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The loss seemed obvious to me. It just seemed in this pocket of time that the Jets wanted it a little more, and had more horses to ride to get it done. While the Pats were conflicted. I tried not to say it out loud, like it would jinx them. But the feel of the game, the motivations of the game, and the placement of the game all seemed to favor the Jets. Maybe they were intangibles that are tough to believe, and are always more obvious after the fact.

The Jets were on target, but the Pats were conflicted. They needed to get healthy more than they needed to win this game. "It's tough," White said. "We just have to learn from it and move on pretty quickly. Miami is another good team. It will be another challenge for us. We just have to come out and have a great week of practice and try and get a win next week." They had a parachute in this game, the Jets didn't.

The Pats were just in a pickle. "We knew it was going to be a fourth quarter game," Brady said. "So I thought we did a good job battling to the end. We just didn't make enough plays to score enough points. Wish we would've won it. That's a good football team and they've got a lot of good players and they played pretty well. So, we certainly had our chances, but just didn't come away with it." They didn't really need to win this game, and the Jets were desperate.

This was really a win or die game for them. They could've still made the Playoffs if they lost this game, but the scenarios where they still made the Playoffs were not realistic. "It was a competitive game here today," BB said. "We had our chances. But in the end, just couldn't quite make enough plays. Give the Jets credit. That's a good football team, well-coached. They did their job. We just came up a little bit short today." When a good team is desperate at Home, they are very tough to beat.

Plus, the Pats are now 0 and 2 with Edelman and Amendola out of the lineup. "I know we've had six or seven weeks where critical players have gone out for extended periods of time," Brady said. "I don't think anybody's feeling sorry for us. I'll say that. So, the guys who can do something about it and make a difference that are on the field have to go out and try to play well and win for this team, win for the guys who aren't out there playing with us. Every week presents different challenges. Going to Miami is going to be a great opportunity for us. It was a great opportunity being down seven in the fourth quarter and seeing what we're made of. We did a good job going down there and tying it up. [The defense] almost made a great interception on the one that Rob batted up in the air and that could've been the game right there, so we're close. [We] just didn't make the plays in the end." The Offense just looks sick or something when both those guys are out.

Brady can get by with a lot less than other QBs, but he needs the quick slot guy he can throw to in under 2 seconds, like Welker, Edelman, or Amendola. "We'll see, we'll see," Brady said about missing Amendola and Edelman. "I think that all remains to be seen. It depends on how hard we work. How well we execute. I think the better players you have out on the field, certainly those guys have been some our most dependable players for as long as they've been here, that always helps. No, but I wouldn't put it all on their shoulders. I think all the guys who played today have to obviously do a better job, because what we did today wasn't good enough." It just doesn't seem right when he doesn't have his slot guys.

Of course, Brady then goes out and has another epic 4th Quarter drive to tie the game and put it into overtime. "I think we have some mental toughness," Brady said. "A lot of guys have been in and out of the lineup, lot of guys coming in off the street trying to play and help us win. It's never easy. This time of year, a lot of guys are fighting through bumps and bruises. If we just get our guys, everyone out there and practice together and see what we're made of, I think that'll be a great thing, but in the meantime, you've just got to keep, individually, trying to get better on the practice field, in the game, see what you could do better, because you never know whose number is going to be called in the playoffs. We've all got to keep working hard, see what we can accomplish this week in practice. Ultimately, we've got to go win next week, that's a huge game for us. And then you have time to try to improve and be at your best two weeks into the playoffs." Pats don't quit.

I don't know how they did it. They lost Vollmer in this game. "It's tough," Brady said about losing two OLT's again this game. "We've had so many guys that have stepped in and have tried to do a great job. We just had some bad luck, truthfully. The game always ebbs and flows, and missing some guys, but like I said, I don't think we've ever used those excuses and we had opportunities to win this game. Hopefully we can get healthy and we've just got to win one game next week. I'm glad we fought to the end. It's a good football team and we can see them again, so we've just got to do a better job if we do." They also lost LaAdrian Waddle.

But I'll tell you what, I like Fleming at OLT. I think he plays it better than ORT. I'm not saying he's going to be an All-Pro or anything, but he seems to handle the rushers a little better on that side. I mean, thank god for Michael Williams, who can protect his outside shoulder sometimes during the game. But the offense didn't really miss a beat with him in at OLT.

This game came down to the tightrope the Pats are on. Getting healthy for the Divisional Round is their only real priority left. But how do you do that without rusting the resting players. It was the balance that they failed to manage in this game. The Jets didn't have a balance, they win or die. The Pats need to sustain or die, in the Playoffs, in three weeks. This is the hardest time for NFL coaches. Each decision just seems wrong. But we won't really know for three weeks.

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