs Sports Bowl...played all 62 snaps in the bowl win over Notre Dame and did not allow a sack or pressure...doubled his season total of snaps against the Irish after managing just 31 in the previous seven games...missed the first five games of the season with a groin injury, but played in each of the last eight, primarily on special teams but also at guard...played 10 snaps on offense against Maryland after registering eight the previous week at Duke.

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