Shaq Mason- OG/OC 

Georgia Tech, 6-1 3/4", 304,

31.2"Arms, 25 Reps, 12.03 60!

S-1.75 (PD 4.97), 7.53 3-Cone,

9'2" Broad, 32" Vert! 4.65 SS,

Just Doing Their Jobs. 

The 4th Round Picks.


We all know they desperately needed to fill holes on their O-line. They have four terrific O-tackles that any team would be jealous of. But they ain't OGs. Do you remember the embarrassing bouts of Cannon playing OG early in the season. O-tackles have to be long and tall on the edge, which often makes them liabilities inside against the low leverage loads playing DT in the NFL. They even had to put in the resident rookie rocket scientist Fleming to play ORG. He looked better than he was after Cannon's debacle, but he was still not that good. Remember how the O-line finally came together when Stork and Connolly got healthy enough to get on the field?

They finally settled in on semi-healthy Connolly and Stork, and the low leverage load Wendell. Now it looks like they want to move away from both of them. Connolly has retired, and the undersized and under-appreciated Wendell is fighting the prejudice that short people face, because they got no reason to live. So they used both their 4th round picks to take the top two Offensive Right Guards from college football last season. 

Tre Jackson was the All-American ORG in college football last year, and Shaq was a better run blocker than Jackson last year. He was the best run blocker in college football last season. "Of course Treí played in a pro-type offense with Winston, the quarterbacking and all the things he did at Florida State," BB said after the Draft. "Whereas Shaq played in an offense that was obviously very run-oriented and did a lot of run blocking. [Heís a very] aggressive, very athletic player. So, those are two guys that will come in and compete with us from different backgrounds that will have to learn our system and merge together. But Treí played next to [Bryan] Stork for most of Bryanís career down there at Florida State, so they know each other well." That is why Tre will be a plug and play ORG for the Pats.

I kept the ACC Champ on my DVR, and just watch it again yesterday. It was awesome. Both Shaq and Jackson played in that game. Shaq had the best run blocking game I saw an ORG have in years. He was consistently driving the bigger FLA ST interior lineman backwards 3 to 5 yards. It was incredible. Then he would do some wacky crap that his coaches would force him to do, like dive on the ground right off the snap, and then he would power into the NT and drive him five yards backwards. But he rarely moved backwards at all in pass pro.

As great as Shaq was in the run game, he thoroughly outplayed Jackson in the run game because he was the elite run blocker in the FBS last season, Jackson was just as impressive in that game. Jackson actually had to move backwards in pass pro most of the game. He is so impressive moving backwards. He is so calm, technically sound, and strong sitting back in his pass pro. As impressive as Shaq was moving forward into the big DT's, Tre is almost as impressive moving backwards and stuffing rushers. He is brilliant at moving into position to stuff every kind of rusher they send. Jackson is much more advanced as a run blocker than Shaq is as a pass blocker (if you know what I mean;-). Jackson is an excellent run blocker, and maybe the second best in the ACC to Shaq. He is an instant plug and play OG, who will not be knocked out of the starting lineup on the Pat's O-line for as long as he can stay healthy. 

I also still had the Senior Bowl on my DVR (I finally just deleted it;-), and that was better to watch. Shaq showed everything you wanted to see in an NFL offensive scheme. He was excellent moving backwards in pass pro. He was stoning guys right in the middle of the line at ORG. Guys like Danny Shelton and Carl Davis (who were the two best DTs at the Senior Bowl), and Marcus Harden and Louis Trinca-Pasat. He is a little shorter than ideal at 6-2, but he has long arms and they were really on display in pass pro at the Senior Bowl. I was paying particular attention to his technique moving backwards, and he was excellent. If he is not a starting Guard with Tre on Day One than Stork, Shaq, and Tre will be the interior starters before this season is over. He was the elite run blocker in the FBS last season, and was technically sound and didn't give an inch up in pass pro at the Senior Bowl. That is what BB was so impressed with at the Senior Bowl. 

They both played at the Senior Bowl, and you could not watch that game and not come away impressed with both guys. "Not much. If I have, it hasnít been much," BB said about Tre playing on the left side, which he did on the field goal teams all last season. "I think even in the Senior Bowl he played right guard. Yeah, I think Iím [remembering] him at right guard. Itís got to be in the high 90 percent at right guard. Thatís always an interesting question. Some players, weíve talked about this before, some players, right side, left side, it doesnít even matter. The next guy, right side, left side, and he feels his footwork is backwards or the odd-even numbering or the wording, whatever it is, and they are a lot better at one spot than trying to flip back and forth. Iíve coached hundreds of players and some guys itís seamless and other guys itís monumental and thereís some in between. So weíll just have to see. But heís {Tre] played that one spot [ORG] for a long time. So I think until he actually did it, I donít even know if he could answer that question. But thereís certainly a different stance, different footwork. Youíre just seeing the game a little bit differently. But thatís tackles, guards, I think tackle is a little bit different because of the type of player that plays on the offensive left compared to the offensive right. Not that you donít eventually see them all, but thereís kind of a difference there. But inside itís more consistent, but again, the footwork is different. Yeah, weíll have to see. Same thing with Mason too, though they both played right guard. He played right guard at Georgia Tech." Shaq played OC at GT as well, and Tre played OLG on the field goal team. So there is Tape of both guy playing positions other than ORG last year.

Shaq was also a force in the run game as expected. He was one of the top performers at the Senior Bowl. However, as good as he was Jackson was better. Jackson was a force of nature at the Senior Bowl. He was unstoppable. If you think I am exaggerating you are wrong. This guy played ORG at the Senior Bowl, and was named MVP of the Senior Bowl. How dominate does an ORG have to be to be named MVP of an all-star game? He has to be beyond incredible. He made every big block on most of the big plays, and they ran to his side all game. When one guy shows everything you need to see to want to draft him at ORG, but the other ORG for the same team was still superior in everyway in that same game, than you have yourself some thing very special.

It also allowed BB to take a chance on a few guys on Day Two who many fans never heard of. Part of the reason BB was able to take a chance on Richards' smarts, leadership, and character, Flowers' power, tenacity, and relentlessness, and on Grissom's athleticism, potential, and work ethic, is because he knew that he had one of these guys in his back pocket to start Day Three of the Draft. The one hole they had to fill was on the O-line at OG. To get both of these guys in the 4th Round was as good as it gets in the NFL Draft.

Yes I know I am a merciless homer and king of all BB suck-ups, but these two guys are going to own the middle of the Patriots O-line for a decade. Stork, Shaq, and Tre are going to give the Pats one of the best interior O-lines in the NFL for over a decade. Snagging these two guys was as brilliant a move in the Draft as any BB has made. Remember this quote when both these guys are the starting guards in the AFC Champ game this year.

Tre Jackson: 

I didn't do a Jackson Tape because I did it pre-Draft (Tre Jackson Tape Pre-Draft), and as you probably can tell that was a long arduous process. But we know that the Pats loved him because they sent Dante to work with the FLA ST O-linemen and they came away with Tre. "Given the way our season went this year, the length of it and the offseason schedule, and so forth," BB said about Scarnecchia coming out of retirement to help the BB scout O-linemen, "he was able to help us out and go do a few things for us in the draft process that were very helpful. He did a great job. He obviously has a lot of experience with our system, a lot of experience with players that are on our roster for comparison sake, players that weíve drafted or evaluated in the past. So we kind of asked him to help us out in a situation where we were kind of, Iíd say a little bit from a personnel standpoint, a little bit behind the curve there. He was available and he did a great job." Scarnecchia's  fishing expedition was a HOF fame catch, as Dante came away with Tre and Shaq.

So here is a look at Jackson Post Draft, after the Pats drafted him and decided to make him their starting ORG next season. "He's better than Tomlinson [who was taken in the 1st]," a scout said. "He gets better movement. He is a quiet leader with strength and power, but he lacks the length. He will struggle mentally sorting out the process." I disagree that he will struggle mentally.

In fact, it is straight up wrong as he was making the checks and calls for the FLA ST O-line in Trickett's Patriots-like system. "Pretty much, 'work hard'," Tre said about what Scarnecchia said to him about what to expect as a Patriot. "He was telling me to continue to work hard and that the coach that I had in Coach Trickett was a great coach. Coach Trickett was coaching the techniques and stuff that he was coaching, continue to believe and trust in the techniques, take them to the field and continue to work hard." He grew up in a the Patriot's O-line system. "He helped me on and off the field tremendously," Tre said about Trickett. "He molded me as a player on the field, and off the field he molded me to grow into a man. [He] matured my game on the field and off the field. I respect him so much for that." That does not sound like a guy who cannot handle the Pats system.

Plus, he already has a tutor on the team to help him as well. "Itís a great feeling to be alongside with one of my old players, one of my old guys that I know so well," he said about Stork. "We talked a little bit during the process, and he pretty much just tuned me in on everything that you had to do to get to where he was and things like that. Pretty much just being a professional, continue to work hard. The coaches there are going to put you in the best situation possible for you to excel and for the team to excel." He has the experience in the Pats system. The mentor already in place. And he has the ability to grasp the system that he already knows so well they had him make the calls on the O-line after Stork left.

He is not as smooth as ice. He is lumpy, bumpy, and chucky and the best ORG in the FBS the past two years. "He was coached well by Rick Trickett, who is one of the best coaches around [who is the best O-line coach for Patriots prospects as he is friends with Scarnecchia and both agree they teach a similar system]," said another scout. "He was a very steady player. Not special [even though he was named the All-America ORG two straight years and Senior Bowl MVP]. He's a really good short setter in pass pro and he uses his hands well." It seems Tre was more underrated than I thought. He was special at FLA ST, and very special at the Senior Bowl. He dropped in the Draft because some teams think he has a chronic knee issue. He never missed a game because of his sore knee. He should easily play in the NFL for ten years.

ACC Champ Game: 

He doesnít always look smooth moving forward and sideways, but he always gets to the right spot. "Tre is one heck of a player," the HC at FSU said via twitter. "He is as tough as they come. He was often our best offensive lineman most games over the past two years. I'm happy for him and his family. He should be a perfect fit for the Patriots organization and excel in the NFL." He isnít always smooth, but he looks as comfortable sitting in pass pro as any ORG I've seen. 

Terrific power blocker when they are trying to run out the clock. He can power straight ahead into the DT, and move him to the right so the RB can slip inside. He can duck down and push the DT into the OC, and then destroy the ILB on the second level. He has a lot of experience in a Patriots like system, that will ask him to power block on one play, pull him outside on the next run play, and then Zone block him and have him move sideways with a D-linemen on his shoulder on the next.

He plays OLG on the field goal team, and has been getting some run at OLG for the Pats this Preseason. I can't wait to see him Thursday night, and were they line him up. Great power doubling down on the nose tackle. He pulls outside to his left and hits the CB with some nice speed. As good as Shaq is run blocking, Jackson is that good in pass Pro. He looks so completely comfortable sitting back in pass pro and plays so well with his hands and legs that he is a Day One starter in the NFL. He will have to hop back and chicken wing a little when he has to go to his left to stop a speed blitzer. But that is as uncomfortable as I have seen him in pas pro. He stones the big DT at the LOS in pass pro so casually it is remarkable. The best always make it look easy.

He can hold up the DT, as the OC powers into his side, and then go back behind the OC and make a block on the LB filling the hole. Slides outside nicely on the zone block to hit the D-End moving sideways in a zone-blocking run. He made the calls on the line as a senior, and told the OC when to snap the ball with a tap on his arm.  

Fires off the snap fiercely into the DT, and can knock him back a yard or two and then ram into the linebacker with some bad intentions. When he gets a nice burst off the snap and gets the inside shoulder of the DT it is over for him. He works so well with the center on double teams, that they stifle inside rusher to death. He never seems to press in pass pro.

I love this guy. He is going to start for the Pats on day one. He has two years of experience playing next to Stork and playing in a similar scheme. He is so comfortable and in control in pass pro. He sits back and uses his hands so well. He uses Jabs, punches, and grabs that stones the rusher as he calmly moves his feet to stay in perfect position. It is no wonder he was the All-American ORG the past two seasons.

Tre at the Senior Bowl.

On the second play of the game he punched the rusher to the ground. On the third play of the game he knocked the DT to the ground and landed on top of him. On the forth play he sealed the giant NT Shelton to the outside on a run to the opposite side. Stoned him cold out of the play. The next play was 3rd and 1, and drove blocked Shelton back behind the marker. Shelton shed him and made the tackle, but it was after the RB got more than two yards on 3rd and one. That was a great run block. Just that series alone shows why he was named MVP.

On 1st and 10, he Zone blocked Iowa DT Davis way outside side the seams, and the RB cut behind him for 9-yards. Then he doubled the 5-tech in the rush, and he never got more than two yards up field. On the next play he punched Davis back to slow him, and then got out to the sideline on a screen and hit the Safety.

Then he double the DT, and slide off of him to go and get the ILB, and took him out of the play. He is showing every kind of block the Pats need him to make. On the next play he zone blocked to the right. He hit the 5-tech in the back and into the ORT, and not much else. However, he continued down field as the RB broke it, and knocked the FS out of the play 10-yards down field on David Johnson's 19-yard TD run. Than Shaq came in and subbed for him.

On the next play Shelton tried to swim over him, but Tre jammed up into his armpit, and forced him past the QB. He got knocked back by Shelton twice in pass pro, but held his balance and position, and kept between him and the QB. He is so comfortable and always in balance in pass pro, even when a 350-pound NT gets a great initial burst into his chest and jolts him back two or three time.

On the next rush he stoned the 5-tech Marcus Hardison like he was a freshman. Then he went head to head with the big guy again and threw him to the ground. Then he went nose to nose with Shelton again and absorbed his initial burst and he never let him past the LOS. Power on power and he stands up to the best of them.

The next play was pass pro. They put the quicker Harden in front him, and he sat in his pass pro seat, and rode him to the side of the QB. Perfect technique. He is so adept at sitting back, and he uses his long arms so well to frustrate the big rusher. He stalemates Harden easily again in pass pro, and doesn't let him get two yards past the LOS. He shoves him up, and then pulls him down, and releases to the outside on the screen. He is so solid in pass pro. Brady is going to love this kid.

On the next play he and the center doubled Davis. The center slipped off and Tre just held him inside like he is a marshmallow in a campfire. It was actually funny, because the play went out to the right sideline, and Davis was trying to turn to the right, and Tre had such a strong grip on him that he could even turn to the right, never mind run to the right. He has great powerful hands that can control 320-pound DTs with amazing power and consistency. That was as strong a block as you will ever see. He didn't drive him backwards, he just grabbed him, pushed him up, and refused to let him move on inch or twist a single degree to the right. Amazing.

His ability to absorb a great shoulder punch that knocked him backwards, and not lose his balance in pass pro is special. He is playing against the top two DTs at the Senior Bowl and make them look like kids he is playing with in the back yard is special. He washes Davis out of the play like he is caught in a flood. Then he drives him 5-yards back to the 7-yard line. Then makes pass pro look easy on Coates TD catch in the 3rd, where he was called out of bounds. He lined up on the left side to block for the field goal attempt. Then he was subbed in for by Shaq, who was so physical in pass pro that it made me smile.

He took on Davis again, and the rush was over before it started. Then he shoves Harden out of the rush on 3rd down, and left the QB room to throw for a first. Then he stoned Davis with his long arms at the LOS of again. He has given up nothing in pass pro all game. The DT can't get two yard up field on him. There he is blocking the 5-tech two yard off the LOS, while the rest of the O-line and D-line is up field past them, and he is all alone in front of the QB stoning the rusher. It is easy to see why he was named MVP of the Senior Bowl when you can just focus on his blocking.

Shaq Mason.

Mason really plays with nice agility and power. He played in a pure run first system and showed to be a terrific power blocker at OG/OC in 2013. "I donít think thereís any question heíll be able to make the move from college to the pros as an offensive lineman," teh HC of GT Paul Johnson said. "People make too big a deal out of that transition. There are plenty of players in his shoes who have done the same thing, and done it well. Heís a good player and has good feet and knows how to use that leverage to his advantage." He will have a bigger transition than Tre, because GT consistently refused to throw the ball.

He also played some Center in 2014, and played in one of the wackiest ways I have ever seen. He would often hike the ball and then dive straight forward onto his belly on the ground with both arms extended like Superman flopping to the ground. And he would do this idiotic technique his coaches wanted him to do over and over. However, part of what makes him so interesting is that he would than jump up and attack guys on the second level. His tenacity to find guys on the second level really improved last season.

So virtually any Tape from 2014, where he played OC, is useless to watch to judge his NFL potential. However, there is still that one very interesting aspect of his Superman flop block. He would then jump up and attack any defender he could find to hit. That is one of the strongest reasons I think he can translate his game to the NFL. He did the idiotic block he was forced to by his coaches, and then he hopped up and played with great power, aggressiveness, and impact. 

When he lined up at ORG and was allowed to power block into an interior O-linemen, he was the best in FBS. "This guy is a football player and from a run blocking standpoint," BB said, "Iíd say heís probably ahead of every other player in the draft. Unless there was another one from Georgia Southern or Georgia Tech or whatever, but this guy ran blocked in one game more than some teams did all season. So Iíd say heís [way] ahead in the run blocking, [but] behind in the pass blocking. There may be other players that are in a two-point stance pass-block 50 times a game that in all honestly donít run block very well. Heís kind of the flip of that which is a little bit unusual but it is what it is." I have never seen a guy so consistently get under a taller NT/DT's pads and drive block him backwards with such force as this guy.

Also when he played OG in 2013 he was one of the best run blocking OGs in college football. He was the best ORG in the run game last season. "I think the Patriots watched enough tape on his and they made their evaluation, and they could see that he was a really good player," Paul Johnson said. "They came down and worked him out a couple of times. There wonít be any surprises with him. Heís a good player who can make an impact on the next level." He plays lower than most with elite leverage. His ability to turn and seal much bigger DTs is so impressive. 

He also was elite at getting to the second level and devastating smaller players. But he will over extend and lose his balance sometimes and fall down and miss the block. He has trouble sustaining the blocks when he doesn't win on first contact. Misses those dive blocks a lot and ends up on the ground too much. His short arms (31.2") will hurt him more in the NFL.

He just reminds me so much of Doug Wendell last season, only he is much stronger. "I think he's mature," Johnson said. "I haven't seen a whole lot of change in him personally. I think he's been a fairly mature guy. He likes to play the game. He's physical, and without question, he's a leader for us on offense and our best player up front." However, because of his system he is vastly under experienced in Pass Pro to the point where I canít say if he is great or just good. But he did show that he does have some NFL aptitude for pass pro at the Senior Bowl, where he was forced to play in an NFL system instead of a 1940's offense. 

Like Wendell, he plays mean. He will hit anybody and anything that he thinks can make a play on the ball. "I think he was a really-really good player for us," the HC of GT said. "He was a leader who didnít miss practice. He had the respect of his teammates. He was a tough guy who played through just about everything. Heís a tough guy. Thereís no question about that. He led by example. He was a guy who did it by doing things the right way all the time. Guys donít listen to guys who just talk. Guys listen to guys who play, and he produced for us, in critical situations and when the moments were biggest." He loves to drive a defender into the ground and then go and hit another defender. 

He has that agility of smaller O-linemen the Pats like. He run blocks with the aggressive meanness, power and leverage the Pats love. He has more experience pulling to his left, like the Pats like to do. Despite his height he is a fierce run blocker that has great agility and ability to block on the run. In fact, he can sometimes look like he is the kind of OG that the more you pull him and have him block on the move the better a run blocker he is. But there are also times, ACC Champ game, where he looks like the best power blocker moving forward I have ever seen.

Shaq Vs FLA ST: ACC Champ Game Notes:

He can get as low as the NT diving into the ground and crash helmets with him. He can pull to his right and show some suddenness in his shoulders as he tries to hit the OLB. He can get to the 3rd level and dive at the Safeties feet, and he can miss. I hate that diving block they make him do. Then he misses another diving block on the NT. Then he powers through the FLA ST NT, and turns him out of the play, slides off, and takes the ILB down field sideways. Just let him line up and let him hit guys instead of having him dive at their feet. You have the best run blocker in the FBS.

He is so quick outside he can over run the linebacker, and stop and have to reach back to block him. He started at ORG against Georgia and FLA ST in the Champ game. When he cut blocks the NT it can be a vicious block that take him off his feet when he powers his pads into the NT's hip.

When the Nose tackle tries to shoot the gap on an outside run, he can hit him low and knock him to the ground with elite leverage and power. Doubles the 5-Tech inside nicely. Shoves him up and takes away all his leverage. I love how he drives over interior O-linemen on the goal line and puts guys on their back.

Shaq Vs. Georgia.

He gets so low on the goal line that he can power the DT back two yards, and fall down because he leaned so far forward. He is just killing the Georgia NT on the goal line. He powered him back two yards or more three straight plays. Simply amazing run blocker. He just drove the DT from Georgia two yards back, and then slipped off him, and drove #47 straight back onto his back and landed on top of him. That was as good a run block as I have even seen.

When he pulls out to the left he can shove the OLB to the ground, and he keeps going. He can then gets outside and shoves down another linebacker. He can get violently shoved back in pass pro, but hold onto the shirt and not loose an inch. He is a force on short yardage. He just keeps moving forward, even with a 330-pound NT lined up in front of him. He is going to be a great run blocker in the NFL. 

I hate how they have him dive at DT's feet. It can be so frustrating sometimes to watch how these kids are coached. They run a play with Shaq at ORG, and all three interior O-linemen dive forward and fall to the ground. Then on 3rd and 3 they have him power block, and he pushed the DT 3-yards past the marker. Great physical drive blocker. 

He will struggle to pass block when the QB waggles to his right, and can get turned sideways to try to seal the rusher and fall down. They will also ask him to pull to the left, and down field. I love how he punches the linebacker on the way to hit the Safety. Doubled inside on the NT nicely. 

He can burst into the DT and seal him to the side as quick as I've ever seen. He is an elite run blocker. He just drove #47 of Georgia into the ground again. He is so good pulling outside to the left, but he is better going head to head with bigger, and supposedly stronger, interior linemen. He knocks those big guys back so consistently that it baffles me. He is going to play in the NFL for a long time.

I love how he hits the 5-Tech's inside shoulder. and runs right through him to the 2nd level looking for a linebacker on runs to the left. He pops the 5-Tech up and out of the play with his shoulder, and runs 15-yards straight up field to hit the safety. 

Man, he just never pass blocks. When he gets high, he can be thrown to the ground by the DT. He does not have the size to match these guys without leverage. He is strong as an ox and rarely doesnít win the strength contests, but he can lose the size contests when he gets high.

Shaq At The Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl: This game was very important for him. NFL guys get to see him in an actual NFL offense. "I think every player is going to have a big adjustment," BB said. "The thing Iíll say about Shaq is just watching him at the Senior Bowl, I mean it was only one week, but he made a huge improvement just in those, whatever it was four or five practices, whatever it was down there. His stance is different. You could see each day progressively how he was taking to the coaching down there and his footwork and his hand placement and his body position. I know it was basic. It wasnít like it was a big scheme thing at the Senior Bowl, but just doing things on a daily basis better than the day before, looking more comfortable doing them. And it was different than what they did at Georgia Tech. Just relative to Treí, I would say it probably wasnít as big of an adjustment for him. With Shaq it was. But I thought in a few days he showed tremendous technique progress in that. But I mean look, Steve Neal, talk about adjustment. The guy went from not even knowing where the field was to starting at guard in a year and a half. Itís not that kind of adjustment." This was clearly the best Tape to see him pass block by far. He really excelled in pass pro in this game.

He does a nice job extending his arms into the DT and moving backwards in pass pro, and they ran some Zone blocking runs at the SB as well. He is so good at getting the side of the DT and driving him sideways out of the play. He showed he understood his responsibilities in an NFL system. He played on the left and right sides of the line in this game. He does a nice job fighting over the DT, who is holding him, and hitting the linebacker. I love how he slices to the second level to hit the WLB. He played OG all game and not OC. He does a great job letting the DT rush himself out of the play when he falls for the play action. I like how he gets to the second level, and when he whiffs on the linebacker he will continue moving forward until he hits a DB. Plays through the whistle.

He showed some great power and strength in pass pro. He got under Sheldon and battled him step for step and held him to less than three yards up field. When he was working with his hands and feet together in pass pro he looked like an NFL OG. He got his hands inside on the shirt of the smaller rusher, and pulled his shirt down to take him out of the rush. Nice technique.  

Bends his knees well in pass pro. But, he will lean his upper body a little too forward and get over extended. Then he attacks with a two handed shove, but he can be pulled forward and off balance by a much bigger NT. However, he can then adjust because he plays so low, and stick a jolting shoulder into the rushers gut. He looked better at SB with his technique, but still needs a lot of work in pass pro. He would have gotten beaten up and down by an NFL veteran at DT. He will turn sideways when the OC is suppose to help him, and can be swum over. Sheldon swam over him in the rush. When gets low and shoves up, he was very effective punching rushes back in pass pro. He got better at playing under the rushers, like Wendell, as the game went on. He is very good on screens. He can really hit the DT and impact him up with more force than you usually see on a screen, and then slip off and get to a linebacker nicely.


Shaq Mason Vs NC ST:

As you can see they have him do some wacky stuff in their gimmicky offense. When he is so dominate when they just let him block forward into a defender. Think I'm joking? Watch the block on the second play of the game. He drive blocks the 5-Tech four yards straight back and pushes him off. The 5-tech continues for a another three yards backwards. Shaq then pushes the safety ten yards backwards. That is two defenders he put of skates in one run block (:09). Why would you ever have that guy dive onto the ground for some sort of trickeration that makes no sense.

3rd and 1, and he runs straight ahead and punches the LB back four yards, twice (:15). He is the best run blocker I have seen since Hannah. Think I'm joking. Watch him get a punch in on the DT. It is subtle but he hits him as he runs by him. Then watch the linebacker fill the hole. He hits him up into the air and clean off his feet (:27). He actually can finesse block as well (:36). Watch him slide to the second level and seal the LB.

He pulls to the left and then dives to the ground. I hate when they coach him to dive to the ground. He will over extend sometimes and fall forward to the ground, like he is lost between this Superman dive block, and just getting his hands on the defender and controlling him. You want this guy on his feet moving forward (:56). Watch the great hit in the DT, and then the great turn and quick seal as the RB runs right off his butt (1:07). That is essentially a zone block to the left. He gets to his guy and gets a nice shove in that keeps him out of the play (1:23). He skips to the second level and misses the LB with his shoulder pad (1:33). You can't be great on every play.

Great combo block. He jams the DT into the OC, and then goes and gets the LB. Watch the LB's head jolt back when Shaq hits him. That is a great hit (1:40). He gets tripped by the OC doing that stupid hike the ball and dive on the ground like Superman thing (1:51). Alert! Alert! We have pass pro. He isn't bad at pass pro, just inexperienced. You can see there he does a nice job with his hands and feet to keep in front of the DT and shadow his movements with some nice quicks and hands (2:08). Here he is power blocking the DT six yards backwards (2:18). Ho-hum.

Here he is with that weird hip check block that he does. He dives into the DT's hip and knocks him off his feet (2:47). Short yardage. He gets to the second level and destroys the LB. He doesn't just turn him, he turns him all the way around so his back is to the RB (2:57). I love it! he is such a great run blocker (3:05). Watch him get to the 3rd level and put the Safety on skates.

Okay this has to end. I'm going trolling for pass pro. Or not, they just don't throw the ball. But here he is pulling to the left, which the Pats will definitely have him do. He does that wacky hip check, which he seems to only do moving to his left, and flips the defender to the ground. I love that block. He got a couple of those in against FLA ST as well (4:29). This is another wacky block he does (4:47). See how he powers into the DT, and then runs through his inside shoulder to go and hit a DB on the 3rd level.

Oh my goodness he actually missed a block. That does not happen very often (4:55). Alert! Alert! We have pass pro. This is an excellent pass block. You can see how low he gets in his stance, and shoves up, like Wendell. He stones him at the line. Then the DT bursts to the left, watch his nice feet moving back and then the nice power shove to stop the rush a second time (5:11). That is excellent pass protection.

He will get over aggressive sometimes, and fall down as he over extends, like he is lost between sound football technique and diving (5:33). But then he buries the DT in the endzone. Great power block (5:40). Pass pro. He misses with his hands, but watch the great recovery as he jams his shoulder into the DT's gut. Then the QB takes off of course (5:48). I like this play. He pulls to the left. He swims over the LB. Then watch him go and hunt down the safety. Watch his great feet as he has to shuffle back to shadow him and finally hit him (6:23). He will line up a little crooked sometimes, and take off in a straight angle to the left sideline (6:42). Pass pro. See how he moves his hands and feet in pass pro. That is excellent (7:01). These coaches are so annoying. They are up 26-points and start throwing the ball (7:12). But Shaq does a nice job using his hands as he gets stuck between two rushers. He does have some nice pass pro instincts. Then he drive blocks a LB five yards back into the endzone to end the Tape.

Shaq Mason Vs. NC State:



Mason's Stats:


2014 ALL-AMERICA, SECOND TEAM (Sports Illustrated, FWAA, Phil Steele) 
2014 ALL-ACC (ESPN) 
2014 ALL-ACC, FIRST TEAM (Phil Steele) 
2014 ALL-ACC, SECOND TEAM (ACSMA, coaches)
2013 ALL-ACC, SECOND TEAM(Phil Steele)
2013 ALL-ACC, THIRD TEAM(coaches)

2014 (Senior): Started all 14 games at right guard ... Named first-team All-America by USA TODAY; second team by Sports Illustrated, FWAA, and Phil Steele; and third team by AP ... Tabbed to AP All-Bowl Team ... Named second-team All-ACC by both media and league's head coaches ... Anchored O-line that blocked for Tech's Orange Bowl-record 452 yards of rushing vs. Mississippi State ... Part of Tech's offensive line that allowed just 0.79 sacks per game (1st in ACC, 2nd nationally) ... Tech ranked first nationally in rushing offense, posting school-record marks for rushing yards (4,789) and rushing yards per game (342.1) ... Named ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week three times.

2013 (Junior): Started all 13 games at right guard ... Earned ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week two straight weeks for efforts against Duke (Sept. 14) and North Carolina (Sept. 21) ... Played key role in Georgia Tech ranking nationally in rushing offense (6th), fewest sacks allowed (9th) and red-zone offense (13th).

2012 (Sophomore): Played in all 14 games, starting 12 times ... Made first start of season Sept. 15 vs. Virginia at left guard and never relinquished starting role ... Played key role in Georgia Tech leading ACC and ranking fourth nationally in rushing offense.

2011 (True Freshman): Played in 11 games and started Hyundai Sun Bowl when All-American Omoregie Uzzi sat out with injury ... named him to ACC All-Bowl Team ... Helped Georgia Tech lead ACC in rushing offense, total offense, scoring offense, fewest sacks allowed and third-down conversion percentage.

High School: Columbia Central HS ... Played four seasons for coach Vance Belew ... Served two years as team captain ... Helped Columbia Central to runner-up finish in Tennessee 5A playoffs in 2009 and state championship in 2010 ... Earned three stars from both Scout and Rivals ... Played left tackle and defensive tackle ... Named all-state and all-district in 2009 and 2010 ... Selected to play in Tennessee East-West All-Star Game.

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