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A Vicious Racist Rant On My Way To The Super Bowl. 



August 22nd, 2010

I like to be optimistic. I know I sometimes bash some writers, owners, and commissioners, but for the most part I try and keep a positive spin on football. Maybe that’s why I can’t get a job writing about the pats. It seems 90% of sports writing now-a-days is bash-n’-dash. Find some small silly thing and bash it into the headlines, like Brady who said he hates the Pats, and run away. Seriously, Brady hates the Jets? Who gives a crap? I hate the Jets. Most pats fan hate the Jets. Don’t you want your favorite team's players to hate your division rivals? 

Or how about the ridiculous racist reaction to LeBron James signing in Miami . Can You imagine someone telling You where You can work, how You should leave your last job, or what city You can live in? Are You kidding me? You’d tell them to go fuck themselves! But because Lebron is a big black athlete white guys think they have the right to attack him for doing what they pretend to value in white athletes: took less money, swallowed his ego to win, and wants to be a team player. Which brings us to vitriolic writers, what do you think they would have said if Lebron had stayed in Cleveland ? He took the money. He doesn’t really want to win. He’s not a team player. And worst of all, he wants to be the Star and doesn’t want to share the spotlight.

And how about the cretin owner of the Cavs? Lebron made this guy a 1/4 to 1/2 a Billion dollars, that's Billion with a B. All the media wanted to talk about was how the Cretin gave Lebron everything he wanted, hired his friends, and and all the other stuff. Well, for everything he gave Lebron he received a hundred fold. Lebron made Cretin a Billionaire, that's Billionaire with a B. And do you think he'd be be the slightest bit grateful? Yeah right. Do you think he could just say thank you for single handedly making me a half-a-Billion-dollars? LOL. Do you think the Cretin had enough respect for the man who personal made him millions upon millions of dollars, that he could see Lebron was a grown man who had the right to work anywhere and for anyone he damn well pleases? Hell no! Instead he acts like a petulant child who just has his binky (read: bottom line) stolen from him by his favorite slave (read: employee). Which is becoming more and more a diagram for the NFL collective bargaining. Like Brady said, the owners want the player to work 12% more and be paid 20-33% less. Pay attention Labor worker everywhere, this is the new model for corporations everywhere, Labor is worthless. It's like when I saw an interview with that idiot Jonathon Kraft, he was spewing the company line as usual, and he said that the players make to pie a percentage of the the pie, because "the NFL is not labor intensive." He continue to say that it's okay for labor to make a big percentage of the pie if the it's "Labor intensive", but since the NFL is not "Labor intensive" it is unacceptable. The NFL is not "Labor intensive"? Are you kidding me? What in the hell is more "Labor intensive" than the NFL? NFL players sacrifice their life and limb for the team. They literally Labor so hard they most of them are cripples by the time they are 40 or 50. A whole crew of player's average career in less than 3 years. After playing RB in the NFL for 2.6 years you are more likely to be half-a-cripple, then be on a roster. Can you imagine Johnny boy taking  a job that was so "Labor intensive" that surgery was more likely require every year for an employee than not? I mean, this coming from a guy who couldn't play in the Lingerie Bowl, never mind play football against actual men. He's like Crackhead George, he was born on third base and thinks he hit a homerun. I remember in an interview I read where he was bragging about how he worked his way up through the organization, starting at the bottom and working his way up to be the President of the Patriots, LOL. Your daddy owns the team! You didn't earn anything Patrick Sullivan, I mean Johnny boy. What a maroon. 

Okay, who cares about Lebron, my new favorite player, or Johnny boy. And okay, maybe it’s not as racist as it appeared to be. My only caveat to the idea that the attack is clearly racist is that it was eerily similar to the attack on BB for spy gate. And my only caveat to that is if Lebron was a white guy, do think it would have been reported differently? Would he have been given credit for using his fame and the circumstances of his “Decision” to raise chartable money for the Boys & Girls clubs of America? You bet your ass. Can you imagine if it was Brett Favre who put on that show for charity? Every football writer in America, except for Felger, would have been saluting him for finally sacrificing his massive ego for the team. I know this has nothing to do with nothing, but black players and white player are reported on differently by the media, that is a fact. Case in point Ted Johnson. He “Kicked his wife down the street”, as I quote one of his neighbors who witnessed the vicious assault on his wife on the local news (I can't remember if was channel 4, 5, or 7 I was watching). Was he banished from Boston?  Are you kidding me?!? He was promptly given not one but two jobs on local TV covering the Pats. Then he promptly became the victim, because “concussions made me do it” (yes, that is a fake quote;-)? The whole incident became about the NFL not taking concussions serious and not about brutal and ugly spousal abuse by a white athlete? 

Do I dare even mention sexual Predator Ben? Everybody, and I mean everybody except myself and my new favorite ESPN guy Tom Jackson, were reporting on Sexual Predator Ben “embarrassing the NFL”. It still pisses me off to even say that! Can you imagine if it was a black athlete who hired cops to help him rape a college girl in a bathroom? That question was a pure honesty test. How do think the local cops would have reacted to that? Do you think they would have berated the poor white girl into tears for reporting she was just raped, or do you think they would have driven 100 MPH to that club and arrest the black athlete, with prejudice (yes, pun intended;-). Warning this was another honesty test. If cannot see how vicious the media would have been reporting that case, then you are simply not paying attention, at best. 

Remember the vitriol that is still going on with Tiger Woods? Who did not have non-consensual sex with anyone, period. Everybody was shocked! Shocked I tell you that the worlds most famous athlete in-the-world was banging groupies? Next you’ll tell me professional athlete are doing steroids! I’m shocked, shocked I tell you shocked. That their are steroids being used in here! Which reminds me of the greatest fraud committed on athlete by the media and fans:

For you young fans out there, is an almost quote from Casablanca. A movie about a guy who own a club in northern Africa during WW2 when refugees were fleeing Europe. He had an illegal gambling casino and he bribed the French chief of police by allow him to play in his casino and win. When the Germans came for a pre-invasion visit, everybody was afraid of them because they had just conquered all of Europe. The German General ordered the chief to shut down the casino, and the chief started yelling, "shut down the casino. I shocked! Shocked I tell you that gambling is going on here!" then the manager of the casino came over to him and handed him a giant wad of cash, and said "here are your winnings sir". The chief promptly stuffed the cash in his pocket and said thank you. And then starting yelling about being shocked, and gambling, and this place is closed. It was the same thing with baseball players using steroids. Like nobody knew baseball player were using steroids, LOL. What a crock of shit. Everybody knew they were using steroids. I knew they were using steroids and I hate baseball. One look at McGuire and Sousa bashing forearms and only someone who is completely incapable of being honest with themselves would claim they didn't know they were using steroids. All you whiney bastard who are still complaining about steroids in baseball are full of it. They have been using steroids in baseball since Maris and Mantle shot it out for 60 in 1961, with only help of "vitamin B" injections, LOL. And the steroids they were using were so archaic, I mean the "stress" was so bad that their hair was falling out; they had steroid-acne, I mean strange rashes all over their backs, bouts of steroid-depress..., I mean just plain stress-induced-depression, Maris's forearms blew up into steroid size arms, I mean he got suddenly stronger through hard work, and of course Mantle had to sit out the season because he shot himself in the ass with steroi..., I mean he went to a mysterious doctor, who gave him a "vitamin B" shot in a sterile office, with a clean needle, and an alcohol swab, and he just got a mysterious infection in his hip that he kept hidden for weeks rather than go back to the doctor who shot him up with "vitamin B". Yeah right! The Yankee's have been calling steroids "Vitamin B" ever since. Back then nobody knew the side effects of steroids, especially bad steroids like they had back then: hair falling out in clumps, steroid-rage and emotional roller coaster rides, steroid-rashes and strange steroid-acne infections, the lowering of immunities especially to infection, massive bouts of steroid-depression, and premature death. Now we all know the side effects of steroids, and how those two where a diagram of how not to use steroids. And all you hypocrites who still complain about the steroids in baseball: I know you knew, you cheered for them, you loved every moment of it, and now you're completely full of it.     

And now back to our regularly scheduled rant:

Tiger was being called everything from: a scumbag, a worthless human being, to just a bad person like his dad, and even a sexual predator. He was just banging golf groupies. I say that with the horrifying knowledge that a local radio icon was, the week before Sexual Predator Ben was busted, calling Tiger a “Sexual Predator”. Can you imagine what he would have said if it was Tiger in Georgia and not Sexual Predator Ben? What do think the media would have been reporting then? How capable are you at being honest with yourself? I can guarantee you 90% of republicans will fail this test;-) And Teabaggers everywhere are currently putting me on their shoot first and ask questions they-don’t-give-a-shit-about later, LOL. Well so much for being optimistic, LOL. It’s like I always say, “if you can only make one person in the whole world laugh, it might as be yourself.”  

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