Rashod Berry-

TE/DE Ohio State

6-4, 255, #13

Inexperience Can Be Dangerous. 


Berry is an ultra athlete looking for a home. He is a basketball player who hasn't quite found a home on the football field yet. He played some D-end for Ohio State. It appears that the Pats are gong to try him at OLB first. He listed himself as an OLB in a tweet: "OLB @ New England Patriots... Slimeee Mentality"  I like him as a TE. 

He is a not ready for primetime player. Versatile athlete who can line and do things athletically that a lot of other dudes just can't. Still more basketball player than football player. But, he can get physical. He is tough. He is a competitor. He will fight. He can come through in the clutch. 

Prototype physically. Great size-speed ratio. Dynamic with the ball in his hands. Powerful runner who can run over DBs. He has some deep speed, and of course the Vert to go up and get the ball. Instinctual runner. Seems faster the further he runs. Top character. Hard worker, who improved as a football player last season. Just beginning to harness his vast physical talent. 

He can step in and help out on Special Team instantly. He can be a great 3rd or 4th TE who can block in every way you want. He is dynamic with the ball in his hands, in a stunning way. Great soft hands to catch everything with the greatest of ease. He can run through, over, and around multiple defenders, and spin off one, just for fun. Then can line up and rush the QB as an emergency D-end due to injury. He is BB's dream of versatility. 

Mentally he doesn't always understand what is going on. Good instincts. Elite athlete who needs to concentrate being a special teams maven more than a tight end or OLB to start off. Similar to Nate Ebner. Even though we have the worst tight end group in the NFL, he won't make the team as a tight end. He can make the team on special teams on the coverage and blocking units. Terrific blocker. 

He has that knack for the spectacular. The Corona Plaque might help him. He needs time mentally in an NFL program. Having the season delayed can only help him. Spending a redshirt year or two developing mentally into a football player can only help him. With the utter lack of leadership in the White House by President Dumbass, I don't see how there is an NFL season this Fall. 

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His biggest play of a year was catching the pass on 4th down late the Maryland game that led to the winning score. "It goes back to being a team-first guy," OSU coach Rositano said. "He's going to do whatever's best for the team. I never heard him complain and I don’t know anybody that heard him complain. In 30 years of coaching, there ain’t none better. There’s nothing fake or phony about him. Great kid. Great heart." Mentally he doesn't have it yet. 

He had no idea that is was 4th down? But he made the play. "It’s crazy because I didn’t know it was 4th and One," Berry said. "I don’t know what I was thinking. But my whole mindset going on the field was, 'I gotta make a play. I gotta make a play.'" In the top percentile of athletes in this Draft and went undrafted. 

Great blocker in pass pro. Oddly the thing he took too first was blocking. He can get low, grab shirt, and control the rusher with his hands while moving his quick feet. He is an NFL blocker already. Dude hustles on the field. He can block in pass pro. Then hustle down field after the QB throws, somehow get infront of the WR, and make a second great block like on a punt return in space. 

He was plagued by inconsistency at Ohio State. "He has an awful lot of talent. He’s very capable of being whatever he wants to be. Now it’s putting it to use at that level. I think he’s learned a lot of lessons. I’m excited to see the opportunity the NFL can provide for him," OSU TE coach Tim Hinton said. "The NFL is not about development. From the first rep you need to do a very good job. The ability to go from a classroom setting out to the field is very important for him." He has to show he can think the game. 

Berry Vs. Penn State:

We always expect a bunch of URFA to make the Pats. but it really is only one or two every year. The Pats get their pick of the litter every year, because of their reputation for snagging undrafted guys and giving them legit chances to make the team. They have more excellent choices this year than normal. Myles Bryant is a great college talent, but running in the 4.6s is a deathnel for a Corner in the NFL, but not a special team guy who can cover. Coe is a supreme athlete. but played blind. He couldn't find the ball if the QB hit him in the head with it. 

You have to see this play to believe it. He lined up on the end of the line closest to the camera on the QB's left, #13. He kickslides back a little late, but with a great burst back. Then watch him get his hands in the LB's shirt and control him with position, balance, feet, legs and hands (:04). That is a great block in pass pro. He showed he can do the steady work on the field. 

Then he shows his knack for the spectacular. The QB threw the ball about 20-yards downfield from where Berry was blocking in pass pro (:10). Those are his feet flying up field at the top of the screen. He makes the block that gave Victor a lane to the Endzone, 30 yards downfield from where he was blocking when the QB threw (:15). He has already made the Patriots if he can do that on punts and punt returns. 

Let's face it, most URFA make the Pats on special team. If you look at that play from a special teams perspective? This kid has a chance, because he can step in and block right away. He showed on that play that he can block for the punter at the end of the line. Then take off and get 30 yards down field fast to cover the kick. 

He also certainly showed that he could run 30 yards downfield and block for the punt returner, and give him a lane to the Endzone. That play more than anything else showed why he could make the team this year, probably as a redshirt, and eventually get on the field blocking for and covering punts. He is a work out warrior, who will not be cut for lack of working. 

Berry Vs Penn State:


Berry Vs. Michigan State:

Oddly, he is a converted basketball player who is a better blocker than receiver. We have not seen that before. Just watch the explosion off the snap. He gets to the Edge guy oddly, but coverts it to a great block moving him about 5 yards inside (:01). Usually the converted basketball player is an elite receiver, who can go up and snag anything in the air, and has to be trained as a blocker. 

But not Berry. He got to the Edge low, and sealed him inside, but the RB cut back inside (:06). As we saw above, he is great in pass pro. He can step on the field in the NFL as a rookie on 3rd down, because he is great in pass pro already (:12). Watch the great block on the edge. Great job moving his feet in contact (:19). Watch the hands move the body of the D-end. That is what you want to see in a TE block. He seems to have than knack for making the block that give his teammate a lane. 

He can get open dragging over the middle (:30). He can block in space (:47). Love his strong hands in pass pro. Watch him gripping shirt in pass pro here (:54). He was primarily a blocker at Ohio State. Just watch this power block in space (1:03). He will line up as a FB and will miss the block sometimes (1:23). But he can also make the spectacular block. 

He gets twitchy blocking too much, but he consistently makes the block (1:29). Great impact. Great hands. Great block on the edge (1:42). He does such a great job pushing and pulling defender away from the play with his hands. Great hands blocking (1:49). Fast in pattern. Can find the holes in the zone (1:54). And, if you throw it too him high he can go up and get like a basketball player playing football. This kid has a chance, if he can handle it mentally. 

Berry Vs Michigan State:


Berry Vs. Penn State:

I think he can make the team as a special teams maven and 3rd or 4th Tight End who can block. "He’s a great kid. He’s really over the years grown," Hinton said. "He understands the big picture, the team concept, the personal sacrifice to win." The only TE from last season who should still be on the Pats when next we play (whenever the hell that is?) is Ryan Izzo. If he can stay healthy? 

But can he be an offensive weapon? Can he be as dynamic as you expect a basketball player who converted to tight end can be? Can he run after the catch? Is he a natural hands catcher? Does he have any ability to convert his elite athleticism and work ethic into production on the field? Can he run patterns to get open? 

Berry Interview and Tape Breakdown.

Lined up in the Slot. He sinks into the Zone nicely. Watch the nice easy hands that allow him to catch and turn at the same time, like a basketball player (2:12). Then the burst and power to explode through two tacklers. Then the dynamic feet, balance and agility to skip over another diving leg tackle. Then the strength, determination, and burst after contact to straight arm through another DB and score the spectacular TD. 

Terrific release, and just watch the acceleration in pattern. He has the athleticism to play in the NFL. He can find the open hole in the Zone. He shows some smarts on the field. I question his football smarts. He showed some there. We know he has it all physically. He is freakishly fast, and freakishly fierce and strong blocking (4:22). Also his hands. It is very difficult to find Tape of him catching the ball. But again he shows soft natural hands here. He sees the ball late, and snaps his hands up and the ball melts into his soft hands. 

He has some wiggle in pattern (5:08). At H-back on the QB's right. He finds the open space in a small area. He has some suddenness turning back to the ball. Effortless hands. You can see his teammates really like him (5:22). Okay, some think his best position in the NFL might be at D-end. You really gets to see his get off and explosion when he rushes. Right 5-Tech. He can use his size, long arms, and burst to power in his get off to drive the OLG back into the QB (6:45). Elite athlete who looks like he can do anything he wants on the field. The more you can do on the football field, the more BB likes you. 

Berry Vs Tape Break Down:


President Dumbass Doesn't Want Real Americans To Get Tested, BUT...


He gets tested every day, sometimes more than once!!!!!!!

If there is no danger, why is President Dumbass getting tested everyday?

While refusing to allow real Americans to get tested?!?

The Mahoney Model:

If President Dumbass and the Republican Party not only refuse to do anything to help anybody, but continue to spread lies and misinformation about how dangerous and deadly this Virus is? With the Daily Death Tolls STILL RISING EVERY DAY!!!!!! We will be well past 100,000 DEAD AMERICANS by the end of MAY. 


We will be well past 100,000 DEAD AMERICANS by the end of MAY. 


We will be well past 100,000 DEAD AMERICANS by the end of MAY. 

With President Dumbass purposely going out of his way to make everything worse. And purposely killing thousand of Americans with his vicious incompetence every week. Why would the Curve even pretend to go down? It is time for some real honest and terrifying models. 

March, April, May death tolls will be over 100,000 dead. Just tell me one thing President Dumbass has done to Cut the Curve: 


So here it is. In three months, with the NFL looking to get ready to start the season, we will be closer to a QUARTER MILLION DEAD AMERICANS THAN ANY SIGN OF SANITY IN THE WHITE HOUSE! In six months the Mahoney Model brings the death toll up to 300,000. because of the utter loss of leadership, compassion, and American Know-How in the White House and the Republican Party? HOW IS THE DEATH TOLL NOT OVER 250,000 DEAD AMERICANS by October!?!?!?

In nine months, led by the purposefully-murderous and obviously-intentional leadership by President Dumbass and the Republican Party, they will be leading us to World War II levels of DEAD AMERICANS at 405,000. With a vaccine still over half a year away. How is this not being talked about all day long. If you, don't just do nothing to Shorten the Curve, but purposely and incompetently continue to raise the Curve maliciously daily? We will be looking at Civil War level deaths of over 600,000 DEAD AMERICANS by the time the vaccine is allegedly ready.

Let's be clear again. THE DAILEY DEATH TOLL IS STILL PURPOSELY BEING RISEN BY THE WHITE HOUSE. Any model that shows a miraculously downturn anytime soon is a crime against humanity. With no DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT, there will be no miracles of incompetence. In November, on Election day, in about five months? Will be be looking at OVER A QUARTER MILLION DEAD AMERICANS!!!!!!! 

With President Dumbass cheating in every possible way to win, including begging help from his KGB Master Vladimir Putin, who he purposely conceded the title of "World's Most Powerful Man" too. AND the Turkish Czar, that Michael Flynn also works for, will be attacking America's Election as well. 

That is the vision of America by the new Republican Party led by President Dumbass and his evil and corrupt cohorts in the White House, and his Family. If you like that vision of America as well, you might be as Evil as President DumbAss himself. 

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