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SuperVan Noy.


The Pats came out of nowhere, and made a couple of odd trades yesterday. "He was on-the-line SAM in their 4-3 package," BB said. "He was off the line ILB in their nickel package. He didn't really play a lot his first two years. This year was when he had his most playing time. [He also] played in the kicking game." Both are shaping up as steals, if you can call getting Day Three picks steals. 

I am a big Van Noy guy. "As always, [we're] trying to do what we think is best for the football team," BB said "[We'll] see how it goes with the new people that we have." He was a great player at BYU.

He is a freak athlete, who has not learned to play in the NFL yet. The Pats switched their 6th Round pick, which is going to be very late in the sixth, for Detroit's 7th which is going to be very early. The Picks should lose less than 16 slots moving down, depending on how many Compensatory picks Garth Goodell can stuff into the end of the 6th Round (to try and screw the Pats again).

He garnered 26 Sacks, 7 INTs, and 62 TFLs at BYU. He was their top rushing linebacker, and their top coverage linebacker the last couple years there. He had 13 Sacks, 22 TFL, and 6 FF in 2012, when he was playing at 225-pounds. He was supposed to be a slighter and lighter Jamie Collins type LB. He has bulked up to over 250-pounds. He has not played well at that weight. The weight has hurt his elite change of direction explosion.

You must remember that Collins and Hightower are both battling injuries, and their primary young backups McClellin and Roberts look like they could be in and out of the line up for a while with injuries. So Van Noy will be playing for the Pats this season. "I don’t know anything about [SuperVan Noy]," McCourty said. "But you know Bill and Nick, and all the front-office people, always do a good job getting guys that will come in and help. I'm sure [Kyle] looks forward to coming here, fitting in, and seeing what he needs to do." He will be forced onto the field, because of their four banged up linebackers.

They will be playing him in more of the Shea McClellin role as an OLB/DE who will rush from the edge. Last week in Pitt, they had to play Collins outside on the edge, which they normally don't do. "Van Noy has to play in the LB/DE role," Michael Lombardi tweeted. "Lions used him to cover in their nickel, but Pats will use him to do both. Good opportunity for him." He was a fierce rusher from the edge at BYU. McClellin has a concussion, so you just don't know when he will be back healthy.

Oddly, Van Noy started all seven games for Detroit this season. "I'm still growing," Van Noy said. "I'm still improving. It means a lot to me, improving each week. But I have such a high expectation for myself to always make a difference." However, it was reported that he played less snaps against Washington than in the previous six games.

It seems his added weight has been his kryptonite in the NFL. He seemed to lose his elite explosion. He might be better off sliming down a little to get some of his explosion back. He was an elite edgerusher in 2012, and an elite ILB covering tight ends in 2013. But he wasn't as good in 2013 as he was in 2012. And it seemed the more weight he added the worse he got. His game in 2012 was all quickness, burst, explosion, and aggressiveness.

As he got stronger, he lost that quickness edge that made him elite in 2012. "We keep saying the same thing about Kyle, and it all started last year in the offseason when he came back he was in the best shape that he’s been in, which allowed him to practice and learn the position better than he’s ever been able to," Detroit DC Terry Austin said about Van Noy in September. "I think that’s why he’s continued to play and when he had an opportunity to play he’s taken advantage of it and I think he’s done a good job for us so far." He also played special teams at BYU and blocked a punt.

He had the best game I ever saw a defender have in the 2012 Poinsettia Bowl. "I hate losing," SuperVan Noy said after that game. "I hate losing more than anything. I hate losing at tic-tac-toe. So words can’t describe how I feel right now. But win or lose, I’m grateful to be part of this university. I’m grateful to be alive. That’s all that matters. Not many people in the world get to know what it’s like playing the game of football." This trade could be a steal if SuperVan Noy can get his mojo back. My Van Noy Draft Tape.


So the Pats lost a 6th round pick, and decided they had to make up for it. "Broncos have been interested in Pats AJ Derby since the summer," Mike Lombardi tweeted. "[They] tried to trade for him during the pre-season and final cuts." They picked up a 5th for AJ Derby, who couldn't even get on the field so far this season.

Derby was a preseason hero who couldn't get into regular season games. "It's one of those things that came up fairly quickly," BB said about Van Noy. "It just worked out. It wasn't somebody we talked about or anything like that previously. It kind of came up, so we were able to work it out. Bob's great to work with. We made another trade [for A.J. Derby] with another team in our conference. So if it's there to be made, it's there to be made. If it's not, it's not." Both trades came as shocks.

With the emergence of Develin as the third tight end in the Steelers game, their really wasn't a role for Derby in the offense this season. Whenever you trade a guy who was drafted in the 6th, who never really saw the field for two seasons, for a 5th round pick, it is hard not to call that a steal. "It’s tough," McCourty said. "You just hope it works out for [him]. He’s a great guy. It’s just the nature of the business. You just wish him the best." If getting a 5th Round pick can ever really be called a steal.

The Broncos have been trying to pry him from the Pats for months "A.J. is a young tight end who can help us immediately," John Elway put up on Broncos website. "He has tremendous upside and will fit in well on our team." He can certainly catch the ball down the seam.

He made a big impact on the Pats in the Preseason. "He’s a young player that only played the position for a short amount of time," BB said this Preseason. "[He played] basically a year down in Arkansas: has a lot to learn, has a ways to go, but has some skills to work with. He’s a smart kid. He works hard, and he’s gotten better. He’s making some plays for us in the kicking game, some tackles in coverage. He has caught the ball, and blocked competitively. He’s done some good things." He looked like he would be a rising young player for the Pats.

But he just couldn’t get on the field with three veterans ahead of him. "It is what it is for today. We’ll see," BB said. "Try to make our team better. That's what we’re trying to do. I can’t worry about what everyone else is doing or not doing. Trying to make our team better." So gaining a 5th, and a roster spot for Van Noy, might just help them this season and in next year's Draft as well.

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