Sheldon Richardson

DT Missouri

6-3.5, 294, 34.5" Arms, 30 Reps,

30" Vert, 9'8" Broad, 4.59 SS,

7.33 3-CS-1.77, (U 4.88),




Heart and Hustle Part Two.


Richardson is a burst of disruption right in the middle of the line. He is always in constant motion, because when he stops he can get knocked back. No D-Tackle in this Draft hustles as much as Richardson. He is a little under sized. However, he has longer arms than Lotulelei and Floyd, 34.5"Arms. His spider arms are exceptional weapons against Guards and Centers. Plus, he did 30 Reps on the bench, which is an elite number for guys with arms that long. 

He made an instant impact in 2012. He garnered 4 Sacks, 10.5 TFL, 3 FF, 2 FR, and 3 PBU and 75 tackles. He also would drop in coverage more than you would think. He played special teams and blocked a kick last season. 

He plays with his hands and feet in balance and power as well as any 3-tech in this Draft. When he uses his burst to stay and play low, he is something to see. He is all heart and hustle. He has to stay and play low. When he gets a little high, he can get blown off the line. However, when he stays and plays low he can stack and shed with the best of 'em. Terrific hands fighting inside. 

He sometimes falls down too much. He can get a little too high, and get pushed back. I see no way this guy won’t minimally be an interior rusher. He has some CC. He also has had a some injuries. He is an all out all the time guy, who is a little small and pay the price physically with injuries. So there is some risk with him, like every player in this draft. 

His burst off the line gains him the OL's shoulder or it doesn't. He uses his hands so nicely to keep the OL's hands from slowing him down off his elite blast off the line. However, he does struggle sometimes to string together moves. He still has some technique he has to learn, which makes his upside even scarier. He has nice strength and quickness, and I love his blast off the snap. Gets in on a lot of tackles 3,4, and 5 yards down field by hustling behind the play. However, when he can get his hands on a shorter armed O-Linemen he can stack and shed him consistently. He has that splash of something special. He can looks like the quickest guy on the field. It took me a game and half to see it, but I see it. 

He has strong hands. He needs to play with his hands and feet in balance together on every play. Because when he does, he looks like a top ten D-Tackle. When he doesn’t, like against A&M, it is troubling. He is not a read and react guy. He has to be in a one-gap defense, where he can just shoot the Gap. When he is moving forward, he consistently looks like the best player on the field. 

Florida did a nice job doubling him on run plays. When they didn’t; he made some plays. He is so explosive off the snap when he reads it right. He has that knack for finding the RB in the backfield. Though he is not as stout at the point of attack consistently. He does excel at shooting a gap with an OG on his shoulder and finding the RB. He has elite COD for a DT. He can turns and chases after the ball carrier with elite COD and quickness. No DT hustles downfield on angles to hit the RB on the sideline close to him. He lines up like an ILB in coverage for Missouri sometimes. You won't believe this, but he looks like an elite ILB moving in coverage. He has a smooth pedal. He eyes the QB. He is aware of receivers around him. He can turn and break on the ball like a linebacker, and he can burst to the sideline and tackle the RB on the swing pass! I think it is a waste of his elite burst and one-gapping explosion, but it is something to see. 

Likes to submarine under the pile on short yardage. Doesn’t play with his arms extended. He seems to want to dip under OG’s using his shoulder pads on every play. Has a spin move out of the block in the running game. He is a very aware player who does a better job reading what the offense is doing every time I see him play. Does a good job bouncing off blocks and taking a nice angle downfield on outside runs. Draws a lot of attention from O-Lines. He draws a lot of Holds and doubles. He has all the physical tools you look for in a DT. However, he needs to learn to use his arms and hands on every play. Does a nice job finding the ball when the play breaks down.

Sheldon Richardson VS S. Carolina:

He primarily plays the 3-Technique. When he comes off the snap low, and gets his hands up into the blocker he is at his best. He reads it here, sheds, and hustles after the ball (0:01). Here, he gets jammed up in the middle with what, if not is a triple team, then it is a double (and a traffic jam;-). He keeps his eyes on the QB Then tracks him down when he scrambles (0:12). Watch him come off the snap with hands extended. He gets into the OG's arms and has him beat. When he plays with his spider arms extended he is elite. He gets a little high, which is when he can get himself in trouble. Then the inside move. Once he had the arms, he had the OG beat. It was just a matter of which side he was going to shed him (0:22). There have been a lot of characterizing of him. What Richardson is, is an explosive and hustling 3-Technique. Watch the burst with the legs, the arms extending, and the hands grabbing both arms of the OG (0:34). He already has the OG's arms right here, and he is done (0:40) Then the shove off, and arm over for the Sack. But that rush was won right off the snap. 

When he combines his hands and feet right off with his elite burst, that is how he wins. Watch him use his burst to put the OG on skates for 3-Yards. That is speed to power (0:50). He is so good at exploding off the snap, and splitting the double team. He burst into the OC. Before the OG can get over to block him, he is gone. Then he finds the ball. What makes him so good is that he can find the ball in the backfield as well (1:00). That is a real nice Sack for the big guy.

One things coaches are going to love about this kid is that he doesn't lack for effort. He burst upfield and gets under the OG. He gets doubled by the ORT. Then he sees the run, gives chase, and Dives at the RB and knocks the ball out (1:11). That is another nice hustle play. You can really see the Forced Fumble here (1:11). He burst up instead of forward. He got lucky this time. When he does that on run plays, he can get blown off the LOS (1:37). However, he see the QB run. Watch this change of direction. That is remarkable. The OG is latched onto him, and boom, he is heading in the other direction. 

This is real nice. He burst off the line Low and mean. He gives on inside punch to the OC. Then Rips past him. He crashes into the QB like a runaway train (1:47). Watch this play. This is all burst, with hand and feet playing in combination. That is a great outside Rip from a 3-Technique  (1:59). You can really see the outside hand punches the OC off, and the inside arm Rip through the OC (2:05). That is a great play.

He has such great instincts. You can see him stop, and start to go against the grain. You can see he senses something is up, but then goes back to his reads. If he had trusted his instinct he would have had him (2:12). He explodes up field. You can really see his hands out in front. The OC lets him burst himself out of the play. He will burst himself out of the play sometimes (2:25). Remarkable. He gets stalemated. Then gets caught dancing in the rush (2:34). Watch the amazing hustle as he drops a little, spots the throw, and chases down the RB. That is amazing. What was it I didn't like about this guy?

Goal line. Oh yeah. When he gets too high in the run game, he gets knocked back 3 or 4 yards consistently. I've seen him knocked back over 5-Yards by an OG. That cannot happen on the Goal line (2:47). Here he is again. He gets up too high, and gets power back into the ORT. That may have been considered a Chop Block (2:58). But it doesn't matter. When he lets the OG get under him he can be put on skates too often. Like every prospect in this wacky Draft. He looks like the best player in known creation, and then the next play he embarrasses himself. It seems every prospect has flashes of greatness, and easy to see paths to Bustville (sometimes on the same play;-). 

Looks like the best player in the Draft. Then the worst. Then redemption. He comes off low with hands extended (it drives me nuts that he doesn't do that a few times a game) gets under the OG's Pads and plays it perfectly. He stacks the OG. Then punches him off his body with great torque from his hips, hands, and feet. Then he finds the RB (3:09). He grabs his legs just a hair too late. But that is how you need your 3-Tech to play on the Goal line. 

He will rest on one knee sometimes when he is getting tired. He looses his burst, but watch the agility as he spins back to the middle when Lattimore Cuts it back (3:16). Oddly, they will stand him up to drop in coverage. He is such a great athlete that he can do this, but why would you want him to (3:20)? Watch the speed to power here. He hits the OG and puts him on skates instantly (3:35). He is utterly amazing sometimes. Just as a I start to get annoyed. He hustles, not just ten yards down field, but all the way across the field and ten yards down. To somehow get in on the tackle of Lattimore, who got the ball on the opposite side of the field. That is one of the most amazing plays I've seen this year. 

Then he stands up again. His primary problem is that when he stands up in the run game, he gets put on skates. So they stand him up. So I get pissed (and then he makes the play;-). He really does look like a very good ILB here (It's a little freaky 3:47;-). He really does do a great job dancing around the O-Linemen and hopping and bopping with Lattimore. That is a special play from a special player. He looks like an elite ILB there (and not a 300 pound 3-Tech;-).

I just can't complain. But, when he stands up he is starting too high, and he looses all his great burst that makes him special in the rush (you have to kidding me! I hate this Draft;-) That SOB hustled all the way down and across the field to get a diving hit in on Lattimore again (like an elite ILB;-). That is outstanding (3:56). Okay, I'm sold. he should be a top ten pick. I don't know how I can fit him in, but I'm putting him in the top ten. That was just amazing. Okay, I'm done with this Tape, and have a headache. You can see more of the same if you want. 

He somehow dances through the nice cut block. Hustles down the line, and gets in on the play. I couldn't see if he Forced the fumble (4:09). On thing about Richardson is that he loves the game, and hustles all over the field. There are a lot of coach who are going to watch him hustle down field, say "get me that guy." He has terrific instincts. He has that knack for FF. Amazing COD. He comes off his rush, when the ball starts going the other way, quicker than any D-Linemen I've seen in this Draft. I'm completely sold on him as the 2nd best 3-Tech in this Draft behind Floyd. 

Sheldon Richardson Vs S. Carolina nM-Zfc5I-P8

Sheldon Richardson Official Stats:

• 2011 All-Big 12 honorable mention


Big-time talent who looks to step into a starting role after providing nice contributions in a reserve role in his first year with the program in 2011 ... Will line up at the defensive tackle spot, after resting up during the spring after getting off-season shoulder surgery to repair an old injury which kept him at less than 100 percent all of last season.


Made his much-anticipated debut with the Tigers, and provided much-needed depth in the trenches as he amassed 37 tackles, including 8.0 TFLs and 2 QB sacks in 13 games (including 2 starts) ... Closed the year by making 2 stops and a half-sack against North Carolina in the Independence Bowl ... Recorded a tackle for loss in overtime against Arizona State ... finished WIU game with two assisted tackles, both coming for a loss ... teamed up with Brayden Burnett to record his first sack as a Tiger early in the first quarter ... assisted on three tackles against Oklahoma in Norman ... recorded three tackles at Kansas State while also batting down a pass at the line of scrimmage ... finished the Iowa State game with four tackles, 1.5 of which were for loss ... Made his first career start against Oklahoma State and finished with one tackle for a two yard loss ... finished the Texas A&M game with eight tackles, including an assisted TFL ... was a force in the backfield all game long against Baylor, finishing with five tackles including 1.5 for loss, a half a sack and a quarterback hurry.


One of the most highly-coveted athletes to come out of the state of Missouri in recent years, who returned to his home state after a two-year stop at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, Calif. ... Was ranked by as the No. 3 junior college prospect in the nation at any postion, even after he was redshirted in 2010 due to a wrist injury ... Was a dominant defensive lineman and tight end at St. Louis' Gateway Tech High School, where he was ranked by as the No. 4 overall player (any position) in the nation, as well as being the No. 1 defensive tackle prospect in the country by several national outlets ... Also checked in as the No. 1 overall player (any position) in the state of Missouri, and originally signed with Mizzou as part of the 2009 signing class, before going the junior college route ...Was named as a 2008 EA Sports First Team All-American after a senior season at Gateway Tech which included 88 tackles and 19 sacks, while adding seven fumble recoveries, five forced fumbles and one interception ... Scored six defensive touchdowns on the year, as well, while adding 27 receptions for 541 yards and eight touchdowns at the tight end position.


Parents - Michael & Zelda Richardson ... Is interested in studying real estate business at Mizzou, and chose the Tigers over a slew of nationally-prominent programs, just a few of which included USC, Auburn, Arkansas, and Miami, Fla., among many others.

2011 13 15 22 37 2 / 16 8 / 31 1 -- 1 --
2012 11 39 36 75 4 / 26 10.5 / 50 3 2 3 --
TOTAL 24 54 58 112 6 / 42 18.5 / 81 4 2 4 --

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