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I Was Wrong Rant? 




I was wrong! I was wrong about so much in the past two weeks itís embarrassing. Itís like I always say, ďall rules have exceptions, except for the rules that are the exceptions to that rule.Ē A midseason loss is really just a midseason loss, even when you get embarrassed. However, there are exceptions. Like when a team goes All-In. The problem with Rex Ryan brash bragging style is that eventually you run into a house you canít blow down. If you get your guys to believe all your bravado, and then put everything on the line in a single game to prove your greatness, what happens if you fail? The Jets loss to the Pats was much more devastating to their psyche than it should have been. The problem with going All-In on a single game, is if you lose your players cannot trust your word as much again. It wasnít just another mid season loss to the Jets, they went all-in and said, ďWe are so much better than you it is ridiculous, and we are going to prove it to everybody.Ē Then they lose, LOL. So where do they from there? Apparently down to Miami and lose a game to a team that throws for 55-yards! Are you kidding me? The Jets shouldnít have been embarrassed by Monday Nightís loss, it was just one of those things that happen when you compete, but they sure as hell should embarrassed by last weeks loss! But instead of being embarrassed they implode: they attack each other, get caught cheating on the field, and start bickering with each other in the press. Ryan didnít just lose the battle on Monday Night, he lost the war.

I was wrong about the Pats team this year. Actually thatís not really true. They were not legit contenders when this season started. That is the reason why BB is the coach of the year. What is coaching? Is it all schemes and dream? Is it putting players into positions were they can succeed? Yes and yes. However, it is also teaching. It is showing and explaining to players how, when, and where they can get better. It is allowing the players to get better and adjusting to their improvements. No coach in the NFL has done more teaching and improving the play of their young players than BB, especially on defense. No coach in the NFL has taken a good team that was probably too young on defense to be a legit contender, and molded them until they were the number one Super Bowl contender: each practice, each quarter, each game, and improving the team each week. The Patís are plain and simply the best team in the NFL, and they clearly were not when the season started. I am as big a Patís Homer as anyone, and this was the first season in a while that I resigned myself to the fact they were not legit contenders, and they werenít. But they sure as hell are now.

Just take this past weekís game as another example of the massive improvement of this team. This past weekís game was a revelation. The beating they gave to the Bears was not just an offensive beating, like the score might indicate, this was the Patís D stepping up and giving a defensive beating to a team for the first time this year. As great as the offense has been this year, this was the first time the defense was the marquee and not the compliment to victory. The Patís defense has progressed from being a detriment to victory, to giving the Bears a beating and being the driving force to victory in week 14. If you donít think BB should be Coach of the Year, just look back at how horrible the Pats defense was in the first half of the season. The Pats might have had the worst defense in the League, and certainly in the top five worst in the first half of the year. The development of this defense has been more amazing than the Amazing Woodhead.   

I underestimated the greatness of Brady. He is on pace to have maybe his best season ever. Not statically, as no QB may ever match 2007, but all around game. His leadership may have been the key to this team having only two loses in the first half of the season, when the defense was giving up 400 yards passing a game. He stood up and took charge, and yelled and screamed his way to the open leader of this staggering ship, and took all the pressure unto his shoulders after the Moss debacle threaten to destroy this team like it destroyed the Vikings and Titans. His obsessive desire to sail to victory steered this team through the early chaos that should have sunken the Pats ship this year. His ability to lead this team on and off the field should make him the MVP this year alone. However, if their were any doubts, you just need to look at the past three games with everything on the line. The past three games are the difference between the 1st seed and maybe missing the Playoffs, like the self-imploding Jets are threatening to do. Instead, they win these three games they get the top seed. If they had lost one or two of them, they could have sunk to the last seed. Literally, any hope of going to the Super Bowl rested on his arm the past month. BBís magnificent coaching and Bradyís teeth-gritting leadership throughout the first half of the season has brought the Pats to the point were they were somehow in position to garner the first seed and Homefield advantage throughout the Playoffs, but they had to be great for three straight games to have that chance to grab the AFC by the throat. I always say you never have your best or worst games two games in a row, and in this case I was right again, because Brady has had three perfect games in a row. His past three performances have been nothing short of greatness during the most important stretch of the season. His efficiency, intelligence, accuracy, and calmness in the eye of the storm have been a revelation to this team all season, and never more visibly so than in the past month. Though the statistics wonít show it, this has been his best season to date.  

I thought the Pats would be Monday Night-lagged for the Bearís game. But I honestly thought they would pull it out, as they have been the best team in the NFL while playing the toughest schedule in the NFL. The Bears were showing to be better than anyone expected, but they havenít played anywhere near as tough a schedule as the Pats. Plus, BB and Brady were 9 and 0 in snow games. I honestly thought it would be a punt-fest early. Was I ever wrong. The great Tom Brady came out and played as perfectly as you can in a blizzard. However, more important to the Pats chances in the Playoffs, the defense was great. They beat down on offense for the first time this season. Now they had a lot of help from the weather, but you canít take away what they did in the last game, and in the past three games really. If the defense plays like they have for three games in the Playoffs, like they have in the past three games, the Pats are Super Bowl Champions again.

I started this whole no great teams this year thing that everyone has been repeating, and I was wrong. I donít know if the Pats are great yet, but they are starting to do great things this year. They are starting to break and/or tie NFL records, impressive records that could put this offense in the record books as the most efficient offence ever. They are on pace to break the record for least amount of Turnovers by an offense in a season. They currently have 7, and the record is 11 set by Baltimore in 1982. They havenít committed a Turnover in five games. Before this season and after the AFL -NFL merger, the record was 4. However, Atlanta has been assaulting the record as well, and reached six in their win against Green Bay . Ironically, the Pats could tie Atlanta ís new record with a turnover free game against Green Bay this week. Brady will take a home winning streak record to 27 if they beat Green Bay Sunday Night. Brady has thrown nearly 270 consecutive passes without an interception, and the record is 286.

The Pats Super Bowl chances just got better again. I thought the Bears game would be the toughest of the final four. I wasnít worried about the Green Bay game before Aaron Rogers got hurt. I donít see an independent doctor allowing him to play on Sunday, and I just canít see anyway they win this game without him. The best news this week is that if we win Sunday and next week in Buffalo (and I dare anyone to take Buffalo in that game, LOL), they can rest some starters a little against Miami . This season is turning into a perfect season for the Pats. They had an extra half a Bye week after thanksgiving, and now, if they win the next two games, they have set themselves up for another half-a-Bye-week. Coming into the Playoffs, the two most important things are to be hot and healthy. At this time of the year, every team is banged up. Getting extra rest is a huge advantage. Like the 2001 Patriots, who got the 9/11 Bye. Remember? They had their Bye week after 9/11, and games week canceled that weekend, so their Bye week was prorated to the end of the season. They didnít receive a Playoff Bye, but had a tragically special Bye to end the season. The problem is that they are so hot, that BB is going to have to manage that hotness Vs extra rest in week 17. I donít see anyway Green Bay comes into Foxboro and wins, and I donít see anyway Buffalo suddenly gamers a victory against the Pats after losing 14 straight to us. That leaves lonely Miami in week 17, and the question will not be how do we get a victory, the question will be how to get the most rest for our starters and still keep our hotness.

Okay, I have no end for this Rant. I have been writing this for three days with a migraine from all of the Jets huffing and puffing, and have found no end in sight. I mean, did the Jets cheating coaches really implicate the Patriots in that horrible criminal act by their strength and conditioning coach? Really? No wonder the Jets are falling apart, they have no honor or accountability in themselves. And all the ESPN ignoramuses will jump on board just like they did with Denver's cheating and somehow blame the Pats. Whatever? So allís I say is bet New England this week and next and then rest for the Playoffs;-)   

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