Sony MichelRB Georgia

5-10 7'8", 214, (O) 4.54, 

Short Shuttle 4.21,

22 Reps, 31.2" Arm, 9.1" Hands,

Protecting Brady: Part II. 


He showed he got his lateral burst back against ND. "I wouldn't say Id compare my game to any running back because in the NFL level those guys that I've watched already accomplished so much, so I wouldn't say I compare myself to [anyone]," Sony said. "I watch guys like Reggie Bush, those style of players. James White, those kinds of guys. Those guys make big plays and those are guys who I look after and I try to just emulate my game after." He and Wynn were roommates the past two year, which can really help with their transition to the Pats. 

He had some fumble issues. "I'd have to look at the stats. We spend a lot of time when the player gets here on ball security. I mean, look, you guys are at practice. We do ball security at the first part of practice. Right now, we donít think itís an issue," Caserio said. "But look, a player can work on a skill and you can improve a skill. I mean, Kevin Faulk is a little bit of an example. Just because, look, you donít know what theyíre being coached to do or what their coach - what they were told to do - how to handle it. When they get here we're going to coach them on, 'This is what you need to do. This is our technique.' You can improve those techniques and itís something that you can address, so if itís an issue it's like any player. If they have an issue with something, if we think itís an issue we try to get it fixed." He looked like he got his speed back against FLA, on a 80-yard TD run.  

He lost a fumble against Oklahoma. "But there's techniques," Caserio said. "Look, a lot of people get away with some stuff in college that they canít get away with in the NFL and it's just because theyíre so much better than everybody else, their athleticism and all of that. I mean, look, the bottom line is when they get here we'll coach them and teach them on our techniques and hopefully they make some improvements. If there's a problem we try to get it corrected." He took some big hits against ND and looked fine. 

He looks faster than Chubb early in the season. "They're all starting from scratch, regardless of where they've come from. With all due respect to the Georgia program, they're all starting from scratch," Caserio said. "Both of these players start from scratch and that's going to be the same for the other players that come in here. I mean that's NFL football and these guys have got a long way to go. Whether or not they realize that or not, they'll find out when they get here but I mean honestly it's really a full year cycle by the time that you're up to speed and sort of have a grasp of what NFL football is about, which it's a massive undertaking." He got better and better as the season went on. 

He surpassed Chubb on the field last season, and was the guy in the Playoffs. "It was a wonderful experience. We had so many cool memories. We had moments that were just precious," Sony said about Chubb. "We had moments where it was not so precious. I'm excited to be a part of an organization that has great running backs, guys I can learn from, and I'm excited just to see what they have to offer. What can they teach me? How much can they teach me? I'm just so eager to know what can they teach me and I'm just excited to have other guys there that I know I can go in there and learn from [Chubb]. Words can't describe." They were a dynamic duo for a few seasons. 

He was the most electrifying player on the field in the first playoff game. "It was just execution. We had times where we were executing well, and we had times where we wasnít," Sony said in very Patriots like fashion. "In the 2nd half, we had a lot of times where we wasnít. I think thatís what really hurt us." Dion is gone? So is it a surprise that he is was a Patriot at 31.

He has the speed that all teams need. "When I scored a touchdown, I knew it was over," Sony said. "We finally get a chance to play for something big." He scored the winning TD over Oklahoma.

He is also a weapon in the passing game. "It means a lot. Itís been a long journey. Itís been an honor," Michel said. "University of Georgia just provided so much for us. [Coach] Smart as our head coach, he let the leaders lead. He let this be our team. Whatever we need, he provided. So I canít really thank him so much. Itís been a great journey." He is a great blocker in blitz pick up.  

He is a terrific special teams player. They ran a fake punt against ND, and he caught the pass and ran for the 1st and ended up with 31-yards. Terrific 3rd down back with speed, and the ability to start. Not a lot of trend on the tires. Great ball skills. 

Great burst through the line. He can really move when he has a lane. Great cutback runner on Zone runs. He does a nice job in blitz pick up. Great slasher and cutback runner. Zone blocking teams will be looking for him on Day Three. Great job finding the crack to slash through. Fast to line, and read it fast and slash outside when the OLT wins. 

Combine Notes:

He ran slower than expected. 4.58 was not a good time for him. I thought he could go in the first with a low 4.4. Now I'm confused. Chubb was the big power runner, and Michael was the speed guy who made guys miss, but Chubb ran faster. He is still explosive running around outside, and can make guys miss with his quicks.†

He finds a lane as well as anyone. Then makes great lateral burst outside to make guys miss at the second level. Great effortless catcher out of the backfield. Elite agility and balance. With his knee woes, I never thought he could go in the 1st. He is an excellent blocker. You can line him up in the shotgun, and he can dominate by protecting his QB's back from blitzers.†I'm just not sure how early you can take him. 

He is the top 3rd down back in this draft, because of his blocking. But he only carried the ball at 14 times a game. He never carried a full load at Georgia, and he still was consistently injured. That is why he is not a 1st. He was not a bellcow. He was a rotation guy, until last season. Who you have to have in on passing downs, because he is so invaluable as a blocker, and nasty swinging out of the backfield. So how often can you run him on 1st down without losing him?†

He might be a 1st Round talent, but he a 2nd Rounder, like Kamara. And I'm not saying he is worse than Kamara, and can have that kind of impact. I think he can be as good as Kamara (though Kamara showed he could carry the ball 20 times a game in the last quarter of the season at Tennessee). I hate to use other guys comps, but that was a great one. They both also split carries, and didn't have a ton of carries in college. But everything went right for Kamara last year, and I'm not sure that can happen for two rookies two years in a row. He is so smooth making great quick cuts. 

He was so smooth in COD drills. Struggled a little in Texas route drill. He is so smooth when the ball is over his head, and snags it like it's nothing. Great receiver. He was not asked to catch a lot on 3rd down at Georgia. He struggled a little in catching drills at Combine.

Someone might pounce on him in the 1st, but I would be shocked if he went in the 1st. His knees are an issue. "Yeah, we take a lot of information. There's a lot of information that we sort through so in the end whatever you have with the player you take everything that comes along with it," Caserio said about his knees being "bone-on-bone". "So you're either comfortable or you're not comfortable with a player's situation. So you take a lot of that information in. So in the end we felt we were comfortable with the player so we went ahead and made the pick." He could play for 10 games (Tre' Jackson), or 10 years. 

Season's Notes:

Mississippi: He is bigger and stronger this year. He has a great burst to the line, and flashes into the LOS fearlessly. Great job smashing into a DL from the side to create some space, and then using his great COD to burst outside and turn up field for the 1st. Great COD, balance, and power. He can lower his head and run straight up the middle for a few yards. 

OK: He was the most electrifying player on the field in the first playoff game. "It was just execution. We had times where we were executing well, and we had times where we wasnít," Sony said in very Patriots like fashion. "In the 2nd half, we had a lot of times where we wasnít. I think thatís what really hurt us." Dion is gone?

He has the speed that all teams need. "When I scored a touchdown, I knew it was over," Sony said. "We finally get a chance to play for something big." He scored the winning TD over Oklahoma.

He is also a weapon in the passing game. "It means a lot. Itís been a long journey. Itís been an honor," Michel said. "University of Georgia just provided so much for us. [Coach] Smart as our head coach, he let the leaders lead. He let this be our team. Whatever we need, he provided. So I canít really thank him so much. Itís been a great journey." He is as good blocker in blitz pick up as any RB in this Draft.

Michel VS Oklahoma:

He has finally gotten his great speed and burst back, and has surpassed Chubb on the depth chart. Great burst through the line. Lightning quick cuts upfield send him free into space with great speed. He can really move when he has a lane (:01). Great cutback runner on Zone runs. He does a nice job in blitz pick up (:21). He is a great speed receiver flying out of the backfield off play action (:31). Great slasher and cutback runner in zone run. Great long speed (:53). Zone blocking teams could be looking for him on Day Two. 

He is so dynamic with the ball in his hands. He finds the endzone when he gets close. He has great open field speed. When he finds some space he is very tough to catch in the open field, because he has the speed (1:11). But also the elusiveness to make the safety miss (and fall down;) in front of him, and two defenders miss from behind. 

Sony can chip on the DE, and then get open out in the flat (1:24). He has that knack for finding open spaces when his route breaks down (1:38). Great job picking up the blitzer, and hitting him with a crack of his shoulder pads (1:47). He made himself into a terrific blocker.

Some of the quickest and trickiest feet in the hole (2:01). There are not a lot of guys who are as fast as he is going through the hole and running through the defense like they are kindergartners.  (2:24). He regained that flash at the beginning of the season (2:32). He makes every kind of block in pass pro (2:01). He can take on the inside rusher, and give his QB a chance to throw (2:14). He can even block with some power on the edge. Then slip off the block and get open for his QB with incredible smarts and awareness (3:22). He also played some wildcat, and has some clutch in him. You can see him run for the game winning TD in the Rose Bowl (3:14). He is ready to play as a rookie. 

Michel Vs Oklahoma:

Sony Michel Vs Notre Dame:

He made himself a good blocker. Watch him come out of his pattern when the QB took off. He got himself open. When he saw the QB was keeping the ball, he got outside and got in a block to help his QB (:01). Wildcat. Nice burst forward. Nice lateral burst in the hole (:08). Watch the great quick feet that got him the outside shoulder of the defender (:16). Then the great adjustment to the ball in the air, but he couldn't quite reach the ball. 

He is a tough kid (:26). This is the next play, after getting the beat down by four defenders. He made himself into a great blocker in pass pro (:34). He is fast through the hole (:43). He knows how to make a move at the line to move the LBs (:58). Watch the great zone-blocking cut back that burst him upfield behind the OG (1:08). Nice slasher (1:17). He got two or three extra yards with power. He ran a lot stronger last year than he did just two years ago. 

I like how he slipped sideways in the Zone run that made it look like he was following his blockers, as he was cutting behind them. Great zone blocking run (1:27). Why did the Pats Draft Michel (2:09). Here it is. He stepped up in pass pro. He kept his eyes on the outside blitzer. Watch how low he got just before the LB gets there, and then pushed him up. Watch how he kept his great feet moving, as he kept his hands in the OLB's shirt. Watch the grip that finally stopped the rush. And my favorite part, watch him fall down as he got off balance with his hands still gripping shirt. Because he would rather fall down than let go of the blitzer's shirt. That is great blocking in pass pro. 

He runs behind his eyes as well as any RB in this Draft. He saw Wynn washed the D-end up field, and than cut under his block for the easy TD (2:27). I love the acceleration after he got the ball from the QB. Tough kid who didn't slow at all as he ran into two DLs (2:38). Can he make a guy miss (2:55)? Watch the jab step to make the OLB miss. Then he got his eyes up to find Wynn, and cut behind his block for a First. 

Michel Vs ND:

Sony Michel Vs Alabama:

He was terrific in this game. He picks up the inside blitzer in traffic and stones him (:01). Quick to the line in their zone blocking scheme (:09). Great instincts at the line to find a lane (:19). Great quicks to make guys miss. Then the COD and speed to get outside, and tiptoe through the tulips (:39). Great feet and balance to stay inbounds on the sideline and get a lot more yards.

Nice feel for position in pass pro. Nice job extending arms to hit (1:03). Knows when to lower his head and take a yard (1:07). Nice feet, eyes, and awareness to stay outside on the stunt, and stone the big DT (1:13). He stoned Payne on the edge (1:36). That is a great block in pass pro. 

Watch the play action into the great cut block (1:40). Stays behind his blockers and gets what he can get (1:45). He is so shifty at the line, and was great this past season at finding the hole (1:52). He is so good at cutting behind Wynn's blocks (1:58). Holds his position and forces the blitzer to come to him (2:03). Perfect form to slide outside of Wynn, and got in the helpful chip on Evans. Then grabbed shirt (2:14). Great burst when he has an open lane (2:21). He is such a great runner.

He ran with much more power than early in his career. He was 214-pounds last season (2:28). Great subtle cut back, and then lowered the boom on the Safety Harrison (2:57). Great lateral burst at the line. He almost always seemed to try and burst behind Wynn (2:40). You can see he looks for Wynn when the hole isn't there.

Great slasher who has that knack for shifting through traffic (2:45). He is so slick getting through the smallest of cracks (2:53). Kept both hands on the ball better this past season (3:01). He ran with better ball security last season. 

Michel Vs Alabama:

Michels Official Bio:

* 170 rushing yards vs. Georgia Tech in 2016
* Long rush of 75 yards vs. Troy in 2014
* 26 rushing attempts (2x), last at Auburn in 2015
* 3 rushing TDs vs. Troy in 2014
* Long rushing TD of 34 yards at Georgia Tech in 2015
* 79 receiving yards vs. ULM in 2015
* 3 receptions (7x), last at Auburn in 2016
* Long reception of 48 yards vs. ULM in 2015
* Long TD reception of 33 yards (2x) at No. 24 South Carolina in 2014, vs. TCU in 2016
* 2 TD receptions vs. South Carolina in 2015
* Career: 8-100 yard rushing games

2016: Played in 12 games, making two starts...named one of four overall team captains for the 2016's No. 2 rusher this season, with 840 yards on 152 carries (5.5 avg.)...finished season with 2,411 career rushing yards, 9th-best in UGA history...named Offensive MVP of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl game vs. TCU after he rushed for 87 yards, had 39 receiving yards and scored two TDs...Georgia's top rusher in four games: 91 yards vs. Tennessee, 133 yards at South Carolina, 127 yards at Kentucky, and a career-best 170 vs. Georgia Tech...also the Bulldogs fourth-leading receiver with 20 catches and 110 yards...scored a key 26-yard TD in win at Kentucky with 9:12 to play...also had two big runs on the Bulldogs' game-winning drive...first start of the season came at Missouri, where he had nine carries for 37 yards and three catches 19 yards...his last carry was a big one, a 15-yarder on 3rd-and-10 during UGA's game-winning drive...gained 66 yards on 11 carries at Ole Miss...rushed for 55 yards and caught three passes for 18 yards vs. Auburn...earned a team Community Service Award during spring drills...recipient of the Davis Family Foundation Football Scholarship.

2015: Played in 13 games with six starts ... voted teamís offensive MVP ... Charley Trippi Most Versatile Award ... Phil Steeleís Third Team All-SEC ... 1,161 rushing yards and eight touchdowns on 219 attempts; 13th time a Bulldog as rushed for 1,000 yards in a season ... 26 receptions for 270 yards and three scores ... 149 yards rushing and a TD and three receptions for 38 yards at Georgia Tech; career-long TD rush of 34 yards ... 132 yards rushing, including the game-winning 25-yard TD run in overtime vs. Georgia Southern ... career-high 165 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries vs. Kentucky ... 145 yards rushing on a career-high 22 carries at Tennessee ... 77 rushing yards on six carries (12.5 avg) and two TDs vs. Southern ... three catches for 32 yards and two TDs and added a rushing TD vs. South Carolina ... career-long 31-yard TD run at Vanderbilt ... career-high 79 receiving yards vs. ULM ... UGA J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Honor Roll ... recipient of the Davis Family Foundation Football Scholarship ... inducted into UGAís Leadership Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) program.

2014: Played in eight games making one start ... made first career start vs. No. 20 Louisville in the Belk Bowl ... 410 rushing yards and 5 TDs on 64 carries ... seven receptions for 106 yards and a TD ... 9 carries for 49 yards vs. No. 16 Georgia Tech ... returned to action after missing time with an injury and rushed for 21 yards on eight carries vs. Charleston Southern ... rushed for 84 yards and a touchdown at Kentucky ... sustained an injury vs. Tennessee and missed the Vanderbilt, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida and Auburn games ... served as a team captain vs. Troy ... named SEC Freshman of the Week and CFPA Honorable Mention Running Back of the Week after he led the team with 155 rushing yards and three TDs on 10 carries vs. Troy ... had a 33-yard TD reception at No. 24 South Carolina ... rushed for 33 yards on six carries and caught three passes for 20 yards vs. No. 16 Clemson ... recipient of the Davis Family Foundation Football Scholarship.

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