Pats Vs Tampa



Pats Vs Tampa First Half,

with a little Nate Solder thrown in for fun.


August 18th

The game started off with Jerod Mayo looking mighty nice. He came off the weakside edge and crushed the QB. The QB flipped the ball haphazardly as Mayo wrapped him up. On 2nd and 10 Fletcher makes another nice play for a one-yard stop. On 3rd and 9, Carter tried a Rip move, but Donald Penn stifled him. He kept fighting and as Freeman tried to break to his right, Carter was able to startle him and force him to throw the ball, even though Penn came back in and swallowed him up. Punt.

Brady on the field for the first time this year. What’s better than Brady to Welker for a 1st down. Solder slide back nicely, but Brady threw so fast that no rusher had time to get near him. On 1st and ten Solder Sealed Clayborn easily. Woodhead slammed up the middle for 2. On 2nd and 8, Solder pulled out to the 2nd level as Clayborn was left to the TE Hernandez. Hernandez rode him down the line as he abandoned his position, and Woodhead scooted behind they for a 28 yard run.

On 1st and 10 again Solder pulled straight ahead 5 yards down field, and hit the LB who was able to hold his ground and make the tackle. Solder stalemated Clayborn easily as Brady tossed it ever so lightly to Hernandez for a far too easy looking 17-yard TD pass to Hernandez. 7-Zip Pats. 

Tampa came back on 1st and 10, but Gerald Warren bust through the interior Tampa line for a 4 yard loss on 1st down. On 2nd down Carter blast off the snap and took the edge. However, Penn was able to Hold Carter from behind just enough as Freeman was able to skip around the pocket just enough to get the pass off. Then Moore came around form the other side and hit Freeman to the ground just as he threw the ball. Okay, I’m doing it, I’m sayin’ it, if the passrush persists like this, I’m callin’ it, right here right now, Super Bowl baby, and they don’t even have Haynesworth and Shaun Ellis on the field yet!

On 3rd and long the Pats pressure caused the Tampa O-Line to jump off sides to make it 3rd and 19. They set up a Screen right to try and slow down the rush a little, but Anderson came all the way across from the opposite side to help out Mayo on the Tackle. Carter was cut and still hit freeman, or at least got his hand on freeman’s shirt. This all out attacking one-gaping defense is giving teams fits so far.

The Pats come out throwing again. Brady hits Ocho across the middle, and he gets decked. On the opposite side Solder and Yeatman didn’t even allow Clayborn to get off the LOS.

Solder stalemated Clayborn on the edge again, as Yeatman swings outside for his first reception as a Patriot. Hernandez slides out for a little slip screen and picks up the 1st down. Solder let Clayborn hop pass him and run himself out of the play. Solder and Yeatman combined again to stuff Clayborn, and this time it was mostly Yeatman, who is going to make this team. He has been the best blocking Tight End on the field by far so far in the Preseason. Solder rose Clayborn past Brady, as Hernandez broke open again and Brady zipped him the ball for a 1st down. 

On 1st and 10, Clayborn beat Solder clean inside, but Manikins popped over and crushed him. However, the LB was then able to come in unblocked and stop the Lawfirm for nothing. On a quick Draw, Solder shoved Clayborn to the edge, and let him burst himself out of the play, and Woodhead slipped in behind him for six. On 3 rd and 4 Brady to Ocho made it look easy. As all the DBs came up on the play action, and Ocho just ran the simplest of Skinny Posts for the easiest TD of the season.

On 1st down Guyton blitzed right up the middle to hit Freeman. However, He made an excellent throw and hit Sammie Straughter right in the hands. Although it sure looked like he dropped it to me. They ran the ball on 1st down, and André Carter burst off the line and set the edge so well they called Penn for Holding to make it 1st and 20, and passrushing time. Tampa Lined up in a shotgun, and four Patriots leaped on top of him Mayo got their first, and then Moore, and then Carter, and then Myron Prior. On 2nd and 26 the O-Line panicked into a False Start again. On 2nd and 31, even I was feeling sorry for the Tampa O-Line. Mayo blitzed right up the middle again, and hit Freeman just after he released the ball, And when you hit the QB, drops have a way of happening. Mike Williams leaped up for the ball but couldn’t hang on. 3rd and 31, Carter made a nice move. He had been blasting to the edge all game, and this time he did a nice inside move, forcing Penn to give him a “Butt Block”, which almost worked. However, Carter hit Freeman again as he released the ball. Freeman made another nice throw, but was well short of the 1st down. Brady came out in the shotgun, and hit Welker for a high snag over the middle for 8. While Solder used his long arms to stalemate Clayborn again.

What makes BB the best coach in the NFL. Situational football. Football is a game of reaction, collisions, and confusion. So he tries and gets his players ready for every situation. In this case, gulp, what if Brady gets, gulp, injured in the middle of a series. So in comes Hoyer. Without warning or preparation, BB throws him into the fire. 

They go three TE with Ocho, and run the Lawfirm up the middle. Solder and Yeatman knocked Clayborn five yards back, but the Linebackers came in and stopped him for nothing. On 2nd and 10, Solder allowed Clayborn 3 yards up field and stoned him dead with his long arms. As Brady swung the ball out to the Lawfirm for 6 yards. On 2nd and 4, Solder slipped in behind a Mankins Seal block and darted between defenders for 13 as Solder got out to the 2nd level and took out the OLB Quincy Black.

Solder was just dominating Clayborn as Gronk dropped the pass from Brady inside the 5. Solder burst off the snap and took out the OLB Geno Hayes, as Mankins slipped over and took out Clayborn. The Lawfirm followed Solder through the hole and ran all the way down to the 1-yard line.

On 1st and goal from the 1, Solder came off the line and chipped on Gerald McCoy who was being wiped out by Mankins and got into the LB on the 2nd level and kept the MLB five yard deep in the Endzone.

Okay, the 2nd quarter starts with more pressure, and my man McCourty blitzes and hits Freeman to the ground to cause an incompletion. Freeman was flushed out of the pocket by a great blast off the snap by Gerald Warren, who really blew up the play by shooting the Zero Gap. The Tampa offense was in so much trouble they tried an odd trickeration play the resulted in a delayed hand off to Legarrette Blunt for a few yards, as Gary Guyton lined up at the Mike filled the hole, took on the FB, shrugged him off nicely, and made the Tackle. Oh my goodness, Mayo up the middle! Three passrushers met at the QB again lead by Mayo. Anderson did a simple stop and start and Swam over Penn to hit the QB second, as Ninkovich Slap-Rip past the Right Tackle to make it a 1/3 Sack each;-)

On 1st and 10 Solder showed why I think he is going to be a great one. With Brady in the shotgun, Clayborn cut inside and Mankins picked him up. Solder chipped on him and stopped him cold, but the OLB came on a delayed blitz. Solder recovered off the Chip block and stoned Quincy Black 2 yards in front of Brady. However, Clayborn somehow slid out of the Mankins block, back to the outside, and dived at Brady’s leg as he threw for an illegal hit below the knee. On 2nd and 10, Solder stoned Clayborn as a Screen was blown up by an illegal block down field. Solder picked up the blitzing Quincy Black, but McCoy destroyed Connolly with a Shoulder punch and a Push Pulled and nailed Brady to the ground. Suddenly, QB hits had led to a 3rd and 20, and we were seeing a perfect example of why hitting the quarterback wins games. Brady gets flushed out of the pocket and throws the ball away as he was a little rattled. The Pats offense had looked flawless, and then you hit the QB a couple of times and the offense looks like a Keystone Cops movie.

On 1st and 10 Freeman is swarmed again, but is able to hit Mike Williams on the Slant for a short gain. On 2nd and 8, the run a Delay to Blount, but Ninkovich meets him at the LOS and stops him cold allowing Meriweather to come in and stop him for a yard. 3 rd and 7, Wilfork causes a False Start. 3rd and 13, the Tampa O-Line did a nice job, and allowed Freeman to step and throw and he completed an easy pass, but is was short of the 1st down.

Solder just Seals the D-End and drives him down the line. It was a great block that let the Lawfirm run for 7. On 2nd and 3, Solder pulled to his right and got in front of the MLB, Sealed him, and drove him 5 yards down field. Another dominating run block. Solder again get a physical Seal on the D-Tackle, which is a tough block for the OLT. And lets Woodhead pick up the 1st down running behind another Solder dominating block.

Solder comes off the line and bends the D-Tackle backwards, and allows Mankins to slip in and Seal him. Then he charges to the outside, but doesn’t get the 2nd block. However, The Lawfirm still gets 7. On 2nd and 3, Solder comes off the snap and Doubles into the D-End who had grabbed onto the TE. The play broke down a little and Benny was only able to get two. On 3rd and 1, Sammy Morris follows Solder, Mankins, and Gronk for a 1st Down.

On 1st and goal form the 10, Solder, Mankins, Gronk, and Hernandez just power the entire right side of the Tampa front seven 5 yards down field for a five yard run. Solder comes off the snap and Seals the D-Tackle into Mankins and then slips off of him and takes out the OLB, but Holding is called on Koppen. 2nd and Goal form the 15, Brady calmly hit Welker who flash towards the Pylon, but gets hammered out of bounds just short of the 1st down. The Left side of the O-Line just dominated the rightside of the Tampa D-Line again and allowed Benny to stroll into the Endzone like it was a sunny park on Sunday. 28-Zips Pats, and this score was indication of just how dominating the Pat’s O-Line and D-Linemen have been all game. They kicked the Crap out of the Buccaneers.

Case in Point, with just under 6 minutes to go Morris made his best decision as a coach this game, and took Freeman out of the game, because he was getting killed. On 1st down André Carter Rips around the OLT. The OLT just had to grab on from behind for an obvious Hold to make it 1st and 20. The new QB Josh Johnson finally got some time to throw, and Michael Spurlock dropped the ball. Arrington had great coverage and Johnson had to back-shoulder it. Spurlock leaped up, twisted, but couldn't hold on. On 2nd and 20 Carter turned the corner, but too deep, and Johnson went deep.

However, Butler was there and got his arm on the ball and defended the pass. On 3rd and 20, they sent Ninkovich form the blindside as Carter got a well deserved rest. He charged up field, punched the OLT, and drew back just a hair. It looked like it may have been a called Stunt, as Gerald Warren leaned to the outside and knocked James Lee (the 3rd OLT they put in to try and stop Carter;-), and Ninkovich cut inside and hit Freeman again. However, Freeman made a great play, he scrambled close to the LOS scrimmage and hit Sammie Straughter right between the numbers with a missile that looked like it knocked him down 4-yards past the 1st down marker.

On 1st and Ten Carter turned the corner again and crush Johnson from behind. Johnson meanwhile riffled the ball right between the cinco and the zero on Ninkovich’s uniform, and he didn’t drop it, but he did toss it straight up in the air and then drop it. On 2nd and 10 Ninkovich held his position and watch Lumpkin cut back right to him to make it 3rd and 7. Mayo stunted around the Love Anderson Stunt, and Smack-downed the QB again. But Chung was called for pass interference for an automatic 1st down.

To start the series the Pats put in two more undrafted rookie free agents, Sergio Brown and Anthony Leonard. Leonard was in at the Mike, and he blitzed up the gut and forced Johnson to flee the pocket. But Johnson is a good scrambler and was able to get outside and pick a few yards. However, Jason Lee had to Hold Carter as Leonard had forced him to scramble to his side and looked like Carter was going to kill him, as Lee was beaten but reached out and dragged Carter down from behind.

On 1st and 20 Johnson had just enough time to three step and throw in rhythm, but Sergio Brown had great coverage on Straughter, and he knock him to the ground and the ball out of his hands. Johnson had just enough time again to three step, bounce and throw in rhythm to the Tight End dragging across the middle. He was gang tackled for a short five-yard gain. Moore and Warren had some pressure as Ninkovich ran past the pocket behind Johnson. 3rd and 15, the Pats brought in Tracy White, another undrafted rookie free agent, and he came right up the gut to hit Johnson. However, big Vince Wilfork twisted around Gerald Warren tossed the right guard to the ground and absolutely crushed Johnson just as he was throwing the ball and cause an incompletion. I just keep envisioning Big Vince playing next two Haynesworth and Shaun Ellis. With those three guys attacking gaps all season! That is going to be some QB killing like we haven’t seen in 25 years!

Brady tossed to Ocho from the Endzone for a quick 6-yards to take it the two-minute warning. Okay-okay, he gave up the inside rush. We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. However, after over four quarters in the preseason (he played into the 3rd quarter in both preseason games) for a rookie OLT to give up one sack on a tough inside rush is not bad at all. Tim Crowder the Bucc’s RDE, came off low and went facemask-to-facemask with Solder. He was able to knock his hands off his shirt as Solder bumped to the outside just enough for Crowder to cut inside and Sack Brady. It really was a terrific move by a nice veteran Crowder who attacked Solder’s one weakness perfectly.

On 3rd and ten Solder was back to his stellar play. Crowder tries to shove him off and get inside again, but Solder adjusted nicely and stoned the inside move, which gave Brady time to scramble to his left and hit Welker for a 1st down. Solder stoned Crowder on the outside move. And as he tried to spin inside, Solder just stopped him cold like he did to Ryan Kerrigan in the Senior Bowl that I was always trying to describe. Brady drifted back and hit Welker for 6. On 2nd and 4 Solder protected the Edge with his normal aplomb. But Mason Foster blitzed up the middle and hit Brady as he threw to cause an incompletion. On 3rd down Solder road the D-End easily past Brady as he throw to Welker. However, Welker got hit right as he was catching the ball and he dropped it to force the punt.

Tampa came out throwing as the rush didn’t reach Johnson he was able to hit Spurlock crossing the middle for 18-yards. Both D-Ends got the edge, but couldn't turn the corner and Freeman had enough time to throw it deep, but he threw it out of bounds. Both Ninkovich and Anderson got the edge again, but turned the corner this time. However, Johnson was able to elude them and scramble for a few yards to set up a missed Field Goal to end the half at 28-Zip Pats.