Pats Vs. Philly

Didactic Dropkick.

Epic Strategic Fail.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Pats lose again, and the truth is that it was an epic fail by Belichick. What? Who said that? I do have a ghost in my house, and I think he just typed something inappropriate on my computer. "Just overall we obviously didn’t do anything well enough today," BB said. "Didn’t do enough on offense, turned the ball over, gave up two third-down touchdowns on defense, didn’t play well in the kicking game, just really didn’t do anything well enough to really win. We competed and sort of had a chance there at the end to come back, but when you give up 21 points when your defense isn’t on the field, you lose about 98 percent of those games. [We just] just gotta get back to work, got to do a better job." And he didn't even mention the damn dropkick.

Here is my review of the First Half of the game. The 1st quarter was all nerves, where nothing really happened. Except the Pats finally went up 14-point as the defenses seemed more ready for the game in the 1st quarter than the offenses. Then came the epic fail. "I think everything we did, we’re trying to do what we think is best," BB said. "Because we thought that was the best thing to do." It was not.

Okay, you just went up 14-points at Home against a team that has been looking to quit for a while. YOU DON'T GIVE THEM A REASON TO BELIEVE. You kick off and let the weight of the road, their coach, and their season weigh on them. The second I saw the rugby player's olde-tyme kick. I freaked out. I just started saying over and over again, "no-no-no-no-no!"

This game, gulp, was an epic fail by BB. You just don't stick electronic wires into a dead horse, and try to give him some life (that's right, I went Frankenstein's horsy). The only way the olde-tyme kick could be interpreted by Philly was as an insult. They looked to me like they were quitting. So why bother try a didactic kick when no one is listening. Whatever BB was trying to communicate was not coming through, even too his most ardent listener (that's right I'm sucking up again). But it is what it is. To try and make a point about your love for olde-tyme football at that time in the game was an epic strategic fail. You don’t give a beaten down dog a gun.

And I get it. It is one of BB's eccentricities (yes, he is rich enough now to be eccentric, and not nuts). Sometimes he just wants to see some olde-tyme football. But, there is no way the Eagles' players could see that as anything other disrespectful. While it was meant to be sign of respect for olde-tyme football, it was a slap in the face to the young Eagles. And they brought that ball right down the field and into the endzone. And we were suddenly in a shootout with a pissed off team. Instead of just coasting to victory.

Then to make it worse the best special team, huh, team, was a complete disaster. One special team's unit after another kept having epic fails. And the smartest team in the NFL was suddenly the dumbest. We were the Jets under Idzik. Every special team unit was suddenly the Colts punt team on 4th and 3 from their own 37-yard line with 1:14 left in the 3rd quarter. They were suddenly the Ravens Brain trust multiplied by Dumb & Dumber. And worse, it looked like BB had accidentally hired Roger Goodell as his special teams coach. We lost this game because of (gulp) coaching.

The good news is that the failure of the coaches is not likely to be repeated again this season. "So it's tough," TB12 said. "You've got to find ways to adjust, and we do plenty of good things. I think tonight there were just some critical errors that it really came down to. Just a disappointing night. But we've got to figure out how to win a game next week?" That was just one of those thing that no matter what you do or say, everything just turns out wrong. Its like playing poker. On a night: when you get a Straight someone has a Flush, when you get a Flush someone has four Aces, and when you get four Aces some has a straight-flush.

Now after the anger dies down, this is the second game in a row where I came away encouraged by our Playoff chances. I thought after watching the heart of the Patriots at the end of the Denver game, and that HOF clutch-drive at the end of regulation that Brady made to tie it up was the best drive no one knows about this season. I still don't know he did it. With no time, no timeouts, and no legit receivers to throw to throw to, and the refs burning four seconds off the clock. I still don't know how they did it.

As for being encouraged by this game, the Pats defense only gave up 14-points. Including the touchdown after the didactic dropkick, which doesn't really count (in my mind, because of the epic strategic fail). "Yeah, give them credit," BB said. "They took advantage of our mistakes. We’ve been good in that area, but we weren’t today." If the defense gives up 14-points a game (never mind 7-PPG) the rest of the way? They win the Super Bowl. They played with more heart at the end of those two losing games than I think any other team in the NFL could manage.

The special teams units will not loose another game this season. The coaches are not going to puke up epic fails all over the field again. And yet, the players almost got that game back. The offense and defense in the second half was as great as it gets. Despite: Brady's dagger-interception, the coaches, the special teams, all the damn drops, and even BB himself. And even the special teams somehow got the ball back down seven late in the 4th, and Brady had a chance to tie the game. It is hard to imagine another team with so many self-inflicted wounds still having a chance to win with 2-minutes left in the game.

Plus, the Pats were missing three of their top seven players. They were a depleted team without Gronk, Edelman, and Hightower. "You'd love to have everybody healthy," Brady said. "I think every team would love that at this point. But it's just not the reality. So it's tough. You've got to find ways to adjust, and we do plenty of good things. I think tonight there were just some critical errors that it really came down to. Just a disappointing night, but we've got to figure out how to win a game next week?" No team can lose three of their top 6 or 7 players and still perform at the same level, especially when their O-line is still trying to get its continuity back.

First off, they need the O-line to put it all together right now. "I think there are a number of things in play here," BB said. "First of all, for the majority of the year we've dealt with some kind of [injury curse along the O-line]. We haven't had everybody available for one reason or another. You know what the deal is on all those, so some of what we've done has been a little bit by necessity. Earlier in the year when we had three healthy tackles in Marcus, Sebastian, and Nate, that was really kind of a luxury there to have three players of that quality, but we ended up with none of those guys playing at one point. The center position has been somewhat in transition, same thing with the guards, so we really haven't had an opportunity to do that, to just have the same people in there, because guys just haven't always been available. If that could happen and it could all come together and everybody was available, maybe we'd be able to get to that point and it would probably be a good thing. But we'll just have to see how all that goes. I'm not against it, that's for sure." They cannot continue to have free rushers smashing into Brady all game. According to the NFL Brady was hit 36 times the last three games, and only smashed into 45 times in the first ten games.

They need Hightower to return, likely first. Then get Gronk and Edelman ready for the Playoffs. The defense that let up 14-points in the Epic Fail Game is noticeably better with Hightower on the field. The Offense that almost had the two most impressive comebacks of the season in back to back loses, is the best in the NFL when Gronk and Edelman are on the field with Brady. Plus, usually, the Pats coaches are the best in the League as well.

They just have to keep winning. They cannot afford another loss. They have to get that Bye. And right now they are really the second seed in the AFC. Last weeks loss was bad, but it wasn't a complete disaster. The Bengals still have to go to Denver on December 28th. So at least one of those two teams will have to have three loses. Plus, winter is coming. Neither of those teams are snow and cold weather teams like the Pats. And maybe, just maybe, Payton whines his way back into the starting lineup. But the question is can the still depleted Pats win out the regular season? With a tough week in Houston, they have to get it together mentally again right away.

Plus, I wanted to personally thank Bill for blowing two games during Rivalry Week and Championship Weekend. I watched so many prospects the past two weeks that I actually think I am ready for Draft season. My DVR was so filled with college football that it was ridiculous. I am almost completely caught up. And I love-love-love KeiVarae Russell or Desmond King to the Pats at pick 63.

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