Pats Vs. Titans

2nd Quarter

Overwhelming Defense.


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1st and 10, Pats match up in a 4-3 with two DBs up in the box. The Titans come out at their own ten in 3-TE Singleback. They give it to Andrews. Just as he looks like he is going to sneak through the line, Mayo fights off the ORT and tackles him. 2nd and 6, Pats match up in 2-4 Nickel. They get a couple of good blast offs but the Titans O-line holds the pocket. Mariota watches the Safeties for a second. "It's different," Harmon said about McCourty missing. "But you have to find your own. I wasn't out there with him to lean on so communication had to come a little bit more from me today, me and Chung. I thought we did a good job at that. So just keep going. Get better from here." Then he snaps over to his TE sneaking outside down the line of scrimmage. He catches it. Chung meets him instantly. Then Collins comes over and helps Chung drive him out of bounds without gaining another inch.

3rd and 1, Pats in a 4-2 Nickel. Time out. Pats come out in a 3-3 Nickel with Chung up, as the Titans line up in a run formation. They give it to the FB Fowler. He gets tripped up before he gets close. Sheard hits him first low. And Siliga hits him up high to force the punt. Are you kidding me. Pats fumble the punt again. Supernaw reaches in and rips the ball out of Amendola's hands. Told you should they have used Martin. Maybe they'll put in my man Martin now.

After A Slight Overreaction By Me: Instant Replay:

Terrible play by Amendola, but it didn't have the same feel as the two Waterboy fumbles from the previous three games. It was a different one however. It wasn't a muffed punt, but a fumble on the return. Amendola caught it. Then he headed to his right. Only he was holding the ball out like a loaf of bread a little bit. I hate to say high and tight, but he needs to hold it high and tight. Then two linebackers lined him up. One in front and one from his left. He scrunched up for the hit, and tried to go down, but #52 actually grabbed him and held him up a little. Some guy named Supernaw reached in as he was diving past Amendola, and ripped the ball out. Riggs recovered it.

Now the Pats have to prove they can overcome there painful Achilles heel, the fumbled punt. "I think we could have responded a couple different ways," captain Slater said." We could have started yelling, screaming, and pointing fingers. Danny Amendola is one of the best punt returners in the NFL, so I'd put him back there 100 times out of 100. That's fine by me. Those things happen and we just continue to play through it. There was no panic. And I think overall, we played well today so I was happy with it." They have to pull it together mentally right here.

1st and 10 Titans at the 26. The Pats D comes back out after doing their job in a tough spot, and are suddenly on the field again. They match up in a 3-3 Nickel, with the Titans in a 3-Wide Singleback. The Pats get nice pressure right up the gut. Brown jams two guys back right into Mariota as he throws. He tries to hit the TE Walker. Walker catches it. But Hightower punches it out of his hands. The ball pops up right into Richards hands, but right as he is catching it Walker and Hightower smash into him. 2nd and 10, Pats match up in a 3-3 Nickel they try to run Cobb off tackle. Collins and Chung take him out. 3rd and 7, Pats crowd the line and finally form into a 2-4 Nickel with five guys up on the line. They bring six, and Collin pounds over Mariota. "I think it's just the whole defense playing well together," Sheard said. "Obviously we've got to stop the run and get them to third-and-long. Once you stop the run and force them to pass it's a lot easier to rush. Our secondary can play pass and we can rush." He fumbles the ball, and then grabs it back. Then he grabs his knee like he is hurt to force the FG.

The Pats really need this from their defense. The past two weeks a fumbled punt really allowed the opponent back into the game. "Just doing our job," Sheard said. "Everybody out there executed doing their job and when you have a nice secondary it gives you time to get there." They took Mariota out of the game with that well timed blitz. Pats-14. Titans-3. Sacks-3.

They actually let my man Martin return the Kick. And oh, what a return to take the momentum back. He catches it five yards deep in the endzone. He follows Williams, Cleveland, and captain Slater out of the endzone. They get three great blocks inside the 15. Richards, Wilson, Eric Martin, and Jon Bostic have great blocks on the next level. Which lets Martin burst outside across middle. He flashes past five defenders going the wrong way. He out speeds the kicker to the corner. And he has one guy to beat. Martin has position, but Riggs is out in front of him. Riggs does a nice job cutting him off on the sideline. He finally gets pushed out of bounds at the Titans 30.

That was a much needed dynamic 70-yard return. "It was a big play for us and we've put a lot into that this year," captain Slater said. "It's nice to reap some of the benefits of your hard work. Keshawn hit it like you have to hit it, Nate and those guys had some great blocks inside and it was a big play for us in the game." O-M-G!

1st and 10, Empty. Brady whips it at Amendola's feet as DaQuan Jones pounces on Brady like he is lunch. 2nd and 10, 4-Wide Weak shotgun. They set up a screen to White. He looks like he is about to get hit, and pops it into 2nd gear to get past three defenders. Then he weaves his way beautifully into the Endzone.

The Titans come back with Mettenberger in at QB, as Mariota's knee did get hurt when Collins sacked him. Pats line up in a 4-3, with Titans in a Twin-TE Singleback. They give it Cobb and he fumbles it to himself and falls down. 2nd and 10, Pats crowd the line, and motion into a 3-3 Nickel with seven guys up on the line? They run a double fake reverse. Grissom reads it right and burst through the line and grabs Mettenberger, but he has the screen set up right in front of him. So he is just able to flick it to Andrews. Then Chung jumps on him instantly. He is lucky to be able to fall forward. 3rd and 8, the Pats mull about with six guys on the line, and finally form into a 1-4, with Chung on the line in front of the tight end. Mettenberger has too much time, and hits DG-B high. He leaps up over Ryan, and fights his way over midfield. This was first time the offense drove the ball over midfield. The Pats aren't facing a rookie QB anymore.

1st and 10, Pats in a 4-3, with the Titans in an I. They give it to Andrews. Mayo and Siliga take him down. 2nd and 8, Pats form into a 3-4, with the Titans in a Weak Formation. Mettenberger keeps it, and Sheard chases him out of the backfield. He throws on the run to the TE Stevens. 3rd and 3, 4-2 Nickel. He throws it out into the flat to Andrews. Butler stops his forward progress. Andrews fights, and then Johnson pops him and Butler to the ground short. 4th and 1, and they are going for it. Pats crowd the line with almost everybody. It gets nasty inside and Andrews pops into the back of one of his blockers. Chung and Hightower take him down a yard short. Chung is having a great game, and it is really great to see Hightower back. He gave Andrews a great pop that really stopped him.

1st and 10 at the 38, Pats come out in a stacked up Singleback. They run Bolden. He dances through the line, runs over an LB, and is finally taken down by a DB. 2nd and 2, they stay Singleback. With Iosefa. They give it to him. He gets tripped up as he tries to bounce it outside for a loss. 3rd and 3, Empty, and the Titans trick the Pats to start falsely. 3rd and 8, 4-Wide Weak shotgun. They run play action to White. Nobody goes for it. But the Titans coverage is good. Brady finally spots White, who sneaks outside after the playaction. He hits him short of the first. But White is able to fight his way through two defenders for the First.

1st and 10 at the Titans 48 with 3:03 left in the half. They come out in a Singleback with the Hawaiian guy behind Brady. Brady turns to give him the ball. He skips past Tre' block, and runs over a guy at the line. Then he runs right over Sensabaugh, and sprints to the 33. "We got Joey back in October, and he's a grinder, hard-working kid," BB said. "He's gotten in a lot better shape since he's been here, dropped a little weight, worked hard, obviously learned a new system, wasn't here in training camp so he put in a lot of extra time, got in a lot of snaps on the practice field and kind of earned his way to get a chance out there today based on hard work and consistent play in practice and the opportunities that he's had for us. It's a real credit to him hearing that, and obviously unfortunately he got an opportunity because of some of the injuries that we've had, but he can't control that. All he did was work hard and I thought he gave us a solid account of himself today. It wasn't perfect, but he did what we asked him to do and he made some tough yards." He is one tough SOB with the ball in his hands.

1st and 10, Pats in a Singleback. Iosefa start to follow Tre' outside, and then cuts straight up field for two at the Two-minute warning. 2nd and 8, Pats come out in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady has to step up and misfires to White. 3rd and 8, Pats come out in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. They run a Draw to White, and he gets into field goal range. Pats-24. Titans-3. Sacks-3.

Titans come out in a Stacked up Winged-shotgun. Pats mill about and finally form into a 3-2 Dime. Mettenberger tries to go to Andrews. Ninkovich was all over it. 2nd and 10, Stacked up Winged-shotgun. Pats stand up into a 2-4. Collins breaks through the line late, and hits Mettenberger as he throws. Walker is wide open running down the sideline. He reaches out but just can't pull it in, as Collins forced Mettenberger to throw it a little early. 3rd and 10, Pats form slowly into a 2-3 Dime. The Titans have to try and run some time off the clock. Andrews sneaks past the rusher and has some room to run, but Collins dives on his shoestring to force the punt. Amendola returns it nicely to the 45, but looks a little shaken up on the sideline. He hurt his knee again returning that damn punt. Please put Martin back in.

1st and 10, Pats come out 2-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady throws quickly to White sneaking out of the backfield. He straight arms him way out of bounds. "The more you get out there, the more confident you can play," White said. "So I'm just trying to play with confidence every week and do whatever I can to help the team." 2nd and 4, 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady has to flee the pocket, and he hits White waiting outside. "You go out there during practice and you just try to work on it during practice and then execute out there in the game," White said. "That's what I try to do and if I get the ball in my hands, I just try to make a play for my team and keep the ball secure." He was so open he was able to catch and burst down field to the 31.

1st and 10, Pats come out in a 4-Wide Strong with 1:00 minute left. They set up a screen to White. He catches it with a blocker out in front, but no one blocks the LB Bass. Pats come out in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady hits White for the forth Straight time. He cuts behind a Martin block for a yard. 3rd and 9, Trips right Weak shotgun. They fake it to White, and Brady hits Martin low and outside. He can't hold onto the ball to force the field goal attempt. Gostkowski misses it to end the half. Only the Titans come out at the 38 with 20-second left in the Half, and to try and do something. What they were trying to accomplish, I don't know. Sheard crushes Mettenberger for his 7th Sack of the season to actually end the Half. Pats-24. Titans-3. Sacks-4.

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