Shea McClellin-


6-3, 260, 19 Reps! 7.07! 

S-1.57, (4.65-4.62), 4.63 (O),

4.33 SS, 9'10 Br, 31.5" Vert, 


Dip n' Rip.


Stands up at OLB. Plays the edge well. He gets low and under pads well. Shows power when he is the lowest. He gets some nice speed around the edge. This guy looks like the kind of OLB BB has been grabbing lately. He Also had some interesting Stats at the Combine. He has the worst strength numbers of any D-End, only benching 225 pounds 19 times. However, he also had the second best 3-Cone.  

He looks a lot like Vrabel rushing from the other side. He is a bit of a one-trick pony, like Vrabel. His main more around the Corner is the Dip and Rip. He does show some better speed around the corner than Ninkovich. More sneaky than hand fighter on the rush, but has that knack for getting to the QB. Has a nice Rip on the inside rush. 

This guy has the size, and on-field speed to play in the NFL. Very adept at stunting, as Boise ST stunts and twists a lot. He lines up at ILB/Nickel LB, but doesn't really drop. Mostly he is a stand up rusher, who mostly Twists around one of the D-Tackles and tries to find a lane to the QB when he is lined up inside. He is very adept at doing Twist around the DT, especially Winn. Those two guys work very well together on Stunts and Twist. He has 20.5 Career Sacks, and 16.5 Sacks and 26 TFL in the past two seasons. 

Terrific athlete. Plays fast. Played some Nickel Linebacker at the Senior Bowl and was very impressive. He actually dropped in coverage like an ILB at the SB. Nice pedal. He is very light on his feet. We know he can rush the passer from the D-End and the OLB position, but he was very impressive as a cover LB at the Senior Bowl. Nice tackler in the open field. He dropped smoothly with excellent awareness in coverage, and then step up quickly when the QB hits the RB underneath.

This is a guy I really like. I Taped a Boise game early in the season to watch this D-End I had heard a lot about, Billy Winn. I was watching this guy, and all of a sudden some thin looking Waterboy flashed by, and he was moving (and I swear he was squealing like a pig too;-). He has that on field flash that you look for. He is really skinny and has to put some weight on the legs, but he plays fast, and plays all over the field. 

Then he shows up at the Senior Bowl redefining versatility. At the end of the Game he went to Nickel ILB, and didnít rush every time, but dropped and looked good. He plays Special Teams. He rushes the Passer standing up on the edge. He played in ILB, and rushed. He played D-End, and rushed. He lined up every where but Nose Tackle for Boise, and rushed. He is a bit straight-linish, and that could hurt him outside.

Personally I have no problem with BB trading down into the 2nd Round without taking a passrusher in the 1st. If they can pick up another First next year and snag this guy in the 2nd. I know he is a developmental guy, he has to add weight and strength, and when guys add bulk you donít know how it will affect their speed. However, he is not going to make it to pick 48.

McClellin Vs Arizona ST

Here he is way out in a wide 9. He is a stand up OLB in a 3-4 rushing the QB. This is what Patís fan want to see. He reminds me a lot of Vrabel. He doesnít have a lot of moves, and needs to work on some variety and his hands usage. This is a typical Vrabel rush where he Dips and Rips around the Corner (:02). Although it doesn't look like he completes the Rip. It look like he chops the arm down of the OLT, and holds him off with a well placed elbow. He is flying up the charts, but he is not a finished product. You can see there he does a nice job with the Dip and Rio TTC, but canít quite complete the Rip.

Here he is more in a traditional D-End Wide-9, which is suppose to be lined up outside the Tight End's shoulder (and yes I know there is no TE there, but if there was a TE he would be lined up outside his shoulder;-). He uses his nice burst. He has a very underrated blast off the snap, and reaches the Corner in a flash. Again, he Dips but doesnít quite Rip. He has to improve his Rip (:10). He likes to grab the outside arm of the O-Tackle with his inside arm, and club the outside shoulder and Dip. He does it so well, but then has trouble truly getting the O-Tackleís shoulder and jamming his inside arm up into his arm pit to Rip. He forces the QB to throw it short the RB swinging out of the Backfield, and hits him.

Here he is on Vrabelís side. This is what Patís fans want to see. This is what makes him special. He has that burst and speed to the outside that you look for, and then he bounces inside and has the interior quickness that makes O-Tackles block air. This is a great quick move inside, and just dances around the ORT and makes the play (:19). Here he is back at D-End on the Weakside. Arizona ST moved their RB over to his side and kept him in to block. This is what you want; players who force offenses to adjust to them. This is just a great block. He takes an inside route, on the Stunt, and gives Winn the outside rush with the OLT on his shoulder. That is a very nice inside Stunt, trapping the OLT inside. The whole left side of the AR ST is dismayed by the Stunt. He drives the OLT back with his chop, club and half Rip. The RB gets a chip on him inside, and as happens gets in the OLTís way. He uses his great instincts to Spin outside, and boom there is the QB, stepping up to avoid Winn. Excellent play (:30).

Standing up in Vrabelís position. He has that natural suddenness in his shoulders that you look for. Watch the quick spin inside. He forces the QB to throw way to early (:39). Okay, that great blast off the line was made to look better because of the mis-snap. The OLT didnít move, because the OC had the wrong count. However, he still does the right thing and almost gets the ball (:46). Okay, this is an important play. Here he is lined up on the TE. He dismisses the TE, Sets the Edge, and dodges the Pulling Guard. This is a BB 3-4 OLB play (:56). For future reference, watch Winn #90, RDT on this play. That is a nice play for a 3-4 D-End.

Another big play. Here he is at Nickel Linebacker, which is an ILB position. He did rush a lot from this position. However, he did drop and cover as well, especially at the Senior Bowl. Nice move on the OC. He Bulls, and then Rips! He actually completed his first Rip of the game (Yeah! 1:05;-). Plus, he got his hand up in the QBí face.

3-4 OLB, they move the FB over to block him, and he annihilates him and forces Osweilerís feet to panic and gives Winn a Sack (1:14). Back out in the Wide-9 doing what he does best. Dip and Rip (1:24). Back to Vrabelís position. He Stunts inside and the AR ST O-Line canít deal with it (1:33). The OG stays with the DT and the OC canít get out to stop him (1:46). But it really shows his lateral quickness, which he uses so well on the field. They try the Stunt again, and the Guard plays it correctly this time (1:58).

Shea McClellin Vs New Mexico

When I watch him play I just see 3-4 OLB. Maybe itís the Vrabel-Ninkovich-Fletcher factor. But this guy can play in BBís 3-4 and hit the QB. Watch him hustle across the field and get in on the play run away from him. I know some analyst say he is not fast, but that is competitive speed right there (:05).

Pay close attention here. He plays all over the field and has the versatility that BB craves. He plays special teams. He Lines up at ILB and DE. Where ever he lines up he makes an impact. Here he is as 3-4 OLB rushing the QB. I know level of competition is a problem, but that is a Speed rush. He just beats the OLT to the Corner and hits the quarterback (:14). He just has that knack for hitting the Quarterback, which is something all teams need. When he gets in that sprinter stance he is coming (:27). He dashes by the O-Tackle like he was standing still. It's rare you get a full whiff on a Speed rush like that.

3-4 OLB Setting the Edge. He sees it. He turns perpendicular and turns the RB inside (:40). Back at D-End. He gets another blast off the line, splits the double team and forces the QB to step up right into the D-tackle (:49). I love how he splits the double team, and dives at the QB and almost hits him (:57).

He switches side, and rushes past the ORT who pulls downfield. He curls inside and gets a shoestring (1:04). Here he is switching sides like Ninkovich lined up at LOLB. He gets in his starter stance, uses a speed rush and tries to Dip an' Rip around the Corner like Vrabel. Tell me this doesnít remind you Vrabel Dipping around the Corner (1:11).  He puts his hand down again. He holds the POA, but doesnít make the play  (1:19). I would have like to seen a hit there, but he holds up the ORT and allows his mates to come in and take him out.  

He switches sides again. He has excellent instincts, and has a nice blast off the line. Once he sees the OLT abandon the edge, he charges inside, spots the RB and gets in on the tackle (1:25). Here he is at ILB. He blitzes right up the gut and gets chopped by the O-Guard (1:34). I always wondered why he was considered to not be a great athlete. You can say he needs size, strength, and bulk, but donít tell me he isnít a great athlete with great agility and speed. He sees the O-tackle blocking down senses run and charges inside. Then he leaps over the blocker and makes the play (1:42). Not an athlete! He not only skies over the puny blocker, he dunks the RB as well (1:50). Here he is at MLB, looking to blitz up the gut again. He reads the play perfectly and gets almost all the way out to the sideline, but the play is over before he can get there (1:59).

Back at D-End. He takes on the double team nicely, but canít hold the point (2:07). Here he is standing up again. He fakes like he is going to cover the Slot guy. Then comes off and sprints up field. He flies by the OLT again, but the QB is waggling away from him (2:14). He gets Sealed inside by the Tight End. Okay that is a little embarrassing. He needs to put up a better fight than that. 

He read it wrong, and tried to go inside. The RB bounced it outside (2:23). Back at ILB in the Nickel. He stays in coverages and eyes the QB the whole time (2:31). Here he is back at Nickel Backer, and blitzing. He gets pressure this time and forces the QB to throw a little early and not get the first down (2:37). Hockey fight on the edge (2:43). Back blitzing as the Nickel ILB. He comes a little late, but found a lane (2:51). This might be his best run defense of the game. He slices inside as he feels the inside run coming. He fights through the ORT inside to stop him short and end the game (2:58).

Shea McClellin Vs VT

I found this Tape after I did the other two. I like this tape because of the Competition. New Mexico and AR ST really struggled just blocking Stunts. An NFL O-Line is not going to fall apart on a single Stunt. Plus, he is playing against a great college RB and QB. This tape is more relevant than the other two combined (Iím trying to justify doing a third game after already doing two acceptable games;-).

Boise ST has to be the best team at Stunting and Twisting Iíve seen in a while. This is why their D-Linemen are so highly thought of. When they Stunt one guys always seems to block more than one O-linemen out of the play. Then Shea points at 97 and gives him his props (:05). This is a great outside stunt by 97. Watch how he takes off and charge right at the OLT. He takes him out while dragging the O-Guard. Shea just has to hop inside with his great lateral quickness and munches on the QB (:20). Also, watch Winn at LDT, just toss the OG aside. He is moving up in my eyes as much as Shea.

He gets ridden down as the QB goes the other way (:27). He is strong enough to hold the Point of Attack, and Set the Edge (:35). Got fooled by the Counter (:44). He follows the blockers slant inside and gets caught by the FB as it was a Counter (:53).

Here he is stunting inside again. Watch the lateral quickness as he burst inside, and his agility as he hits and spins back to the outside when the QB scrambles (1:00). Looks like he forgot to Stunt inside. You have to know your assignments son (1:08). Goal line, Setting the Edge. He forces the RB inside and into two defenders, but they donít make the play (1:16). Something he did a lot was blitz up the gut standing up. He fakes up field, and then winds around in a Twist, finds a lane, and hits the QB. (1:22). He has terrific lateral quickness that allows him to literally run circles around O-Linemen sometimes.

This is an excellent edge play. He see it. He reads it, and he makes the play (1:30). This is what Patís fan want to see. He Sets the Edge, sees the run inside. Sheds the blocker, and makes a tackle for a loss (1:39). This is a great rush. He handles the chip with his hands, and hustles all the way across the field for an all-out hustle Sack (1:48). He pushes off the TE, and then uses a second burst to get the ORTís outside shoulder and Rips around the corner. Then it is just a matter of who wants it more (2:07). McClellin wanted it more.

Nice rush, but he canít get the ORTís shoulder. (2:27).  However, watch him just stop and toss the ORT off his shirt. You canít teach that (2:34). He gets washed past the QB (2:41). He sheds the OLT, as he does consistently and breaks free for a split second and panics the QB (2:49). 

He just bursts past the OLT, Draws a Hold, and hits the QB (2:58). Just another relentless pursuit of the Quarterback (3:07). He has such a nice blast off the snap. He is Dipping and Ripping under the OLTís shoulder before he can do anything about it (3:07). Stand up inside rusher. Twisting to the outside. He just has that knack for finding his way to the Quarterback (3:29). Great quickness and burst to literally run around O-Linemen (3:40). I love that power move where he shoves off and stops, and uses the O-Linemen's momentum, against him (3:46). Read and react on the edge (3:54). Reading and reacting in the running game (4:00).