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A Meeting of the Mind(less) and Moss? 




Wow! Just when you thought life couldnít get any crazier, the Minnesota Vikings come to town, and leaves a wake of chaos behind them, along with a player. I donít even know how to comment on the bizarre behavior of Brad Childress. I think BB said it best on WEEI, ďI canít comment on any other teamís transactions or players.Ē I couldn't agree more. What the hell kind of comment can you add to what happened the past few weeks?

First, Childress goes Spygate on BBís ass before the game, then he freaks out and releases Moss, without permission from the his GM or owner, and probably guaranteeing his release after the season, if not during season. But what he really did was reveal a leaderless franchise. Whose in charge? The ridiculous owner who wanted Moss and Favre at all cost. The ridiculous GM who made it clear he had no responsibility for any of the Moss or Favre decisions. And of course the perpetually ridiculous Childress, who has a degree in psychology, so you think he would know better, but apparently when he plays mind games he ends up playing them with himself. Is it any wonder that this ridiculous franchise sold itsí soul for the vastly overrated Favre, and then gave up a valuable 3rd Round pick for Moss, only to have buyers remorse three weeks later and release him.

The only thing I can say is thank god for Bill Belichick. Enjoy this time when he is running the Patriots. Now is the golden age of a Patriots football. Sooner than you think, Tom Brady is going to retire. Worst of all, sooner than you think BB is going to be gone as well. We can only hope that he pulls a Parcells and jumps upstairs to become president of operations after he is done coaching. Every now a again, and I know Iíve been throwing around the stupid moniker lately but come on, random act of stupidity, thatís funny;-) However, every now and again the truly stupid reveal their stupid brains, and talk about getting BB out of town. Now as nuts as it sounds, Iíve heard so-called patriotís fans saying this crap. And that is not just sports stupid, that is real life stupid. BB adds a stability to this franchise that all other team try and emulate. He makes mistakes, like all people. He had three straight bad drafts, like a lot of people in sports. His trade down philosophy may have been overdone and annoying, but he has used to rebuild this defense in two years. You have to give him credit for keeping this franchise stable while he rebuilt the team, that is not an easy accomplishment, especially when you observe all the chaos of other franchises we have seen.

I hate the throwback uniforms. Do you not remember what it was like around here before the logo change. Their was no glorious past, it was chaos, like in Washington . When the Pats wear the red uniforms it should be a reminder of how good we have it now. Last November we took a family vacation down to Washington . We spent a week driving around Maryland and DC. I got bored with the CDs and found some sports radio stations to listen to. I ended up listening to the Lavarr Arrington show. It was last season when apparently coaches were fighting with each other, and players were fighting with each other, and the whole bizarre Offensive Coordinator leaving week. It was chaos! First fist fights in the locker room, then coaches fighting and quitting and being fired. There was obviously no one in charge, and then the Head Coach came out and lied about the whole thing. Saying that nobody hit anybody, even though members of the press saw it, and everybody literally just laughed at him. Now I donít know Dan Snyder, but whenever I see him he reeks of arrogance and insanity, and let me tell you something, crazy and arrogance donít mix. It is not a coincidence that his self-induced hierarchy can do nothing but fail. It really showed the stark contrast between the worst run team in the NFL and the best run team in the NFL. There was more chaos in a week in Washington then there has been for the past ten seasons here in Foxboro. After experiencing that ordeal, Iím amazed that Washington has won a single game since the insane Snyder has taken over, and as long as he is in charge they will never be winners.

BB adds a stability to this team that we are so used to seeing that we take it for granted. But every now and again we get peeks into what it is like on other teams, and a reminder of what it was like before he came to town. Every week a different team comes to town, and we get a little glimpse into life in another organization: the culture of stupidity in San Diego, the culture of arrogance in New Jersey, the cold-hearted incompetence of the owner up in Buffalo, the nearsighted incompetence of the Viking franchise, and of course the chaos created by crazy owners in Washington and Dallas. I heard something hilarious on a podcast this week, I donít remember which one, but they were talking about Jerry Jones and how he wanted to take over as coach of the Cowboys, but NFL rules forbid an owner from coaching his own team. Now if the NFL really wanted to promote itself they would let owners coach their teams, and can you imagine that wonderful display of arrogance and insanity? I would watch that reality show, and I hate reality shows. Can you imagine that ego on wheels coaching the Cowboys, LOL. I gar-un-tee it would be the funniest show on TV. I even have a name for it, ďJerry does Dallas

After watching this whole Moss saga I canít help but feel lucky. I disagreed with the Moss release, but I canít argue with the results. They have been on a nice streak. Iím not even sure I would take him back? Itís one thing to disagree with BB, but when he proves himself right, what can you say? The loss of Moss somehow added stability to this team. Now, a lot of what we saw had way more to do with the young defense maturing and becoming a physical, bruising, and turnover inducing defense, than the offense. The question is, do you want to mess with this new formula?

Believe it or not, but right now we have the best record in the NFL, and have played one of the hardest schedules. Besides the boneheaded led Buffalo team, we havenít had a cup-cake game. If the defense continues to improve every week, like say the 2001 team, they are going to break a lot of heart come December and January (and February;-). Iím just sayiní...   

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