Saquon BarkleyRB Penn ST

6', 233, 4.24 SS,

(O) 4.40! 41" Vert!

 29 Reps! 

Seeking Perfection. 


Barkley is the perfect prospect. Elite character, who would rather work than talk. Freakish work ethic in the weight room allows him to lift weights like RBs never have before him. And he translated that onto the field with elite explosion and speed. He tested in four drills, and was top five in RB in three of them: Forty, Benching 225-pounds, and Vert. You cannot describe him with saying elite explosion in everything he does. Elite lateral explosion. Elite explosion up cutting up the gut. Elite explosion on the 2nd and 3rd levels. 

But what most impresses me was his ability to sprint 40 or 50 yards down field, and still make moves on DBs desperately trying to stop him over and over. After sprinting 50-yards or so, RBs usually go down when touched, but he splits DBs like they are rag dolls. He pops them to the ground with his shoulders or straight arm. He makes an explosive move to make them miss, or just friggin' hurdles over them. When everyone else on the field is winded and tired from sprinting, he is still running like he was just handed the ball at the LOS, and is finding a hole to explode through. I hope I described how impressive and rare that conditioning and wind truly is, and that it is all stems from his elite work ethic and character. 

He got a bad start out of the blocks at the Combine, and still ran a friggin' 4.41 at 233 pounds. I stopped having words for him. However, there is an old scouting cliché, "don't draft RBs from Penn State." That is the only negative I have for him. It is impossible for him to be a bust! Just like Ji-Jana Carter and Blair Thomas. 

After Blair Thomas and Ki-Jana Carter (1st pick in the Draft by Cleveland) busted? I said I would never project a Penn State RB into the 1st again. Granted, his bust was because he blew out his knee, but that was after Curtis Enis was taken top five. Barkley was barely able to pass D.J. Dozier on Penn ST's rushing list. Dozier was a bust, and Barkley is only 6th on Penn ST's all time rushing list. Number one PSU rusher is Evan "the Bust" Royster. You cannot tell me that Barkley was a better back at Penn ST than Thomas, Carter, Enis, or Royster (Okay, so he is, so what;). 

So the question is, was Barkley more impressive at the Combine than that terrifying list of RBs. The list of RB bust at Penn State was one of the main reasons why all NFL teams stopped taking RBs in the 1st. Now that RBs are returning to the 1st, is Barkley going to be the shining example, or the incomprehensible reason that you never take an RB in the 1st again. Barkley just blew up the Combine, and looked like he was better than Carter and Thomas. 

Wait there's More:

Barkley is a phenomenal talent. "I know most college coaches, you hear them talk, [and think] ah, he’s biased.' I’ve been doing this for 23 years. He’s the best football player I’ve ever been around," Penn ST HC Franklins said. "And the thing that I would say to you guys, if you get an opportunity to meet him or come here and be around him, he’s a better guy. I’m telling you this, Saquon Barkley is as special of a player, and as special of a person that I’ve ever been around." He is not just an elite athlete, he has all the skills, intangibles, and instincts that make a great RB.

He is not only unbelievably elusive, but he can also power forward for a cloud of dust. "I thought Saquon did a really good job of lowering his shoulder and just hammering in there," Franklin said. "It’s funny, Saquon lowers his shoulder and gets four yards, and everybody’s kind of rolling their eyes like, unless he goes for 80, it’s not as fun and exciting. But they’re the ones that I’m most impressed with. Just being willing to hammer that thing up there and get a positive play." He makes his O-line look better. 

He is such a unique talent. "I think Saquon did a good job of sticking his foot in the ground and getting north-south more consistently," Franklin said. "There’s a fine line with that. There’s times where he does cut back and lose yardage and he goes for 80 and everybody thinks it’s awesome, but then when he gets tackled for a loss, that doesn’t go over very well." Great back sometimes just have to take what is given, and he knows when to lower his head and take a yard or two.

He will line up in the slot. He can go deep and catch the deep pass with natural hands. Easy hands catchers. He is so tough to tackle catching the ball out of the backfield. His speed, quickness and agility curling up field with acceleration on the off tackle run is elite. If this guy is really 230 with 4.33 Forty than he is one of the best RB prospects I have ever see. 

It is just stunning how much acceleration he gets heading up field. Nice job stepping up and blocking the blitzing LB in pass pro. He can stone the LB with strength and leverage. Great form blocker. He stones bigger DLs with his technique. He makes guys look like they are standing still in space. It is amazing how he catches the pitch and is even or behind the LB, and he just flies by him.

His ability to run through tackles and then explode around DBs and run down the sideline is phenomenal. Elite lateral explosion on the second level to make all the LBs miss. He can block on the edge in pass pro as well as any RB in this Draft. He is unbelievably elusive. 

Additional Notes:

Michigan: He makes long TD run look easy. His speed and glide is something to see. If he is really 233-pounds than he is a freak among freaks. He runs by DBs outside, like they are DLs. He is as tough a runner as you will see. Nice power, for a great speed and make you miss RB. 

He was the the best player in college football last year. His size, speed, and instinct combo is untouchable. He runs behind his eyes brilliantly. When he sees a cut back lane he is gone. His 80-yard TD run against Michigan was all vision and speed. Elite cutback runner. He is as good at hitting the line, and then exploding to one side or the other when nothing is there, as anyone I've ever seen. 

Washington: He is such a great runner, he makes them almost unbeatable when they get a lead. He has elite outside speed. He might be as fast as Love getting to the sideline and down the field for the 92-yard TD. He really has some great snap in his COD. He can be so twitchy with the ball in his hands. I was thinking of putting Love above him after watching Stanford's Bowl game, and then I changed my mind when I watched Penn State's Bowl game. If I had a pick with those two guys on the Board, I would take Barkley. 

He is so slick bursting up the middle, and using his elite feet to shimmy-shimmy-shake his way to the third level. They like to run misdirection shuffle pass to him. He does a good job catching that short pass in traffic. He seems to have a lot of opportunities to block in pass pro. 

Pitt: He is unbelievably elusive. He has great lateral explosion that can make three guys miss at the line. He makes everyone on the field look slower. Explosive hop cuts. He can get deep, like Curtis Samuel last season, and catch the 40 to 50-yard bomb. Only e is 30-pound heavier than Samuel. He ran with much better power against Pitt than he did last season. He run for a TD in the 4th was pure power.

Ohio State: He is the most dangerous weapon in college football on a screen pass. Elite kick returner, but why is he returning kicks. I hate college football sometimes. It is incredible how far he can run with such little room to the corner, no one can catch him outside. Great receiver out in the backfield, and he never drops a pass. He is elite in space. He will be such a great weapon in the NFL. He is as tough a runner as you will see. 

Indy: He will line up in the slot. He can go deep and catch the deep pass with natural hands. Easy hands catcher. He is so tough to tackle catching the ball out of the backfield. He speed, quickness and agility curling up field with acceleration on the off tackle run is amazing. 

It is just stunning how much acceleration he gets heading up field. Nice job stepping up and blocking the blitzing LB in pass pro. He can stone the LB with strength and leverage. He makes guys look like they are standing still in space. It is amazing how he catches the pitch and is even or behind the LB, and he just flies by him. 

Barkley Vs Iowa:

He is dead on the Seam. Watch the crazy explosion as he bounced out and took the sideline. That should have been stopped at the LOS. But he juked a CB, not a NT or DT, but a Corner, and took it for 20 (:14). Watch the great break to the outside that left him wide open (:30). Soft natural hands. He turned up field. He is so good that the only guy on the field who can tackle him smoothly is himself.

He is mortal, and will get tackled behind the line sometimes. But did you see that lateral explosion that sent him five yards sideways at the LOS (1:09). He is not snooty. He will block. Watch how he tried to stick his nose into the D-line, and tripped up the DT (1:35). Best runner in the Draft, and he can step outside and run deep patterns (1:41). He had two guys setting the edge. So he just turned up with the unmatched speed to run between them (1:48). Then he ran over a leg tackle. Showed and slid down.

He catches everything thrown to him. He had three guys cutting him off, and still beat them to the corner to get the First, but they spotted it a yard short (2:10). Over and over again he turned short gains into 1st downs. He gets outside the D-end, and then makes the elite cut back to get down to the ten (2:10). He is so quick that he made a guy miss while receiving the hand off (3:07). I mean, there is not a lot to say after that. 

Here it is, just what I've been waiting for. He stepped up into the Gap and blocked the blitzing LB, and stoned him. He got low and wide, and extended his hands with perfect form (3:07). He can catch the ball that is so badly thrown that he has to do a 360 to catch it. Arms fully extended behind him as he pirouettes around and snagged it (3:33). We always remember the big things with a spectacular player like this. But it is those little things, that help his QB like the last two plays, that make him great as well. 

Please, don't ever let him ever return a kick off in the NFL (4:07). Two guys have him dead to rights, and he beats both to the sideline. That is true 4.3 speed in action (4:15). He went inside, and then watch him hop outside to pick up the blitzer. Excellent block (4:43). He is a terrific slasher who can slice between his blockers with speed (4:51). Nice job getting outside to chip on the D-end (4:58). Then he slipped outside as a relief valve. He absorb a big block, and tackled the LB who intercepted the ball. I just don't think their is anything left to say after that. 

So on the next play he broke two tackles in the hole, and almost ran for a TD (5:23). I mean, when was the last time you saw that blend of power, speed, explosiveness, and agility? He is the best Penn State RB I have ever seen. I have to stop watching this.

But what makes him special, even amongst the greatest, is his lateral explosion. Watch the amazing double lateral explosion that made six defenders miss (5:45). That is one of the best runs I have ever seen, and might not even be his best play of the game. He made three guys miss on the first level with his lateral explosion. Then he made three guys miss on the second level with another lateral explosion outside. Then he dived through two guys on the 3rd level to get in the Endzone. That it the third time he dropped the mic in less than a minute.

Then I'm sorry, it's over. He juked and broke three easy tackles. Then stops short, and let the LB run by him. Then he is impossibly sprinting down the sideline (6:08). That last move on the sideline is simple not humanly possible. The agility, strength, and balance it take to that is... speechless. We just saw maybe the four best runs of the entire NCAA season, in a row. Now I'm dropping the microphone.

Unbelievable, another run in the, huh, running for best, huh run of the season. He does it all (6:54). Watch the unbelievable stop and start move to make three guys miss in the hole (7:44). He makes two guys miss in the backfield with unbelievable burst, balance, and explosion (7:53). Watch him get low and block the DL at the line like an OL (8:09). Elite lateral explosion (9:22). Elite instincts to make guys miss. That was two guys he hurtled over (9:46). He is the best RB prospect I have ever seen. It's like trying to tackle a spider on its web. 

Oh my goodness. The power, the agility, and the lateral explosion to make this run is not humanly possible. Finally, he hurt his foot or his ankle and Mercury become mortal again (11:07). But he still helped out his QB with a great block on a blitzer on the edge (12:42). And then as a relief value, and two straight blocks in pass pro to allow his QB to throw to get into position to score, and then throw for the wining TD as time expired on the clock.

Barkley Vs Iowa: AyVubixUVtY

Barkley's Official Bio:

Career: Finished his career as Penn State's all-time rushing touchdown (43) and total touchdown (53) record holder, surpassing Lydell Mitchell's marks of 38 rushing and 41 total touchdowns,respectively, from 1969-71...Moved past Mitchell's total touchdown mark vs. Michigan (10/21/17) and his rushing mark against Nebraska (11/18/17)...Capped his career as the Penn State career all-purpose yards leader (5,538), surpassing Larry Johnson (5,045; 1999-2002)...Owned nine games with 200-plus all-purpose yards in his career (four in 2016, five in 2017)...Is 1-of-2 Nittany Lions to reach the 5,000 all-purpose yard mark and the ninth player in school history to eclipse the 4,000 all-purpose yard mark...Set the school record with a touchdown scored in 15-straight games, a streak that began at Purdue (10/29/16) and ended at Michigan State (11/4/17)...Became the only player in Penn State history and just the fourth in Big Ten student-athlete to gain 3,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving yards in a career...Ended his career as the lone Nittany Lion with a rush and reception of 80-plus yards in a career...Became the seventh player in Penn State history to reach 3,000 yards rushing in a career...Finished his career No. 2 on Penn State's career rushing yards list (3,843), trailing only Evan Royster (3,932; 2007-10)...Joined Royster as the only two rushers in Penn State history with three 1,000-yard rushing seasons...Concluded his career tied for No. 5 with 15 career 100-yard games (five in 2015, five in 2016, five in 2017), including three 200-yard efforts (two in 2016, one in 2017) which was No. 2 in program history...Capped his career as the career record holder in receiving yards by a running back (1,157), passing Tony Hunt's mark of 799 yards (2003-06) vs. Georgia State (9/16/17), doing so with 26 fewer receptions...Became the 30th Nittany Lion and first running back in PSU history to top the 1,000-yard receiving mark...Was the 16th Penn Stater and first running back in program history to eclipse the 100-catch mark, ranking No. 16 in career receptions (102), joining teammates Mike Gesicki (129; 2014-17) and DaeSean Hamilton (209; 2014-17) and current assistant coach Terry Smith (108; 1989-91)...Joined teammates Mike Gesicki and DaeSean Hamilton as the second RB/WR/TE trio to eclipse 1,000 career receiving yards in Big Ten history (Purdue, 1982-85: WR Steve Griffin, 2,234 yards; RB Rodney Carter, 1,814 yards; TE Marty Scott, 1,247 yards)...Ranked No. 22 at the conclusion of his career on Penn State career receiving yards list (1,195)...Capped his career at No. 2 on Penn State's career scoring list (318 points), which were the most in Penn State history by a non-kicker, besting Lydell Mitchell's 246 points from 1969-71...Finished his career No. 10 on the career touchdowns responsible for charts, accounting for 44 touchdowns in his career (43 rushing, 1 passing)...Had 109 career rushes of 10 or more yards in his career (34 in 2015, 46 in 2016, 29 in 2017)...Owned 13 multi-rushing touchdown games in his career (two in 2015, four in 2016, seven in 2017)...Had 17 multi-touchdown games (two in 2015, six in 2016, nine in 2017)...Owned four career games with three-or-more touchdowns (two in 2016, two in 2017)...Had a streak of 14 consecutive games with at least one rush of 20 yards snapped at Rutgers (11/19/16), a streak that was the second-longest in college football in the last 20 years (19 - LaMichael James, Oregon [2008-10])...Collected six career Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honors (two in 2016, four in 2017), which ranked tied for No. 5 in Big Ten history at the conclusion of the 2017 season...Had two Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week (both in 2017)...Earned Big Ten Freshman of the Week twice in 2015...Won six Player of the Week honors in 2017 (four offensive, two special teams), which were the most in a single season in Big Ten history at the end of the 2017 campaign.

Bowl: Capped his career No. 2 on the career bowl charts in rushing yards (400) and tied for No. 2 in bowl receptions (17), tying with teammate DaeSean Hamilton...The 92-yard rushing score in the 2017 PlayStation Fiesta Bowl broke the Penn State and Fiesta Bowl record for longest rush...The 92-yard run was also the longest play from scrimmage in Fiesta Bowl history, passing an 85-yard pass from Ohio State's Troy Smith to Santonio Holmes vs. Notre Dame in 2006...The 139 yards rushing vs. Washington in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl rank No. 9 in a single bowl game in program history...The two rushing touchdowns vs. USC (2017 Rose) and vs. Washington (2017 Fiesta) finished tied for No. 2 with nine others on the single game bowl charts at Penn State...The seven receptions vs. Washington in the 2017 PlayStation Fiesta Bowl finished tied for No. 3 in Penn State's single game bowl history.

Season: 2017: Was 1-of-6 student-athletes in the FBS to score four or more offensive touchdowns of 65 yards or more...Broke the program record for receptions by a running back with his second catch vs. Nebraska (11/18), eclipsing Larry Johnson's 41 grabs during the 2002 season, and has 54 catches in 2017 to end the season ranked tied for No. 12 in single season history...Eclipsed the single season record for receiving yards by a running back (632; 2017), topping his own record of 402 yards set in 2016...Capped his career as one of two Penn Staters with multiple 100-point seasons, scoring 138 in 2017 and 132 in 2016, joining Kevin Kelly (2005-08)...His 138 points in 2017 are tied for No. 3 on the single season scoring list...Tied the program single season record with two kickoff return touchdowns, equaling the marks of Chuck Peters (1940), Curt Warner (1980) and Derrick Williams (2008)...Ranked No. 2 at season's end on the single season all-purpose yards list with 2,329 yards, and became just the second player in program history to eclipse the 2,000 all-purpose yard mark (Larry Johnson, 2,655; 2002) in a season...Concluded his career as one of only three Penn Staters to reach the 1,500-yard all-purpose mark twice in a career...Ranked tied for No. 2 on the total touchdowns (23) list...Finished his junior season ranked No. 11 on the single season rushing charts (1,271)...The 17 rushing touchdowns in 2017 finished tied for No. 7 on the single season charts with John Cappelletti (1973)...Teamed with Trace McSorley (11) as the third set of Penn Staters with 10-plus rushing touchdowns in a single season, joining Evan Royster (12) and Daryll Clark (10) in 2008 and Charlie Pittman (10) and Lydell Mitchell (10) in 1969. 2016: Finished No. 5 on Penn State's single-season rushing yardage chart with 1,496 yards in 2016...Broke the sophomore rushing record of Evan Royster (1,236; 2008) with 1,496 yards in 2016...Owns the sophomore scoring record and ranked No. 5 on the single-season scoring list with 132 points, passing Kevin Kelly's sophomore mark of 96 points (2006)...Barkley and Tyler Davis (128) became the first set of teammates to score 100 points in the same season in Penn State history...Broke the sophomore rushing touchdowns record with his 14th score of 2016 at Rutgers (11/19) in the third quarter and finished with 18 rushing scores...Became the first Nittany Lion since Zach Zwinak (12; 2013) to score 10-plus touchdowns in a season...His 22 overall touchdowns (18 rushing, 4 receiving) are No. 5 on the single-season charts...The 22 total touchdowns were the most since Larry Johnson scored 23 in 2002...His 18 rushing touchdowns tied Richie Anderson (1992) for No. 5 on Penn State's single-season charts...Ranked No. 3 on Penn State's single-season all-purpose yards list with 1,927 yards in 2016, the highest total since Johnson's school-record 2,655 yards in 2002. 2015: Broke Penn State's freshman (true or redshirt) season record with 1,076 rushing yards in 2015, surpassing D.J. Dozier's mark of 1,002 set in 1983...His 2015 season effort ranks 18th on the Penn State single-season rushing charts...Finished tied for first place on the Penn State true freshman season rushing touchdown (Dozier, 7) and 100-yard rushing games lists (Dozier, 5)...Broke Penn State freshman (true or redshirt) season record for all-purpose yards with 1,237, surpassing the mark set by Dozier (1,191; 1983).
Game: Set the single game all-purpose yards mark with 358 at Iowa (9/23/17), accounting for 211 yards rushing, 94 yards receiving and 53 yards on kickoff return, topping Curt Warner's previous mark of 341 vs. Syracuse in 1981...The all-purpose yardage total vs. Iowa ranks No. 10 all-time in the Big Ten record books and marks the fifth 300-yard all-purpose game in Penn State history, including the second by Barkley... Produced the fourth 300-plus all-purpose yard game in Penn State history with 306 yards against USC (1/2/17) in the 2017 Rose Bowl with 194 rushing, 55 receiving and 57 kick return yards...Twice broke the Penn State sophomore record for all-purpose yards, first with 277 (207 rushing, 70 receiving) at Purdue (10/29/16) and again vs. USC (1/2/17)...Tallied 30 points at Pittsburgh (9/10/16), which is tied for No. 4 in Penn State history (fifth occasion)...His 12 receptions vs. Iowa (9/23/17) finished as the most in school history by a running back...The 12 catches vs. the Hawkeyes were the most by a B1G running back since Stephen Houston (Indiana) had 12 at Purdue (11/24/12)...His 85-yard touchdown catch vs. Georgia State (9/16/17) is the third-longest reception in Penn State history and the longest by a Penn State player in Beaver Stadium history...The 92-yard touchdown run vs. Washington (12/30/17) in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl finished tied for the longest rush in program history, equaling the mark of Blair Thomas (1986; Syracuse - non-touchdown) and Bill Belton (2014; at Indiana)...The 92-yard run broke the junior record, previously held by Bob Riggle (86; at West Virginia) from 1964...Furthermore, the rush was the longest in Fiesta Bowl and Penn State bowl history at the close of his career...Joined Ki-Jana Carter as the only players in Penn State history with multiple 80-yard rushes in program history (92 vs. Washington, 2017; 81 at Purdue, 2016; 80 vs. Akron, 2017)...Became the 15th different Penn Stater with a 200-yard rushing game vs. Maryland (10/8/16) with 202 yards, which ranks No. 25 on Penn State's single-game rushing charts...His 207 yards rushing at Purdue (10/29/16) rank No. 22 on the single-game charts and were the most since Larry Johnson's 279 yards vs. Michigan State in 2002.

➤ 2017 ➤ Junior Season:: Awards: National: Named the recipient of the Paul Hornung Award, as college football's most versatile player...Finished No. 4 in the Heisman Trophy voting, the highest finish by a Penn State player since Larry Johnson finished No. 3 in 2002...Selected as a finalist for the Maxwell Award, Doak Walker Award, Lombardi Award and Walter Camp Player of the Year Award...Became the 100th first-team All-American in Penn State history...Was Penn State's 42nd consensus All-American and first Nittany Lion offensive player since Larry Johnson in 2002...The 14th unanimous consensus All-American in program history, and first since Carl Nassib in 2015...Earned first-team All-America laurels at running back from the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and Walter Camp...Selected first-team All-America as an all-purpose player by the Associated Press, Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and Sporting News...Earned first-team All-America honors from CBS Sports,, Phil Steele, Sports Illustrated and The Athletic as an all-purpose player...Garnered second-team All-America laurels at running back from CBS Sports, Pro Football Focus, Sports Illustrated and USA Today...Selected third-team All-America by Phil Steele at running back...Earned first-team All-America honors as a running back and honorable mention laurels as a kick returner from SB Nation...Named first-team All-America at running back and second-team All-America as a kick returner by College Sports Madness.

Big Ten: Became the fifth student-athlete in Big Ten history to win the Chicago Tribune Silver Football as the conference's best player twice since the award's inception in 1924...Joined the group of Minnesota's Paul Giel (1952-53), Ohio State's Archie Griffin (1973-74), Indiana's Anthony Thompson (1988-89) and Ohio State's Braxton Miller (2012-13) as two-time Silver Football winners...Named the Big Ten's Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year for the second-straight season...Is the first Big Ten running back and third Big Ten student-athlete to earn multiple Player of the Year awards in the conference's history, joining Braxton Miller (Ohio State; 2012 & 2013) and Drew Brees (Purdue; 1998 & 2000)...Earned Ameche-Dayne Running Back of the Year for the second-straight season...Claimed the Rodgers-Dwight Big Ten Return Specialist of the Year, becoming the first Penn Stater to claim the award, which was established in 2015...Is the second player in conference history to win three major B1G awards, joining Michigan's Jabrill Peppers (Defensive POTY, Linebacker and Return Specialist of the Year; 2016)...Garnered first-team All-Big Ten at both running back and return specialist from both the coaches and media panels...Is just the second running back in Penn State history to earn back-to-back first-team All-B1G honors, joining Curtis Enis (1996 & 1997)...Earned Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, along with first-team all-conference at running back and all-purpose player from the Associated Press...Named Pro Football Focus first-team All-Big Ten...Garnered first-team All-Big Ten honors at running back and kick returner from Phil Steele...Selected as the ECAC Offensive Player of the Year and first-team All-ECAC at running back and return specialist. 

In-Season: Selected to the All-Bowl team as an all-purpose player following the Fiesta Bowl...Earned Midseason All-America honors from The Athletic, Associated Press,,, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated (RB & all-purpose) and USA Today...Named Big Ten Co-Offensive Player of the Week (Barrett, OSU) on Sept. 4 after rushing for 174 yards and totaling 246 all-purpose yards vs. Akron...Earned Big Ten Rose Bowl Player of the Week on Sept. 5 after his effort vs. Akron in the season opener...Selected to the Paul Hornung Award Honor Roll on Sept. 11 after posting 183 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns vs. Pittsburgh...Named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week on Sept. 25 after breaking the school record for all-purpose yards (358) vs. Iowa...Graded out as the top offensive player in the FBS during week four by Pro Football Focus to earn a spot on the National Team of the Week...The effort vs. Iowa also earned him Rose Bowl Big Ten Player of the Week and Maxwell Award Player of the Week, along with a spot on the Hornung Award Honor Roll and Pro Football Focus Big Ten Team of the Week...Named Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week and garnered a spot on the Hornung Award Honor Roll on Oct. 2 after posting 205 all-purpose yards vs. Indiana, including a 98-yard kickoff return for the touchdown to open the game...Garnered Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week, along with earning a spot on the Hornung Award Honor Roll, on Oct. 23 after piling up 176 all-purpose yards vs. Michigan...Added his second Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week Award on Oct. 30 after returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown at Ohio State...Garnered Big Ten Player of the Week and a spot on the Pro Football Focus Big Ten Team of the Week after logging 224 all-purpose yards vs. Nebraska (11/18). 

Preseason: Among 10 players named to the Big Ten preseason honors list, as selected by the conference's media members, joining teammate Trace McSorley...Named preseason first-team All-America by the Associated Press,, Pro Football Focus, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, USA Today, Lindy's, Street & Smith and Athlon Sports...Named the No. 5 player in FBS by the No. 1 spot on Sports Illustrated's "Feldman's Freaks" list heading into the 2017 campaign.

Season: Appeared in all 13 games with 12 starts...Selected team captain prior to the season...Was the 24th FBS player to produce 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in a season since 2000...Scored a touchdown in 15-straight games from Oct. 29, 2016-Oct. 28, 2017, which set the Penn State school record, passing Curtis Enis' 14-game streak from 1996-97...Had a streak of nine-straight games with a rushing touchdown snapped vs. Georgia State (9/16), which was the longest streak by a Penn Stater since Larry Johnson had 11 in a row in 2002...Set the single game all-purpose yards mark with 358 (211 rush, 94, receiving, 53 KR), a total that sits No. 10 all-time in the Big Ten...Became the first Big Ten player and sixth FBS player since 1996 with a kickoff return for a touchdown and a passing touchdown in the same game when he did both vs. Indiana (9/30)...Was the first FBS player in the last 20 years with 50 rushing yards, 50 receiving yards, a passing touchdown and kickoff return for a touchdown in a game...Was only the ninth non-quarterback in Penn State history to throw a touchdown pass (10 occasions), joining teammate Nick Scott (Illinois; 2015)...Became the first Penn State running back with multiple passing completions in a season since Nick Scott (2-of-2; 2015)...Named Penn State's Most Valuable Player and earned the Captain's Award at the team's annual awards banquet.
Rankings: Was 1-of-5 student-athlete in the FBS with five all-purpose plays of 80 yards or longer in 2017...Ranked No. 2 in the FBS and led the Big Ten and Power 5 in all-purpose yards per game (179.15)...Was tied for No. 4 nationally and led the Big Ten in total touchdowns (23)...Finished No. 5 nationally and led the Big Ten in kickoff return touchdowns (2)...Ended the season No. 5 nationally and led the Big Ten in scoring per game (10.6)...Ranked No. 5 nationally and led the Big Ten in total points (138)...Finished No. 9 in the FBS and led the Big Ten in rushing touchdowns (18)...Ranked No. 32 nationally and No. 5 in the Big Ten in yards per carry (5.86)...Sat No. 33 in the FBS and No. 4 in the Big Ten in rushing yards per game (97.8)...Ranked No. 57 in the FBS and No. 6 in the Big Ten in points responsible for per game (11.1)...Ended the season No. 74 in the FBS and No. 5 in the Big Ten in combined kick return yards (426).
Akron (9/2): Rushed for 174 yards and two touchdowns on 14 carries...Posted the second-longest rush of his career, an 80-yard burst in the second quarter...Notched his seventh career multi-rushing touchdown game and ninth career multi-touchdown game...The 80-yard run is tied for No. 11 in program history (eight occasions)...Caught three passes for 54 yards...Returned one kickoff for 20 yards...Totaled 246 all-purpose yards. Pittsburgh (9/9): Carried 14 times for 88 yards and one touchdown...Tied a team high with four receptions and 45 yards...Had a 46-yard reception in third quarter, scoring a touchdown on the play...Returned two kickoffs for 50 yards with a long of 32 yards...Owned a game-high 183 all-purpose yards...Earned the coaching staff's Offensive Player of the Week. Georgia State (9/16): Led the team with 226 all-purpose yards...Caught four passes for a career-high 142 yards and one touchdown...His 142 yards receiving are the most by a Penn State running back since Len Krouse had 155 yards out of the backfield vs. Syracuse in 1940...Is the first Penn State running back with 100 receiving yards since Tony Hunt had 110 yards at Minnesota in 2004...The 142 receiving yards are the most by a Big Ten running back since Curtis Samuel (OSU) had 177 vs. Bowling Green in 2016...Had a career-long 85-yard reception for a touchdown in the first quarter...Had one kickoff return for 37 yards to open the game...Rushed 10 times for 47 yards with a long run of 33 yards. at Iowa (9/23): Totaled 358 all-purpose yards to set the school record and rank No. 10 on the Big Ten's all-purpose charts...Posted his third career 200-yard rushing game with a career-best 211 yards rushing...Caught a career-high 12 passes for 94 yards, marking the first 10-plus reception game since 2014 (14; DaeSean Hamilton vs. Ohio State, 2014)...Returned three kickoffs for 53 yards...Had one rushing touchdown...Made his first career tackle in the second quarter on an interception return...Garnered the coaching staff's Offensive Player of the Week. Indiana (9/30): Became the first Big Ten player and sixth FBS player with a kickoff return for a touchdown and a passing touchdown in the same game since 1996...Rushed 20 times for 56 yards and caught four passes for 51 yards...Returned the opening kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown, the first Penn State kickoff return for a touchdown since 2011...Totaled 205 all-purpose yards (56 rushing, 51 receiving, 98 return)...Attempted and completed his first career pass, a 16-yard touchdown pass to DaeSean Hamilton in the fourth quarter...The passing touchdown was the first for a Penn State running back since Nick Scott threw a scoring pass against Illinois in 2015 and was the longest completion by a running back at Penn State since Eric McCoo completed a 63-yard touchdown pass vs. Illinois in 2001. at Northwestern (10/7): Carried 16 times for a game-high 75 yards on the ground with two touchdowns...Had scoring rushes of 1 and 53 yards...Caught two passes for 9 yards. Michigan (10/21): Posted his third-career three-touchdown game - first of the season - with two rushing scores and one receiving score...Rushed for 108 yards on 15 carries...Had touchdown runs of 69 and 15 yards in the first quarter...Caught three passes for 53 yards, including a 42-yard catch and run for a score in the fourth quarter...Also returned one kickoff for 15 yards...Totaled a game-high 176 all-purpose yards (108 rushing, 53 receiving, 15 kickoff return). at Ohio State (10/28): Rushed 21 times for 44 yards and one touchdown...Caught four passes for 23 yards...Returned the opening kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown...Returned two kickoffs for 105 total yards...Piled up 172 all-purpose yards (44 rushing, 23 receiving, 105 kickoff return). at Michigan State (11/4): Carried the ball 14 times for a game-high 63 yards...Had a long rush of 36 yards...Caught three passes for 33 yards...Returned a pair of kickoffs for 15 yards...Totaled 111 all-purpose yards (63 rushing, 33 receiving, 15 kickoff)...Completed his second career pass, a 20-yard toss to Mike Gesicki in the first quarter. Rutgers (11/11): Carried 14 times for 35 yards and two touchdowns...Made one reception for 20 yards...Returned one kickoff for 30 yards...Posted 85 all-purpose yards (35 rushing, 20 receiving, 30 kickoff return). Nebraska (11/18): Scored three touchdowns on the ground...Rushed for 158 yards on 17 carries, with no carries for negative yardage...Caught six passes for 66 yards...Totaled 224 all-purpose yards (158 rushing, 66 receiving)...Earned the coaching staff's Offensive Player of the Week. at Maryland (11/25): Had a pair of rushing touchdowns...Carried 16 times for 77 yards...Caught one pass for 4 yards...Returned the opening kickoff 3 yards...Totaled 84 all-purpose yards (77 rushing, 4 receiving, 3 kickoff return). vs. Washington (12/30): Carried 18 times for 137 yards and two touchdowns..Scored on a 2-yard rush in the first quarter...Broke away for a career-long 92-yard run for his second touchdown of the game in the second quarter, which tied for the longest rush in Penn State history...Caught a game-high seven passes for 38 yards...Totaled a game-high 175 all-purpose yards (137 rushing, 38 receiving).

➤ 2016 ➤ Sophomore Season: Awards: Earned second-team All-American honors from The Sporting News and College Sports Madness...Named third-team All-American by the Associated Press, Athlon and Phil Steele...Selected to Campus Insiders Sophomore All-America first team...Earned All-Bowl Team honors from Associated Press (all-purpose), Sports Illustrated, Athlon Sports and to the Big Ten All-Bowl Team...Shared the illustrious Chicago Tribune Silver Football for the Big Ten’s best player with J.T. Barrett of Ohio State...Is the first Penn State running back and fourth Nittany Lion overall to win the Silver Football, joining Daryll Clark (2009), Michael Robinson (2005) and Kerry Collins (1994)...Named the Graham-George Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and Ameche-Dayne Big Ten Running Back of the Year...Is the eighth sophomore to win Offensive Player of the Year in Big Ten history, most recently by Ohio State’s Braxton Miller in 2012...Is one of 17 running backs to win Offensive Player of the Year in Big Ten history...Is the third-straight running back to win Offensive Player of the Year (Melvin Gordon, WIS; Ezekiel Elliott, OSU)...Is the fourth Nittany Lion to win Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, joining Kerry Collins (1994), Curtis Enis (1997) and Michael Robinson (2005)...Is the first Penn State player to win Running Back of the Year (award established in 2011)...Is the first sophomore to win Running Back of the Year in Big Ten history...Unanimous All-Big Ten first team selection by the media panel...Earned All-Big Ten first team from the conference coaches...Is the first Penn State running back to earn All-Big Ten first team honors since Evan Royster in 2009...Named to the All-Big Ten first team by, Phil Steele and Athlon Sports...Named Pro Football Focus All-Big Ten second team...Selected to the All-ECAC Offense first team...Selected one of 18 semifinalists for the Maxwell Award and among 10 semifinalists for the Doak Walker Award...Named to the Big Ten Preseason Honor Roll...Named to the Rotary Lombardi Award Preseason Watch Lists...Named to the Dante Hall Award Watch List...Named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week on Oct. 10 after his 200-yard rushing performance vs. Maryland...Named CBS National Player of the Week and Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week after totaling 277 all-purpose yards at Purdue (10/29)...Became Penn State’s first two-time B1G Offensive Player of the Week since Daryll Clark won the award twice in 2009...Named to the Pro Football Focus National Team of the Week following his performance at Purdue (10/29)...Named Rose Bowl Game Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week after piling up 211 all-purpose yards vs. Iowa (11/5)...Honored as team MVP at the annual Nittany Lion Football Banquet.

Season: Started all 14 games...Became the first Penn State player since Larry Johnson in 2002 (289 yards vs. Michigan State and 327 yards at Indiana) to post back-to-back game with 200-plus all-purpose yards, gaining 211 vs. Iowa (11/5) and 277 at Purdue (10/29)...Became the first Penn Stater with multiple 200-yard rushing games in a season since Larry Johnson (4) in 2002 when he rushed for 202 yards versus Maryland (10/8) and 207 yards at Purdue (10/29)...Six rushing touchdowns in the first three games of the season were the most by a Penn State player since Evan Royster (6) in 2008...Seven combined offensive touchdowns (6 rushing, 1 receiving) were the most by a Penn State player since Lydell Mitchell had seven to begin the 1971 season.

Final Rankings: Led the Big Ten and was No. 5 in the FBS in total touchdowns (22)...No. 9 nationally and No. 1 in the Big Ten in rushing touchdowns (18) and total points (132)...Paced the Big Ten and was No. 12 nationally in scoring (9.4 ppg)...No. 1 in the Big Ten and No. 21 nationally in all-purpose yards (140.86 ypg)...No. 2 in the Big Ten and No. 14 in the FBS in total rushing yards (1,496)...No. 2 in the Big Ten and No. 24 in the FBS in rushing yards per game (106.9 ypg)...No. 4 in the Big Ten and No. 58 nationally in yards per carry (5.50 ypc).

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