Pats Vs. Titans

3rd Quarter

Game Over Man.


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The Pats come out 1st and 10, and really just wanting to run the clock out. They line up in a stacked up Strong shotgun. They run a Draw to Bolden. He follows Tre' pulling to the left. Vollmer and Williams have good blocks as well. Bolden fights his way forward for six. 2nd and 4, Pats in a stacked up Singleback. Brady drops. He throws it at Gronk's feet, as he is being tripled. Which is a shame, because the Titans brought five guys and the O-line blocked it well. 3rd and 4, Pats Empty. Titans bring five again and the O-line blocks it well again. Brady fires it at LaFell's feet to force the punt. He was well covered by the Safety Stafford. Douglas has a nice return, until he is thunder-cracked to the ground by Wilson at the 40.

1st and 10, Pats in a 3-3 Nickel with Chung on the line like an OLB. Mettenberger comes out in a 3-TE Singleback. He hands the ball off to Andrews. He tries to get outside, and runs over Richards to get outside. But Collins takes him down in a cloud of dust. 2nd and 7, Pats crowd the line in a 2-4 with the Titans in a bunched-right Strong shotgun. Mettenberger has time and hits his DG-B up high running down the sideline for a huge gain.

1st and 10, Titans come out in a 3-TE Singleback. The Pats match up in a 4-3 with Chung up on the line. They run to the other side. Richards dives through the line and hits Andrew's feet but can't hold on. However, he forces him further outside. Collins comes in a takes him down and on the edge. 2nd and 7, Titans in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Pat match up in a 2-4 Nickel, and crowd the line with all front six guys. They look like they are bringing the house. They bring four and drop out two. Mettenberger has time and throws high to DG-B outside for a huge play.

1st and 10, Pats in a 3-3 with the Titans in a twins-R Strong formation. They Run Andrews and Brown and Mayo meet him in the hole. 2nd and 5, Pats in a 4-3. Against a twin TE I, they motion into a 3-TE Singleback. He throws it outside to Andrews. Collins slaps at the ball instead of grabbing him, as it looked he was going out of bounds. Andrews runs through it, and stays inbounds for a First.

1st and 10 at the 12-yard line. Pats in a 3-4 with Chung in the box as well. They try to run Andrews but Branch stuffs him, and Ninkovich knocks him back. 2nd and 10, Pats in a 2-4 Nickel. Mettenberger gets completely surrounded by rushers, but they just can't get a hand on him. He finally takes off and reaches the Seven. 3rd and 5, Pats crowd the line with seven guys. They bring four, and Mettenberger throws it to Walker for a TD. "He's good at everything," BB said. "He's a really hard guy to match up on. You put the little guys on him and he's too big. You put the big guys on him and his quickness, his route running ability, his length, they're a problem. So it seems like whoever is covering him when you look at the tape you're looking like that's a mismatch. He's not quick enough or he's not big enough. There is nobody that really matches up very well against him. He's an excellent technique player, sets up his routes well, has got good patience. I'd put him with Gates, it's not Gates, but there are elements to that his length, his ability to get down the field is impressive but he's good on intermediate routes, run after catch and again he sets up things well. He knows when to sit down in the hole, when to go across, when to go behind, when to go in front. It just seems like he always makes the right decision and seems like he's always open. I can see why they throw it to him so much. It's because he's always open. Even when he's covered he's open because of his length and his ability to go up and timing on jump balls and his hands, catching the ball away from his body. He does a really good job. He's a tough guy to match up on." He really just slanted over the middle under everyone and ran into the endzone. Pats-24. Titans-10. Sack-4.

Pats come out in a 3-Wide Singleback. Brady misfires to Gronk again. 2nd and 10 Singleback. They run play action. Brady tries to hit Gronk again, but a DB tipped it right before he tried to catch it. They doubled him with two Safeties. 3rd and 10, Pats in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady fires a bullet at Gronk low and outside. Gronk scoops it up incredibly at the marker. That was a great catch by Gronk.

1st and 10, and Brady is starting to look a little injured. They come out in a Singleback. He gives it to Iosefa who powers into the line for four. "You never go through the whole season without some changes and some things you have to adjust. I think that in Joey Iosefa's case, he wasn't here at the beginning and he has kind of had to scramble to get some things learned in a hurry," BB said. "And we've tried to use a few extra periods in practice to help some of those younger players or newer players come along and try to get some extra repetitions in our system. So I think that is the challenge that every staff faces, every team faces. As they go through the year, you certainly will have injuries, or additions or subtractions, when you have a new guy in, it's your job as a coach to give them the foundations of the offense. Present them with the material that they are going to need to be successful playing in your system, and then coach them as hard and as quickly as you can to try to get caught up so that they can do the things that you are going to ask of them to do on your team. Like I said, Joey was a good example. We've had a number of them obviously, through the course of this year and the past and that's a challenge that each coach welcomes. Sometimes it's refreshing in the middle of the year to get a guy that you have to go back with through the foundation of your system and their terminology and those kinds of things. It's a different type of challenge, and as coaches I'm sure we all welcome that because we know it's those guys that are coming in to help us for a reason and it's our job to catch them up as soon as we can." He was the next shiny new toy that came through for the Pats in a game this week.

2nd and 6, Pats in a 3-Wide Singleback. They give it Iosefa, and he lowers his head for another nice run. "Me and Joey, we've done some tackling drills out there in practice for the last four to five weeks," Harmon said. "He's really been a player that has helped me work on my open field tackling. It was really exciting to see him go out there today, run the ball a little bit, and run hard. I was really cheering for him. He's a load, man. He runs through people and he's really, really strong." Iosefa really had a good game. 3rd and 1, I-formation. They try to run Bolden in a Smash, but it looks a little sort. But the refs gave him a great spot.

1st and 10, 3-Wide Weak shotgun. They set up a screen to Martin, but the Titans jump all over it. Brady spots LaFell running free down the sideline and snaps the ball to him as soon as he can. Then the safety Stafford slams into his head with a decapitating crack for another 15-yards. That was a truly great catch by LaFell.

1st and 10 at the Titans 27. Pats in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. They run a draw to Iosefa. "Joey's a great player," White said. "The guy is going to run hard, as you can see. I was happy for him that he was able to get out there." He rumbles for Four. 2nd and 6, 4-Wide Weak shotgun. They give it to Iosefa again. "I was just trying to make a play," Iosefa said. "That's all I was trying to do. When I have the ball in my hand, I try to make the best out of it." He fights for a few. 3rd and 2, Pats in a 3-TE I. They try to get Bolden outside, but the left side of the O-line is swarmed over by Titans to force the Field goal. Pats-27. Titans-10. Game-Set-Match. I'm sorry, but there is no way the Titans are scoring 17 more points on this defense. Merry Christmas everyone. Yes, even Jets fans.

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