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James White faked forward out of the backfield. Then he stopped, turned, and took a step back and turned back towards Brady. "James has really come on and been a dependable guy for us," BB said. "His work ethic since we drafted him last year and his maturity, his intelligence, his ability to retain information from one week to the next has always given him an opportunity to know what to do and then now he's had those opportunities in game situations to go out there and then perform on the field. So he was working hard even when he wasn't playing a lot and that has definitely benefited him and our team as well since Dion injury but he goes in there, he knows what to do, he competes at a very high level, he's in the right spot. I think everyone trusts James to do his job well on every play and when he has had his opportunities, he's really made the most of them, to his credit." He caught it and headed up field, but then read his blockers like it was now second nature.

He slowed just a bit, and hop cut inside a little in order to give Andrews time to block the CB outside of him. "Any screen play is really a team play, there are a lot of people that are going to have to do their jobs and do good things in order to have success on it," Josh said. "On that particular play we had quite a few guys get in front of it. I think Josh Kline and [Shaq] Mason and Andrews got involved in that and gave James an opportunity to kind of get the thing started. James was patient, allowed them to make their blocks and get in position to make their blocks, and then Brandon LaFell and Danny were doing their job down the field as well, trying to cover up some guys up in the secondary. Those take a lot of team work, a lot of repetition to try to get all of the little things right that you need to have work for you in your favor in order to make those plays go and I thought the guys did a really good job of executing that call yesterday." This also allowed Kline to get over and hit the linebacker 54, and Shaq to get over and get his hands on 55.

Then he hop-cut back outside and slashed between Andrews, Kline, and Shaq. He cut behind Andrews block, and made Woodyard miss. He had a big D-end chasing on his side, but his speed takes care of him. Then he just had to run between great blocks by LaFell and Amendola on the 3rd level.

He has really been killing it the past three games in the passing game. "Well I'd say the big jump for James was in preseason this year," BB said. "In training camp and preseason, he I thought performed very well and very consistently for us both in training camp and practices and when he had opportunities in the game. There was a decision. Really part of it there was we were talking about Jonas Gray, who was also on our team last year, and James. And Dion was a new player. Dion had a good training camp and preseason for us as well. But I'd say the big jump for James was between the end of last year to the beginning of this year over our training camp, offseason program time, and he's really played well all year. When we had more depth in the backfield than we have right now, he didn't get as many opportunities as he's had more recently. But as he's gotten more opportunities, he's really taken advantage of them and shown what he can do. He's a tough guy to handle with the ball in his hands and he's very smart. He does an excellent job with his assignments and adjustments and blitz pickups and all those things. He's really done a good job for us." He has really taken over he 3rd down back role.

He has gained the trust of everyone on offense. "Yeah, he's gained a lot of trust from everybody just based on his performance, his consistency," TB12 said. "He had that long run that got called back, but that was a great play. So he's just been making plays for us. And the touchdown run on the screen, I mean, from what I saw there wasn't much there, and then he was so patient to see things open up and then took advantage when the hole finally did open, accelerated through there and got in the end zone. So he's been really productive in that role. Really great tribute to his hard work and commitment. He was here last year and learned a lot and then got his opportunity when Dion went out, and he's just done a great job with it." The team has really been relying on him.

He scored a big TD that helped the Pats take sole possession of first place in the AFC. "It was a screen," White said. " I caught the ball and just tried to be patient and let the offensive line get their blocks. They got them and I just found room. Joe had a great block down the field and that's how we scored." Now he has to show he can do it in the Playoffs.

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