Pats Vs. Houston

1st Quarter

Getting Started.


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Houston comes out in a 3-Wide Weak-shotgun on 1st and 10, Pats crowd the line in a tight 3-4. Brown takes down Blue at the line. He keeps getting better every week. 2nd and 6, Pats stay 3-4. They have Mayo lined up at the Mike. Mayo shoots the gap. He gets tackled by Fiedorowicz, and reaches out and tackles Polk for a timely TFL. 3rd and 8, Pats in a 3-2 Dime with all five guys up on the line. Hoyer gets tackled by Easley as the tries to throw. And it looked like Jones, stunting behind Easley, actually rammed Easley into Hoyer to force the punt. Martin had a great return, and looked more dynamic than any punt returner we have seen this season.

1st and 10, Pats in a 3-Wide Weak formation with Cleveland in at FB. They run Blount and he dives into the line for less than his height. 2nd and 8, the Pats come out in a 3-Wide Strong-shotgun. Brady hands it off inside to Blount, and the Mighty Vince destroys Tre' and takes out Blount (oh wait, I'm not suppose to be happy about that). 3rd and 10, Pats in a Winged Shotgun. Brady has time. They triple team Watt. Both RBs chip on the edgerushers on the way out to the opposite flats, and Tre' also helps Cannon with Watt. Bolden's chip knocks JJ to the ground. Brady goes deep to LaFell. The throw is good. But Joseph grabs LaFell from behind five strides before the ball arrives. Then climbs up on his shoulder as the ball arrives to slap it out and force the punt. I'm not sayin', I'm just saying. That was pass interference. But, if the refs allow the Pats to play that physically in their Man coverage, the Pats are going to the Super Bowl.

1st and 10 Houston in an I. Pats match up in a 4-3. They run play action. Hoyer throws short to Polk behind the two WRs. However, Collins was covering the slot WR, and he came off coverage quickly to take Polk down. 

Collins was great in coverage in this game. "Jamie is very athletic," BB said. "I think one of the things you've got to take into consideration when you look at a football team is size. You could have a real athletic 160-pound guy, but size is going to be a factor on that, and then you can have another guy who is 320 pounds and relative to most other players on the team maybe you wouldn't consider him real athletic but relative to other players comparable to his size and weight, he would be in the upper echelon of that. I think there are a lot of different categories. It's really hard to compare the athleticism of a receiver with the athleticism of an offensive lineman and so forth. But I think when you take all that into consideration, given Jamie's size in addition to his athleticism, he's in a pretty special category there. Do we have guys on the team that run faster and could do different drills faster than him? Yeah, probably we do. I know we do, but not go in and have the same kind of strength and power and explosiveness he has. That's kind of the difference. But it's a hard thing to measure. You start talking about receivers, you've got a 225-pound receiver and you've got a 170-pound receiver. They're both receivers, but there is a 50-pound difference there so to compare one guy to another, one guy is going to be good at one thing, assuming they're both good players. I'm saying one guy is going to be good at one thing and another guy is going to be good at another thing. And you can do that at various other positions so even within the same position sometimes, it's hard to compare players when they're that different physically." He is visibly lighter since his return, but I also thought he was visibly faster and quicker.

2nd and 5, Houston in the 4-wide Weak-shotgun. Pats match up in a 3-3 with two linebackers and Chung lined up outside the OLT. They run up the gut. Collins and Mayo meet him in the hole and twist him down. 3rd and 3, Houston comes out in a Weak-shotgun with Shorts in the Wildcat. The Pats look a little confused, and look like they are slowly forming into a 2-4 Nickel with Ninkovich, Sheard, Easley, and Jones as their front four. They have to get Sheard in more. With Jones and Ninkovich as the edge player, Sheard has to play more inside. He did in this game, and he was spectacular. 

Shorts take the snaps and run the Option. He keeps the ball and runs at Ninkovich who just goes, "as if" to force the punt. Ninkovich played that option perfectly. He had some contain on the RB outside and when Shorts kept it, he pounced on him like a panther. Martin has another dynamic return. It looks like the Pats have a new weapon on special teams.

1st and 10, Pats come out in a Twins left Singleback. Brady runs a play action. Brady waggles way outside, almost like he was going to take off with it. "We were trying to get him back there so I rolled right further than normal," TB12 said. "I don't know what happened on the play, but I kind of got flushed, I knew where he was heading and he had a linebacker on him so I thought I'd give him a chance and usually he comes down with those. That was a great play." Gronk runs down the Seam, and shrugs off the grabbing linebacker. 

Brady spots Gronk cutting away from him, and throws across the field. The linebacker he shrugged off chases Gronk. Then he falls down. Gronk turns back. "I was running that route and it was taking a while and I couldn't even see Tom, I had no clue where he was," Gronk said. "Next thing you know I just see the ball go flying in the air coming to me and then I couldn't see the ball anymore in that stadium. It went right in to the lights for like half the way and I'm like 'I know it's coming to me,' and then like, when it was like 20 feet coming down I saw it like 'there it is,' and just had to make that catch and it was just a good pass overall." The throw is a little off (and lost in the lights).

Gronk has to slow, turn back, and catch the ball as he is running backwards. "Well offensive football is always trust and anticipation and it is certainly that way with Gronk," TB12 said. "He is just a great player, a great teammate: blocking, pass protecting, obviously passing game: short, intermediate, and deep. He takes advantage of a good matchup. He is a great player." He holds on and heads to the Endzone. But the free safety stays in front of him and slows him down enough for the LB to catch up and tackle him from behind.

1st and goal from the 7. Then after last weeks venture into 1940's football with the infamous drop kick, they come out in a 1940's formation, the triple option. They have Cleveland and Williams lined up at FB in front of Blount. They give it to Blount and he bangs into the line for a yard or two. 2nd and goal from the 6, the Pats come out in a Twin-TE Singleback. Brady throws a beautiful pass to LaFell for a TD. And this is when things get wacky. Martin and Fleming were both lined up on the line. You must have six guys lined up on the line on every play. 

2nd and goal from the 11, 2-Wide Weak-shotgun. They line up Cushing on Amendola inside. Brady never looks anywhere else. Amendola beats Cushing by three yards on a quick lightning break inside. Brady hits him underneath. The Safety hits him helmet to helmet, and then Cushing seems to throw him down by his facemask, and half rips his helmet off his face. Amendola catches it at the Four and falls to the Two. Amendola looks around for the flag, but none was unfurled. Then Quintin Demps gets in Amendola's face, with his helmet still ripped half off face. Amendola says something back to him, and the 6-7 300-pound One-Armed Bandit gives a cheap shot to the 5-9 180-pound Amendola, in the back! Amendola shoves him off, and the refs do nothing.

The Pats come out on 3rd and goal from the Two in a 3-Wide Strong-shotgun. Gronk goes in motion. Brady hits Martin for a TD. There is some controversy as the One-Armed Bandit hits Brady so late that it is clearly his second straight cheap shot. Pats-7 Cheap shots-2

1st and 10, Pats in a 3-3 Nickel. They run play action, Sheard Swims over the ORG inside and burst right into Hoyer. Sheard hops over Hoyer, but he is somehow able to get the ball to Polk for an improbable play. Polk than straight arms Collins to the ground! But Collins grabs his shirt from behind and pulls himself up. Then he suplexes Polk to the ground. 2nd and 1, Pats match up in a 2-4 Nickel. Polk powers through the line and into Chung for the First. But then he keeps churning for a few more. That Polk has some nice power to him.

1st and 10, Pats match up in a 3-3 Nickel nicely. They run Polk in a Smash. Branch gets tackled inside for another nice non-call, as Polk slices behind the alleged block. Ryan and Collins finally take him down. 2nd and 4, Houston in a 3-Wide Weak-shotgun. Pats go 3-4 Nickel with Chung in at ILB. Houston runs a Dive, but Hicks, Branch, and Sheard clogged it up inside. Polk tries to cut back, but Hicks sheds the OLG and then the OLT. Then he grabs, twists, and rips Polk down. That was a great play by Hicks. 3rd and 3, Pats match up in a 3-4 looking thing with Chung sneaking up into box outside. Collins fakes a blitz, and then Mayo blitzes up the gut with some flash. Hoyer throws over Ninkovich, and Hunt catches it. He is spun down by some Johnson named Leonard for the First. But the cheap shotting Texans get called for a Personal Foul. 3rd and 19 Houston is Empty. Pats match up in a 3-2 Dime, with no one in the middle of the field. 

Nate Washington burns Butler with a great double move. He left him in the dust on an out and up. However, the throw is a little short, and Butler is great at arriving at the end of the pattern. "I would agree with that," BB said. "I think that's definitely a part of it. Malcolm does other things well. He tackles well for his position. He's got good ball skills. I think there are a number of things that [he does well]. He has good playing speed. Like I said, I think there are a number of things that he does well. Quickness is one of them. That's part of it. But I think it's hard to be a good player in this league if you can only do one thing well, no matter what that is. You have to have more than that and something else besides just one thing. Size, strength, quickness, instincts, ball skills, those are all important. The more the better, but I think it's hard to have one thing." Butler has time to catch up. He gets a nice slap at the ball, but Washington holds on.

1st and 10, they run a bubble screen to Shorts, and Chung, Ryan, and Jones take him out for a TFL. 2nd and 11, Pats in a 3-3 Nickel with two safeties up in the box. The rookie Strong gets open short over the middle. Chung grabs him and holds him until Ryan and Jones can take him down. 3rd and 5, Houston in a 3-Wide Strong-shotgun. Pats in a 4-1 Dime. Hoyer tries to go to Shorts. Leonard Johnson leaps over his shoulder and punches the ball to the ground to force the field goal. Johnson was a big factor on this drive. Pats-7. Houston-3. Cheap shots-3.

Pats come out in a Singleback. Blount cuts back behind a pulling Williams for his best run so far. 2nd and 5, Pats in the Singleback. Blount gets hit in the Backfield, and escapes. He gets knocked nearly down after a yard, but he lands on Cushing gut. So he is able bounces up, and run for a 1st down. That was a great run by Blount.

1st and 10 Singleback. Blount angles to the left, and then follows a pulling Shaq to the right, and cuts off his block for a powerful eight. 2nd and 2, I. Brady throws outside to LaFell in a semi-screen. He runs forward for a First to end the 1st quarter.

1st and 10 again, Brady in the Shotgun. He has time and hits Amendola high. Amendola catches it, and spins to the ground, but  the CB is just able to punch it out. 2nd and 10, Pats come out in a 3-Wide Singleback. They give it to Blount again. He heads left. Williams gets a great wham block right in front of him. Blount cuts back behind Williams, and streaks to the right for a nice 7-yard run. 2nd and 3, Pats in a 3-Wide Singleback. They run some misdirection to White, but Brady holds onto the ball. He throws it to Martin going to the other side for a First.

1st and 10, Pats in a 3-Wide Strong-shotgun. They hand it off underneath to Blount. He follows a pulling Tre' into the hole for a yard. 2nd and 9, Pats in a Winged Shotgun. Brady has Cleveland uncovered out of the backfield in the flat. He doesn't see him. He hits LaFell in the slot. LaFell drops it. 3rd and 9, Strong-shotgun. Brady gives it to Bolden on a fake reverse. He pounds forward to force the field goal. Pats-10. Houston-3. Cheap shots-3.

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