Tarell Basham- DE Youngstown

6-3 5/8, 269, (PD) 4.65, S-1.61!

34 1/4" Arm! 15 Reps, 32.5"Vert

9'11" Br, 7.27 3-Cone, 4.35 SS, 

Day Two Rusher: Part III. 


First off let's get rid of the dumb. He reminds me of Jonathan Allen. I know it is dumb to compare a player in this Draft to another player in this Draft. And yes I know they both wear #93 and that has something to do with it. But, Allen played in the SEC, and has been a superstar the past two seasons. If you are interested in the NFL Draft at all, you had to see him play ten times over the last couple years (or at least the past four playoff games;). 

He also reminds me of Jabaal Sheard in the same way. They all have that pumped up Michelin Man build. "He is similar to Carl Lawson," a scout said. "But I think you can get him probably a couple of rounds later or maybe more. I think he can still get a lot better as a pass rusher." I do think he will get better when he is coached up by NFL coaches. He desperately needs to get into an NFL weight room. 15 Reps was not a good number for him.

He garnered 27 Sacks and 38.5 career TFL. "Tarell Basham from Ohio University," Mayock said. "He’s a really good football player, and he can play for somebody this year as a rookie. He probably... he might not go till the 3rd. But I’ve got a 2nd Round grade on him." He has some great strong hands. 

Knows how to attack the OLs' arms and hands. He reads it so fast. Terrific eyes to diagnose plays instantly, and burst to the ball. "Basham is another athletic pass rusher with versatility, but the big attraction here is growth potential. Just under 6-foot-4, the belief is Basham can pack on pounds while keeping his speed (4.7s in the 40 at the combine) and lateral quickness (4.35s in the short shuttle). As proven during Senior Bowl week, he can rush the quarterback out of a three-point stance or standing over tackle. Basham has already worked out with the New England Patriots and has a workout with the Dallas Cowboys scheduled." Having 34 1/4" arms was a very nice number for him.

He has a great blast off, and has the speed to turn the corner. Nice bull rusher. "I was told, here, to win the one-on-ones in order to make a name for yourself," Basham said. "That’s what I’ve been focused on this week and that’s what I feel I did a good job of doing." He looked legit at the Senior Bowl.

He rushed mainly from the strongside, but I thought he sometimes looked better on the blindside. "I’m feeling really good, a lot of hard work and showing that coming from a smaller school doesn’t really mean anything, that I’m very capable of playing with these big name guys on any stage," Basham said. "I already knew it, but I felt it was something I had to prove to others coming from the MAC. Sometimes you can get looked over. Sometimes you can get graded lower than players in the same position that may not be achieving the same things that you are. I feel like I definitely showed them this week that it doesn’t matter." He already looks like an NFL DE. He will line up standing up on either side as well. 

He gets low and explodes up field like Allen. He played the edge, and most importantly he is very effective rushing inside. Allen is 20-pounds heavier, and played more inside. Basham is a small school player, a little smaller, and more outside edge rushing Jonathon Allen. And again, I do apologize (for the dumb comparison;). The more I watch him the more I like him.

He played with excellent strength, and can bull his way to the QB. "When you look at him, it looks like he may not have the size necessary in terms of weight on his body, but he carries it well," his HC Frank Solich said. "He shows good strength on the football field; we want to continue to develop that. Sometimes he’ll bull rush you and use natural strength [to get a sack]. Sometimes he’ll just beat you with speed. Sometimes he’ll set up a move. He’s got a lot of good technique." He has some explosion off the snap, and can really put speed to power on the edge.

He is an all out all the time guy. "He certainly had really outstanding quickness," Solich said. "He had a motor that just kept running. He was going full speed on the field the majority of the time." He has a real nice power Rip inside. 

He was on the punt block team, and blocked a punt. "That I’m very well capable of doing whatever they need me to do," Basham said when asked about himself. "That I’m ready to come in and play. I’m not trying to come in and be a backup. I just do whatever I need to do to get to the quarterback and make plays." Thunderous hitter. When he hits QBs they crash down like a tower of domino. 

He rushed from the inside sometimes. He can hold up the OC and OG as he spies the QB, and then when the QB tries to run, shed them and go and sack the QB. He is a bigger guy than the other edgerushers. He had a sack against Tennessee. He did not look out of place on the field against them.

Additional Notes:

Idaho: Great instincts and reactions on the field. He rushes from both sides, and sometimes looks better on the blindside. He already looks like an NFL DE. He will line up standing up on either side as well. He has some great strong hands. Knows how to attack the OLs' arms and hands. He reads it s face. Terrific eyes to diagnose play instantly and burst to the ball. He has a great blast off, and has the speed to turn the corner. 

Combine: He is an all out all the time guy. Great motor. I thought his tape was a little inconsistent, but when he was on he looked like a prospect. His second run got him into Day Two. A 1.61 Split is a big number for him. And a 4.7 forty with his production is 2nd or 3rd Round number. He has a little snap in his hips. Eyes down in stack and shed drill. Excellent reaction in space drill. Nice job in space in drills at Combine. Nice slap through move to the QB. 

Proday: He had a private work out with Belichick at Ohio. "It was a little surreal, sure," Basham said. "He seems like a great coach." He garnered 11.5 Sacks last season to become Ohio's all time Sack leader with 29.5 Sacks and 42.5 TFL, and was the Mid-American Conference's Defensive Player of the Year.

Basham Vs Tennessee:

He showed his nice burst off the snap here. Then ran by the SEC ORT like he was a bump in the road (:01). Watch the hands. Basham is a strong guy, and he likes to bash them hands off his shirt. He almost got to Dobbs as you see the ORT's arms going fly out (:10). He will drop sometimes (:16). He spied the QB, and then went and gave a big hit to the RB.

He rushed more inside here, as the OLB blitzed outside of him. He looked like he had slapped the ORG's hands off, but then got stuck (:29). He blasted off outside. He saw the RB get the ball. Watch him redirect to get in front of the RB with some interesting quicks (:37). He played the option with perfect technique (:44). Then watch the burst to the QB from shuffle to recognition to Sack. Watch the suddenness in his feet and shoulders as he burst to the QB.

Here he is at OLB in an Odd front. He fakes up field, and then reads the screen. Watch his hands and feet in space as he fights laterally past the ORG. Then he turned into the RB and took him out. You have to remember that he is a 270-pound man running around out there (1:11). Watch the power as he tried to pop down low and get upfield (1:19). What I like about him is how quick he is from read to react. He spotted the handoff, and watch the great spin back that got him in on the tackle.

Check out the burst off the snap (1:28). Again, watch the form and the attack from read to react as he saw the handoff (1:35). He stunted inside and pushed the OC, and got a hand up in the QB's face (1:41). He burst forward into the backfield, and then burst forward a second time and almost batted down the pass (1:50). Standing up at OLB. He snuck up behind the DE, and stunted inside (1:58). Then he got knocked off his feet by the double team. 

I love that burst. Then the Rip off the TE, as he shuffled to the right to tried to get the RB (2:06). Elite blast off there, and then watch the great laterally burst on the stunt. That is some serious clay for a DC to mold (2:15). I love when he goes inside. When he goes inside he can really look like Allen fast (2:22). I mean, this is explosion inside. He got tackled by the OLT. Then watch the agility and balance as he exploded back up to his feet, and got the strip sack. That is as dominate a play on defense as you could see last season.

Just watch how fast he was in the QBs face. He looked like he ran a 1.61 10-yard split to the QB there (2:50). Standing up again as an OLB. I'm very impressed by that. Boom. Watch the speed to power there that knocked the OLT back three steps (3:01). So much about being a passrusher is relentlessness (3:07). Check out this power stunt inside as he tried to free up his teammate. Then he saw the pass, and burst outside, relentlessly, into the flat. I don't know how he got there. 

Here he is zoning the flat. Then he burst to the middle so fast that he overran the RB. But watch the hit on the OL as he jolted him back into the RB (3:15). Back on the blindside. I think he sometimes rushed better from this side (3:24). He got off the snap a little late, but arced inside so fast that he sacked the QB straight back off his feet. That is just a great tackle in traffic.

He got stoned by the OLT, but watch the relentlessness as he spun outside and got close to the QB (3:42). Great job anticipating the snap, and as soon as Dobbs kept the ball Basham had 'em (3:56). Great blast off, but Dobbs juked him (4:05). He keyed it right off his initial burst. Watch the explosion inside as he read run all the way (4:25). He played with elite read and react smarts in this game.

Watch the COD. He keyed option and got parallel to the line. He saw the RB and took off towards him. He saw the RB didn't have the ball, and snapped to the QB instantly (4:32). Great power move inside on the Dive to the opposite side (4:43). Watch this great zone drop where he almost knocked it down (4:49). He came out of the rush and crushed the RB with a chip. Then saw Dobbs take off and redirected and hit him (5:07). Watch the great break inside when he saw Dobbs take off (5:18). He burst inside and tried to rip the ball out.

Basham Vs Tennessee:


Basham VS Troy:

You can see his great burst off the snap. He blasted off through the RB's chip and got the outside shoulder of the ORT (:01). He showed his great burst and his read and react skills. He waited for the hit that didn't come. Saw the RB, and burst inside and made the tackle (:10). Lined up outside of Garcia. Great lateral burst inside (:21). He has an explosive burst to the corner (:38). He can also turn the corner with the ORT shoving him.

Great quicks and hands to keep himself free from blockers (:44). The QB had to throw quick, because Basham tested the edge every down (:53). He blasted off to the outside shoulder of the ORT. Then he saw the QB didn't have the ball. Watch the quick shed and COD as he tried to dive back and pick up the fumble (1:00). I love the way he moves on the field.

He exploded off the snap and used a double club to run by Garcia and hit the QB, which helped cause the INT (1:12). Nice bendability. Nice arc agility (1:24). Nice stop and go move (1:30). He does have experience dropping into coverage, and can play 3-4 OLB (1:38). Watch the great blast off that sent him to Mars on the Draw (1:48). Watch the quickness (2:02). He changed angles twice on the play action, and then leaped up in the QB's face as he threw.

Speed to power with the shoulder shove. Then he tried to turn the corner to the QB. But he got dragged down from behind by the obvious Hold (you can see his shirt shoot out of his back;) in front of the ref. He helped cause the incompletion (2:09). He set the edge nicely, and shed the pulling guard with his hands and feet (2:23). Then leaped on the RB to get in on the TFL.

Watch the agility as he spun out of the the ORT's hands and through the RB's chip at the same time. Then he slapped the QB's to the ground by his shoulder as he threw to cause the incompletion (2:31). He exploded off the snap so fast that he turned Garcia's block into a Hold (2:48). He got up in the QB's face to help cause the incompletion. 

You get a great look at the outside explosion, and the grabbing the OLT's arm, and using it against him (2:54). He jumped off sides (2:57). Watch the great burst into a swim inside as he read run (3:21). He played with some nasty (3:26). He blasted off right into the OLT, and jammed him back by his neck (3:32). Explosive off the snap (3:46). That is what is going to get him drafted early. Explosion and his hand usage turning the corner. I sometimes wish he was just a little more bendable. 

Watch the burst upfield, then the shoulder fake outside, and the burst inside to the QB that panicked the quarterback again (3:52). Watch the speed to power that knocked the ORT back three steps (4:12). Watch the great inside burst on the screen. Then the explosion up field to leap up and knock the pass down (4:49). He tried to split the double inside to the RB (4:54). He doesn't always play the run well. He really is more of a speed rusher like Lawson. But he did help stop the RB on short yardage. I think he is a stronger guy than Lawson, but Lawson has better arc agility.

He exploded up field, through the ORT, and got in on the TFL on 3rd and 1. That was a great play for a speed rusher (5:00). Watch the great inside rip, but he ran into the OLG instead of the QB (5:10). Nice technique against the Option (5:18). He tried to spin inside, which is a great counter for him (5:22). But he ran into the double.

Watch the speed to power, and the great quick swim inside (5:33). Watch the speed to power to push Garcia up, but when he tried to set the edge he got pushed back (5:45). Nice burst up field. Then he hopped inside as his arms slapped off the ORT's, and got a lane to the QB (6:04). Watch the redirect as he got fooled by the play action. Then the speed to power that knocked the TE off his feet, and turned him to the QB (6:10). He kept trying to fight inside to get the RB (6:30). He is the relentless passrusher that all teams need. 

Basham Vs Troy:


Basham Official Bio:

2015: Played in 12 games including 11 starts at defensive end...ranked seventh on the team with 43 total tackles including 20 solo stops...led the team with 5.5 sacks for 35 yards lost and 10.0 tackles for 46 yards lost...led the team with 11 quarterback hurries and had one pass breakup...recorded a season-high six tackles twice, last against Miami. 

2014: Named to Hendricks Award Midseason Watch List... Saw action in all 12 games, starting seven for the Bobcats... Totaled 33 tackles, including 15 solo stops and six for a total of 41 yards lost... Had a season high seven tackles against Marshall (Sept. 13)... Posted three high season stops against Akron (Oct.18)... Recorded five sacks for 39 yards lost.... Tallied one forced fumble against Central Michigan (Oct. 4)... Compiled five quarterback hurries and two pass break-ups on the season.

2013: Was named to the 13th annual Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) Freshman All-America Team ... Started five of the 13 games he played in ... Totaled 32 tackles - including 16 solo stops, a team-high 7.5 sacks (tied for fifth on the program’s all-time single season sack list), 9.5 tackles for loss, five quarterback hurries, two forced fumbles and one pass breakup ... Recorded his first career sack and forced a fumble at Louisville (Sept. 1) ... Assisted on a tackle against North Texas (Sept. 7) ... compiled three tackles including a sack - against Austin Peay (Sept. 21) ... Posted three solo stops - including a career-high two sacks - at Akron (Oct. 5) ... Totaled four tackles against Central Michigan (Oct. 12) in his first career start - including a sack, another tackle for a loss and a forced fumble ... Made two tackles at Eastern Michigan (Oct. 19) - including a solo stop ... Started against Miami (Oct. 26) and piled up three tackles - including a sack ... Started at Buffalo (Nov. 5), posting two tackles - including a solo stop ... Started at Bowling Green (Nov. 12) and totaled three tackles - including a tackle for a loss and another solo stop ... Made six tackles against UMass (Nov. 29) - including one solo stop and an assist on a sack ... Started against East Carolina (Dec. 23) in the Beef `O’ Brady’s Bowl, recording three solo stops - including a sack.

Prior to Ohio: Recorded 16 sacks and 82 solo tackles throughout his career... Earned All-Region honors as a senior... Four-year varsity letter winner... Helped his team to an 8-3 record as a senior... Attended Hargrove Military Academy for Prep School and was coached by Troy Davis.

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