Sheldon RankinsDT Louisville

6-1 5/8, 305, (O) 5.03, 1.74 Split

34.5" Vert, 9'10" Broad,

33.3" Arm, 28 Reps,

7.44 3-Cone, 4.59 SS,



He is a tough player to evaluate, because he is so unique. I'm not sure I've seen a guy who can move like he does at his size. Plus, his versatility is also the best I've seen. I mean, he looks like an over inflated pumped D-End. And he can get up field with some burst and speed. As for his versatility, he lined up at NT, DT, 3-Tech, 5-Tech on both sides of the line, and amazingly at 4-3 D-end in rush situations, which is a speed rushing position. Then he was suddenly standing up on the blindside like a 3-4 OLB and rushing. Granted, I only saw him rush standing up once.

This guys is a legit 300-pounder what we used to call D-Tackle. He got a Sack lined up as a 3-tech, and then got a sack lined up outside the OLT as a D-end. That versatility is unmatched for a 300-pound DT. 

But the other thing is that he is strong as an ox. O-linemen cannot move him backwards. He has the best hands in the Draft of any D-linemen. He can hold the point with the best of them. But his movement skills are top notch as well. I love his speed and speed to power up field. It is remarkable. He is not lighting quick, but an elite blend of size, strength, and speed up field.

He will get fooled by the option sometimes. And by misdirection, like he did against Auburn. This guy is a true DL not just a DT. He will get trapped outside by the OT on inside runs. He has nice strong hands in the push-Pull, but he will hold on a little too long sometimes. It is amazing that he lines up outside the Tackle and rushes on 3rd downs. I love how he can punch off the OLT and charge at the QB. He might be the best stack and shed player I have ever seen. I see him as a 4-3 3-Tech, but he is so much more than that. He has the ability to be an elite stack and shed D-linemen in a 3-4.

Great inside shoulder punch, and can drive the OLT back with one hand. When they take him out the defense falls apart. He will latch onto the OLT sometimes, and take too long to read it. Great first step/hop off the snap that puts him three or four yards deep into the backfield real fast. He will sometimes burst off the snap so explosively that he looks like a rabbit hopping into the backfield. He does a nice job setting the edge on the ORT with a nice rip move. Nice job on the stunt, ripping inside to hit three O-linemen, and string the inside guy free outside. Amazing how he can get across the field through blockers, and get in on the tackle on the the RB away. He can protect the edge when the QB runs outside of him and tries to beat him to the corner.

He is huge. On obvious passing downs he can get the OG QB deep into the backfield real quick. He plays a little high, but he can hold the point of attack. He will line up outside standing up sometimes, and looks surprisingly good running up field on the edge. He really moves well for such a huge guy. He usually plays the strong side 5-Tech. He will line up on the Blindside. He has a great blast off up field. He might have the best blast off the snap of any 300-ponder I have seen. He will line up outside the OLT, and get into him quickly and bull him back into the double team with his arms extended.  

Pro Day: "Defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins -- 6-foot-1 5/8, 305 pounds -- stood on his combine numbers," Gil Brandt said. 'He was described as having a great positional workout at the pro day, displaying a lot of quickness and strength. Rankins is capable of playing all three downs."

Rankins Vs Auburn:

He is very tough to push off the line (:10). He switches sides. Watch the push pull as he reads and reacts to the play. He has nice strong hands (:25). He is so quick off the snap. Watch this explosion as he stunts behind the other DT, and slams into the RB (:39). Here he is lined up as a D-end in a 9-Tech. Watch how he takes on the TE with his hands, read, sheds, and make the play (1:12). Then he is back at 5-Tech (1:32). Watch how he uses his hands to work his way through the triple team. 

He's a little small, so how he handles taller blockers is important. Here he is fighting through the triple team with his hands, feet, and power again. It is just remarkable. Watch the pop in his hands when the second blocker comes over (1:41). He just has that knack for shoving off taller blockers and getting through traffic to hit the RB (2:05). Just watch the blast off and how quick he gets to the QB, and that is against Shon Coleman who some think is a Day Two OLT (2:23). Here he is as a straight up DT (2:30). Watch the blocks. When you have a guy on the Nose, and all three interior O-linemen block him on one play than you have something very special on your hands.

Watch the hands as he reads. Then the Swim, and the pulling OG hits him as he hits a third blocker, and blows up the scheme (2:36). 3-tech. Stack. shed. Hit the QB (2:44). NT. Okay I think he has lined up at all seven D-line positions in this game. Watch the hands and speed as he loops around the O-line (3:02). You just can't keep him blocked (3:11). Stack. Shed. Tackle (3:16).  He just keeps working off of Coleman's blocks and getting to the RB play after play (3:59). He might have the best hands of any DT in this Draft. Watch how he follows Coleman, and then curls into the backfield for the TFL.

Stack. Shed. Tackle (4:35).  Stack. Shed. Tackle (4:35).  Stack. Shed. Tackle (4:35).  Stack. Shed. Tackle (4:35). Stack. Shed. Hurry the QB to help cause the INT (4:52). Stack. Shed. Explode into backfield (5:34). Stack. Shed. Tackle (5:17). Stack. Shed. Tackle (5:45). Stack. Shed. Tackle (5:50). Elude blocker. Shed. Tackle (6:30). Split Double team. Shed. Tackle (6:38). Stack. Shed. Draw drive killing Holding call (7:07). Stack. Shed. Tackle (7:18).  Stack. Shed. Go hit the QB to win the game (7:23). Amazing consistency. He had to have been in on 20 tackles in that game.

Rankins VS Auburn:

Rankins at Senior Bowl:

He showed up at the Senior Bowl and blew it up with pure explosion inside.. He was destroying everyone one the put in front of him in rushing drills. He is smart and can change gears. He beat a guy with an outside move, and then in the very next rush went untouched busting inside (2:22). Smart and explosive is a dangerous combo. He reinjured his calf muscle, that he injured in the Bowl game, at the Senior Bowl. He fights throw the double as well as anyone. I love how he attacks with his hands. He rushes from the outside almost as well as he does from the inside. 

Rankins is a freak. He can rush from all over the line. "Its something I’ve always taken pride in," Rankins said. "Being a guy that guys can count on. I know those other guys on defense are going to make plays but at the same time I feel like I have to contribute in some way. Doing my job, sometimes it leads to making plays sometimes it leads to other guys making plays, its how the game of football works. I’m always out there trying to put my stamp on the game and most times it works." He certainly put his stamp on the Senior Bowl.

He is explosive off the snap, and can use his hands to make blockers miss to hit the QB. "One thing I’ve always prided myself on since arriving here is being able to rush the passer so I'm definitely going to keep that up in my capacity," Rankins said. "Guys like Devonte Fields, Keith Brown, Trevon Young, those guys are going to give us great pass rush. Real fast guys off the edge, they have great moves. Guys that haven’t necessarily gotten a lot of exposure playing at that position, but guys that we’ve seen do it at practice, and we know they can do it in the game." He was outstanding in one on ones at the Senior Bowl.

He is the most unique DT in this Draft, which can help and hurt his Draft stock at the same time. "He is a guy that works extremely hard at his craft. He can improve over the things he did yesterday. He takes a lot of pride in his work, so all of the intangibles are there for him," the Louisville DC Grantham said. "When you combine that with his explosive power off the ball, his lateral movement, his ability to play with his hands, his acceleration off the blocks, then you start looking at the measurements he has, you end up with an impact player and that is why he is one of the leaders on our team." He is so explosive off the snap. He can make guys miss right off the snap. But mostly he just needs a shoulder. Once he gets the shoulder of an O-linemen he is moving to the QB or RB.

Rankins VS Senior Bowl:



Rankin's Official Bio:

Enjoyed a career-best season, recording 53 tackles and team-highs with 8.0 sacks and 13.5 tackles for loss... started all 13 games... voted a third-team All-ACC selection by the coaches and media... recorded two interceptions from his defensive line position... totaled three tackles and recovered a fumble versus Virginia... credited with a career-high eight tackles and one sack in a 34-3 win over FIU... intercepted his first career pass against Wake Forest... credited with six tackles, two tackles for loss and a sack in a win over NC State... credited with six tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss , 1.5 sacks and his second interception at Boston College... credited with six tackles in a win over Kentucky... made five tackles and notched a sack in the Belk Bowl loss to Georgia.

Has played in 10 and started the bowl game against Miami... finished with four tackles for loss, including three sacks... finished with two tackles in six games this season... had two tackles for loss with one sack and a forced fumble against Memphis... recorded two tackles with one sack in wins over Rutgers and FIU.

Appeared in 10 games and earned two starts... Finished with seven tackles and one sack... Had a sack for a loss of 11 yards in Sugar Bowl win over Florida... Made three tackles versus Missouri State in first collegiate start.


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