Taco Charlton- DE Michigan

6-6, 271, (PD) 4.83, S-1.7, 

34 1/4" Arm! 25 Reps, 33" Vert,

9'8" Br, 7.17 3-Cone, 4.39 SS, 

Day One Rusher: Part II. 


He is a guy I think you can stand up at OLB at 275 pounds. He will lose the edge sometimes, on play fakes. Needs more discipline on contain sometimes. Shows some nice strength powering inside against Dives. He is a viable option at 5-Tech in run defense. He has that knack for beating the ORT on his outside shoulder. Nice inside power move when lined up at 5-Tech on runs inside. Nice Dip around the ORT and then hop inside to sack the QB. He just destroyed Rutgers' ORT.

He will line up as a 5-tech in Odd fronts, and can beat the ORT with his blast off and go and hit the QB. "I'm happy to see all the hard work has paid off, so people can see how good of a player I am and how good of a player I will be," Taco said. "You know, this is just the beginning. I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg with how good of a player I'll be. And I'm only going to get better with the more football I play, so like I said, I love the recognition I'm getting but I'm not satisfied. I won't be satisfied until people start saying, 'He's one of the best guys out there.' So, I'll continue to work. Anybody who works with me will see how driven I am. So, it doesn't stop. So, the mock drafts may say something, but in my head I'm an undrafted free agent guy. So, I'm happy but nothing's promised. I'll continue to work hard." Very interesting speed and burst for a 275-pound guy. 

He just kept getting better. He can use his long arms to keep the OLT's hands off him, and stop and start right into the QB. He can use his hands to fight his way past the OLT and turn the corner. He is not a pure speed rusher, but he can turn the corner. He is such a great stunter inside. With his size and ability to find cracks when he twists inside he is a force.

Charlton’s length and bend are very intriguing, as is his tool belt. "The thing that sets me apart is I’m versatile," Taco said. "I play a little bit of every position, inside, outside. I’ve played heavy, I’ve played light. The thing about me, too, is look at my pass-rush moves, I’ve done a little of everything. My arsenal is wide. I can stab, I can bull, I can spin, I can speed rush. So, the arsenal I have and the combination of all the positions I’ve played: 3-tech, 4-tech, 5-tech, weak-side end, all of those things kind of add up to separate me a little bit." He does a terrific job protecting the sideline when the RB gets outside. 

Charlton is a freak. He is a 270-pound speed rusher. ""Has always been strong against the run game," a socut said "Really coming along as a pass-rusher this year. Learning how to bend the edge, and developing pass-rush moves. Turning into a complete player." He moves on the field, and to the QB, quicker and faster than he should be able to. Plus, he has the size and strength to play the run. He will be Drafted because he can hit the Quarterback, but his size, strength, and run defense is extraordinary for an edgerusher. 

Penn ST: He has elite size for an edgerusher, and can beat the ORT off the snap with speed and burst to sack the QB. With his size and speed combo, when he gets a free lane to the QB he hits him right off his feet and hurts him into the turf. Then he will line up as an off the line Will linebacker, and creep up to the line and rush. He can take the hit from the chipping the RB low, with the impact knocking him sideways, and still pressure the QB with the OLT grabbing his back and holding on. Incredible blend of strength, burst, and agility.

Iowa: Great job hoping and using his hands and burst to Ole' the FB, and then going and getting the RB in the backfield. Taco had the pressure that caused the bad throw that lead to the INT in the 4th against Iowa. He ran through the TE trying to block on the play action. But he went inside and got inside the TE, then when he saw the RB didn't have the ball, he turned up field and crushed Beathard. 

Terrific job keep his eyes on the RB on the zone run, and when he cutback against the grain to his side, he is there to take him down. He looked like he is 275-pounds fighting the ORT on run downs. Nice job redirection to the middle when the QB takes off and tackling him before he can reach the LOS. Great power moving inside on the rush. They will have him occupy the ORT sometimes, as blitzers go up the gut, and it looks like he moves to the middle to more spy then rush the QB sometimes.

Wisconsin: Amazing how he can use his hands, longs arms, and feet to dance around the OLT and get in on the tackle of the RB inside. He is really free to take off outside on almost every play, because of the other Bigs inside. Great inside power rusher. He can jam the ORT with his inside arm on his outside shoulder, and then rip inside to the QB. He is great at using his long arms in the rush. When the OLT traps him inside, he can knock him back on his butt and run over him.

Combine: He is a big base D-end. He is very good at bending the edge for his size. You can't forget the he is a 275-pound rusher. He was a big time basketball player. He looks real good moving around in space. You can see he played out on space in college. He can really move. Very nice lean. Nice club. Turns low and mean. Put his head down in stack and shed drill. A little slow to react in space drill. Not bad moving laterally in Edge drill.

Taco At FLA ST:

He is an elite athlete. He can blast off so fast that he leave the OLT in the dust and sack the QB. He can set the edge, and take down the RB trying to get outside. Terrific power right around the edge. He really got up field with some new speed at the end of the season. He will come out of the rush sometimes to cover the RB sneaking out of the backfield. 

He is a beast. There is no way he is getting out of the 1st Round. Plays with terrific technique. He can turn and set the edge with his long arms and power. Great power rip, where the OT grabs him and he is so big and strong that he just keeps running and turns the corner on him. He was the best player on the field in the Bowl game.

When he is allowed to just blast off he shows some nice explosion off the snap. Great inside spin move, which he combos after he runs past the OLT outside. He uses his elbows with some nice violence, and slips inside and hits the QB. He lined up standing up outside like an OLB, at 275-pounds, and he can turn into the QB and devastate him with one hit. He laid FLA ST QB out, and out of the game. He is so strong. He is an edge guy with the weight of a DT. He powered inside the ORT, and ripped into the RB trying to get outside.

Taco Vs FLA ST:


Taco VS Iowa:

He got off the snap a little late, but then watch the burst past the ORT. Then the TE cracked him back past the QB (:01). Watch the collision with the TE that sent twisting back (:10). He burst inside past the cut block so fast, and the OLT had to swing his leg around and illegally trip him (:19). 5-Tech in an odd front (:28). Watch the quick burst and as he burst outside the ORT and shoved him inside. That is a great NFL move.

He can use his long arms to stack and shed (:37). Watch the inside shoulder punches that freed him to the QB (:45). The reason I like him so much is that he has great arc agility for such a tall rusher (:52). Watch the great burst upfield and dip under the ORT. Then he slammed into the QB for a great sack.

He was a basketball player, and he still moves like a basketball player so much that they put him in at LB sometimes. He found a lane to the QB, and absorbed the chop block, and went and hit the QB again (1:01). Great job shuffling inside to get in front of the RB and tackle him (1:15). He jammed into the double to free the outside blitzer (1:47). Inside at 5-tech (1:57). Watch how he arced outside, and threw out the ORT like trash. 

He has such a quick outside burst past the OT (2:22). Watch the great quick burst off the snap (2:29). He played the option well, but then got over aggressive moving inside (2:47). He power low inside with great force to force the RB outside (2:59). 5-tech. I love how he was always trying to play at arms length, and kept those hand moving (3:09). He is elite at playing with his hands and feet in balance.

He just ran by the ORT on the roll out (3:16). Nice burst into the ORT inside shoulder to get across the formation (3:24). It amazed mehow many times I saw him burst past the ORT and dip under him. He is such a tall DE that you think he should be more 5-Tech, but he is not. He is a great finesse speed rusher, who also had the size to win when it got rough and tough (3:31). That was as great a speed rush Sack as you will ever see, and he is 6-6 275-pounds. 

Taco Vs Rutgers:


Taco's Bio:


• Tackles: 5 - (4x), last vs. Indiana, 2016 
• TFLs: 3.0 - Penn State, 2015
• Sacks: 2.0 - (2x), last at Rutgers, 2016

At Michigan 
• Graduated from the College of Literature, Science and the Arts with a degree in general studies 
• Four-year letterman 
• Has appeared in 46 games, making 15 starts at defensive end 
• All-Big Ten honoree; 2016 first team (coaches and media) 
• Registered 94 tackles, 28 tackles for loss and 19 sacks during his career

Senior (2016)
• All-Big Ten First Team (coaches and media) 
• Has started 11 games at defensive end 
• Led the team and tanked 14th nationally with 9.5 sacks 
• Listed as the 10th-highest season mark in school history 
• Contributed a career-best 43 tackles, 13 TFLs, 9.5 sacks, and two pass breakups 
• Tallied a sack in seven of his final 10 games including at lease one in the last four contests 
• Assisted on two tackles and one TFL against Hawaii (Sept. 3)
• Missed games against UCF (Sept. 10) and Colorado (Sept. 17) due to injury 
• Posted three stops, two tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks against Penn State (Sept. 24) 
• Contributed an assisted sack and two tackles against Wisconsin (Oct. 1) 
• Recorded two sacks and three total stops at Rutgers (Oct. 8) and earned his first of three straight Defensive Lineman of the Game awards 
• Made five stops against Illinois (Oct. 22), named Defensive Lineman of the Game 
• Tallied four tackles at Michigan State (Oct. 29), named Defensive Lineman of the Game 
• Had a half-sack against Maryland (Nov. 5) 
• Tallied four tackles, one tackle for loss, and a sack at Iowa (Nov. 12) 
• Had a sack, two and a half tackles for loss and his first career pass breakup, plus one QB hurry against Indiana (Nov. 19) 
• Set career high with nine tackles at Ohio State (Nov. 26), including three TFLs and 2.5 sacks 
• Led the team with two TFLs, one sack and five total stops vs. Florida State in the Orange Bowl (Dec.30) and batted down one pass against the Seminoles

Junior (2015) 
• Appeared in 13 games at defensive end, making three starts 
• at Utah (Sept. 3): Tied a career-best with three tackles, including half a sack 
• Oregon State (Sept. 12): Recorded first career forced fumble 
• UNLV (Sept. 19): Set a career high with four tackles, including a sack 
• at Maryland (Oct. 3): Recorded two tackles 
• Northwestern (Oct. 10): Had two tackles, one for a loss 
• Rutgers (Nov. 7): Tallied three tackles and one sack 
• at Indiana (Nov. 14): Recorded five tackles with one TFL 
• at Penn State (Nov. 21): Made four tackles; Had a career-best two sacks and a career-high three TFLs 
• Ohio State (Nov. 28): Had five tackles, including one TFL

Sophomore (2014) 
• Earned second varsity letter 
• Appeared in 12 games, making one start 
• Recorded 19 tackles, 14 solos, 5.5 TFLs and 3.5 sacks 
• at Ohio State (Nov. 29): Tallied three tackles 
• Maryland (Nov. 22): Posted one sack for a loss of 11 yards 
• at Rutgers (Oct. 4): Made first career start; Recorded one sack and two tackles, both for loss 
• Minnesota (Sept. 27): Posted three tackles and 0.5 sacks 
• Miami (OH) (Sept. 13): Recorded two tackles and one quarterback hurry 
• Notre Dame (Sept. 6): Notched two tackles, including one TFL 
• Appalachian State (Aug. 30): Recorded three tackles; Posted first career sack.

Freshman (2013) 
• Earned first varsity letter 
• Appeared in 10 games as a reserve defensive end 
• Also contributed on special teams

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