Rasul Douglas- CB WVU

6-1.7, 206, (PD) 4.57, 6.97 3-Cone

10' Broad, 33.5"Vert,  

 4.26 SS, 16 Reps, 32.3"Arms,

3rd Round Corner. Part II. 


He played deep Off a lot in their system. They played a wacky nickel defense as their base defense. It put a lot of pressure on the their DBs to tackle. He is great against the run as a result. he is a great form tackler. He can hit the RB hard, and take him down. He often lined up against their top WR, whether he was a Flanker or a Split End. He is a one year wonder. He was a JuCo kid, who only started for one season at WVU.

He had a good day at his Pro Day. "CB Rasul Douglas (6-1 7/8, 206) just ran one 40 (4.57 seconds)," Gil Bryant wrote. "And rested on all of his other numbers from the combine." Getting a 4.5 next to his name was huge for him.

He will line up over the top against the Stack and take the inside WR. Great job meeting the WR where he was making his break. Despite his size, he needs to go to a team that prefers to play Off. Great hitter and tackler on the WR catching the ball in front of him. He can get there late, and hit the WR so hard that he jolts the ball out as the WR is turning to run. WVU DC puts a lot of pressure on his secondary to tackle. Douglas stepped up last season and was a dominating tackler.

Even when he misses the hand off, he still gets himself in great position to get the RB. He played over the top sometimes in coverage, and looked like an NFL FS to me. If worst comes to worse he might have to move to safety, but he will not be a bust. They had him play back like a FS sometimes, and he roamed and took out the WR going down the seam off the play action like a Pro Bowl Safety. He really showed his size hitting WRs over the middle. Nice job covering H-backs down the sideline. But he will cry push off when the TE catches it on him.

He played almost solely on the Blindside when the number One Corner went over there. A team like the Panthers will be hoping to grab him on Day Two (oops the Pats have their 3rd), or praying for him on Day Three. Great quick feet in pedal. He played so far Off that he would stay in his pedal with one eye on the QB longer than any other CB in this Draft. 

He gets pissed when WR catch it on him. He can read the pattern and run it with the WR. He has some nice snap bursting outside to cover the Out. What he lacks in speed he makes up for with burst, quicks, and anticipation. His is better on Tape than on the track. 

Nice burst forward out of pedal. I love his feet moving backwards. Love how he burst to the middle out of his pedal, and went and knocked the RB on his butt. He can play FS if he can't handle the speed at CB. Great at angling forward on the WR going down the sideline, and taking him out a lot sooner that you'd think possible. Great ball skills. Last season he looked like he had the best ball skills of all the CBs.

He was great in the Endzone where it is more about quicks than speed. He can meet the WR at the Goal line on the slant and tackle through him as the ball arrives (though the WR will hold onto it against Oklahoma;). He can take the WR right off his feet when he catches it in front of him. 

He can get his hand on the WR's hand and slap hard as the ball arrives. Nice timing to hit the WR as the ball arrives. He needs to play in a system where they want their CBs to have one eye on the QB and one on the WR. He can play the double move outside so well that he forces the QB to throw it out of bounds.

Combine: He was great in coverage at the Senior Bowl. I though he looked like a great bump and run corner. If he gets under a 4.4 he is a 1st. No corner has his length, and he has great feet and hips. I haven’t done his Tape yet, but I could not have more impressed with him. He is a one year wonder who had 8 INTs last season. A little tight hipped in last two twists out deep. NFL South teams need big CBs. Nice quick feet. Nice pedal. Nice burst forward out of pedal. Didn't have drop in 1st gauntlet. Didn't have drop in 2nd gauntlet.

Previously released:

This guy is huge. "I'm glad we've got him," WVU HC Holgorsen said. "Right now, he's our best defensive football player. He's continuously gotten better. He's making big plays that have a big outcome on the game. I couldn't be happier or prouder of what Rasul has done." He has terrific hips and COD for a guy his size.

He was terrific in coverage at the Senior Bowl. "He picked off a pass, and it was like, 'Oh, shoot, this guy is going to be a dude,'" coach Guilliam said. "Then he laid a hit on a receiver, knocked him clean out, and you were like, 'This guy was going to be a thumper.'" Plus, you have to remember that he is 6-2 and over 200-pounds. 

His combination of skill and size is going to make him a good one. "He's playing at a very high level right now," WVU DC Tony Gibson said. "He's putting up numbers right now that we haven't seen in a long time." When you have a CB his size that can move like Douglas, you could have something very special. 

I don't know if he has the hips, but he sure looked like he did at the SB. "I was hard on him as a coach," Davis said. "Because he was so competitive, he took a liking to that." He has great ball skills. 

He is a one year wonder who was a JuCo Kid, and had 8 INTs, last season. "He did what he had to do," Guilliam said. "He made sure he got to class. He did the work. Got to study hall. Did everything he was supposed to do. We call it the JuCo grind. But he never complained and just continued to work." Very physical at the line. He can turn and run stride for stride with the big WR. Great eyes. 

He is a JuCo kid who spent two years at Nassau C.C. "There's nothing he can't do," NCCHC Joseph Osovet said. "He's the type of kid that if he does the right things at West Virginia, he can get a paycheck for playing the game." He can jump the route and get in front of the WR and take the ball. TMIWTMIL.

Douglas Vs Oklahoma:

This is an interesting Tape because they put him on the QB's right to cover Dede Westbrook, who I wouldn't take with a 10-foot pole. The last game I watched they kept him solely on the Blindside to cover the Number One WR. I don't like the snow, because it made him look slower. But we learn more by watching the long tall CBs against the ultra quick little guys. Dede is a bad investment in this Draft, but he is quick as a waterbug on crack.

WVU expected their CBs to line up like LBs sometimes and play the run in their wacky nickel defense (:01). Watch the snap in his hips as he turned outside and got a hand on the WR. These are very tough conditions to play CB in on the outside (:12). Here he was fighting Dede to protect the sideline. Watch how he threw Dede to the ground and tackled the RB. He might be the best run defender of all the CBs in this Draft (:19). I keep thinking I want to move him to safety, because he is so good against the run. But he can cover.

He held his ground and meet the WR at the pass (:34). Watch him read the jet-sweep to Dede, and charge into the backfield. He threw the blocker to the ground, and went to get Dede in the backfield. But missed him on the icy surface (:48). But the watch the quicks, COD, and recovery, as he went and tackled him from behind. It is not easy to tackle Dede in space, and it is a hell of a lot harder on ice.

Watch him meet the WR. Then he grabbed and slowed him. Watch the QB get flustered as he he wanted to go to Dede downfield (:56). He instinctually protected the sideline, and took the outside shoulder of the blocker. That was a good play, because you cannot give Dede the sideline (1:07). Then watch the hustle as he tried to run Dede down from behind.

It is tough to stay with a waterbug in the snow (1:23). He played the run like a FS as the last line of defense. When a CB runs in the 4.6s you have to evaluate him as a FS as well (1:37). He had to protect the sideline first (1:45). He got all the way across the field to get in front of the Mixon on the sweep (2:04). He fought off the DB to get in front of the RB (2:22). Watch the nice feet and hips as he turned and ran with the WR (2:36). Then he went and found Mixon on the second level, and hit him like a safety out of bounds

Okay, this Tape sucks. But watch him go over the middle and tackle Perine like a SS (2:45).  (2:04). We want to see his great ball skills in coverage. Finally watch this great coverage. This is what I saw a lot when I watched him. He gave up too much space for the QB to throw into in the middle of the pattern (3:11). But watch the great recovery and instincts as he caught up to Dede, and was in front of him when the ball arrives. He punched the ball up in the air, as he knocked Dede face down to the turf. Then he leaped up over the crumbling Dede, and caught it in midair on the second attempt. That is an elite interception. 

Up in Press. Watch the feet and COD as the WR stopped and started twice. He not only stayed with him, he shut him down (3:47). Back in Off. Watch the quick feet moving backwards. He liked to stay in his pedal longer than any other CB in this Draft (3:56). Dede just can't get open (4:01). You can see the QB looking at him, but can't throw it. Sorry guys I wanted to see him against Dede in bad weather, but forgot this was a blow out, and they ran because of the bad weather. 

Douglas Vs Oklahoma:


Douglas' Official Bio:

2015 (Redshirt Junior)

Played in 11 games
Added depth at cornerback and was used on special teams
Finished with eight tackles, including six unassisted tackles, a pass breakup, an interception and a forced fumble
Saw time on a season-high 60 snaps at Baylor
Played 20-plus snaps against Kansas, Texas Tech, TCU and Baylor
Recorded a season-best three tackles at Baylor, including two unassisted tackles, also a career high
Tallied first career fumble recovery at Baylor
Earned his first pass breakup at TCU
Registered first career interception at Kansas
2014 (Redshirt Sophomore) - Nassau Community College

Played for coach Joseph Osovet at Nassau Community College
NJCAA All-American First Team
PrepStar JUCO All-American
Helped team to a 10-0 record, No. 6 national ranking and a victory in the Valley of the Sun Bowl in 2014
Registered 43 tackles in 2014 as a sophomore, including 33 unassisted and 7.5 tackles for loss
Also had two interceptions, 15 pass breakups, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery
Ranked fifth nationally in pass breakups
Made five or more tackles in five games
Collected 11 stops, including 10 solo and 1.5 tackles for loss against Lackawanna
2014 All-Northeast Football Conference (NFC) Defensive MVP
2014 All-NFC First Team Offense
2013 (Redshirt Freshman) - Nassau Community College

As a freshman in 2013, he compiled 40 tackles, including 27 unassisted tackles, three interceptions and three pass breakups
Four-star defensive back prospect by ESPN, Rivals. Scout.com and 247Sports
Three-star rating by PrepStar
No. 1 JUCO cornerback in New York, No. 3 JUCO cornerback nationally and No. 27 JUCO prospect in the nation by 247Sports
No. 29 overall junior college prospect by Scout.com
No. 19 on the Rivals junior college preseason Top 100
No. 3 junior college defensive back according to ESPN
No. 20 on the ESPN Junior College Top 50
2012 (Freshman) - Nassau Community College


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