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The Pats receive to start the 2nd half looking for the infamous BB double Halftime score. Pats come out Trips-right Weak-shotgun. Brady swings it out to White on a bit of a WR screen. Stork gets outside and chops a defender, which turns into a pick of two other defenders. White makes a great move, behind Storks block to make the other two defenders crash into each other. He runs up field for 20 more yards, and almost gets to midfield.

1st and 10 at the 48, Pats in a Singleback. They give the ball underneath to Bolden. He gets hit after a yard, as Fleming lost his grip on the One-Armed Bandit's shirt. But he can't bring him down. Bolden keeps his feet moving, and runs for five more yards.

That was another incredible run by Bolden. "Brandon has got a real good skillset," BB said. "He has been a valuable guy for us on all four downs, so whether it's carrying the ball, making tough yards, playing as a sub back and playing in the kicking game, he's shown a lot of versatility and given us a lot of quality plays in all those situations. I think his skillset is really, really good. He's got good quickness. He's got the ability to break tackles in space with his playing strength but he also has quickness to make guys miss out there, too. He's got good run vision, sees the holes and sees where there is space. The play that he made at the end of the game last week in Houston was a really good cut, good play on his part. I don't think we had the play blocked for the kind of yards he made on that play. He got six or seven yards with his vision and getting the ball into space on the cut back and probably made another four or five yards just with his running strength and balance to knock over a couple tacklers and pick up the first down. Probably a little over half that yardage came on his vision, his run instinct and then a few extra yards came on his physical running style and balance. I think that run is a good indication of all those things being a part of his playing style and effectiveness." They are going to need Bolden to be incredible the rest of the season.

1st and 10 again, Pats in a 4-Wide Weak-shotgun. They are killing the Texans with motion. "Usually when you put a player in motion it's to either gain an advantage somehow on the defense, or it's to force the defense to communicate and adjust after they've already made their call and you've come out of the huddle and lined up," BB said. "I'd say it would fall into one of those two categories. Sometimes you do it just to force the defense to deal with something, change of strength or a tight split or a wide split that goes from one to the other, where the tight end aligns, which we know is important when teams are setting their front, their linebacker locations and trying get ready to set up their gap control. If you're trying to gain an advantage, that's one thing. If you're trying to in general force the defense to communicate and be ready to play one thing when you're actually going to snap the ball and do something else, then there's some subtle advantage to that that's hard to measure, but you know from experience that it's taking place and it puts more stress on your opponent." LaFell motions across the field. Brady snaps the ball quickly, and LaFell runs behind him. Brady play fakes the ball to Bolden going the other way with the O-line. Then turns and fires to LaFell still going in motion to the Blindside. He catches it turns up field. He lowers his shoulder and powers through Joseph for a First, and all the way down to the 38. We are going to need more of that from LaFell.

1st and 10, Pats in a Singleback. They run play action to Bolden again, this time to the other side. But Houston doesn't really bite. Brady has Clowney in his face as he throws, and doinks a grounder to Amendola. He does a nice job scooping it off the turf to make it look like a catch. He fooled me. But the ball clearly doinked off the turf. 2nd and 10, Pat go 4-Wide Weak-shotgun. Brady has time. White didn't chip. Instead, he skips out of the backfield like a schoolgirl trying to catch butterflies. Brady hits him in the flat. He tries to make a big play heading sideways, but loses yards and gets caught. 3rd and 8, Winged Shotgun. And the One-Armed Bandit jumps off side and tries to blame it on Cannon. 3rd and 3, Pats in a Winged Shotgun. Brady pump fakes, gets hit, and then jumps up and throws an impossibly pass between the hands of the Hal. They had Bolden in on the left, and White on the right. White flew out to the flat, and turn up field with some flash. Hal saw him and gave chase. They meet at the ball, but White leaps up and takes the ball out of the air, between Hal's hands, and pulls it down for an improbable 1st down.

The refs have to check it as the other BB throws his red flag, but I don't see how you can overturn that. "I think we've kind of talked about that a little bit through the years of the whole process and the challenges and so forth, and to me there are certain plays that are probably going to get challenged pretty much regardless just based on the importance of the play, what happened on the play and kind of how important the play is to the game at that particular point in time," BB said about reviewing this play. "At times we've run up to the line and run a quick play and then it's second-and-10, and that's not really the answer. And a lot of times if they're going to challenge a play, they're going to challenge it anyways if it's an important enough play. In that case, first of all, I think Bill would have challenged both those plays regardless. They were both very close plays and when we saw them up on the screen I think our feeling was that they were close enough that they looked like they were catches. I don't know how you felt looking at the play, as soon as you saw it you knew was going to be overturned. If that's the way you saw it, maybe the right thing to do would have been to hurry up and run a play, but if you don't feel that way about the play then I don't know why you would want to rush up there and do it. Even after looking at the play, both of them are really, really close. If you know how it's going to turn out then it's always easy to make the decision. If you don't know how it's going to turn out then you just go on what you see, but just running up there and snapping the ball and running a bad play, I don't know if that's the answer." His heel never touched out of bounds. You could even see the crease in the turf from the side of his shoe that ended well before the sideline. That's BS to force the field goal. Pats-20. Houston-3. Unexplainable Refs Calls-1.

Pats crowd the line with all six guys in a 3-3 Nickel, with two guys in the backfield with Hoyer. Polk is able to run through a Collins tackle. The tight end lined up in front of Polk got just enough of a block on Collins so he couldn't hold on. So Polk had another nice gain. Mayo and Ryan finally bring him down. 2nd and 1, Pats in a 3-4, Hoyer has time. Butler is beaten deep by Washington. But Butler catches up and knocks the ball out. But the refs call an off the ball foul on Ryan. Which is a shame, because that was great coverage by Butler.

1st and 10, Pats in a 4-3. They go deep again to Hopkins, but the ball is badly thrown. Ryan has a better shot on the ball than Hopkins. 2nd and 10, Pats crowd the line again in a 3-3 Nickel. Hoyer makes a great throw to Griffin going down the numbers. He has to reach out to grab it, looses his balance, and the ground knocks it out. 3rd and 10, Pats in a 4-1 Dime. They get a great rush. Brown gets close, and Ninkovich hits Hoyer as he throws. He throws to Griffin again. This time Collins makes another great play in coverage. "It's good to have Jamie back out on the field and trying to do everything he could to be in the right position and certainly we haven't had him out there in a little while so there's going to be a getting back into the swing of the things," Patricia said. "Jamie is a constant professional. He comes in and works hard every day and tries to get himself prepared to play whether he is on the field or not. At this point in his career he understands that and we have a lot of guys, whether you are active or inactive for whatever reason, you just get yourself ready to go and mentally prepare every week like you are. He does a great job of that. He's a student of the game. I know he is ready to go when he gets out there." Collins forces the punt, and Martin fumbles the punt.

And it was a terrible play that shook the world. After losing game two straight games where they were up 14-points, and the first loss started with a fumbled punt, it just made me sick to my stomach. But the offense was not as wounded as it was in the Denver game. And most importantly, the defense was not as wounded as it was in the Philly game.

The defense was killing the Houston offense. "I am real proud of our team this week," BB said. "It was a tough week. I thought we competed hard all week, in terms of preparation, on the practice field, we practiced in pads and worked on a lot of fundamental things and those guys had a great attitude about it. We played a solid game here tonight in all three phases. I thought we got some good plays out of each group. We competed for 60 minutes and did what we needed to do. It was good and I look forward to getting back and getting on to Tennessee next week. It was good to come down here and come out with a win this week. They are a good football team, they have a lot of good players and they play hard, so it's good to come down here and win. I felt that we had a lot of guys step up here though and that's what we need for our team, everybody needs to contribute." So the damage was not as bad. It was only a three-point turnover. Though it felt like it was going to be a ton worse at the time.

Houston gets the ball at the 22-yard line. Houston has the ball in field goal position after the Pats defense had shut them down for a while. Pats line up in a 3-3 Nickel. Hoyer throws underneath to Hopkins. He fumbles the ball and the refs step in to call it a drop. Then they say it is a reception and not a drop. How in the hell is that a reception and not a fumble. That is BS. 2nd and 3, and the Pats defense looks a little flustered from that call. They don't quite form into a 3-4 before the ball is snapped. Pats crowd the line as Grimes lines up at QB. Branch breaks free and takes him down for another great play by him. Ninkovich got in on the tackle as well. 3rd and 4, Houston goes in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Pats stay in a 3-4. They really are not showing a lot of respect for Hoyer. Hoyer throws fade to Washington. Butler slaps the ball out on great coverage again, and a great play on Washington's arm and the ball after Washington touched the ball. It seems he hit his arm and ball three times to cause it to be 4th down. Houston goes for it. Hoyer is swarmed over by the rush, but just squeaks out a pass. Leonard Johnson makes a big play, knocking the ball out of Washington's hands a yard over the marker to force the field goal. Pats-20. Houston-6. Unexplainable Refs Calls-2.

Pats come out in a Big Ugly Singleback. They run a simple Smash. Houston sees it all the way. Four guys are there to meet Bolden. 2nd and 11, Empty. Brady hits Amendola in the Box again. He slips down for seven. 3rd and 3, Empty. Brady throws it low to White. He gets down, but it bounces out of White's hands to force the punt.

I'm still nervous as Houston comes out in a 3-Wide Singleback. But this is the Pats defense's game. They line up in a 3-3 Nickel. They give it to Polk. Hicks has to retreat and grabs him from behind. Chung flies in to finish him off. This is the series we lost McCourty. 2nd down, Pats in a 2-4 Nickel. They give it to Polk, but Sheard slashes around the outside and dives inside to hit him. Sheard can't hold on, but Brown and Collins are there to help him down. 3rd and 3, Houston goes Empty. Pats bring three. Somehow Griffin gets open over the middle. He catches it this time, and Chung slams him down to the turf. This was the play that knocked Chung out.

1st and 10, Houston comes out in a Singleback. Brown and Ninkovich make the tackle on the 41. 2nd and 8, Pats in a 3-4 Hoyer gets hit as he throws by Hicks. The ball pops out. Brown recovers it, but that is not a fumble. 3rd and 8, Houston in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Pats in a 3-3 Nickel. Sheard has a great blast off. He turns the corner without slowing, and slams into Hoyer and slaps the ball out. It flips, hops, and jumps 23-yards backwards to force the punt. That was a great play by Sheard, but it was also the play where Easley got hurt.

Pats come out is a Weak-shotgun. They run a Draw, but the One-Armed Bandit is there. "[Watt] looked pretty active to me," BB said. "They move him around quite a bit, get him in some off-the-line positions, playing some outside linebacker, moved Mercilus down inside, so they flip him from side to side. He was everywhere. They put him in a lot of different spots, and some of that probably standing up so he probably didn't have to block as much with his hands. He has great quickness and he does a good job of ripping across the guys face and next time taking step like he's coming up across and is quick enough to come behind. I thought we had a couple big play runs that really looked like they were going to gain some yards and then Watt made one and (Jadeveon) Clowney made another one just coming off the backside. We had him blocked too, it wasn't like they were free off the back side there. They used their quickness to get around the back side and still long enough and quick enough to make the play. He's tough, he's tough." He twists Bolden down for a TFL. Vollmer missed the snap count.

2nd and 11, Pats in a Strong-shotgun. Brady has time and hits Amendola over the middle. Amendola runs the wrong way for a little bit. But he realizes it just in time. He turns up field and dives forward for seven. 3rd and 3, Strong shotgun. Brady has time until Clowney leaps over the block of Vollmer and Shaq to force the punt.

Pats come out in a 4-4, and Sheard shoots into the backfield and pounds Polk down. Mayo comes in late to help out. But it was Sheard who thunder cracked him to the ground and then grabbed his foot. 2nd and 11, Hoyer hits Grimes. Mayo and Chung take him down instantly. 3rd and 6, Pats in a 4-0 Ninkovich breaks free and slams into Hoyer, and smashes him into the huge dive of Hicks. Hoyer is shaken up as he goes to the sideline. That was some brutal defense put on poor Brian. The punt is terrible. Amendola flies up the field and fair catches it on the run at the 35-yard line.

Brady comes out in a Singleback. Bolden bowling balls his way for a pure power 1st down run. Holy cow that was an impressive run. "Well, we tried to stick with it, make them play it," BB said about after LG went down. "We had our moments. There were times when we were able to punch out some plays and some important plays. The touchdown run on third-and-two – that was a big play for us. We had a third-down conversion on Bolden's sweep there on a third-and-four, third-and-five – that was another big third-down conversion. So there were some plays like that were kind of timely plays. Houston is a tough team to run against. They've got a lot of very disruptive players. Vince is a big guy in the middle, obviously, but between [Jadeveon] Clowney and Watt on both edges plus Mercilus, they're really athletic and explosive and powerful out there, so it's a tough matchup. The got us from behind a couple times when we had decent blocking, actually good blocking on a couple plays, and they just got us from behind. I'm not sure there are too many other players in the league that could have made the plays that Watt or Clowney made on a couple of those running plays. You've got to give them some credit." Bolden was hit, and stopped dead. He spun out of the three guys that hit him, and then slammed into a few more and dragged them past the marker.

1st and 10 Pats in a Singleback, and Brady throws it outside to LaFell to end the 3rd quarter. 2nd and 7, at Midfield. They give it Brady, but Clowney breaks free again, and shoestring tackles him. 3rd and 7, Weak-shotgun. Brady gets swarmed over by three rushers to force the punt.

4th quarter

Houston comes out in a Weak-shotgun. Pats match up in a 4-2 Nickel. Sheard burst up field and sacks Hoyer. The ball bounces out and super rookie Brown pounces on it. Kaaaaaaa-boom! Sheard was awesome in this game, and he was spectacular on this play. He Swam over the ORT Newton, to get his inside Shoulder. Then he Ripped himself free. He ran right to Hoyer, and grabbed his right arm as he tossed him to the ground.

1st and goal Patriots from the Seven. 3-Wide Weak-shotgun. Brady hits Amendola, who tries to spin back inside, but he legs just can't handle it. 2nd and goal from the Three. Pats in a Singleback. They run Bolden up the middle, but there is nothing there. Cushing blitzed up the middle and lassoed Bolden's legs. 3rd and goal from the Two. Pats in a 4-Wide Weak-shotgun. They run a Draw to White, and he slams in behind Shaq and Cannon for a great TD. Game-Set-Match.

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