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Wide Receivers are the New Runningbacks.


March 19th 2012

A quick email form my friend Bob:

They need a quality wide-out. If not Lloyd, then Wallace. Give up the damned picks and get someone.

LaRon Landry wouldn't hurt, either.

Their holes are obvious, so fill them, dammit! and screw the draft - get proven players now. They've got another 3 or so years for Brady. Bring in the proven goods.

Thanks Bob. I love emails that send me off on a Rant, and I couldn’t agree with you any more (I made Mike Wallace at pick 31 in my first Mock;-). The problem with RFA is that is that you have to give up a Pick and a pile Cash. So when you sign him it always looks like you paid too much. However, when you sign a RFA, in hindsight it always looks like you got a good deal. You have to pay a little extra for the youth. However, they are usually still ascending players, unlike players on their third or forth contract.

The other aspect of this is that we are seeing a shift in value happening right before our eyes. We all know RBs are losing value and draft position as teams go throw-throw-throw. More and more teams are moving to a pass to set up the run philosophy, and the Running Back by committee approach. So you can find cheap options at RB of a singular quality: a thunder, a lightning, and a 3rd down back. Find three cheap guys rather then one Bell cow. 

So what is the fallout of this new philosophy? Who is going to fill the void in value. It is looking more and more like WRs are going to fill that void. When I look at the Browns I see two options for them. Richardson and Blackmon. Ten years ago Richardson is the no brainer. Now, is Blackmon the no brainer? 

The money that has been going around to WR is startling. Washington is going to have over a 20 Million in Cap space just this season alone for three Wide Receivers, and nobody as ever called either one of them a Number One WR. Is that stupid as well as shocking? Not if they win. Pierre Garcon's contract is an affront to Power Football. Calvin Johnson's contract is an insult to Earl Campbell. Laurent Robinson's contract is a slap in the face of Sweetness  

As the value of the passing game in direct relation to winning has skyrocketed over the past five years or so, so has the value of players who can make plays in the passing game. QB’s have reached near movie star status. Have you seen the ridiculous Manning watch on the NFL channel and ESPN. I mean, it is reaching Tom Cruise controversy status. Morons in Miami were following Manning with helicopters for football-sake. Franchise QBs are making the difference between being fired and being a genius.

As teams seem to finally be realizing there aren’t a lot of QBs around who make the players around them better. So teams are looking more and more into players who can make their QBs better. The old philosophy is that RBs make the QB better. This off-season has been the final proof that that has changed. Wide Receivers are the new Runningbacks. Is there any doubt that 20 years ago 4 or 5 Runningbacks go in the 1st round in this years Draft: Richardson, Wilson, Miller, Martin, and maybe Isaiah Pead. This year, you could have 4 or 5 WRs going in the 1st Round: Blackmon, Floyd, Jeffery, Hill, and Wright.

Wide Rceivers and O-Tackles make QBs better. If you don’t have a Franchise QB, you better have better Wide Receivers and O-Tackles. The old formula was that you better have a better Runningback to take the pressure off the QB. Taht formula is almost forgotten (though there is still is a lot of truth to that belief, just ask the Houston Texans;-). Which is part of the problem with QBs now as well. Teams no longer use the running game to set up the passing game. So the QB is on his own.  

Wide Receivers and O-Tackles are filling the void left by RBs disappearance in value. Look at teams that are projected to take an Offensive RIGHT Tackle in the 1st Round. Taking an ORTs in the 1st Round was not done ten years ago. Know you could see two or three O-Tackles projected to the right side going in the First Round. Teams are desperate to make their QBs better, and as RBs are no longer the instant answer, then you better have better O-Tackles to stop the passrushers.

Teams in FA this year are giving a lot of money to WRs. This is not a coincidence. The utter destruction of all defensive rules to defend the pass has created wild world where wide receivers can run free. The value positions have been: CBs (to try and make the QB take longer to throw), D-Ends (to hit the QB), and OLT (to protect the QB). Now you have to add in WR (who can get open) and TE (did you see the ridiculous production of TEs last season?), so the QB has someone to throw to.

If you don’t have a Franchise QB who can make all the players in the offense better, then you better have some WRs who can make your QB better. Richardson is a better player than Blackmon. However, Blackmon is going to go ahead of Richardson, because GMs no longer see RBs as making QBs better. However, Blackmon will make his QB better. He gets open all over the field, and catches the ball. If you have Colt McCoy, Matt Moore, or Blaine Gabbert as your QB, you better have a WR like Blackmon to make him better.

Number One receiver is a term that is a bit polarizing. However, when you say Number One receiver everybody knows what that means. Not every team has a Number One, even though every team has a number one receiver. Plus, the concept of a Number One receiver is changing. A Number One receiver, especially if you don’t have a Franchise QB, is a receiver who can make the QB and the other players on offense better.

He has to get open against double coverage consistently, which means less coverage on the other receivers. He has to help the QB be able to make easier throws. He has to be able to fight through DBs, and take the ball from the DBs to make a reception, when the QB has a bad throw. He has to be able to play DB when he has no chance for the ball, when the QB makes a terrible throw. He also has to be able to catch the back shoulder fade, when the QB puts the ball over by the sideline so only he can catch it because he is afraid of the INT. He has to be dynamic with the ball in his hands so he can turn a short quick throws, that eliminates the rush, and turn it into a 1st down. Blackmon can be a Number One receiver. If you don’t have a QB who can make all the players in the offense better, then you better have some WRs and/or a TEs who can.

This new development is not good for the Pats. The Pats problem is that they can’t give Number Two or Starter money to a number two receiver. Because they don’t have a Number Two receiver in their offence. Wes and Gronk are 1A and 1B, and Hernandez is the Number Three. So any receiver who lines up outside the hashes for the Pats is going to be the forth option in the offense at best. So they can’t give starter money to a starting WR in Free Agency.

Which explains why Mike Wallace was never really an option. We all wanted the two big splashes, Mario and Wallace, but they really didn’t have the Cap room to do it. Why do these players go to crappy teams? Because the teams that make the Playoffs usually already have the big ticket contracts on their team. Team with a lot of talent have a lot of big contracts. Team that suck should have a lot less big contracts, or they are in even bigger trouble then their fans think, like Oakland and Dallas. So once the Pats Franchised Welker, their shot at Mario Williams and Mike Wallace was really over.

With all that being said, the Patriots did an amazing job filling the hole of a number two receiver that is really going to be the forth option. They couldn’t pay the big bucks to fill that hole outside the hash marks, especially with Gronk’s and Hernandez’s contracts coming up soon. Signing a number two WR, for Number Three or Number Four money is a boon.

They haven’t been able to do it since the loss of Moss. The emergence of Gronk and Hernandez has been terrific, but it has added some complications to the WR position. Lloyd is going to get, almost always, single coverage on the outside. He is so good at catching the deep ball. He is going to do some damage deep next season.

Lloyd knew he is at his best with Josh McDaniel. So it was such a unique situation where each side needed each other. Lloyd, who does have a bit of a reputation of being a moody player, sacrificed some cash to go to a team that he feels he can excel with (and I knows it’s hard to call 12 mil a sacrifice;-). That might be the most promising aspect of this signing. Because he is not going to be the Number One, the Number Two, or the Number Three. He is going to be the Number Four, the deep threat. And that is going to be fun to watch. Almost as fun to watch as all the money being thrown at the Wide Receivers this off season.


Need for Speed.


March 12th 2012



The important thing is what and who are the Pats going to be looking at. First, you have to get Wide Receiver or two, or three. Right now the Pat’s biggest hole in the roster is at WR. With Branch and Welker both Free Agents, they have some decisions to make. Also, even if they sign both players, you could argue that the inability of the WR to attack deep cost them a Championship. They have to get a guy who can attack the deep sidelines on this team.

Fortunately, this off season is overloaded with WR talent. There is a fully stocked WR candy store in Free Agency, and the  draft has a ton a talent at Wide Receiver as well. They could be looking at Wright or Floyd falling to them, just because there are so many other choices for WR than just in the 1st Round. With all the talent in the Draft at WR you will see some of the 1st Round talent slipping down. I think FA and the Draft depth will adversely affect the 1st Round WRs in this Draft. I thought Blackmon was a lock to go 4. After studying the depth at WRs in FA and the Draft, I could argue that the Jags, who have the worst WRs in the NFL, could pass on him at 7! He could drop all the way down to the Chiefs at 11, and he would be a steal. Right now I see the Bears not being able to pass on Floyd, and the Texans not being able to pass on Wright. If either team hits a FA WR or two, either Wright of Floyd could easily drop to 27. And you will see all the WRs in this Draft dropping further than they should. There will be burners like Joe Adams, and interesting talents like Ruben Randle and Juron Crinor in the 2nd. Plus, some interesting talents like Nick Toon, Ryan Broyles, Brian Quick, and Dwight Jones around in the 3rd. And the depth continues on Day Three.

That doesn’t even include all the WRs in FA. I mean the list goes on and on. The Pats are in an excellent position here. Word coming out of Foxboro is they won’t resign Branch. However, they have the clear and distinct inside track on Brandon Lloyd. He is friends with Josh McDaniel, and followed him to St. Louis, where he resurrected his career again. Lloyd’s best seasons were when he was playing for McDaniel. I think he recognizes that, and when Josh calls he eagerly answers the phone. I’ve heard some horrid commentary from a particularly annoying pundit that Lloyd is not who we think he is. That is just crap. He is a dynamic athlete, who has picked up the Pats/Josh McDaniel’s complicated system. Or do you forget how many WRs this system has chewed up and spit out. The latest victim being 8-6 himself. Lloyd not only picked up the system, he thrived in it. You can argue that a number of WRs in the Draft and FA are viable options for the Patriots. However, how many of those guys can you guarantee can play in this system; The system that has destroyed the psyche of a number of talented receivers. I say for a fact there are only three WRs we know can play in our system: Welker, Branch, and Lloyd. Other than that, it is a crapshoot. Lloyd is unrestricted and Free, and the top FA who we know can help this team in the way that may have cost us a fourth Super Bowl. Speed outside the hashes. With all that being said, there is another option that has to be looked into.

That is Mike Wallace (don't you hate when you have a good idea and someone else posts it before you can post it;-). Would you trade the 31st pick in this Draft for the best deep threat in the NFL? Because that is what the Pats are looking at. The Steelers have Cap issues and can’t match a front loaded contract. Plus, do you remember what happened the last time we signed a restricted Free Agent WR to a contract? He turned into Wes Welker. It is a risk to be sure, money and the 31st pick for Wallace. But I think he is worth it. He has a reputation for running precise patterns, and has that knack for getting open deep. You just can’t touch him in the open field. He is everything Pats Fans have wanted since Randy self-destructed his way off this team. When your 270 pound Tight End is your best down field threat, and really your only down field threat, it is time to get your HOF QB some speed. We all know Brady isn’t the best deep thrower to ever play the game, but he can hit a wide open guy 40-yards down field consistently. It will push those Safeties and LBs back, and open up the stuff underneath even more for Welker, Gronk, and Hernandez. I honestly think Wallace can change the course of the Super Bowl if he signs with us, and we can reach it again. He is only 26. He has Playoffs experience, and has produced in big games. There is no WR we can take at 31 who can make as much of a difference as this guy over the final few years of Brady’s career. The ticking is almost stopped. Use this pick to get a veteran difference maker on offense, resign Welker, and sign Lloyd. They will still have enough money and picks to shore up the defense, which is already vastly improved over the past few years.


More Emails.


March 12th 2012


Thanks for the reply...I think the 'Skins will end up w/RG III, largely because Shanahan knows full well this kind of player doesn't come along very often and that his team simply won't win with the QB's he has now. The Browns won't spend a #4 pick on Tannehill. If Miami's not able to sign a guy like Flynn, they might go after him. Even that may be too early, but by the same token after Luck & RG III, Tannehill's arguably the next best QB in the draft. I wouldn't count the Jags out, either...not sure at all they're sold on Gabbert, even though they've committed quite a bit of money to him. Seattle's a possibility...Carroll knows he needs to upgrade his QB position if the 'Hawks have any serious thoughts about competing w/Niners. Denver's another option...Elway has said repeatedly, he plans to bring in at least 2 QB's, probably 1 rookie and 1 vet. Really, it's hard to say, especially before FA. If I had to put money on it, I'd say either Browns at #22 or Broncos at #25.

As for the Niners, they've now locked up OLB Ahmad Brooks for 6 they won't take a pass rusher that early. They'll likely franchise FS Goldson, but it's mostly to buy time to work out a long-term deal. He just signed on with the same agency Tom Condon works for...they've worked quite a few contracts w/Niners, so it's going to happen. The x-factor is Rogers...he's saying publicly he wants fair market value, which roughly equates to the $10M per season range. There's no way Niner GM Baalke makes that it most likely means they let Rogers test FA. Not sure other teams would pay him that much either, so it could well turn out they sign him for less in the end. Baalke knows Chris Culliver could move into Rogers' spot, and for a lot less $$. That said, taking one of the top CB's is definitely possible, although I tend to think it would be somewhere between rds 2-4. Fleener just makes too much sense...he's one of Harbaugh's guys...recruited him, coached him, and the match-up nightmares he'd present to opposing DC's really says it all. Plus, he's the big RZ target Alex Smith really needs, and is arguably a better receiver than the WR's that should be available at #30.

Thanks again for the reply and keep in touch...I'm pretty close to the Niners and have a decent feel for what they're likely to do in the draft. They'll get a top receiver, CB, OG, RB, and likely a DL, maybe a S and either a 2nd DL or another OL.


Thanks for the great email. I was planning on blogging it, but got bogged down in reality last week;-) You really hit on the crux of the Draft, where do the QB’s go? You nailed the RGIII. I had him going to Cleveland. The most interesting aspect of that trade is to watch the fortunes of the two Franchises over the next ten years. I think in three years Washington becomes a perennial contender, while Cleveland will wallow in mediocrity. There is no price to steep to pay for a shot at a Franchise QB. If you don't understand that then you don't understand the NFL today.

Now Washington suddenly can put in Shanahan’s full offense and has a guy who can scramble when disaster strikes, consistently hit WRs 50-yards down field, is super smart, and can throw the quick inside Spread Offense passes that frustrates defenses. Plus, he has a flare for the spectacular. He is a respectful son of a soldier off the field, but he is flashy on the field. He likes to spark a few shenanigans to his game on the field. I actually don’t like that in a QB. However, it will make him and the Franchise a lot of money, as fans like to watch that kind of kids stuff. But in the end, the kid can play.

As for Cleveland, they have Colt. The good news for Brown fans is that he make such little money as a 3rd Round pick, they can afford take some chances with a pricier guy. So Tannehill at 4, isn’t out of the question. Money wise it makes sense. Plus, Tannehill will need a few years, and during that time Colt can work his craft and maybe develop into a Brees type bonanza for the Browns. I don’t think they’ll do that, but if he is still on the board at 22 they can take him without any Cap worry. What they need to do is get a WR, RB, and some O-Linemen to protect Colt, and give him a chance to succeed, which he really didn’t have last season.

I really believe Richardson is an option at four. He could do wonders for the QBing of Colt. Especially if you consider what is happening with Payton Hillis . If they don’t resign Hillis they could go Richardson at 4, or, maybe even 22. I cannot find a place for Richardson in the teens?

The other interesting aspect of the RGIII trade is Matt Flynn. Now there are three teams Cleveland, Miami, and Seattle whose need for QBs is so desperate that their HC’s and GM’s jobs are on he line. All three run West Coast offenses that fit what Flynn did in Green Bay. I think Flynn’s value is very selective to a West Coast type offense because of his experience and arm. Obviously, the top fit is Miami with Joe Philbin, Flynn’ mentor, the new HC of the MD (Let me slip in a little note to Jeff Ireland, “If you don’t get a real NFL QB your will be fired, and fired soon!).

Now, as a Pat’s fan, QB chaos in Miami always makes me smile. So this is fun for me. I had Flynn as a lock in Miami, but now with three desperate teams bidding for the selective services of Flynn, the price is rising every day. It looks to me like you could certainly argue that Flynn is not an upgrade to Colt, but you could also argue that whichever team wins the bidding war for Flynn, Seattle or Miami, saves their jobs. If I’m Flynn I’m going to Miami no questions asked. If I’m Flynn’s agent I’m calling all three GM’s every day with hourly updates on the bidding war for his job saving services.

Which most likely leaves us with Seattle at 12 taking Tannehill, who is not ready to play in the NFL. Let me slip in a little note for Pete, “if you miss out on Flynn, you better go to your Owner and make him understand that if you Draft Tannehill it will cost you any and all chances of winning over the nest two season. Taking Tannehill is a three-year plan before you can start winning with him. If your Owner doesn’t understand that, then you will be fired.

That looks like the squabbling QB situation right now as best as I can figure out. A lot of jobs and money are on the line here. The biggest aspect of these QBs that these so-called professional seems to forget is all the money involved. A winning QB makes hundreds of millions of dollars for the Owners as well.

Snyder might be the worst Owner/GM in the League, but he is a great businessman. He doesn’t need RWIII to make money. But, what the hell was Randy Lerner thinking? A small market team cannot financially afford to pass on a chance to get a super dynamic Franchise talent like RGIII, ever. Letting him slip through their sweaty fingers is going to go down as one of the worst managerial decisions in the history of professional sports. The Rams all but came out and said they want to trade with the Browns, and they snubbed their noses at them like they had all the leverage, “The Rams know the Redskins will be aggressive, but they have been getting weird, uninterested signals from the Browns. (I hate to use fox Fake News Anything as a source, because of their propensity to make things up. Like that quote was not a quote from a source, but the writers opinion. It has been widely reported as a quote from the Rams, but it is not. It is just a great quote from the writer;-)" How stupid is that ?

When you are a small market team you can’t thumb your nose at opportunities like RGIII. A real Franchise QB will drag any NFL Franchise into pure profit mode. Just asks the Cavaliers maniac Owner. If he was capable of telling the truth, he would tell you that in the seven seasons LaBron was on the Cavs they were as financial viable as any big market team, and he personally made hundreds of millions of dollars off the dynamic talents of LaBron. Now, with LaBron no longer on the team, they can’t lose money fast enough.

Now, Washington won’t be able to make money any faster if they were printing it themselves. Cleveland, moves back to small market non profit losing status. There is no price to high for a Franchise Quarterback in the NFL. Just watch the projected path of Washington and Cleveland over the next ten years.

Thanks again for the great email,


P.S. well it looks like I did it again. I ended up blogging you email, when I just wanted to tell you I did a TOM's Tape for Fleener (3/11 Mystery Man, Colby Fleener.;-).  

Here are a couple of emails I sent to PFW in Progress, which of course they didn't read because they prefer to pilfer my opinions than give me credit;-):


Hey guys, I have some more odd questions. With Mario Williams completely free, the Pats have to go on an all out blitzkrieg to get him. How often are top Five D-Ends completely free in this League? However, I’m not sure we can sign him. If they give him a 20 Million singing bonus, and start his salary at 5 Mil, with a 20% bump each year, it comes out just over 55 Mil for five years. If you add in a couple of roster bonuses you can get it up to 65-70 Mil easy, and still only have a 9 Mil Cap hit this season. I don’t think the Pats can absorb more than that.

My questions are is there still a limit on bumps in salary of 20% on player contracts? Also, I read that the Pats are 20 Million under the Cap. My question was that before we signed Welker or after?

Because, if it was after then they are 11 Mil under the Cap. That means in order to sign Williams they won’t be able to sign Andre Carter and/or Mr. Anderson. So my third question is would you rather have Williams without Carter and Anderson and be right up against the Cap, or would you rather have Carter and Anderson and still be 4-5 Mil under the Cap?

If they are still 20 Mil under the Cap, then they could raise the offer, and maybe have a real shot at signing Williams. Am I crazy, or should signing Williams be their top priority this off-season? Because if they sin him they have to be the top team going into next season. Which is my final question, what do you guys think is the real odds the Pats can sign Williams?



Hey guys I have an odd question. I’m not going to ask you guy about the Draft specifically, because that would be like asking Erik for dating advise. What’s the point? However, if I was making the picks for the Patriots, I would take two D-Linemen in the 1st Round. Get back to having four 1st Round picks in the front 5 or 6 (3 or 4 D-Linemen and two OLB), like we had when we were winning Super Bowls.

The dream picks for me would be Mercilius and Fletcher Cox. However, after the Combine neither guy is making it to 27, which could leave the Pats with Barron and Hightower (or maybe Stephen Hill;-). Or, and I know this is going to sounds nuts. Combining the two 1sts and the two 2nds to trade up twice so they could take both  Mercilius and Cox. Say, 27 and 63 to San Diego for 18-Mercilius, and 31 and 48 to the Titans for 20-Cox (Stop giggling Andy;-). Two teams with whom they have traded with before.

Do you guys think there is anyway BB the GM would make two such spectacular moves? Or are they going to sit there and hope Tannehill falls to them so they can trade back for a 1st next year, and 2nd this year with Seattle? I think this team needs some spectacular, and these two rushers can supply it. Barron and Hightower are great football players, but more steady production guys than spectacular guys. I want some spectacular in this Draft.




Steady Vs. Spectacular.

Part Two.


March 11th 2012

Mike Wallace is the spectacular. You won’t know what you’re going to get, but it could be something special on any play. Other games he will disappear or drop a couple deep ones. If we put him in the Wes category of 6-12 catches every game, he had 11 games were he didn’t reach 6 receptions. None over 12. His two season highs where eight receptions in the first two games. Now the comparison is a little unfair, as they run a different offense, Roethlisberger got hurt, and as the season progressed Antonio Brown grew into his own, so he got less chances. However, he did averaged over 15 YPC seven times. But only twice in the second half with Roethlisberger injured. Plus, he had five games with three receptions or less. However, one of those games was against the Cards where he had 3 receptions for 118 yards. If BB doesn’t make a play for this guy in FA it’s because when you put him in you have no idea what he is going to do. Plus, it will cost them a 1st Round Pick

What I think they should do in the Draft is go for the Spectacular. Go all out for Wallace if they can afford him, and draft two D-Linemen who can get to the Quarterback. The dream scenario being Mercilius and Fletcher Cox. However, after great Combines, they will have to trade up to get either or both guys. I know most normal people don’t watch a lot of film on college D-Linemen. However, the dirty little secret of Mercilius and Cox is that they both player a lot of D-End when their team switched to the 3-4. Mercilius on the rightside, and Cox on the left. The spectacular could be on obvious pass downs, put Mercilius and Cox in a D-End and rush Anderson and Carter from OLB spots. Now that would be spectacular.

The question is will BB the Coach and BB the GM stand in the way of the spectacular. BB the GM needs to stand up and say we need some spectacular in the passrush and a wide receiver. And, can BB the Coach swallow his coaching instincts and go for the spectacular in this years Draft? Can BB the GM swallow his instincts and give up his two 2nd Round picks to move up from 27 and 31 to snag Mercilius and Fletcher, who are not going to make it out of the Teens? It would be two spectacular moves.  

I am still stuck on the D-Line. 

People forget that when we were winning Championships we had not three, but four D-Line 1st Round picks. Every body remembers Seymour, Washington, Warren, and Wilfork, but forget McGinest. Without their 1st Round pick of NT/DE turned OLB Willie McGinest, they don’t win a single Super Bowl. Now there was one guy who was a steady producer who could produce the spectacular as well. The D-Line and the OLB/DEs need some talent influx. 

If the Pats resign Mr. Car-ter and Mr. Anderson then getting a PR here might be a mote point. However, Carter has to be a concern because of his knee, and tendency to produce an average 3.33 Sacks in years after he had a double figure Sack season. While Anderson is situational rusher who is competitively challenged against the run, which even BB seems to have admitted that stoutness against the run is becoming less and less important in the spreading out of the NFL. Being steady against the run is less important then ever before.


Steady Vs. Spectacular.

Or, The Coach Getting In The Way of the GM.


March 8th 2012

Dear Fred,

I’ve been studying BB’s Drafts for over a decade now. The one aspect of BBs drafts that are still more coach than GM, is that he still wants the Steady production guy over the spectacular guys. Fans want the spectacular guys who can flash and dash all over the field. Owners want the spectacular guys who can sell tickets. Fantasy guys want the spectacular guys, because they are a bundle of points waiting to happen. However, coaches want players who they can fit into their system, and will give them relatively the same results game in and game out.

It’s a common flaw in coaches. They want the guys who they know what they will do when you put them in. The easiest example of this is the rookie. Coaches are still famous for not wanting to put rookies in, because they have no idea what they are going to do when you put them in. A coach like BB wants to know what a guy is going to do every time he put him in. He wants steady production guys.

Wes Welker defines steady production. When you put him in he is going to get 6-12 receptions every game almost without fail. He had only three games in 2011 where he didn’t reach six receptions, and one game over twelve. When you put him in the game you know he is going to get open quick and short and move the chains. That is a coach’s dream.

Gerald Mayo is a steady production guy. When he is on the field you know what he is going to do. He is going to play smart, set up the Defense, and always be where the coaches want him to be. He is going to make 5-10 tackles a game. Even though he hurt his knee, he still didn’t reach five tackles only three times. He went over ten tackles only two times. 

Are there more steady production guy than Brady, Wilfork, or Ninkovich. Even a player like Eugene Chung who was injured again this season is a steady guy. He is going to set up the secondary and make tackles. He is better moving forward than moving backwards. When you play Cover Two, he doesn’t let WRs get past him. He is a better cover guy than given credit. He played in the Slot early and got burned by 3rd Receivers, but he is very good covering Tight Ends off the Line. He plays on most of the special teams. Steady. Productive.

Last season BB took Nate Solder in the First Round, and as BB’s steady production psyche is wont to do, he traded the second 1st Round pick. O-Linemen by definition are the steadiest players to draft. O-linemen have to, by definition, grade out over 90%. Mankins, Light, Waters, and even the two rookie O-Linemen Solder and Marcus Cannon where steady production guys when they were put in. That is what BB likes. Kevin Faulk and Troy Brown turned themselves into steady production guys. When you put them in you know what you are going to get.

PassRushers on the other hand are the least steady players you can get. They’ll have three sacks and then not a whiff of the QB for three games. You can never tell what they are going to do.

One of the reasons I was so surprised by BB’s enthusiastic praise of Andre Carter was that he is a PassRusher, and as we all know Sacks are a very sporadic endeavor. Most PassRushers don’t have Sacks in half their games. This is probably a bad year to do this, because four guys averaged over a Sack a game. It looks like defenses are finally catching up to the new offensive friendly rules. The only way to stop these guys is, like I always say, “Hit the Quarterback.” Gee, now everyone is mimicking what I always say, and are talking about “QB Hits.” What a surprise! 

If teams aren’t going to run, then why have D-Ends be so diligent about playing the run. D-Ends are being unleashed to rush QBs much more than ever before, and Sacks are following at a record rate. There were 17 guys who average double figures in Sacks last year. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

The remarkable Jared Allen produced 22 Sacks, but still had four games with less than one Sack (25% of games he played in he had less than one Sacks). The remarkable DeMarcus Ware had 19.5 Sacks, and also had four games with less than a Sack (25% of games). Jason Babin had a remarkable 18 Sacks in fifteen games. He also had five games with less than a Sack (33% of games). Jason Pierre-Paul had a remarkable 16.5 Sacks last season, and had five games with less than a Sack, which is almost a third of the games. Four guys remarkably averaged over a Sack a game (which has to be a record, right? Four defenders in one season,). Yet combined they had less than a Sack in 18 Games, which is over a regular season of games, and puts the average at over a 25% clip.

For a more normal example, there were two guy with 14 Sacks this season. Terrell Suggs didn’t have Sack in half of his Regular Season Games. Aldon Smith didn’t have a Sack in 6 Games. The four defenders with over 11 Sacks (and less than 14;-), produce less than a sack in an average of 7 Games. That is a lot of PassRushers who had a great seasons last year. There were also five defenders who had exactly 11 Sacks. They played in 78 games and had 35 games without Sacks. Then ironically only Mr. Car-ter and Mr. Anderson had 10 Sacks for the season.   

However, where Mr. Car-ter was extremely steady, and why I was calling him the great Andre Carter, is because he was so steady and productive against the run. Getting Sacks, not so much. In 14 games, he had 10 games with less than one Sack. He had three games with 2 or more Sacks, and 8 Sacks in those three games combined. Now that stat is a little misleading, because he applied steady pressure game in and game out. But Sacks come in bunches and then disappear for games.

Mark Anderson didn’t supply the steady pressure Carter did, and didn’t hit the QB as steadily, but produced Sacks at a much steadier rate. Still, Mr. Anderson had eight games with zero Sacks, and five games with a single Sack. However, he wasn’t nearly as consistent as Carter, because he wasn’t steady against the run (to put it nicely;-). That is why he was a part-time player until Carter got hurt. He produced Sacks at a steadier rate, but couldn’t set the edge steadily (to put it nicely;-), or hit the QB with a steady rush. BB has already said he thinks Carter will be back, and many are reporting that they think Mr. Anderson will be gone.

One of the reasons I have the Pats taking Whitney Mercilius is that he steadily produced Sacks and pressure last season at a rate I’ve never seen. If Mercilius is on the board at 27, there is absolute no way BB passes on him. In 13 games, he didn’t produce a Sack in only an amazing two games! I’m sorry, but that is amazingly steady production for a college Passrusher. Plus, his all out effort and run defense is for more steady then any PassRusher in this years Draft. Now, against UCLA he also applied consistent pressure all game. I have three other tapes of Illinois games, and studied them, and he did produce constant pressure as well.  He had five games with 1 Sack, and 4 games with 1.5 Sacks, that is amazingly steady production.

Plus, he led the NCAA in Sacks and Forced Fumbles. That is as spectacular as it gets. What coaches really want are steady produces who can also produce the spectacular steadily. Guys like Brady, and even the mighty Vince had more spectacular plays than normal this year. But those guy are few and far between. Gronk did it last season. He was a steady blocker and a spectacular receiver.

I compared Mercilius to Carter, because both were steady against the run and spectacular rushing the QB. Plus, neither guy is a pure blast off the line guy, and Mercilius uses his long arms similarly to Carter in the rush. In BB’s defense Mercilius has a chance to be the steady and the spectacular.

Except for Courtney Upshaw, the other passrushers in the Draft don’t come close to the same consistency. Upshaw- had Half a Sack after the first four games do to an ankle injury. Then only missed not getting a Sack twice in the final nine games and had nine Sacks over that stretch. That is very steady production. Melvin Ingram- 13 games 8 without a Sack. Coples- No sacks in 6 of 13 games. Nick Perry- 5 of 12 games. Alan Branch- 8 of 13 games.

I know it seems like a whine, because we went to the Super bowl this year, but this team needs some spectacular. Gronk is spectacular, and when he went down so did the spectacular in our offense.

Defenses need the spectacular even more each season. Sacks, hitting the Quarterback, interceptions, and turnovers, become more and more important each year as defenses aren’t allowed to play real defense. Big plays that stop drives and hurt the brain of QBs are becoming more the norm, as normal defense can’t be played anymore. It has become clear that defenses are adjusting to the new rules, and are all-out rushing the QB at much higher rate. This leads to more spectacular stats, sacks, and rushes. This trend will continue, so the Pats have to adjust and add more PassRushers who can hit the QB in their tiny window. That is the new spectacular way to play defense in the new Fantasy NFL.


Feuding With Reality.


March 2nd 2012

Now, word out of Foxboro a few years ago is that BB and Charlie Casserly have a long time Feud going. Now, I don’t know if that’s true of not, but as BB’s biggest fan I have to hate Charlie just in case. Now, I kind of like his on air persona, and he usually has something interesting to say. So I try not to bash him unfairly.  Because who really knows if these guys are feuding or not? Now, I say that, but Charlie did say the dumbest thing at the Combine I heard, and it just struck a nerve in my perception of reality. Now, this isn't really a bash, because saying stuff off the cuff in TV and radio is going to produce mistakes. We all know that.  

He essentially said he never moved players up or down a round as a result of the Combine, barring drug tests and medical. That is such a crock of crap. Now, it sounds nice on TV. You know, “Us GM’s is so perfectly intoned with the biorhythms of all the players that seeing them run in shorts so irrelevant to our perception of reality that changing a guy on Our Board when he has a great or disastrous Combine is silly, because we already knew it was going to happen.” That is such a crock of crap (exaggeration intended;-).

Now, I say guys can move up or down a round as late as day before the Draft. All this crap about anybody having their board perfectly slotted is ridiculous. I sounds nice. It makes nice sound bites on TV. McShay like to spout that line as well, but it’s a crock of crap. Nobody has their board set before the Combine, and to say differently is to be disingenuous at best. Seriously, a bad interview on the week of the Draft can lower a guy a round or Day on a teams board two days before the Draft.

Now, a bad interview at the Combine could take a guy right off the board. This was information someone should have given to Vontaze Burfict. Most of the decision makers have never seen any of these guys live and in person. This idea that you have to see a guy live during the college season is foolish at best. The primary decision makers in the NFL rarely if ever see these guys live. How many of these prospects do you think BB saw live on Saturday? I’d bet none.

Thirty-two NFL GM’s are not traveling around the country scouting games. Most of these guys don’t get close to a college game every week. They are too busy running their teams. NFL owners are more likely to see college games than the GMs. None of the Coaches in the NFL are tramping about the country to see college games live the day before their games. They are film junkies. They see all these guys on film after the NFL season is over.

Teams rely on their scouts to see these guys live, and go to the campuses and the personal scoops on the prospects. However, the real decision makers never saw most of these guys live until the Combine. That is another underrated aspect of the Combine. The HCs, Coordinators, and position coaches are finally meeting these guys for the first time, and that is a hugely important. That aspect cannot be overvalued. A first impression, while unfair, is usually a lasting impression. If a kid rubs an HC the wrong way for some unexplainable reason, he could be ripped of the board by the HC fighting against the GM. That is more than a Round. And that is just one tiny aspect of the Combine.

All these guys: GMs, Coaches, owners, and players, are just human. They do dumb things, and sometimes they make bad decisions for internal reason that they don’t even understand. We all do. That is part of being human. Your perception of reality is all you have, and sometimes a guy just feuds with your reality for no known reason, and rubs you the wrong way.

It doesn’t mean he’s a jerk, or you’re a jerk, or that you even understand why his perception of reality is annoying to your perception of reality. Now, that just happened to me this week. I met a father of one of my son’s friends, and he just rubbed me the wrong way. I can say that I have know him for all of less than a half an hour, and I would prefer to never have to talk to him again as long as I shall live. I also know that I will probably have to put up with his annoying perception of reality for a lot of years.

Okay, focus. Then of course there are the obvious work out machinations. Players move up and down rounds daily at the Combine. A bad measurement on the first day could move a player not just up and down rounds, but up and down Days. Casserly also admitted that he was a speed guy. Players he drafted had to have speed. So that means the forty-time was inordinately important to him than most other GMs. So a player like Joe Adams, who I had going in the 2nd Round as a 4.3 wide receiver, drops out of Day Two as a 4.55 WR. Casserly as a speed GM would have dropped him before me, and maybe even taken him off his board as a small 4.55 wide receiver.

Players who moved Days at the Combine:

Stephen Hill WR- I don’t really need to go into this guy do I? A 6-4 WR with 4.36 speed on the slowest tracks in America. His Combine performance was one of the best ever. He moved up from a Third Day pick to possibly a First Day pick. The real news for Pats fans is that he is comparable to Demaryius Thomas The WR for the Broncos, who was drafted by Josh McDaniels (Could the Pats pull the trigger on a WR at 31? Probably not;-). 

Tommy Streeter WR- What the heck do you do with this guy? He can barely function as a WR in college. He probably was going undrafted before the Combine. Now as a 6-4, 4.4 WR he could sneak into Day Two, and be taken by a Vertical offense team like the Chargers. He just looks like the prototype AJ Smith WR.

Brain Quick WR- Terrific small schools WR. This may be more of a surprise to me than everyone else. But when he measured out at 6-3.5, 220 pounds, and ran unofficial times of 4.48-4.53. I was impressed. He does not make it out of Day Two.

Stephen Gilmore CB- Second Round CB who propelled himself in the 1st Round. In a Combine where less DBs ran under 4.5 than any other year I have ever seen, this kid pulls off a 4-4 flat. He has natural cover skills. Plays the press well, and has nice long arms to jam WR at the line. I seriously doubt the Pats take a CB in the 1st Round, but if he is on the board at 27 and/or 31, I would take him if I’m the Pats.

Michael Egnew H-B- Super pass catching H-Back. This may just be me, but I can’t see him getting out of the Second Day. He looked like a terrific athlete who had the size to turn into TE. However, he is not a functional blocker yet. 

Donald Stephenson OT- This guy may have made himself the top O-Tackle prospect for Stretch-Zone blocking schemes. I see this kid going on Day Two to Washington. He looked like Shanahan’s prototype OT. What made his performance special is that now Washington doesn’t have to take an OT in the 1st Round. They can get their OT in the 2nd Round, and if they want to roll the dice the 3rd Round. This give them an opportunity to something else with the 1st and 2nd Round picks. Like, I don’t know, package them with other picks to move up for their one and only real need?

Desmond Winn OG- I saw Winn as a power blocking guy. However, I thought he showed the feet, speed, and quickness to be a Stretch-Zone guy as well. He has a chance to slip into the end of the Day Two.

Brandon Weeden QB- He was impressive in interviews, and I thought threw the ball real well in Drills. He solidified himself as a 2nd round pick for a QB desperate team. He could be the first QB taken after the Dynamic Duo. He certainly solidified himself in the top two.

Adam Gettis OG- He moved himself up from maybe going undrafted to maybe the top OG prospect for Zone Blocking teams. One thing about Iowa O-Linemen is that they are as ready to play in the NFL as any well coached prospect. He showed himself to be the top athlete from the OG position. Don’t be shocked if he slips into Day Two on a Zone blocking team. I know, I keep saying Washington when I talk about Zone blocking schemes, but he showed himself to the prototype for the Shanahan blocking scheme.

Robert Turbin RB- Remember, teams don’t draft RB any more. I thought he would be an undrafted guy. However, his size speed ratio was terrific. He solidified himself from an undrafted guy to a Third Day lock.

Chris Owusu- Another guy who looked like he would go undrafted to me. I know a lot of other Draftnics had him higher, but with his lack of production (97 receptions over the past three season with Andrew Luck as his QB is just not good) and head injuries it was hard to see him getting drafted. After running a 4.36 he could slip into Day Two of the draft. If I was Indy I am very tempted to take him in the 3rd, and if he is no the board to start Day Three they have to take him to help Luck transition into the NFL.

Shea McClellin- I had him as a Third Day steal (hopefully for the Patriots;-). There is no way this kid get out of Day Two. He flashed on tape more for me then Billy Winn, who I really like as a 5-Technique. He is the exact kind of guy BB has been taking to play OLB lately. Only he looked more like Vrabel than Ninkovich at the Combine.

Rose a Round at least:

Jared Click- I optimistically had him in the 2nd Round, because of what he did in 2009 and 2010. When he had 19 Sacks and 32 TFL combined. I had him rated as the top 5-Technique in last years Draft before he decided not to come out. I thought he showed he was healthy enough to not drop out of Day Two. I don’t think he was a lock for Day Two before the Combine. If he is on the board at 48, I don’t see how BB can pass on him. He can get to the QB when lined up inside the O-Tackles, from multiple places and multiple ways. I think Fletcher Cox will be gone before 27 after his Combine performance. So getting Click in the 2nd Round might be a nice alternative.

Akeem Hicks DT- Okay, I have no idea who this guy is or if he can play football. He certainly doesn’t have the stats. However, he was so light on his feet for such a big guy. He reminded me of Lindal Joseph, the way he moved around so light on his feet. Joseph shot into the 2nd Round. I don't think he can get that high, but he find himself awful close to Day Two come drafttime. 

Jaye Howard DT- It will be tough to pass on him at the end of Day Two. I thought he was solidly in Day Three before the Combine. He looked quicker and faster at the Combine than I thought he would. Cand he was so light on his feet for a 330 plus pound guy. 

Markus Kuhn DT- Could slide into Day Two because of Combine workouts will have a lot of guys going back and looking at tape of him. I thought he was impressive in drills at the Combine. His 4.41 Short Shuttle was real impressive. Plus, he just looked so light on his feet to me. I may be the only one with this guy. He will not make it out of Day Three.

Mike Martin NT- Undersized NT who goes all out all the time. He looked quicker than most in drills, and ran an impressive 4.25 SS and 7.19 3-Cone. He should not make it out of the 4th Round. 

Vaughn Meatoga DT- Explosive 3-Technique who showed well at the East-West game. His times of 4.21 SS was the best and 7.10 3-Cone was second only to Cox 7.07 for DTs at the Combine.

Solidified Position:

Fletcher Cox DT/De- Borderline Day One pick, solidified his Day One status at the Combine. Some even have him rated above Jerel Worthy now. He will not reach the Pats at 27.

AJ Jenkins WR- He is a little light and slight, but was very productive at Illinois. He was their only big play guy and teams new it, and he kept making the big plays despite the attention. Then he runs a 4.36 at the Combine.

Cyrus Gray RB- Terrific college RB, whose finesse style was going to drop him further than expected by most people. However, his 4.47 Forty showed he has the speed to continue those big plays in the NFL. 

Ronnie Hillman RB- Looked the part of a Lightning RB in the NFL. Remember, in the new NFL a Bell Cow is a dying breed. The pounding these guys take is too much. So getting a thunder and lightning combo is the normal for most of the teams. He showed he should be a nice Lightning Back in the NFL.

Devon Wylie WR- First off I never say this, I have not compared a single WR to Wes. However, this looks like Welker when he catches the ball. He has similar size and looks like him in uniform, but he is a different kind of athlete. Welker is the most underrated athlete in the NFL. His on field quickness makes him a blur in the Slot. Wylie is more speed than quickness. However, in the passing drills at the Combine he physically caught the ball like Welker. His 4.39 in the forty moved him up in the 4th Round (to… oh I don’t know, the Patriots;-).

Chris Givens WR- good size, good production, good hands. Good WR who ran one of the fastest times at the Combine.  Struggled with some drops early at the Combine, but then pulled it together. Not a lot of speed at the Combine this year. His 4.41 could slide him into the bottom of say three.

Sinking Fast:

Robert Massie ORT- A lot of people had him going in the 2nd Round, which I always thought was optimistic. However, I’m not sure you can take an ORT only prospect who did only 22 Reps in Day Two.

Zebrie Sanders OT- The more I see him the Less I like him. I just didn’t like him in any of the drills. Could be a nice developmental OT on Day Three, but he is not a 2nd Round guy.

Chris Rainey RB- Small straight-linish guy whose explosive speed is the only reason to draft him high. Running a 4.45 was a disaster for him. I had him on the rise because I thought he showed a lot of promise running routes at the Senior Bowl as a WR. But he he says he wants to be an RB. At 180 pounds he needed a 4.3 something to be taken serious at RB.

I’d put Vontaze Burfict on this list, but he sucks. I thought he ran fast for what I saw on film. He would line up 7-yards behind the LOS, and still couldn’t reach RBs on outside runs to the sideline, 10-15 yards down field. I can’t tell you how many times I saw him take a nice angle to the RB, and then end up yards behind him. He runs stiff, slow, high, and often without purpose. I don’t know how anyone could watch this guy play and say he is an exceptional athlete, and I was saying that before the Combine. I saw him play three games this year, and I didn’t have a draftable grade on him in a single one. And that wasn’t even factoring in his cheapshot, teammate hating, and coach killing behavior. I’m talking about just his play on the field. I didn’t see him reach the sideline on a Toss or Sweep play once. He runs so damn high and stiff-legged, and often stopped and tried to wind up to hit ball carriers. I cringed watching play about every other play.


San Fran In The House.


February 12th 2012

Okay Pat's fans their are other teams in the NFL. Here is another excellent email form a fan:

I get it that all these mocks are pre-FA period. But, to say QB is the Niner's biggest need is not really accurate. That is to say, they already have Kaepernick and Tolzien, two young QB's Harbaugh's pretty high on. So, should the Red Sea part again and they don't re-sign Alex Smith, they'd do something other than take another young QB. For one, they'd sign Josh Johnson, a QB Harbaugh coached at Univ of San Diego. They have an outstanding relationship and I'd say the odds are pretty high he's a Niner next season. For another, receiving is the weak spot in their offense. Another former Harbaugh player, TE Coby Fleener, would be an excellent pick. He'd give them a match-up nightmare bookending Vernon Davis and would be an excellent RZ target.



Hey Frank, thanks for the great Email. I have to admit you got me. First, I forgot all about Colin Kaepernick. That is such a great point. Tolzien is a guy who was great at Wisconsin, but I still question his size. As a developmental 3rd QB, your right, he is a nice fit with a chance to over come his limitation. And I’m serious, I really liked him at Wisconsin.

So you have to give me a break, it was my first attempt at the Mock (where I’m more concerned with being funny than accurate;-). I truly believe Ryan Tannehill is going to be a First Round pick (I tried to get a little cute by sticking him in at 30;-). But my question is where? Seriously, I’d like to know where you think he will go? If Cleveland doesn’t trade up for RGIII, they snag him at 22. Or else you might be looking at Pat’s fans worst nightmare again. Tannehill goes 27, and the Pats trade down for a 2nd this year, and a 1st next year. Maybe even to Seattle. Their 2nd this year and 1st next year could a career saving trade for Pete. I usually love that trade, because you get so much value, but I really want two D-Ends with our two 1st Round picks, because I’d like to see some pressure like your defense unleashed in the playoffs, and the other team you played in the NFC Championship game (I still can’t say their name;-) from the Pats defense.

I was thinking of sticking him in at 12 to Seattle. But that is just so early. However, if you’re Pete Carroll would you rather trust your career in the NFL to Jackson, Whitehurst, or Tannehill. Because if he doesn’t get a legit starting QB, he is done, and he won’t get a forth chance in the NFL. Jackson and Whitehurst are not going to save his job in Seattle. But Tannehill? Maybe? And If Pete thinks so? He better take him fast.

As for Fleener to the 49ers at 30? That is so logical that I am embarrassed I didn’t think of it. The only draw back is Vernon Davis. Who is just the man! I say unequivocally Gronk it the best TE in the NFL, but if the 49ers were my team I would definitely say Davis is the best TE in the NFL (I think we can both agree you can’t lose with either guy;-). However, what Harbaugh did with multiple TE sets at Stanford, and last year, was amazing. Giving him two weapons like Davis and Fleener could give them a nice Gronk-Hernandez look in the Bay.

Also, I like to congratulate you San Fran fans. It’s must nice to have a real coach in the Bay again. I scouted both SF-NY games for the Super Bowl, and that offense Harbaugh is running might be the most inventive in the whole NFL. If you guys get another threat in that offense, it could get real interesting. I was thinking WR (but I’ll stick in Fleener and see how it looks;-). The interesting thing is that Fleener showed up at the Combine at a legit 6-6, and he can get deep like Gronk. In fact, he reminds me of Gronk in the passing game. He is nowhere near the blocker that Gronk is, but he can attack down the field like Gronk no problem. Thanks for the great email. I love emails that make me think.



The Road to the Draft.


February 12th 2012

The road to the Draft was exciting, and then ultimately painful and offensive. I couldn’t get home fast enough after that game to delete that filth off my DVR. To think they would program such lewdness on television is distasteful and frankly I’m offended to my core. To think child watched such vulgar behavior makes me want to cry for Jesus. I think we should all write a letter to the League and demand…that… well… they never show that smut again. The good news is that vulgarity and horror of the Super Bowl shocked into full Draft mode. So let's begin. 

Anyway, “it’s the best time of the year.” Draft season has begun. And with my eight tiny reindeer, I will bring Pat’s fans everywhere the best coverage of the NFL Draft from a Patriot’s perspective available on Earth. I have completed my first Player Ratings and the first third of the First Round. It is not pretty or accurate just yet. However, there some interesting aspects of the Draft revealed.

As usual I colored in the background of the number of the Pat’s picks red on my player ratings. So you can see where they stand in the Draft. I usually try to put in a player who I don’t have them taking in my Mock Draft, to give Pat’s fans a different perspective. Plus, I usually try to put guys above and below who could fill a need if possible. However, I think the players I have in this iteration of my player ratings are going to last until 27 and 31. We shall see.

The first three picks of the Draft are pretty much set. Pick two will likely be in the hands of another team when the pick is selected. However, I seriously doubt it will change hands until after Indy takes Luck. Because if Indy takes RGIII instead, then Luck will be a Ram. The Rams have three scenarios they have to fight over. Do they want RGIII or Bradford? Who can they get more for could be the deciding factor. Would they rather have RGIII, and say two 1st Round picks for Bradford (Maybe 4 and 22), or they rather have Bradford and three Firsts and a 2nd. Or, visa versa.

Suppose they don’t get offered a king’s ransom for RGIII (not likely), and can get more for Bradford than RGIII. I think this is less likely because of Bradford’s salary. But, would they trade Bradford to Cleveland for 4, 22, and a couple of 2nds? Then take could take RGIII at 2, Blackmon at 4, and hope a top tackle (I think they would be happy with an O or a D;-) reaches 22. Right now it looks like either Cordy Glenn or Jerel Worthy could reach 22. I think they have to do some serious scouting on RGIII. I think it’s safe to say that Bradford is the better QB right now, but RGIII has a little more upside. How much more upside is the true question.

I don’t think that the Rams can just start the bidding on RGIII. They have to decide which player is better, and which package they can get is better. So they have to try and decide which combination of the player and package will lead this team to a Championship? Unless, they think RGIII is way better than Bradford and is much more likely to lead them to the Super Bowl, then they will trade RGIII. Because the Salary Cap hit might make it prohibitive to trade Bradford, and you can bet they will get more for RGIII than Bradford, because of his contract. If they rate them as pretty much equal they will have to keep Bradford. However, if they think RGIII’s upside is to outrageous to pass up, they will have to bite the Salary Cap bullet and trade Bradford. 

If it’s me, I take out ads in the personals in all the newspapers in Cleveland, Washington, and Miami that read, “One Sam Bradford for sale starting at two Number Ones.” And let the bidding begin. Plus, if they decide it’s RGIII they don’t have to wait until they are on the clock to trade the pick.

Plus, the team trading for Bradford will want to have their QB on site as soon as possible, which also adds to his value in the trade. You can get Bradford in camp now, while it could take until June, or July, or even August before RGIII gets anywhere near your city. So the Bradford trade would be a boon for both teams as far as planning for next season starts now. The reason I would trade Bradford is in my Mock.

The reason they can’t trade the 2nd pick until they are on the clock is the third option. The problem is that the third option is out of the Rams hands. Word out of Indy is that the Inheritor from Indy likes RGIII better. If Luck falls to them they have to take him. They will have to have a trade worked out for Bradford and RGIII, which they can’t make until they are on the clock. Which is another reason to trade Bradford. There will be a ton of uncertainty until the deal is finalized on the clock. That is a ton of pressure and stress. Suppose they work out a deal with the Browns to take RGIII, and they back out at the last second, figuring drop to 4, or they can Tannehill or Weeden later. They could be left holding the bag. I admit that scenario is very unlikely as Holmgrene has been a man of his word. But until the trade is finalized on the clock, it is not finalized. Remember the crap that Chicago pulled last year? 

Teams like to know who is on their roster as soon as possible so they can get them into the facility, and start scheming on how to use them. There is a lot of value in knowing who is going to be on your roster. Coaches and GMs are control freaks who want to know what they have right now. Trading Bradford allows the team that trades for him start the process for next season before the Draft. There is a lot of value in that. Bradford’s contract becomes less troublesome with the bonus removed do to the trade. However, for the Rams there is still the Cap hit from the Bonus, and the uncertainty of who they’ll get.

With Bradford gone they are then subject to the whims of the Colts. They get the other QB, which really isn’t the worst fate in the world. However, Luck and RGIII are very different Quarterbacks who will better off in much different offenses. However, the Rams won’t need to worry about the pressure of putting together the big deal on the clock, and what if you have the big deal and team backs out at the last second? It sure will be interesting to watch. They change all the rule in the Lockout in order to promote more trading come Draft time. It sure looks like they are going to get their wish.


7 Things From Thursday.


August 27th 2011


1. André Carter

The play of Carter against Tampa was a revelation. However, it was probably his best game in a while. It will be interesting to see how he plays the week after he had such a dominate game. You would think that DETROIT OLT would play better than the clearly unprepared Penn did. Ironically, as dominate as he was he didn’t officially have a Sack:

1. 1st and 10- Inside rush. Didn't reach the QB.

2. 2nd an 10- Run, He got around the OLT, set the edge, got a hand on the RB, and turned it inside. Though he didn’t make the Tackle it was his play on the edge that turned the RB into other defenders.

3. 3rd and 10- He got a hurry after Mayo flushed him out of the pocket. A hurry is when he get some pressure put doesn’t get a hand on him. A pressure is when he forces the QB to hurry a throw, and gets a hand on him.

4. 1st and 10-Inside run away from Carter.

5. 2nd and 14- Pressure- He turned the Corner and had two swipes at Freeman, and prevented him from throwing until he was hit by Eric Moore who hit his arm while he throw.

6. 3rd and 14, leftside of the O-Line had a false start.

    3rd and 19- He gets a Hurry on a Screen.

7. 1st and ten He had a nice Rip move to get a step on the OLT, but got washed past the QB and wasn’t able to TTC.

8. 1st and 10- Set the edge nicely. He got under the OLT and used his long arm to push the OLT up,  and caused a Holding on OLT

9. 1st and 20- Got in and hit the QB as he was going down, on a Mayo Sack.

10. 2nd and 26- False Start.

11. 2nd and 31- Nice rush, by Freeman got the ball off.

12. 3rd and 31- This was infamous “butt-block” play. Carter just turned the OLT around. However, the OLT held his ground with Carter on his butt. Freeman got the ball out in the Endzone, but Carter hit him to the ground after he threw the ball- Pressure.

13. 1st and 10- got up field and set the edge, but it was a play-action pass and they Waggled Freeman away from Carter. That was the McCourty Pressure. Where Devon hit Freeman to the ground.

14. 2nd and 10- he got off the line clean and had the RB in his sites in the backfield and whiffed on the Tackle as Penn clocked from the side as Carter was about to hit the RB. However, he slowed him up enough for Guyton to get in and make the Tackle.

15. 3rd and 8- He was taken out, and Anderson hit the QB right as Mayo hit the QB and the both had half a Sack.

15. 1st and 10- He was picked up by the O-Guard as Freeman threw quickly out to the WR in the flat for a yard.

16. 2nd and 8- Tampa ran to the opposite side.

17. 3rd and 7- Tampa False Starts again.

      3rd and 12- Anderson came in for Carter. He speed rushed and got washed behind Freeman again.

18. 1st and 10- Carter Rips past Penn. Penn has to Tackle him from behind as Carter was about to Sack Johnson. He drew the Holding call, again.

19. 1st and 20- Carter charged up field as Johnson 3-stepped and threw a floater down the sideline. Carter got a Hurry as he impacted the OLT just in front of Johnson and almost shoved him into his QB.

20. 2nd and 20- Carter TTC on the rush, but it is just a little deep and he can’t get back to Johnson as he throws it deep. The pass was broken up by Butler.

21. 1st and 10- He TTC with a Swim and tackled Johnson to the ground as he throws the ball to Ninkovich. Carter just killed Johnson from the blindside.

22. 2nd and 10- Inside run Carter breaks inside by whiffs on the RB who popped it outside.

23. 1st and 10- Carter Rips up field as Johnson is flushed from the pocket by Koukouvides and has him dead to rights. However the OLT just tackled from behind again, as he drew another Holding call.

24. 2nd and 20- Carter gets up field and shrugs off the OLT with power leverage and his long arms, but the ball is away before he can hit Johnson. He leaves the field for the last time.

Carter was playing what us old farts call the “elephant” position. Which was more of a pure Rusher from the old 49ers schemes. “From what we hear, they’ve already done it in the first drive.” Scott Zolak said from the sideline, “They are going to turn André Carter loose on the outside.”

2. Solder Vs Light

I don’t know who is going to start here at OLT. BB has already started practicing Solder at Right Guard as he prepares for the return of Light. He knows he has to keep Solder on the field, but he obvious trust Light with Brady’s blindside more than a rookie, no matter how well the rookie has played so far.

In what will be the top test for the rookie this preseason could come at OLT and/or ORG. I don’t know what will be more fun to watch? Solder Vs Vanden Bosch. Or Solder vs Suh.

I don’t like Solder as much at OG. I just think his height might become too much of a detriment. He has clearly become one of the top three O-Linemen on the Pats, so BB has to get him into the game. But the players he will face inside are different the players he faces on the edge. Suh is only 6-2, and if you don’t get under his pads he will kill you. He is a more typical type player O-Guards will face: shorter, stocker, comes off the line with amazing low power.

While Vanden Bosch is more of the type of guy he will battle on the edges. Longer, faster, and just as likely to explode up field as try and dig under his pads.

Against D-Ends on the edge his length, quick feet, and long arms are far more effective. Against D-Tackles like Suh, getting low and gaining leverage is far more important then arm length, height, and feet. It will be interesting to see what BB does in this game. If Light is the starter than Solder will be bouncing around from OLT to ORT to ORG. If BB plays him at Right Guard, it will be interesting to see if he can match Suh’s lower strength, leverage, and quick power burst inside. If Solder gets the start at OLT, then the Wally Pip story might continue.

3. Shane Vereen

He looks like he is finally ready to get some time. He started last week on the Kick off coverage team, and got the field little in the 2nd half. I would like to see him get the ball a little in the 1st half of this game. It probably won’t happen. However, he should get some carries in the 2nd half, and it will be interesting to see how he his feet translate to the Pats.

4. Shaun Ellis.

And the freshly non-disputing Haynesworth (a plea of No Contest is what rich guys plea who can pay off everyone involved including the courts. That’s why charges come with max jail time and max fines. Rich guys pay the fines. Poor guys go to jail. A plea of No Contest means the defendant doesn’t admit to anything [ridiculous onto itself], but doesn’t dispute anything the prosecution is alleging, and the courts agree not to send him to jail and often agrees to Seal the record. He probably paid the max fine and paid off the defendant and everybody lived happily ever after;-).

Will they or won’t they play. As great as the Pats defense has been, what all Pat’s fan have been drooling to see is these two guys playing with the Mighty Vince (and yes, I am a Dylan fan and a Manfred Man. If you don’t get that joke then you are probably not old, like me;-). 

One of the reason I went so nuts about the defense last week in comparing them to the ’85 Bears is that the strength of the defense should be the Pat’s Big Three, or should I say the Huge Three in the middle: The mighty Vince, Ellis, and the non-disputing Haynesworth. Two of the three of the Pat’s Huge Three haven’t played yet. What are Mayo and the D-Ends on the edge going to look like when the Huge Three are overwhelming the interior lines of opponents? I just got wood.

5. Mayo.

Statistically speaking Mayo was a better rusher than Carter last week. He is the best run stuffer on the team. He might be second best LB in coverage behind Guyton. And last week he was the best blitzer and passrusher by far. If he can apply heat like he did last week with any kind of consistency then we are in the midst of watching a Hall of Fame career.

Also, just for the record, I compared Mayo to Carl banks when he was drafted, and all-you-all scoffed at me like I was an idiot. Well, "how do you like me now!";-)

6. Gerald Warren.

This is more of an homage to his play last week. While reviewing the tape from last week, the most underrated performer was Warren. He was consistently disrupting the interior O-Line of Tampa. He was not on the field a lot in the 1st half, but when he was on the field he was one of the most effective Patriots.

It will be interesting to see him play this week, and see if that level of effort and effectiveness can continue, because he is on the bubble. How many D-Tackles can BB keep? Can he Keep five? The Mighty Vince, Ellis, non-disputing Haynesworth, Love and Warren. That’s a lot of beef and a five roster spots. What about Myron Prior? I never thought he fit our system, but as a squat, quick, and powerful one-gapper, I always thought the Under Tackle would be his best position. What about Cohen? Who has been exploding into the backfield with some nice consistency. He has been a surprising young player I think BB would like to hold onto, but without the Hellenic Flu I can’t see a spot for him.

Does that leaves four or five roster spots for D-Ends: Carter, Moore, Cunningham, Anderson, and Ninkovich (who is half a D-End)? I think they will keep ten D-Lineman.

If they list Ninkovich as an OLB, then they can find a spot for Prior or Cohen. After that it will tough to find a spot for some promising young D-Linemen.

Which reminds me. We have been studying the OLB/DE hybrids as fans of the BB’s 3-4 for years now. However, an OLB/DE is usually an OLB in our 3-4, and a D-End in the 4-3. When was the last time you saw a guy who could play OLB in our 3-4, and play OLB and D-End in a 4-3? He is showing himself to be an amazing pure athlete.

7. The Secondary.

The play of McCourty and Bodden has been superb. The play of the Safeties, including the much maligned Meriweather has been superb. Granted, the pressure has been so overwhelming the coverage has had to be superb for only a few seconds.

Personally, I have been enjoying the play of the front seven so much I haven’t been paying near enough attention to the Secondary. I will try to pay more attention to the Secondary this week.

7 Things From Thursday.


August 23rd 2011

1. The Starters

The opening kick off had ten starters: Arrington, 29, Sergio Brown, Marques Murrell, Matt Slater, 22, Brett Lockett, Tracy White, Sammy Morris, and Nikovetees. Young player who start on special teams units make the team. Butler also was getting a lot of play on special Teams in the 1st half. He was on punt coverage units, and got more play on kick coverage teams after Lockett went down.

Patrick Chung and Jeff Tarpinian were starting on the punt coverage teams.

Eric Moore and McCourty were on Punt return units, and as we all know Woody was getting some run on the return units as well.

2. Nikovetees.

If you are looking for a super surprise roster snag, look no further than Ninkavetees. He was on the opening kick off. He was on the kick off Woodhead got clocked, and was the guy who caught Woodhead when he was concussion running sideways. He also got into the defense in the first half. The origin super snag was going to be Tracy White, who has been a starter on the kicking teams from the start. However, Kounkavetes got into the defense withthe starters first, so I moved him up  . 

With 5:51 to go in the 1st half Noukouvetes help cover the Kick off, and then stayed on the field as the Mike next to Mayo. In an interesting twist of fate BB was subbing in more backups on the defense than on the offense in the 1st half. Last year's super surprise roster snag Sergio Brown came in at Safety after he covered that kick off as well, and finished the 1st half with the starters. With Spikes out, Fletcher went in, when Fletcher got injured I’m sure BB’s plan was to get a backup some time at MLB with the starters. So in came Kouvtoueves.

On 1st and 10 he was a little fooled by the play-action, and hopped around nervously instead of dropping. However, Josh Johnson was flushed out of the pocket by Carter (who was Held) and Myron Prior (who was Held), and NEKO??? forced Johnson out of bounds. On 1st and 20, he hopped around again like a nervous rookie playing defense for the first time. It was a pass and he never really dropped. On 2nd and 20 he was taken out.

He was put back in after Tampa converted on 3rd down. He blitzed up the middle with nice aggression, but got impacted nicely by the Tampa O-Guard. He bounced off and tried to circle in to his left, but the ball was thrown before he could get close to the QB. On 2nd and 10 he blitzed up the middle again, but he got knocked wide by the O-Guard on the Draw, and was washed past the RB. He was taken out on 3rd down. So far he looks much more impressive moving forwards, and completely clueless moving backwards. Pretty typical for a rookie Linebacker.

He came back in as Tampa converted again on 3rd down (not making me happy. He blitzed up the middle again, this time anticipating the snap with some excellent veteran like smarts. He shot through the Line untouched and was hit by the RB in the legs just as he was about to grab Johnson. However, Johnson turned his back to the play, abandoned all hope of completing a pass and turned to his right. However, Noutouvetes drove Johnson smack-dab into André Carter who was dragged down by the OLT for another Holding penalty to make it 1st and 20 again. That Holding call was caused as much by Neoeo??? As Carter.

On 1st and 20 He hopped back a couple of times, saw the Tight End crossing in front of him, and gave chase. Not great coverage, but it was worlds of improvement after his first two attempts in coverage where weebled up and down, and woobled aimlessly in no man’s land. He was taken out on 2nd down.

To start the next series Tracy White came in for Neouvoutoutes. He blitzed up the middle. The RB came up in blitz pickup, and White hit ‘em good. He knocked him about 2-yards back and almost to the ground. However, the RB grabbed his shirt and regained just enough balance to hold on long enough for Johnson to throw the ball. 

He stayed in on the 2 nd down, and faked a blitz. He hopped back in coverage and picked up the RB coming out of the backfield. It was nice coverage, but Johnson went deep but the WR, which was covered nicely by Butler, and he never even looked at the RB.

On 2nd and 10 White switched sides with Mayo and played the Will rather than the Mike. He picked up the tight end going down the Seam, and had real nice coverage. He blanketed the TE, and was part of the coverage that forced Johnson to scramble out of the pocket.

Nouk??? played a lot of Mike in the 2nd Half. He also had a nice Sack on a Blitz. White played a lot of Will in the 2nd half and look pretty good as well.

3. Mayo

You can’t take about what happened Thursday night without a serious look at Mayo. He was blitzing from the Weakside and the inside with amazing proficiency. It looks like he found a home at the Will that is more comfortable for his immense skills than his Pro Bowl play at Inside Linebacker. It is hard to believe he could look better than he looked last season at a different position. With his combination of speed and smarts on the edge he will be something to see this season.

4. Tom Brady

When Brady is throwing in rhythm there is no better quarterback on the planet. Thursday night he was in rhythm. He was 3 and 5 step dropping and hitting receivers all over the field. I hate to talk about Brady in the preseason because he is such a given, but when he is on he is something to see.

5. Brain Hoyer

Hoyer came in cold at about the three minute mark. He handed off the Lawfirm for a 1st down. On 1st and ten he play-actioned to the Lawfirm and then hit him slipping out of the backfield for 6-yards, and then was yanked.

This showed that BB is preparing him for the backup QB role. If something, gulp. happens to Brady Hoyer is in. 

Like I told you guys this off season, he has value as trade bait, but BB clearly sees more value for him as the primary backup this season. Especially since I hear, but haven’t confirmed, that they have eliminated the emergency QB rule. Where you can keep a 3rd QB in uniform on the sideline but off the game day roster. He can go into the QB if he gets hurt. However, if he goes in before the end of the 3rd quarter than the starting QB. If that rule has been eliminated, then the role of the 2nd QB increases. 

With Mallett starting the 2nd half, Hoyer came in cold with 1:55 to go in the 3rd, and almost threw an interception. This is why he is practicing come in cold. It is not easy to do what BB hopefully never needs him to do. On 3rd and 8, after the terrible throw, he hit Carson Butler right in the hands with a perfect throw for what would have been a 1st down, but he dropped it.

6. Ninkovich

Ninkovich is having a great preseason. He is completing his assignments with amazing consistency. He is playing all over the field. He is stopping the run. He has been solid in coverage, and he has applied some heat on the Quarterback. He is no longer an emergency fill in at OLB. He is a legit starting talent at OLB/DE in the NFL. 

7. Matt Slater

This poor kid came to the team with so much fanfare and no position. He looks like he has found a position at WR. I still don’t trust his hands and it makes me nervous when they throw to him (but that’s my mental problem, not his;-). However, he was catching even thing thrown his way. He had that great catch against Jacksonville in the 1st half. Then he came out in the 2nd half and was catching the ball all over the field for Mallett.

Plus, he has been a stand out on special teams like we all thought he was going to be when he was drafted. He gets down on the returner as a Gunner and Jammer consistently, and is hitting and tackling the returner with more consistency than before. He whiffed to many times in the past few years. He always seemed to be teetering on the edge of disaster. However, the random acts of stupidity that have defined his career to date have been noticeably missing all preseason. 

Mallett is also having a great preseason. Young QB’s are judged not by the dumb mistakes they inevitably have to make, but how they come back from those mistakes. After his college-floater interception, he marched right down the field to set up a field goal. 

But more to the point he came out and hit Slater, who was lined up on the right outside, for an 18-yard reception. Like I said before the Draft, Mallet’s ability to move around the pocket and hit receivers on the run was greatly underrated at Arkansas. Now he is not going to look pretty or run for ten yards. He scrambles like a cross between Brady and Bledsoe, slow and awkward. However, he can elude rushers and throw the ball while moving around the pocket, especially when he moves forward and/or to his right, like he did on that 18-yard bullet to Slater.

Then on 3rd and 14, Mallet hit Slater, who was lined up in the left Slot, for 11-yards to set up a field goal. Both young players come through with flying colors after the college-throw floater interception. That is a big positive for both players.


The Mad Genius Strikes Again.


August 19th 2011

In the 1st Half of the Pats-Tampa game we saw something we hadn’t seen in 25 years. BB has taken his 3-4 defense and abandoned all responsibilities. He has turned it into a pure attacking one-Gap defense. Now I know BB said we're making too much about the whole 3-4/4-3 thing, but he was full of it, everybody is now learning it. 

Maybe it was more of an accident in the lab of the Mad Genius. He knew he had to hit the Quarterback if his team was going to progress in the Playoffs. So he was mixing the genetic formula of a one-gapping Sphinx, with the molecules from a 4-3 Overlord, and attached it to the bones of an ancient 3-4 Mummy. What he got was pure explosion. 

Maybe he unveiled his Frankenstein as a way to: get the QB more, give QBs more looks and things to worry about, and most importantly to hit the QB on 3rd down with much more consistency. But the more he saw what his monster could do, the more he wanted to see his monster grow. Then came the first Preseason game were he was finally able to let his monster really go free. 

His new Frankenstein killed all the villagers from Jacksonville and their puny torches. And the Mad Genius was hooked. So he hooked his monster up in full "eat the villagers" mode, and unleashed him on the poor villagers from Tampa Bay and there sad little Mayor Josh Freeman, who was looking for a new village last Thursday night. 

I'm not sure it was the plan to go to an all-out attacking 4-3 monster. I think the Mad Genius was looking at switching in and out of the odd and even fronts to confuse the opponents QB more, like he did in the first few series of the first Preseason game. He knew his monster had been weaned on the 3-4, and could go back to that stable diet at any time. So getting the more attacking mentality down was more important then practicing the formula they were all sick of eating. I think even he might have been a little surprise at how powerful the monster he built has grown in a 4-3. But now that the monster has the taste of blood on his lips there is no going back. 

What we saw on Thursday night can only be described as the bloodlust of ’85 Bears defense. The plan of the Bears was not just to, as Haynesworth said, “Kill the Quarterback,” but to "eat the Quarterback" as well. They succeeded. “That was one of the biggest beatdowns I’ve ever seen in a preseason game,’’ one NFC executive said at halftime

I don’t call it the 4-6 Defense, because the goal of the 4-6 defense was to blitz the QB to death, but it didn’t always succeed. In ’85, the Bears defense succeeded to the point where they were the best defense I ever saw for one season. They didn't just "Kill the Quarterback" they devoured them. They were a monster that the NFL had never seen before nor since. The Steelers steroid defense of the ‘70s was better over a longer stretch. However, no defense killed the hopes and dreams of villagers more, ate quarterbacks, and disrupted offenses from first game to last better than that team. In 18 of 19 games the Bear’s all out attacking defense took the heart of QBs and turned them into Cowardly Lions.

What we saw in the two First Halfs of the Preseason games was a relentless, pitiless, and heart crushing assault on the Quarterback like we haven’t seen since '85. It wasn’t two-gapping. It wasn’t reading and reacting. It wasn’t stop the run first and then blitz the edges. It was pure ’85 Bears, “eat the quarterback.” It was a recipe we have not seen in Foxboro before. “Belichick is through screwing around,’’ said the NFC executive. “What we saw tonight, if that’s the way they continue to go into the season, is a complete departure from what we saw last season. “They’re not reacting. They’re dictating.

If you think I’m exaggerating the Bears’ like assault on the QB, then you weren’t watching Thursday night. Accord to Greg Bedard in the best act of reporting in the preseason so far (it’s so great I linked to it three times;-), the Pats got to the QB on 24 of 28 offensive plays, “the Patriots’ defense accounted for the following disruptive plays against the quarterback or in the backfield: nine quarterback pressures, eight QB hits, two sacks (both by Mayo), one quarterback knockdown, one tackle for a loss, two holding penalties, and one false start.” Tell me one team in the past twenty-five years who had that bloodlust for the Quarterback?

Now I don’t know if this can continue. I seriously doubt it can continue at that monstrous level for 18 or 19 games, and as we learned in 2007, “it ain’t nothing ‘til it’s 19.” They played with as much bloodlust Thursday night as a defense can play. And Freeman is no slouch. He carried maybe the third worst run Franchise (it’s hard to beat Cincy and Oakland in that category;-) over the past five years to a 10-6 record.

According to the Mad Genius they beat the crap out of a pretty good Kansas City team just a week earlier, “I think this will be a good test for us. Tampa, I think, really has been an impressive team. Last year, they [were] 10 and 6. They played a lot of good football. They really dominated Kansas City last week in the first Preseason game. Their fast. Their aggressive.” And they just got their ass’s kicked. “Their obviously young. They have a lot of talented players. They play at a high tempo. I think this is a lot different type of style than what we saw last week against Jacksonville. So it will be interesting to see how we match up against, not only different players, but a different style.” It was more than interesting it was Super Bowl worthy.

I’ve seen André Carter play before, and the guy a saw last night was a sphinx compared to what I previously saw. I don’t think he can keep up that pace for 19 games. But if they get pressure inside from Wilfork, Ellis, and Haynesworth, maybe his bloodlust for the QB can continue? Love even showed he could play and add some lust. That could be the best four-man D-Tackle monster in the NFL.

Plus, if they can continue to garner destruction from Moore, Cunningham, Anderson, and even Ninkovich, Carter could continue burning O-Tackles with more consistency than you can really expect. He will be getting a lot of one-on-one battles out on the edge. However, I think you can say with relative safety that Penn was one of the players who the Lockout really affected the worst. He looked like he gained more than he bargained for, and looked real fat and real out of shape. I hope he can regain the form he had before the Lockout, for his sake. Carter will be facing far better competition at OLT than the over-gaining Penn.

So expecting this level of all out QB feasting every week might be a little optimistic. However, they did devour the QB two weeks in a row. They have the players that 15 teams came to see Thursday in hopes they could steal some of the Mad Genius's formula. 

Jerod (Holy-Crap!) Mayo, Wilfork, and Carter didn’t play in the first preseason game. Anderson, Moore, Cunningham, and Ninkovich looked almost as dominate as them in the first preseason game. Plus, Ellis, Haynesworth, and Mike Wright haven’t even been added to the mad formula yet. Landon Cohen, Kyle Love, Darryl Richards, and Kade Weston have been helping to dominate inside, and nobody considers them to be starters (just for the record, that is two undrafted rookie free agents and two 7th Round picks over the past two years! That is amazing!). 

What I saw the past Thursday nights was the creation of a  Super Bowl team. They have the offense. They have the secondary. And the mad genius has created the hungriest front-seven by far in the NFL over the first two preseason games. I know it’s not the stoutest test. It’s preseason, and everything changes come September, as the villagers will be better armed and better prepared for the monsters coming to town. But to discount what we saw the past two Thursdays is stupid. Just as stupid as it is to say it is the end all be all.

I think he need to remember the Pats were 14 and 2 last season. Our villagers got devoured on 3rd downs by giving up 47.1% on 3rd down conversions. The worst village defense in the NFL on 3rd downs, and were in the bottom five at hitting the quarterback. 

If they continue like this they will be the best team in the NFL at devouring the quarterback, which should also lead to them being the best team on 3rd downs. They were the top seed in the NFL last season, and it looks like the Mad Genius's new formula has made their greatest weakness their greatest strength. I have not predicted a Super Bowl since 2007, but I just don’t see any other way you read the wonderful bloodlust of BB's new monster.


Seven Things for Thursday.


August 18th 2011

First and foremost has to be the battle brewing at Offensive Left Tackle. Will the grizzly veteran of the Patriot’s greatest wars hold off the young contender just in from Colorado, or will the scrappy young newcomer show his wares are good enough for primetime. 

Solder showed well last week as Light recovered from his years of service. Light has been BB’s guy for a lot of years. But Solder is his latest prize. With Light held out of practice again this week, Solder gets another chance to show his wares and improve. If Solder can hold Tampa and Detroit Sackless, I don’t see BB taking him out. If he is close to Light, can he put him on the bench? Solder will keep getting better every week, while Light is on the way down. Can Light play O-Guard, because there is no way Solder gets down and plays O-Guard. Will BB go with a three Tackle rotation with Solder swinging between Vollmer and Light? So many questions and so little time.

2. Ninkovich

Ninkovich was the key last Thursday. Will he swing down to D-End on passing downs? This one I doubt. With Carter on the field and Anderson earning some more looks last week, I don’t think Ninkovich will be seeing much time at D-End. It will be interesting to see if BB bops him around on 1st and 2nds downs again. He was the versatile defender on the field last Thursday, and it will be interesting to see if he stays in the role tonight.

3. What rookies will play.

Not in the 2nd half, but in the 1st half. BB has given indications that this game will be taken more serious than last week. The shenanigans are over, and it is time to start getting ready for the regular season. Will Ridley see time in short yardage or on passing downs? I wouldn’t count it. Will Ras-I make an appearance at all? It will be nice to see him on the field. Will Mallett get on the field at all? I suppose after last week he has to play in the 4th quarter. However, Hoyer has to get ready for the regular season as Brady’s main backup.

4. Dane Fletcher

Another extremely interesting positional challenge that we didn’t see coming is Spikes vs. Fletcher. Spikes was the clear cut candidate coming into the Preseason. However, while he has moved straight backwards on and off the field, Fletcher has been blitzing forward like a maniac. His play last week was eye-opening. With Spikes still injured, he will get another start. This time he will be starting between Mayo and Ninkovich. If he has another game like he had last week, you better watch out Brandon.

5. The Buccaneers

The Buccs are the best team that nobody really knows about. They have hired a terrific young coach, and Raheem Morris who has done a much better job than I expected. They also have done a great job drafting. Picking up guys on the cheap who can play.

Plus, they have the one true ingredient all good young teams need to become great young team, the have an excellent young QB who looks like he can be something special. "Tampa's been an impressive team. Last year they were 10 and 6," BB said at his press conference on Tuesday. "They played a lot of good football. They really dominated Kansas City last week in their first preseason game. There fast. There aggressive. Their obviously young. They have a lot of talented plays, and they play at a high tempo. So, I think this is a lot different style then what we saw last week [against] Jacksonville. So it will be interesting to see how we match up against, not only different players, but kinda a different style of play.”

6. Passrushers.

Let the fun begin. With Wilfork in the middle and Cater, Cunningham, and Anderson attacking on the edges it should be fun to watch. Freeman will be nice young test. Like I keep saying, if they want to get deep into the playoffs, they have to hit the quarterback. That is why they changed systems, to go after the QB. The NFL is no longer anything that resembles a running league. You can’t touch the QB. O-Lines can Hold. You can’t touch the WR, and now you can’t even try and intimidate the WR. Pass first-pass second- and go west young man.

7. Bodden and McCourty

The Pats have improved the passrush simply because they will have these two Corners on the field. They might have the best dynamic duo in the NFL at CB. Both should be on the field together for the first time, and I for one can’t wait to see if Freeman can hit his Wide Receivers at all. If they get any decent play in the Slot from Ras-I, Wilhite, Butler, and/or Arrington? Watch out NFL the Pats can play defense.


And Now For Something Completely Different.


August 18th 2011  

Tonight Preseason game is going to be an interesting measurement. Last weeks game was an adventure in excitement. The first preseason game is always one the most exciting games of the seaosn. Of course, it usually doesn’t match up to the excitement as by the 4th quarter the boredom overwhelms the anticipation. However, this year the first preseason game lived up to expectation. The 4th quarter was almost as interesting as the 1st.

This week, while not nearly as exciting, will be more indicative of the team the Pats have. This week the mode of BB changed. I don't know if was a planned transition, and knowing BB it probably was. Or if he woke up on Sunday and realized half of the entire off season/preseason was over and it was time to giddy-up and go. I'm saying this for the last time, this year’s preseason was like no other.

So the measuring stick for player and progress has been warped into something we’ve never seen. BB has spent the first few weeks more concerned with getting guys in shape physically, not getting guys hurt, and getting guys in shape mentally. This week, it got physical. BB went goal line on the players' asses. The physicality shot up four or five notches.

It was time to start hitting. He is looking at Tonight's games as the first real test/assessment of his team. “I think they’ve had good attitude,” BB said at his press conference on Tuesday. "We pushed ‘em pretty hard this week. I think we’ve improved in a lot of areas on the practice field. We’ll see whether that can transfer over to games or not…. I think they tried to respond both physically and mentally. And off the field in preparation and in meetings, and on the field in terms of some practices and drills, and things we all know we need to get better.”   

Usually the third preseason game is the real measuring stick, but this year there are so many unknowns that BB is looking at tonight's game as a real indicator of were his team is. We are going to see all the starters and the role players playing the roles BB envisions for them in the first half. Last week it was a mishmash of roles and players flying all around. Last week is was a mishmash of starters and backups. This week we should see old friends: Brady, Branch, Welker, Mayo and Wilfork.

Plus, some new friends like, Ochocinco and of course new passrusher extraordinaire Andre Carter. “He’s a pretty talented player. He was the 7th pick in the Draft,” BB says getting into some good draft talk! “I don’t think you stumble into that spot.” Nice! Now give me some draft evaluations and my heart will content. “I mean, he’s got good size... He’s long. He’s got some length. He’s got power. He plays hard. He’s got a real good motor. Well conditioned athlete. He’s strong. He runs well. He plays hard. Good athlete. He's obviously been well coached…. He’s a smart guy who understands football, concepts. He makes adjustments quickly.” Hey, can I draft him in the 1st Round;-).

It will be very interesting to see the passing downs. Is Carter in? Is Cunningham in? Is Anderson? Last week was fun as hell to watch, but how much of what we saw was really relevant? We will start to see this week. Preseason is a wacky time full of, well, wackiness. What we see in the 1st half is going to look similar to what we see in Miami on Monday Night Football. It may be the best indication we get all preseason in this wack-a-do off season.

Seven Things From Thursday.


August 10th, 11th, and 12th 2011  

Here are some thoughts I had from Thursday nights game.

1. Nate Solder-

So I went a little nuts on Friday with Solder. However, it doesn't take much for BB to see a starter in a guy he chose in the 1st Round. Solder was not flawless, but he was a hell of a lot better than I think you could have expected him to be. He had less than two weeks of NFL training, and boom, started against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has the size, the hands, and the feet to be very good for a very long time. The question is, is he ready now?

I think he is. He will be better in September than he is now, and he was pretty damn good Thursday night. He has some tests coming up the next few weeks. Mincey is good NFL D-End, but he is not great. It was good first test.

The Pats head to Tampa next Thursday, which will be another good warm-up for the regular season. Because their D-Ends stuck do much last year and the truncated preseason, he will most likely be going against Michael Bennett or Adrian Clayborn. Clayborn was a great college D-End, but he, like Solder, is still learning the NFL game. Another week of practice, preparation, and playing in an NFL game will only make him better.

Then comes the big preseason test for Solder: Kyle Vanden Bosch and Cliff Avril. He most likely will be going against Bosch. Bosch is an 11 year veteran who has a well earned reputation as a relentless passrusher. He knows all the tricks and usually has a nice time chewing up rookie OLTs. He may or may not play, and when he is out they could move Avril over to use his speed on the rookie. Watching Solder play against these two guy will show a lot of how ready he really is for the regular season. If they chew him up, you could see Light in the lineup pretty soon.

The Giants will also offer some interesting challenges. Solder could start off facing Umenyiora. However, even if he makes a token appearance they have Pierre Paul and Kiwanuka who are going to need snaps. That is a nice trio of passrushers he could gain some serious experience facing.

If Solder starts against Detroit and the Giants and plays well, don't be surprised if starts come day one in September. I thought his performance on Thursday night gave him a shot to start this week. If he meets the Tampa challenge he could be starting at OLT against Detroit, and that could make Light Wally Pip.

2. Mark Anderson-

I have been whining, crying, and kvetching for a situational passrusher all off season, and much to my chagrin my calls haven't been answered. Then bam-bam-bam they suddenly seem overload with situational rushers. The most impressive of the new guys was Anderson.

This whole thing is a little silly as he only had about nice 4 or 5 nice rushes. However, that is the role we are looking for. We need a guy who can come in on 3rd down and hit the QB. The Pats were excellent on 3rd down against the Jags. But they were playing a rookie QB, and the real starters were mostly on the bench for both teams. So while the signs were all their for Anderson, this week might be a more accurate test.

He is being ask to do something that is not easy. Come off the bench for one play, and sometimes two, and charge up field and hit the Quarterback. In the first preseason game he did that. We have to be careful not to put to much emphasis on his performance. However, it is a surprising first step that will be interesting to watch on Thursday night if he can hit the QB 2 or 3 times against Penn, who is one of the most underrated OLT in the NFL.

3. Ridley-

He was a shocking surprise in the 1st half.

Preseason games can be tricky to evaluate, but I think with rookies you can be less cautious. Especially rookies who play in the 1st half. The preseason is really about two different half. Things that happen in the 1st half often translate to the regular season. However, things that happen in the 2nd half often don't translate to the regular season, especially for veterans.

However, when a rookie sparks in the 1st half of preseason games that usually translate to good things to come. He showed much better agility, quickness, and shiftiness than I remember from LSU. The best news is that he has the size, power, and nose for the Endzone that reminded me of the Lawfirm. However, if he can add that Shiftiness and agility like he showed Thursday night, the Pats have a RB who might have a little more Corey Dillon than BenJarvus (Okay, that might have been a little too much hyperbole even for me;-).

4. Meriweather 

Again, the Much-maligned Meriweather just comes in and makes plays, and gets ignored by the local media. They only like to talk about him when he screws up. I had him in on 7 Tackles in the 1st half, and no mistakes in coverage. That is a very nice day for a Safety. That is why he has been to two straight Pro Bowls.

Don't you think it's time for certain pundits to start watching his play, rather than whine about mistakes he made in the past. He came to the team more as a hitter than a tackler, we all know that. He has changed his game into more of a tackler without completely abandoning the hitting. Big hitter still have a role in the NFL. Plus, he has averaged four INTs a season since he has been here, that is pretty darn good.

Thursday night he showed the normal range and hitting he has become infamous for. Plus, he didn't make the mistakes he has been crucified for. He is set to have his best season as a Pro. And that should be pretty good.

5. Fronts 

The Pats came out on the very first play in an even front, and stuck with it for most of the game. They play a series in an odd front. But they were most attacking. They were blasting off the snap and one-gapping with a vengeance. You could see there was a clear emphasis on hitting the quarterback all through the game. They kept letting RBs run by them as the shot after the QB. which I know had to drive BB wild, but that is the price you pay for an attacking one-gap defense. pressure-pressure-pressure, but the offense can slip the RB underneath the defense repeatedly.

6. Price- Price was nice in the 1st half. I don't put much emphasis on what he did in the 2nd half, but you have to take notice of what he did in the 1st half.

However, before we go to crazy let's remember he will be the 4th WR on a roster with three secure veterans and two excellent young tight ends. How much run can the 4th and 5th receiver receive? I loved price coming out of Miami, and thought he was undervalued because his QB sucked so much. So I'm and not surprised that he has locked up the 4th WR spot, but he better get some reps on Special Team, specifically Kick Returner, if he wants to get on the field. Because he has five guys in front of him who will be on the field before he sees some turf.

7. A few Vets who made a splash 

I don't think Hoyer had one bad throw all game. In the 1st quarter he was perfect. Every throw he made hit his intended receiver right in the hands. I got scoffed at by a lot of pundits for saying Hoyer was a valuable piece of trade bait, and more specifically with the drafting of Mallett, Hoyer suddenly could grab you a 3rd. All I say is that he was perfect in the 1st Quarter. He made a couple of bad throws in the 2nd Quarter. He might not be the best QB in the NFL, but he doesn't make mistakes. That is what coaches want, a QB who doesn't make mistakes.

Fletcher- You can't talk about Thursday night's game without talking about Dane Fletcher. He was the best defensive player on the field in the first half. In addition, he had the Green Circle Helmet, so he was also calling the defensive signals. He has that knack for finding the ball. However, he is a convert D-End from Montana St, and still looks better moving forward. He really showed he could be a terrific interior blitzer. He could turn into a monster blitzing up the guy between Wilfork and Haynesworth. He looks like a D-End when he is blitzing up the middle. 

Ninkovich- In the 1st have he was the key to the defense. He lined-up on the tight end side, and defense shifted around him. He played the run well. he covered well. Plus, he lineup as the situational rusher opposite Anderson. He was the most versatile defender on the field. A lot of that will change when all the other starters are in, especially André Carter, but he was impressive throughout the whole.


Massive Philosophical Change Part Two.

Or, FU MicroSoft.


August 10th, 11th, and 12th 2011  


In what started out as a list of 7 things to watch, turned into the first thing to watch, Nate Solder, and than a referendum on the Offensive Line. Not really sure how that happened. Then I went to upload it, and I didn't have the internet for my laptop so I had to transfer it to the desktop. I copy and pasted it into a FrontPage document and saved it on a thump (and yes I know FrontPage is old and out of date software, but I bought it back in 2003 and have been using it to build my sad little website ever since. The best 20 bucks I ever spent;-). When I put it on the desktop the file went crazy and made this Blog wider than the monitor on the desktop, and I could not (!!!F#$%ing!!!!!) fix it. (I like to keep my Blog files thin, because I always have more than one window going at the same time, and I hate-hate-hate these new ultra-wide files like sees to be norm on the internet now.) So I quit trying. Not really sure how that happened.

Then yesterday I was out and about with the laptop, and decided to try and start over. I went to the Fitchburg Library at lunchtime, sat down, and figured I'd open FrontPage and see what I can see. Of course I have copied and pasted the new text into the old Blog file and saved it to the thump drive and not the laptop, and the thump drive was sitting safely in the desktop at home. So I opened Word, and found the document I originally typed the text in, and discovered that I didn't copy and paste, but Cut and Pasted the f-ing text right off my laptop. So I had no text. So I could not upload this Blog before the game started. Not really sure how that happened?

Then this morning I turned on the laptop and started all over, again. I opened Word in order to open the original document with the original text, and for some reason Micro-f-ing-Soft decided that I was having "a problem with the licensing" and kept shutting off Word. I didn't have a problem yesterday, or the week before or the month before, but now I was suddenly having "a problem with licensing". So I couldn't access Word? M-Fers (that's Microsoft-Fers to you). I was going to cut the text that for no explainable reason made my Blog file three to four times wider than it was allowed to be and wouldn't allow me to resize the table size back down to it's normal width, for no apparent reason at all other than the gods hate me. 

So I got the thumb, and open the Bizarro-Blog file that was now over two feet wide. I Copy (that right, COPY) and Pasted this now three day old text off the bizzaro-Blog file (also, there were two copies of this Bizarro-Blog File, Pats_Draft_Blog12.htm, on the thumb, with the exact same name, with different text in them, sitting side-by-side on the thumb, which is suppose to be impossible, right? One copy of Pats_Draft_Blog12.htm was the Bizarro-Blog text, and the other was a completely different file? I can say with stunning bewilderment that I'm not only not really sure how that happen, but I'm not really sure how that it is possible for that to happened, to save the file and not replace the file, but create two separate and distinct files with the exact same name sitting side-by-side on a thumb drive?). I pasted the text into a blank WordPad file, as regular Word decided I was not worth to use it. Which of course also Pasted all the HTML Tags into the document along with all the text. So I opened NotePad, and Pasted the text onto NotePad, which of course didn't include all the HTML tags like it was suppose to, for a bizarro twist of fate in my favor for a change. Then I copied the text from NotePad and Pasted it into Wordpad, and noticed it had added and extra end-of-Paragraph to every paragraph. So I had to go down the file and Backspace the extra lines off the file. 

About half way down one line was pinned all the way to the right, Not Right-Justified, but a single space two feet to the right, Left-Justified, and unexplainably sitting there and wouldn't move? Definitely not really sure how that happened! For the gods gave me their first sign of mercy and allowed me to delete the Bizarro right pinned/Left Justified single spaced line. Now everything appears to be normal, well not normal but more in line with the normal voices in my head. So all you MicroSoft-Fers had better enjoy this F-ing Bizarro-Blog, because I swear to the-gods-who-hate-my-text it took me three days to upload this piece of crap:

Things to watch:

Nate Solder-

Not really a surprise here. With Light still recovering the rookie is going to be thrown into the fire. Which is a BB norm. He likes to throw rookie 1st Round picks right into to the lineup and see if they can swim. He did it with Devin McCouty last year. I don’t think anybody was expecting that. But BB threw him into the starting lineup and he held it. I think it would be a bit more of a surprise if Solder was able to hold it, because of the truncated preseason. However, the more he plays with the starters the more likely BB is going to keep him there. 

If Light doesn’t get onto the field soon, he may find himself on the bench watching Vollmer and Solder playing O-Tackle all season. Now I don’t think Light missing time matters for him, he will be ready to play as soon as he is healthy. However, the longer he takes the more Solder can prove he’s ready, and the more he proves himself ready to play, the less likely BB will be to take him off the field.

As bizarre and unpredictable as this may sound, it looks more and more like Solder could find himself in the starting lineup come September. He will be in the starting lineup come Thursday night. So grab a seat, find number 77, and watch him dance backwards. He could be your starting Left Tackle come September. BB doesn’t draft player in the 1st Round to sit on the bench. He drafts them to start.

Change in Philosophy

There has been a clear change in philosophy over the past couple years, not only on defense, but on offense. More specifically the Offensive Line. BB, as he is wont to do, saw a scheme that gave him trouble and tried to make it his own. I am talking about Mike Shanahan’s Zone-blocking scheme: smaller, quicker, and more athletic O-Linemen who can get outside and block on the edges and down field.

BB got beat up pretty good by this offense and so he stole it from Shanahan. This philosophy was never more clearly defined than by Dan Koppen and Stephen Neal. Both guys never touched 300 pounds, but were smart, fast, and technically proficient. Neither is going to dig under an Albert Haynesworth and drive block him five yard down field. But they can get the angle, seal, pull, get in the way of the giants, and hit defenders on the run.

The Pats running game was defined by quick athletic blockers and not big-ugly power. Even Matt Light is considered a little undersized for his position, and a terrific blocker pulling to the outside and blocking on the edges.

Then BB drafted Logan Mankins. Not a great fit for that system. He is well over 300 pounds. He is a big mean guy who likes to knock defenders on their butts. But he is certainly athletic enough to Pull, get down field, and is proficient at hitting defenders on the second level. 

Because of his extraordinary athleticism he was able to fit himself into the BB Zone-Blocking scheme, and even add some meanness, power, and size to the line as well. Then, gulp, came two thousand… gulp… seven. The Pats O-Line was quick and proficient all season, and then the small O-Line got the crap beat out of them in the Super Bowl. Even Mankins, who was suppose to be their big-ugly tough guy, was knock on his butt a few times.

Okay, so no big deal. Everybody has a bad day every now and again, and that day, that horrible-horrible day was just one of those days were you can’t do anything right. Then came 2008, the forgotten season, Brady goes down. Not necessarily the O-Lines fault, but a problem in protection. 2009, the O-Line gets beat in the Playoffs, again. The small line was working in the Regular Season, but not the Playoffs. They had to get more size.

Do I need to say Sabastian Vollmer. A simple subtle 2nd Round pick. He was a nice guy with a funny German-Texas twang. But he was big. Not just big, but huge. He was a giant on the BB Zone-blocking O-Line. Though he was the biggest O-Guard on the team, over-sized Mankins wasn’t the biggest guy on the O-Line anymore.

Then last season they had Mankins and Connolly at O-Guard. Both O-Guards now over 300 pounds. While Connolly is not the biggest O-Guard in the league he is not a pure athlete either. Though he is at his best when he is pulling right, he is bigger, less athletic, and better digging inside than the usual BB Zone-Blocking O-Guard. With Vollmer at O-Tackle they were suddenly not undersized at three positions. That is not an under-sized line except at O-Center, and Light is a little light for OLT.

Don’t forget BJG-E who is an inside power runner, and would never be mistaken for an outside flash-an’ dash runner. They discovered Woodhead, who certainly looks like an outside flash-an’ dash runner, but the inside power runs, the body shots, became the primary runs for their primary Runningback, the Law Firm. They didn’t really move far away from there Zone-Blocking schemes, they were pulling, trapping/cut blocking, attacking the edges, and using Draws and Delays to trick defenders more than power blocking them backwards. But they were obvious bigger with four O-Linemen over 300 pounds. And Benny was clearly the most effective running between the Tackles.

It looks to me like the final installment of the switch to a more power blocking scheme was completed at the Draft this year. 

Day One:

Suddenly Solder wasn’t the biggest guy on the O-Line anymore, and the over-sized Mankins was third on the list, though he was still the biggest O-Guard by far on the roster. Solder was one of the tallest O-Linemen ever drafted. Now it looks like their O-Tackles (certainly by next season) are both going to be over 6-7 instead of both being under 6-5 as Light and Kaczur were both measured at 6-4 and change at the Combine. That is a big change in just a couple of years. It looked like the Pats were suddenly going to have one of the biggest O-Lines in the NFL instead of one of the smallest just two or three years earlier.

Draft Day Two.

The Pats picked up Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley. Vereen is not a big power runner. Most of his carries at Cal where a Power-Toss, where he was allowed to cut back where he wanted. But he is stacked and bench 225 pounds over 30 times at the Combine, He will run a lot of the plays the Amazing Woodhead was running. Vereen is a serious upgrade in size and strenth to Woodhead, though I can’t say talent after watching Woodhead last season. Woodhead is under 200 pounds. maybe even under 190 pounds. While Vereen weighed in at 210 at the Combine. He is minimally more of a power runner than Woodhead.

Ridley is a big power runner. He is bigger that the Law Firm. He was listed at over 230 at LSU. He showed up at the Combine at 225, to try and lower his Forty time. He said he didn’t feel as comfortable at that weigh and was back up to 230 at his Proday at LSU. He has nifty feet, is shiftier and quicker than you'd think, and is an underrated athlete, but what he does that helps the offense the most is get to the second level, lower his head, and knock defenders on their butts. On Day Two they got bigger and stronger at the Runningback position.

Draft Day Three.

“Do I need to say his name! Do I need to say his name? The big-man, Clarence Clemons!” Bruce never had it so good. Oops, sorry, flashback. I was talking about the new Big-Man, Marcus Cannon. If Marcus Cannon can make this team and work his way into the starting lineup, he will be the biggest O-Guard in the history of the Pats by far. Mankins will suddenly be the forth biggest O-Linemen on the team, and the second biggest O-Guard. Zone-Blocking scheme my butt.

So when the Pats are running the ball, watch to see if they are firing off the line and trying to knock the D-Line back more. Look to see if they are dancing, sealing, and pulling to the outside all the time. Now as BB is wont to do, he won't abandon the old philosophy, but create a new and different hybrid of the two philosophies to make it his own. He will have power blockign scheme going side-by-side with Shanahan Zone Blocking schemes. To me, that will be the biggest thing to watch. How much is BB changing the philosophy of the offense as well as the defense.

We know when push comes to shove they will be primarily a Spread team, and we will see a lot of the Power-Spread formation that was so successful last season, with Gronk and Hernandez spread out to the slot. However, what could make that formation even more effective is if they could bring the two Tight End back to the line and run a Power Running game. Watch when Gronk and Hernandaz are on the field and see if they shift in and out of a spread and power formation, which will probably have to wait to the regular season before BB will show that. But, they will be lined up in running formations and it will be interesting to see have the run the ball to start this new changing season.



Massive Philosophical Change.


August 8th, 2011

We may not know anything about next season, other than it all starts in three days. Thursday night baby! However, one thing that seems to have become apparent is that BB has undergone a massive philosophical change (it’s funny how Gasper and I had the same idea on this. I only wish I had read this before I finished my article I would have gone in another direction;-). BB made his bones in a 3-4 defense. When he bleeds he bleeds 3-4 blood. It is the defining characteristic of his football coaching. Oops! The 3-4 has shifted off the field so far this Preseason.

He acquired Albert Haynesworth. Who was available because of the most famous pout in football over the past two years. What was he pouting over? He didn’t want to play Nose Tackle in a Two-gapping 3-4. The last time he played in a 4-3 he was the NFL’s Defensive MVP. Can he play in a 3-4? Sure. Is he most effective in a 3-4? Absolutely not. He is most effective when he is shooting the gap, which is the antithesis of BB’s 3-4 philosophies. Haynesworth is a 3-technic Under Tackle. He is a pure one-gapper, which is the exact opposite of a two-technique D-Linemen BB values in his 3-4 defense.

Strong, stout, and smart. Two-gappers are thinkers, Two-gappers are strong players who can hold off O-Linemen until the can read the play and fill the appropriate gap. They hold up O-linemen and then toss them aside and make the play. Two-gappers hold their ground. Fight for every inch on the double teams. Then they use their hands, arms, and hips to hold up the blockers so their teammates can make the play on the ball carrier. These are not the skills that made Haynesworth a Defensive MVP in the NFL.

One-gappers attack. Thinking is for philosophers who bemoan rather than act. Reading is for geeks in glasses. One-gappers are explosions that blowup blocking schemes in a single bound, or leave a huge hole that exposes their teammates to trouble. One-gapper cry havoc and unleash discord on offenses. When Haynesworth can just burst up field, he unleashes the gods of war. When he has to think? Well, he gets into shenanigans with cops and courts five time in a single off season. When Haynesworth is a One-gapper, he is a dog of war. When he is a Two-gapper he is discord in the locker-room.  

When your biggest free agent signing of the off season is a One-gapper, who was and NFL Defensive MVP as a 3-technique, you move into an attacking 4-3. Or? You have the Washington Redskins over the past two years. But that is not all. The Patriots have been practicing this new opposite defense for weeks now. Haynesworth was the talk of his first practice because of five, that’s right five, defensive plays before he got hurt. The ball was snapped and he shot the gap like he did three years ago and blew up the offense. Then he hurt his knee. His discord was so disruptive to the offense that all’s anybody wanted to talk about was his explosion off the line, and not the fact that he left the field with a sore knee after FIVE plays.

Then came this weekend. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Ochocinco signing. I can fairly say he is the second best WR Tom Brady has ever played with on the Patriots (though my heart will always say Troy). He will pay some serious dividends this season. However, the second biggest signing this off season was Shaun Ellis.

I hate Shaun Ellis. He was a serious Patriot killer for the Pats. He is probably not as good a player as we Pat’s fans remember him, because he always seemed to play his best against the Pats. He killed us last season. He was one of the top reasons the Jets beat us twice last year. He had two sacks against the Pats in the playoffs earlier this year. He is a solid 3-4 D-End, but he clearly can play in either defense.

However, what made him extra special was when he moved inside on passing downs. He is twice the interior rusher that Haynesworth is, literally. He has 72.5 career sacks vs Haynesworth’s 30.5. It is easier to think of improving the passrush by getting the big edgerusher who flies off the corner and makes the flashy play. That is what I have been looking for.

However, BB was right, there are different ways to improve the passrush. Getting Leigh Bodden and Ras-I Dowling in the lineup is going to be a huge help on 3rd down. Bodden is an inconsistent corner who appears to be one of those guys who plays great every other season. If he stays on track, he should have a great year this year.

Dowling is a terrific talent who fell in the Draft because of injuries. But he has that rare blend of height, speed, and quickness that you just don’t find every year. He was clearly on that second level of CB talent heading into last season with Jimmy Smith and Prince Amukamura. He has that kind of talent. Like McCourty he has that knack for staying on a WR hips and striding with him down field. He also has that knack for playing the ball in the air, and leaping up high for the INT. I think he is going to be a terrific surprise for Pat’s fans.

With those three corners on the field on 3rd downs QBs are going to have a hard time finding open receivers. It will be interesting to see how good Ras-I can play in the slot, as Bodden and McCourty will obviously be the starters on the outside.

Another way to help on passing downs is with interior rushers. Haynesworth will undoubtedly help push the pocket back into the QBs feet on 3rd down. However, the two guys I really like in that role are Ellis and old friend Mike Wright. BB is not afraid to switch guys in and out all over the lineup, os having WIlfork and Haynesworth on a 1st Downs and Wright and Ellis in on 3rd downs, or any combo in between will be seen a lot this season. 

Wright tied for first in Sacks last year with 5.5, despite missing the final 6 games with a back injury. He has had 10.5 Sacks over the past two seasons. He had a lot of success rushing from the inside. If he can stay healthy and on the field, he can cause some trouble for QBs who wants to sit in the pocket.

The great thing about sport’s hate is that when you hate an opponent’s player that is the guy you love when he joins your team. I love Shaun Ellis as an Interior rusher in passing situations, for the Pats of course. You line him up next to Haynesworth or Wright on 3rd and long, and you’ll see some fear in the QB’s eyes. These three guys will cause a lot of push in the inside, which will open more one-on-one blocks and missed assignments on the outside for the edgerushers. The question is, who are those edgerushers going to be?

The Pats sign André Carter yesterday. I thought this would be a nice signing as a situational rusher. He is also a 4-3 D-End. He played 3-4 OLB last season to the tune of 4 Sacks and 44 Tackles. His best season was in 2002 when he had 12.5 Sacks in a 4-3 defense. His next best season was in 2009 when he had 11 Sacks in a 3-4 defense as an OLB. His third double digit sacks season came in 2007 when he was a D-End in a 4-3 with 10.5 Sacks. So he is not a pure 4-3 guy like Haynesworth. He has experience playing D-End in a 4-3 and OLB in a 3-4.

I wrote about Carter as a signing I would like as a situational rusher, which was clear the patriots biggest weakness last season:

Two guys who could also help out are Raheem Brock and André Carter. Two veteran passrushers who could play on passing downs and add some pressure. I don’t think there the best players out there, but they are long time veterans, and with this truncated preseason, long time veterans who you can designate into a specific role are going to be able to contribute early. Teams are going to need veterans who can contribute early, as young players and rookies have been severely handicapped but this lack of offseason. I don’t think either player is going to be a fulltime player anymore, but both will come in and know what to do when the QB has the ball in his hands.

That dreaded number “47.1%” keeps coming up. When you give up near 50% of 3 rd down conversions, it is awfully hard to win. With Some-Guy-Named-Moore, Carter, Cunningham, and even Mark Anderson on the edge, rushing, they will not give up over 40% on 3 rd downs this season.  

Mark Anderson is another interesting pickup. He has been a pure 4-3 D-End during his career. He is the classic situational rusher. When he can just blast off the line and attack the QB without a thought of other responsibilities he can hit the QB. The more he thinks the worse he is. In an interesting twist of fate he had a remarkable 16 Sacks in his first 20 NFL games, and unremarkably less than 10 since, including 4 Sacks last season in Houston’s 3-4 defense. If they can throw him into the mix as a 3rd down rusher, he has not shown he can stop the run in the NFL, he could be a nice resurrected surprise.  

So on the whole I’m a little disappointed with the edgerusher acquisitions, but that is more a matter of over expectations than a true criticism. They have acquired better cover guys. They have acquired better interior rushers. Plus, they have acquired guys who should be better edgerushers, including two guys (Carter and Anderson) who have had double digit Sack seasons. So 3rd and long won’t be a 50-50 shot for opponents.

Plus, with the whole 4-3/3-4 shenanigans going on, it is going to be easier to confuse QBs. They now have personal who can do more One-gap attacking the QB, and switch back to more of a Two-gapping traditional Base. They can also Two-gap from an even front and One-gap from an odd front. These new players give BB some serious flexibility on defense like he hasn’t had in a long time.  

V for Vendetta.


August 3rd, 2011

After four days camping in Maine with my family, I have a lot to say and little time to say it. So fasten your seat beats, put your trays in an upright position, turn off all electrical devices (except your computer of course;-), and sit back and relax it’s going to be  bumpy ride.

The signing of Matt Light was more imperative than finding another edgerusher. I write about the Pat’s playoff chances with the caveat that Brady is not on his backside. With the strangely deadly holdout of Solder causing a self-inflicted wound on his ability to contribute to the team this season, I see no chance he can play Left Tackle in the first half of the season at all. Though in truth, the prospect was unlikely to begin with. If this really is about guaranteed money than just give the kid the money.

The chances of a rookie 1st round pick being cut during his rookie contract are about a thousand to one. The only one in recent memory is JaMarcus Russell, and he broke the bank, literally, and he was the number One overall pick who signed a ridiculous Al Davis type contract, and if he had been as great as his arm he would have been seen as a bargain, and it was that contract that many pundits try and credit as the finally straw for reforming rookie contracts (which is simply not true, they were talking about restructuring the contracts of rookies before that, and in reality top ten picks primarily. whew that was a lot of “ands”;-). Rookies picked in the second half of the 1st Round usually become bargains by year 3 and 4, or stubborn obsessions for the GM’s who took them and want to keep their jobs. Rookies taken in the second half of the 1st round are almost never cut on their rookie contact, ever.

He may be ready for some spot duty at Right Tackle as the season progresses, but Vollmer will be the back-up Left Tackle to Light this season. Next season however, watch out. I think this guy is going to be a beast in the NFL. He was considered the top prospect at OLT going into the Senior Bowl, and a likely top ten pick. He dropped because of some struggles in the Passrushing Drills at the Senior Bowl, which are designed for the D-linemen to win to begin with. The upside, talent, and ridiculous size is still there. Plus, he is a tough mean guy who can be a force in the running game already.

However, having an Edgerusher on 3rd downs and for the playoffs only matters if Brady is on his feet throwing the ball to Ocho. Light had his best season in a while in his contract year, I know big surprise. Having him on a two-year contract is a nice deal to keep him focused. He got a little too comfortable once he signed his big deal and banked enough dough, and his play suffered a little with that comfort. With two legit backups climbing up his back he will be back to his contract year focus, because if he goofs around at all it will be a one-year contract. This is all good news for Brady’s backside.  


I like most Pat’s fan was shocked when they released Warren. However, when you put together all the ingredients, the recipe is easy to read. But to say it doesn’t start with a classic BB vendetta is ridiculous.

Warren was told he could play on his bad hip, and he chose surgery against their medical staff’s recommendation. You stir in his contract ingredient to the well reported shift to an attacking 4-3 ingredient, and his comments about how he sacrificed enough for the team and now he talking care of himself (yes I know that was an unfair interpretation of his comments, but his priorities clearly did changed once he banked most of his big contract. Which isn’t an indictment of Warren, it’s just being human. With financial comfort comes different priorities for everybody. It’s as simple as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), and this recipe makes sense. How BB rates all the hierarchy of ingredients I don’t know, but he certainly considered all of those things and more.

Plus, hip injuries are the worst injuries to overcome. I believe that is why the medical staff didn’t want Warren to get that surgery. Not because it is the worst place to get surgery. I do a thing called Mio therapy, which is essentially an Americanized form of acupressure, which is a non-needle form of acupuncture. One of the defining philosophies of these therapies is that all muscle flow from the hips. The hips are the spiritual center of the muscles. When working with muscle above the hips, you work up from the hips. When working below the hips you work down the muscle lines. Whenever I hear a player has a hip injury I know he will never be as good again. In fact, Bo Jackson is the only player to play in the NFL after a hip replacement, and he was no longer the most amazing physical freak in the NFL after, he was… eh.   

So to expect Warren to come back and be the Ty Warren who roasted the right side of O-Lines in the Super Bowl years was wishful thinking by all of us. The ingredients for that player are no longer available.

The only real question for Pat’s fans is how much does this open up on the Cap, and how good an Edgerusher does that money buy (and no I won’t let my obsession with a Edgerushers rest;-). Okay, according to the Globe, the Warren, Crumpler, Kaczur releases opens 12.88 Mil on the Cap. When you add the 2 Mil saved from Tully, that is close to 15 Mil available solely for an Edgerusher;-).  

That is Tamba Hali and LaMarr Woodley type money. Now I don’t think the Pats have a real chance at getting either player, but dumb and dumber things have been done before (you should’ve seen me camping;-). They have opened a small window of opportunity with the money and two first available for trade bait. I know-I know, I can hear Jim Carey sayin’, “So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance.” Well, I’m sayin’ there a chance.

I think BB has a big deal in the works. During a normal year they go after, with pure fantasy in my brain, say Tamba Hali. If that doesn’t work they go down the list to say? Matt Roth. If that doesn’t work they go down the list to say? Raheem Brock, etc. However, this offseason is not the time or the place for such deliberations. You don't have the time to a single shot at a big time player. The backup to the backup plan might be more important than the original plan. Getting to talk to (Hali, or whomever they have their sights on) is not possible, but getting a chance to talk to the backup, and the backup to the backup plan is possible. BB can wait on the backup plan as they work on the big guy I believe they are after.

Matt Roth came into Foxboro recently, and then Raheem Brock yesterday. If they were plan one they would have been signed. If they are plan two and three, they can wait to see of the deal for number one, say Tamba Hali, can be finalized.

Raheem Brock is a pure situational rusher, which is their number one issue by far now. He was the best pure Edgerusher in the NFL in the second half of last season by far. I read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that he had something like 47 pressures and hits and sacks on the QB in the second half of last season and the playoffs. The player he was over the second half of last season is exactly what this defense needs to make it great. However, he certainly wasn’t that player over the rest of his career. He is a guy like Haynesworth, the more he thinks the more trouble he gets into. You just want him attacking the QB play after play. When he can do that he can hit the Quarterback. So the question is? Is he the player he was over the second half of last season, or he is the player he was even just in the first half of last season and the rest of his career?

I would lay a bet that if BB is going to let Haynesworth one-gap, he can let Brock just attack the QB on passing downs without a problem. You have Cunningham (who I see as the proverbial 3-down player and Ninkovich (as the proverbial two-down player). I have no problems with the three of those guys sharing passing down duties. In a 4-3 Cunningham and Brock would rush with a hand down, and Ninkovich would be more of a drop guy, and don’t forget Wright, who looks like a Left D-End in a 4-3 to me. I don’t know, that works for me.

Plus, when they start switching back and forth to a 3-4 and 4-3, which you know they will be doing more and more as the season goes on, those three guys can cause a lot of problems on the edge.  

With Matt Roth it would be a little more complicated, and I only put him first because he came to town first. I think he has become a little overrated this offseason as rumors fly about BB having interest. He is not a pure Edgerusher. He is not a situational rusher. He is a three down 3-4 OLB who can get to the QB when he gets hot, but not consistently.

Spinning the Vendetta

Okay, first off Haynesworth is a psycho, and not the good kinda on-field psycho we all like, but the bad kinda off-field psycho we don’t like. The question is can we get him to be that on-field phycho was all love so much?

He is not a Wilfork type player. He is not a hold your ground, think and read, and make the play type of player. “It’s somewhat of an adjustment over what I’ve been doing over the past two years,” Weird Al explains (I bet you weren't expecting a Weird Al Yankovic reference today;-). “Kinda getting back to things that I normally used to do. I just gotta get my legs wet again and I’ll be okay.” He is a 3-technique attacker who is most effecting when he is thinking the least. He just needs to shoot the gap and hit someone.

I don’t care if he has to go to court next for illegal use of the hands, we all know he is just going to pay off the poor girl to make it go away. I don’t care if he is happy. I don’t care if he hates Shanahan. I don’t care if has more respect for BB than he does Santa Claus. “I always liked Coach [Bill] Belichick," Haynesworth said. "Just the way he did things, the way the team performed. I’ve come to games when I was in the pros. I came, I think it was here, when they played the AFC Championship, I want to say they were playing San Diego, and I was sitting up in the stands freezing my butt off. I sat there and watched them play. I’ve always been a fan of this team." What I’m trying to say is that I don’t care if he loves puppies and guns, I only care about him being a mean and motivated psycho on the field.

So how does BB do that? I suppose him having respect for BB helps. "From being on the outside, I don’t know?” Haynesworth muses at a Pat’s practice. “I guess the way he [BB] handled the team. And I’ll be on the inside. It’s very detailed oriented. He demands perfection every time. So, I’ve been on some really good teams, and with a lot of great players, but I’ve never been in a situation where it’s like, ‘perfection every time’. You know, not for a person but for a team.” However, the missing ingredient that everyone seems to be missing is Shanahan and hate.

In his mind he did nothing wrong. And don’t kid yourself jackasses, all guys have found themselves in stupid pissing matches where you can’t help do one dumber thing after another. And what is the common thread? Justified. He still feels like he was betrayed and acted appropriately under the circumstances. He was justified.  

He got so pissed Shanahan betrayed him by switching him from a 100 million dollar 3-technic into an attacked from all sides NT. He is not Wilfork. And he knew it then, like he knows it now. They are two very different type players. So it turned into a stupid and foolish pissing match between him and Shanahan that neither could calm their way out of.

Now I’m not trying to say he was right in anything he did, quite the contrary. I’m saying he did everything wrong as did Shanahan. When you are stuck in these stupid pissing matches everything you do is wrong by definition, but as all men know, we can spin it so everything we did is right. So who cares? I do, because what that stupid male crap delivers more than anything else is revenge, and it's like I always say, "nothing motivates like revenge." 

Haynesworth had a silly stupid pissing match still going with Shanahan, and BB is betting that Vendetta is all the motivation he needs to be the mean psycho on the field that we all love so much. And this may come as a shock to you, lol, but the more I think about it the more I like the recipe.


I Like It! But...


July 29th, 2011

I like it. I really-really like it. I wasn’t in the Pats need a Wide Receiver camp, but the more I thought about it and the more my buddies bugged me about it, the more I had to concede the obvious need for a veteran WR. The biggest bargains on the salary cap are trading for veterans, and I am always shocked that doesn’t happen more often. Plus, getting ten years veteran in this truncated offseason can only be seen as a plus.

The problem is that they have two excellent veteran WRs, who would usually be their traditional One and Two WRs. Plus, they have the three young WRs: Price, Edelman, and Tate. And, they also have the dynamic no-longer-rookie Tight Ends. Plus, they have four nice young Runningbacks. So they have the offense firepower. However, what they really didn’t have was a Right Wide Receiver, or Flanker, or what Madden made popular- the Z Receiver. The Z is traditionally the Number One WR. He lines up on the right sideline, where a right handed QB is just naturally going to look first, and feel the most comfortable throwing to for a right handed QB. That is just basic physiology.

We all know Wes Welker is their Number One WR and Deon Branch is the Number Two. However, neither WR is a Z-Receiver, and you really don’t want either lining up there as Wes is most effective in the Slot and Deion is most effective as the X or Left sideline Receiver. That left the three young unproven WRs at what is usually the most important spot for a WR to line up at. That is not good. Especially with this truncated offseason that hurts young player infinitively more than older veterans.

Suddenly they have one of the top veteran Z’s over the past ten years. He has had seven thousand yards season over the past ten years. He led the NFL in receiving yards in 2006 with 1,369 yard, and his highest yardage season was actually 2007 with 1,440 yards and 8 TDs. He has 66 career TDs Receiving, including a career high 10 TDs in 2003.

The Pats need for speed is well known. They have two of the quickest WRs in the game, but lack outside speed. One of the reasons I like this trade is that Ocho is not a superfast field-stretcher, certainly not anymore, but he knows how to get open deep. He has that veteran savvy that has allowed him to average 14.4 YPR over his career. If teams bring the Safeties to far up to try and stop the shorter routes Wes and Deion like, he will get open over the top and make the deep catch. So while I would have preferred a faster WR, I think Ocho can give them exactly what they need. A veteran Z who can make Safeties nervous.

Also, I can’t say this enough, with this truncated off season getting ten year veterans is significantly more important than in normal years. A ten year veteran doesn’t need any off season to know that to do on the football field. A ten year veteran doesn’t even need a full training camp to get to know his teammate and the system. Ten year veterans can step onto new teams this bizarro season and contribute right away. As devastating as this bizzarro off season was for rookies, it is as perfect for strong veteran players. However, a number keeps popping into my head: 32nd.  

They were 32nd in the NFL at stopping 3rd down conversions last season. They allowed teams to convert on 3rd downs at a rate of 47.1%! That is alarming. Buffalo was tied for second worst with 43.2%. They were a hair under 4% worse that Buffalo! That is alarming. There were six other teams with a 3rd down percentage of over 40: New England 47.1%, Buffalo 43.2%, Tampa 43.2%, Tennessee 43%, Cleveland 42.9%, Jacksonville 41.3%, Minnesota 40.8%. Notice something? Even some of those teams had good defenses ( Jackson 5th in total yards, Tennessee 7th in total yards, Pats 8th in total yards, Buffalo 9th in total yards, Cleveland 11th in total yards, and Tampa 16th in total yards) only the Pats made the Playoffs last year, and they need a record setting play from the first time unanimous NFL MVP Tom Brady to do it. To me, the most underrated stat in football is 3rd down percentage on both offense and defense, and the Pats were the worst team defensively on 3rd down by far.

To me, that is also a strong indication of a team’s passrush. I can’t remember how many times they held team to 1 or 2 yards on 1st and 2nd downs, only to give up the 3rd down pass for a first down over and over. It made me crazy. Colt McCoy in Cleveland. Sanchez sitting in the pocket eating pizza for 7 seconds and then throwing the ball. The Patriots fatal flaw by far last season, and right now you have to project for next season, is someone how can hit the QB on 3rd Down consistently. That is the primary reason they didn’t reach the Super Bowl, period.

When I see Free Agency I see everything except a guy who can hit the QB on 3rd down as waste of resources. I actually think they have a very good defense, with one single piece missing that would make it a great defense. A situational rusher is their Achilles Heel, their playoff killing deficit, their greatest weakness that has to be addressed if they enjoy Playoff football. We were 4% worse on 3rd down than Buffalo and Tampa Bay! Being BB’s biggest fan I like the Haynesworth trade more and more every hour. I love the Chad trade. However, those two guys are a waste of money without a serious upgrade in the passrush on 3rd down, period.   

So contingent on them trading for an edgerusher, I love this trade. In the NFL, there are essential two form of contract compensation for player: salary and signing bonuses. The signing bonus is Prorated for the length of the contract. This sets up a unique money saving situation for veterans. When you trade for a veteran, 25-50% of their Cap can be Bonuses, which do not go on the Cap of the team that trades for them. So Ocho came with a Signing Bonus discount of about 2 mil, which would be about 25% as he had about 6 mil on his contract for next season, which has been reporting that they are lowering that figure as we speak.

One thing about Chad you can’t take away is that he loves football. He likes to have fun off the field, but between the lines he is a super competitor who wants to win. He has endured ten years in Cincinnati or more commonly known as football hell, and still somehow maintained his love of the game and his sense of humor.

Personally, I like his off field shenanigans. He isn’t getting arrested. He isn’t harassing women in restaurants. He isn’t spending time with cops and courts. In fact, he is making news off the field by being funny and thinking about being on the field. I remember 4 or 5 years ago when the Pats were set to play the Bengals, he sent a bottle of pepto bismol to all the Patriot DBs. Now that is funny. He makes me laugh, and it also showed he was thinking about the football even when is in his private time. I even thought the whole Ochocinco thing is funny, and I don’t understand why guys get upset if someone changes their name? I just don’t get it.  

The strange and funny friendship Ocho and BB have developed over the past few years is wonderfully interesting as well. I have always thought Ocho was a football guy, but just a little misunderstood because he like to make jokes. But there is an undeniable football guy under all the humor. "It became a relationship beyond just a football player and a coach," Ochocinco said last season. "He became a friend of mine. He has a lot of respect for me in my game, and I have a lot of respect for him in everything he's done as a coach. We just became really close and fond of each other's work. He's one that I look up to tremendously, one that I've never played for, but I show the same respect as if he was my own head coach."

BB likes real football guys. "It's an odd couple," BB said last year as well "But in the end, I think we have a lot of things in common. I like Chad. I like him as a player, I like him as a person. I like his enthusiasm and the fun he has in football, and how he competes on the football field."

So Haynesworth plugs up a hole left by Seymour, Stroud, and the non-resigning of Gerald Warren, but doesn’t really add to the passrush. Ochocinco fills a huge hole at the Z-Receiver, but doesn’t help the Pat’s defense on 3rd down. So the team is clearly improved. However, I can’t say they are a real threat to succeed in the playoffs without an edgerusher who can hurt offenses on 3rd down.


The Biggest Boom or Bust Move.


July 28th, 2011

You have to be kidding me. I went to bed last night with visions of Super Bowls dancing in my head. Instead, Jason Babin (my top free agent wish for the Pats) agrees with Philly, and Gulp, or rather, Big-gulp, or rather huge gulp, Haynesworth? There has not a player a player in the NFL over the past two season with his combo of troublesome truck and pure talent. At his best, he is the best defensive lineman in the NFL where in just a few years ago he had 8.5 Sacks and 51 Tackles and those stat don't come close to expressing his true impact on the game, as he blew up blocking scheme on play after play. 

At his best, he is better than Wilfork. At his best, he is better than Seymour. Is there a better compliment than that from a Pats Fan? However, at his worst, he is more selfish and enigmatic than TO! At his worst, he is a more pathetic pouter and team disrupter than, gulp, Randy. At his worse, he spends more dough on legal trouble than the NFL Owners on their Lockout (sorry, that will be my last official mention of the heretofore unmentionable Lockout;-).  

Okay, great signing by the Eagles and I am obviously jealous, but huge signing by Patriots? The Pats have also released Marcus Stroud and have not resigned Gerald Warren, so there is a hug hole at RD-End so the need was there. "As usual, there have been and will be a number of personnel transactions," BB started off his Presser this morning. "We're right in the middle of Free Agency throughout the League, and we've been involved in some of those as well. I talked to Mike Shanahan last night, and we're in, the acquiring process of Haynesworth. But that's not complete yet so I can't really comment on that at this point, until it's completed. If it does get completed. So, we'll see how all that goes." Yes we will. 

I hate criticizing BB, but the release of Tully and the signing of the perpetually petulant Haynesworth puzzles me. He was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2008, and then went to Washington as the top free agent ever in 2009. Then become the most offensive player in the NFL, as he hate-hate-hated playing in the 3-4 and tried to pout-pout-pout his way out of town, and tagged-teamed with Radio Boy to destroy the Redskins season. "I think anytime you acquire a player, no matter how you do it, you want to be comfortable bringing that player onto team," BB said comfortably this morning. "So, whether you draft him or sign him, or trade for him, however you do it, that's what your trying to do." Well, right now, I don't feel comfortable with this player. 

On the positive, when his mind is right and he gets mean and motivated, he is the best defensive player in the NFL. When he bursts off the snap low and proud, he has to be doubled or he destroys any O-lineman put in front of him. In 2008 he was not just the Defensive Player of the Year, he was the dominate defensive player in the NFL in recent memory. When he gets pissed off he can be unblockable. He has the best blend of size, strength, meanness, and explosion off the line; when he plays mean.

However, his career has been a proverbial yo-yo. When he is up, he is a player that has to be doubled, and can consistently destroy the double team. When he is down, he is an enigmatic super talent who doesn't seem to care about anything but his pout. The past two years he went from the best D-Lineman in the NFL to be inactive for the last quarter of last season. He also had a disastrous off season, getting in trouble with the law and in the courts and is reported to have as many as 5 or 6 legal problems this off season alone, and still has a sexual assault charge he will be fighting in August.

Playing next to Wilfork can only help him, and if he is in shape and playing mean he will make Wilfork look better. He has about 14 Million in salary left on his mammoth contract over the next two years (The Globe is reporting that he has 5.4 Mil this season, with a Million dollar workout bonus which I think he will have trouble acquiring after the trade, and 7.2 next year). So he can be cut with no salary cap damage. He loves his money, and he essentially has no security. So he has to come in this preseason and really show his heart is in it, and produce this season if he wants to acquire that 13.6 Million dollars, because BB can cut him in September and it will only cost them a 5th Round pick. 

He will not be a situational player. He will line up at Seymour’s old spot, and if he and Wilfork can both generate doubles this defense is significantly upgraded. He has 324 career tackles in his ten year career. That is only 32.4 Tackles per year on average, but again that stat doesn’t tell the story as he took the past couple years off, and his value is disrupting O-lines but not always making the tackle. When asked about a mythical D-Tackle acquisition from Washington that could help the passrush, BB said, "Defensively the two things you wanna do are pressure the quarterback and cover the receivers in the passing game. And that's what pass defense is. So, those two things working together, the timing of it, the coordination of it, and the execution of it, that's what the passing game's all about. You can never have too much passrush. You can never have too much pass coverage. So, your always trying to improve that." 

My problem is that this was about 6 Million on a risky player, who is not a great passrusher. He has had 30.5 Sacks over the past 10 years. That’s about 3 Sacks a year, again not telling the full story. Interior rushers will not always get less stats, but can be more effective if they can crush the pocket and force the QB to run away. He can do that. There is no question he can help the passrush by collapsing the pocket, and even bursting past the O-Lineman with a quick explosive move he unleashes upon occasion. If he is focused, not pouting about playing in a 3-4, and playing pissed he will make the edgerushers look better. But, I just don’t feel comfortable him yet.

In a moment of repetition, I see their top two three needs as Edgerusher, O-Line, and WR. Wouldn’t they have been better off resigning Warren, who I thought played well last year (although he did wear down by seasons end), and maybe Light, and sign a speed WR, and Edgerusher? I keep going back and forth.

The problem with criticizing this deal is that I keep having flashbacks to 2008, when he carried the Titans to the Playoffs with some of the most disruptive inside play we’ve seen in a while. If the Pats have that at RDE, next to Wilfork, with Ty Warren at LDE, that is as good a D-Line as there is in the NFL. They wouldn’t have enough Lineman on the left side to double Wilfork and Haynesworth. Running to the right side would be near impossible, and everybody would know it, and can shift the defense to the other side. They would be one of the top defenses against the run, but what about 3rd down and against the pass. I suppose I have been making a false argument as this is not the Pats last move.

With this truncated offseason, acquiring ten year veterans can only help. Getting another veteran edgerusher would make this defense fun to watch. Even if they just grab Matt Roth and hope his head, heart, and legs are screwed on straight as well, they could have a much improved passrush. I do believe Cunningham will be much improved in the passrush this season. Those two guys would be huge boom or bust pickups that could destroy this team or propel them into the Super Bowl.

The good news is that Haynesworth has always been a very up and down player. The past two years are as down as it gets, and if he can turn his embarrassment and anger at what happened to him in Washington into an upswing, it would be fun to watch.

Edgerushing to the Super Bowl.


July 27th, 2011

I can’t believe the Pat’s camp start today, and it’s without Tully Banta-Cain. To me the single factor that could make this defense a championship defense is a passrush. TB-C was their best passrusher, now they have to add another passrusher to the passrusher they already needed to add. I don’t like to criticize BB but I think this might turn into a mistake. 

He was scheduled to be a 4 Million dollar cap hit, and they save less than 2 Mil by cutting him. So they intend to see him gone, or think he is going to sign back for significantly less than 1.8 mil? Or, and we can only hope , he is going to spend some big dough on a big Free Agent. TB-C has received a lot of criticism of late. However, he did play injured last season with a terribly painful abdominal pull, and still led the team in Sacks. He also garnered 15 Sacks, and “led the Patriots with seven quarterback hits and additional 37 pressures in 753 snaps, and was in the top five in QB Pressures over the past two seasons.  

I always say you have to hit the QB to win in the NFL, and this doesn’t mean just Sacks. It means you have to disrupt the QBs ability to think and be comfortable in the pocket. He did that better than any Patriot over the past two seasons. Was TB-C an All-Pro passrusher, no. was he the best the pats have, yes. I thought they needed a passrusher who was better than Tully, and now they need a passrusher who is better than Tully, and a replacement for Tully.

The good news is that there will be a lot of options come Friday. There has been a lot of almost news lately, but come Friday that is when the real fun begins. There have been some oddities published lately, like the Pats interested in a RB, S, and Matt Roth. I don’t see the Pats paying big money for a safety or a RB. That makes no sense as they have invested a lot of money and Draft picks in those two positions. Matt Roth has been a PFW in Progress fabrication that all the local media has picked on. Sometimes they get inside info, and sometimes it’s just their opinion.

We will see whether they have snatched some info they shouldn’t have, or if it is just a guy they like. Roth isn’t a bad option. He is strong against the run and can get to the QB. The problem? He can’t finish a season. He has a string of 4-6 games where he looks great, and then disappears.  He was good in 2008. Played 7 good games for the Browns in 2009, and 6 good games in 2010, and then just crashed. He wasn’t earmarked with an injury the season half of last season, but he couldn't get to the QB anymore for some reason. If he is healthy and has his head screwed on straight he is a better rusher than TB-C, and better against the run. Not that I care about run defense.

They have multiple OLB who can set the edge and play the run tough and cover. I know it’s blasphemy, but I don’t care about a 3-Down OLB. That is not what they need. They have plenty of 3-Down OLB who are passrush impaired. Ninkovich, Some-guy-named Moore, even Guyton and Cunningham. They need a pure terror on the edge. Someone like Jason Babin?

They get about 2 Mil but cutting Tully, and could save about 4 Mil by cutting Nick Kazur, as talked about by the PFW in Progress boys, that is 6 Mil in fresh dough, and offer that to Babin (ranked 6th by Peter King), and you could be pretty close to a deal. He had 12.5 Sacks last season, and was credited with really coming into his own last season because he was able to line up way out wide, isolate the O-Tackle and use his speed to get him off balance. That is what we need, not a 3-down OLB. Granted, it would be a risk, because he has done it for only one season, but he would be able to lineup wider as a 3-4 OLB then as a 4-3 D-End. A pure rusher as a 3-4 OLB seems the perfect role for him. He is also not the worst player against the run (not that I care;-). He had 76 Tackles as a rookie OLB in 2004, and has 230 career tackles in 42 Starts. If they could somehow snag Babin or RFA Cliff Avril, they are in the Super Bowl in 2012.

Then there is Cliff Avril, who I thought was going to be an OLB when he came out. He is a restricted FA and would cost a 1st Round pick nest year, but he would be worth it. Last season he was one of the best players at harassing QBs in the NFL. He would be a force on the edge for the Patriots, and I believe he could pay Wes Welker type dividends.

Two guys who could also help out are Raheem Brock and André Carter. Two veteran passrushers who could play on passing downs and add some pressure. I don’t think there the best players out there, but they are long time veterans, and with this truncated preseason, long time veterans who you can designate into a specific role are going to be able to contribute early. Teams are going to need veterans who can contribute early, as young players and rookies have been severely handicapped but this lack of offseason. I don’t think either player is going to be a fulltime player anymore, but both will come in and know what to do when the QB has the ball in his hands.

Then there are the two injury/mystery player Mathias Kiwanuka and Matt Roth. Both have played for stretches where they looked like All-Pro passrushers. Hitting, disrupting, and confusing QBs. That is exactly what the Pats need. They both are veterans who have played LB, and made some noise as edgerushers. However, both have had trouble playing a full season. Mostly due to injury, but also to mysterious circumstances. Eric Mangini Loved Roth in Cleveland and asked him to do near identical things he would be doing here, and he excelled, for stretches. I have always been a Kiwanuka guy ever since he was maybe the best defensive player I ever saw at BC.

So those are some options I see that could help this team immediately as an edge rusher. I have no problem with Ninkovich and Cunningham as starter on first and second down. However, when 3rd down comes there are some issues. Ninkovich is better in coverage and Cunningham is obvious a better edgerusher. I have been saying for months: I like their D-Line, I love their Secondary and their Inside Backers, and they have some nice talent at OLB, but if they added one pure edgerusher this defense could be a Championship defense. Plus, I believe if they don’t that this isn’t a Championship defense, and they will struggle on 3rd down again. They will have to over-rely on Brady again, which works in the regular season, but gets blown up come playoff time. A speed WR on the outside would be nice, but a speedy Edgerusher just brings this whole defense together. 

You can say what you want about my assessment of a championship defense, but they have been one of the worst 3rd down teams the past three seasons I have ever seen. They will not improve on 3rd down without an improved passrush, period. I think their improvements in the Secondary will really help on 3rd down this season, but not enough. If are not a top 3rd down team, then they are not a top contender for the Super Bowl. And with this truncated offseaosn teams that are organized, disciplined, and well coached will have extreme advantages, especially early in the season. This is such a golden opportunity for BB and the Pats as they maybe the most organized, disciplined, and well coached team in the NFL.

I would be shocked if they signed a DB 9the dumbest thing I heard this offseason has been the Pats signing Melvin Bullitt). The last thing they need is another Safety! I would be shocked if they signed a bigtime WR. I would be shocked if they didn’t make a play for one of these edgerushers. I would be shocked if they picked up a big named RB (Peter King also had them grabbing Ronnie Brown. Now, I don’t think they are looking for a RB, but I would not complain if they picked up Brown he is a big RB who might also be the most athletically versatile Back in the NFL). However, after all that noise, it looks like Matt Roth was not an original assumption by the PFW in Progress boys, but a whisper caught in the halls of Gillette Stadium.



July 26th, 2011

Holy crap! The NFL has unleashed the dogs of war and cried havoc, and I am already overwhelmed. Between the ridiculous republican made Depth Ceiling crisis and the NFL unleashed there are too many topics bumbling through my brain. Plus, I have had a little sinus thing which has turned my brain into mush. So this article is going to be more a real style Blog, with short incomplete rhetoric.

First, the Mira Kraft tragedy. This is not just a tragedy for the Kraft family, but a tragedy for Massachusetts. In this world, there are far too few people who really make the world a better place, just by their existence and their commit to help the least of us. I admit the world is not a better place because of my mundane existence. Which also has been my political crusade over the past few months. Too often we see the wealthy in this country lost in greed, lies, and selfishness. Where employees are seen as the enemy to be defeated. It becomes a circle of ugliness, a crevice of greed, and circus of self, like: the clown prince Trump, Daniel Snyder buying all the radio stations around Washington to stop criticism of himself, and the Kochhead brother running around the country spending millions of dollars to take away the rights of working Americans. These are people who are wealthy enough that they could make the world a much better place if they cared about anything other than self. The cry of the wealthy more and more has become me-me-me, and this horrific ideal that you are not making real money until you are hurting someone else. Alleged Americans like the Kochhead brothers who have more money than they can spend in ten lifetimes, and one of the most successful businesses in the country, and they have every opportunity to make the world a better place. Even if they just treated their employees with respect and showed real dignity by paying a honest wage for an honest days work. Instead they piss all over America with their anti-middle class Jihad, and spend their time, passion, and money purposely trying to hurt working Americans. Their Jihad against real Americans is more dangerous to our welfare than any so-called terrorist. I just don’t understand it?

Sorry guys, I let my fingers do the walking a little too much sometimes;-) It's just that there is such an obvious comparison of good and evil between her and them, and even Mr. Bob himself. He showed in this whole Lockout mess that employers can treat their employees with dignity and respect and still make an ungodly profit. You don't have to destroy the lives of your employees to run a successful business. Employers need employees as much as employees need employers. The first half of that equation has not just been lost, but attacked with money, power, and corruption lately that it sends me into despair. Mr. Bob stood up and showed America that dignity and respect matter to employees and to the heart and soul of this country, and earned my unmitigated respect. And for that I say thank you, and offer you my sincere condolences (and take back the last half of the negative things I've said;-).  

It’s a scary time to be a middle class American struggling to pay the mortgage. But behind the scenes a kindly wealthy lady gives hope to those of us who believe Americans can still make the world a better place, just by the power of their hearts. Mira shows what wealth can do in the hands of a real American. Behind the scene working tirelessly to help groups, organizations, and charities that tirelessly help real Americans. To me, the greatest compliment you can give a real American, is simple, they made America a better place to live for others. Mira Kraft tops my list of real Americans who made this country, and more specifically Massachusetts, a better place for everyone instead of just themselves.  

My mother got Breast cancer, my aunt got lung cancer, and my aunt-in-law got some kind of abdomen cancer that grew into a bunch of different cancers. It all seemed to attack one after another. All three lovely ladies who were kind to me in the midst of this mean and foolish world (and I am not an easy person to be king to;-). I saw what happens to lovely ladies who get eaten alive by cancer. I’m not sure I want to do this, this is a very personal thing for me. I wrote a poem about that short rough time. This is for my mom and my aunts:  

Abreast between Gemini and Leo.

By Me

Her hollow eyes

            haunt me.

She was to intimate

            with death,

the unquenchable Lion

            hunting all.

Lost between our world

            and his call.

Her pale sigh

            stung me.

As she split her

            broken breath,

“I’ll not keep you wanting long

            O’ pale Leo,

I’ll fight that eternal

            Rivers course.”

I tried to let it slide

            I could not.

I tried to leap that divide,

            I could not.

Torn in two like a

            lonely Gemini,

I caught her tear,

it became mine sir.

I tried to hide mine sir,

            I could not.

The apparition of the women

            I knew sir,

riding savories with such


Why was fate such

            a thief?

To steal away such


There could be none,

            to calm belief.

Why was the hand of destiny

            so bony cold?

Writing the universe

            so criminally.

Why was ecstasy

            never so bold?

Who knew the twinkling Stars

            where so wintry?

One of the things I noticed walking through Dana Farber is Mira Kraft’s name all over the place. Breast cancer was one of her causes, and she fought it better than most. It cost her her life, and saved my mom’s. For that I am equally saddened and thankful. So thank you Mira for helping to save my mom, and for all the thousands of moms you help to save as well.




July 4th, 1776


They stand up and shout “cut it or shut it”, and then claim they are negotiating in good faith. The NNRP shuts down the government in Minnesota because they want to give more handouts to the wealthiest 2% in their state, and then say, “hey, trust us We the people, we have you best interests at heart.” How stupid do you have to be to believe that? Well the republicans are not negotiating in good faith as anyone who has seen these freaking morons chanting, “cut it or shut it” knows damn well they are not negotiating in good faith:

[The NNRP] … has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasion on the rights of the people.

They are pushing with more and more misguided fervor to shut down the government in the greatest act of treason since the Civil War. 


Fact: everybody knows that if we really want to get the Crackhead George Deficient down we have to increase revenue, especially from those who profited the most from the destruction of our economy.

Fact: republicans know this fact and refuse to meet the democrats in an honest and “Serious” fashion. Instead, they say “my way or we’ll destroy the economy”, and lie their way into another recession, again.  

Fact: if they let the Debt ceiling crash there are real world consequences that many if not most American might not overcome. Including job losses, increase cost for future debt (just a one percent increase on the debt loans will cost America trillions over the next 20-30 years), and have possibly dire circumstances in veteran hospital, nursing homes, returning soldiers, etc. 


All this because Republicans refuse to be honest about the deficient-spending they love so much. So whose interests are they representing? It’s not the American people’s interests that is the one clear fact we can see from this treasonous attempt to destroy our economy, again. I can only classify this insanity as treason. There is no other word for it. To hold our economy hostage to try and not share the burden of the debt the WOPs profited from the most under any circumstance is treason.


Of course, you can’t blame them as the Democrats, who actually care about our democracy, have caved and turtled at every negotiating corner. So why would the Republicans be honest, fair, and balanced in their plans to destroy the middle class? There was no reason. We had Wimpy do our negotiations, “okay, we can raise taxes on the middle class in order to lower taxes on the Wealthiest One Percent, again, if you give me a cheeseburger on Tuesday.”  


Then came Wisconsin and Governor King George, who could only be called the enemy of democracy:

He has refused to pass laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right to Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.

He showed the NNRP’s hand, and how they plan to dissolve our Union into a Corporate run tyranny. He lied cheated and stole legislation into its’ despotic form that rob the rights of real Americans in order to give more to those who are already privileged far beyond normal citizens. It was all out class warfare and “We the People of the United State of America ” were losing:

[The NNRP] … has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.

The NNRP had shown they only represent the traitors that outsource jobs beyond our coastlines. What Governor King George did was reveal to the nation the NNRP's plans for all Americans and how they plan to usurp Our Constitution and State built Constitutions in order to form a better economically segregated land, where the Wealthy Corporations make all decisions and We the people are fodder, floatsome, and trash to be discarded in the sea. The NNRP has sided with the Wallstreet Robber Barons who have shown their clear and obvious distain for We the People when they destroyed and plundered American factories and that in turn destroy American communities, in order to build factories off our coasts, and invested their capital overseas, and only overseas.

[The NNRP] … has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

Republicans so often talked about “rights”, and yet spent all their legislative might killing the rights of real Americans, the great middle class of America . Thousands upon thousands of real Americans took to the streets to stand up for their real Rights, and not some made up propaganda pissed upon us by fox Fake News. The Right to collectively bargain is one of the shining symbols that makes America great. The right of honest Americans to receive on honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, and don’t kid yourself folks that is the main Rights that the NNRP is trying to take away from us. Just ask Chris Crisco:

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most Humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of free people.

Just ask Corporate Bitch Cantor and his minion who have stalled, delayed, and stymied the Congress and Senate at every turn, to the point where in the past two years less legislation has been passed than at anytime in memory. He has blockaded the American People from even the simplest of legislations that we need to run this country efficiently. 

[the NNRP]… has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Asset should be obtained, and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend them.

Just ask the police, firefighters, and teachers in Wisconsin , New Jersey , and Florida .

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men [and women, hey ladies!] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty , and the pursuit of Happiness.

If these are no longer the Rights of every citizen in this country, then we can no longer call ourselves Americans.  


Then Lyin Sack O’Crap Ryan released the NNRP’s treasonous idea of American: Of the corporation, By the corporation, and For the Corporation. It seems his sole goal is to annihilate the dignity and rights of Working Americans, and wants to start by Destroying Medicare, Destroying Medicare, and Destroying Social Security:

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or abolish it.

He wants to destroy, annihilate the rights, and destroy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness in Real Americans in order to give more tax breaks for the Wall-streeters- who use their wealth and greed to treasonously raise oil prices on all Americans (estimated at .83 cent per gallon over the past year), on the Too-Big-To-Fail moneychangers (for followers of fox fake news I mean the Monopolistic Banks)- who created the crash and forced the recession and then cried- “help us-help us- we know not what we do!”, and of course the MC’s who make record profits every year by firing American workers and building factories, head quarters, and jobs overseas. I mean, who are these guys representing. They aren't resenting me, that is for sure. They aren't representing any American I know:

He has combined with others to subject us to his jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws, giving his Assent to their acts of pretended Legislation.

The battle lines had been drawn in the NNRP’s class war on real Americans in winning. Can you hear the NNRP yet? Millions of working Americans have heard the NNRP and are shutting off fox Fake News and saying, “we ain’t takin’ it anymore!” 


I’ve heard-‘em, and I’m so pissed I started this “A Patriots Blog” when the Not So Supreme Court’s criminal ruling where they treasonously said that “corporations are We the people” and  “money is free speech”. Are you F-ing kidding me?

Time out, because all is now backwards:

Huh, guys, money and power are the antithesis to the ideal of Free Speech. The ideal of Free Speech is that those who don’t usually have a voice in government, like me, cannot be shut up by the government. The ideal of Free Speech is to restrain the power, greed, and corruption, of the wealthy and powerful by allowing all citizens to have some say in our government. There is no rational, informed, and honest mind that can even pretend to think free speech is meant to consolidate the power, greed, and corruption of the wealthy and powerful; and  even worse by giving them unfettered, immoral, and anonymous power to destroy our political process:

We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. 

To me the greatest crime and act of unfettered treason was this very ruling that denigrates citizens by claiming that are less than corporations. It purposely, maliciously, and with willful knowledge destroys the very idea of democracy, because democracy in its’ original form was simply and beautifully Free Speech. In ancient Athens, citizens were not afforded the right to vote on every bit of legislation, but every citizen had the right to stand before their Senate and speak their opinion on the Bill at hand. To say these rights of citizens should be afforded to a Tax Shelter that we call Corporations is a crime against the souls of our Founding Fathers. 


Free Speech is an ideal that all citizens may someday someway have equal say in our government as those with the Wealth, power, Pacts, and Lobbyists. The five NNRP Not-So-Supreme-Court-justices know that for a fact, and betrayed America when they destroyed free speech by giving those who have too much say, power, and money even more criminal access to our political process. They knowingly, treasonously, and falsely destroyed Free Speech when they called “money/unlimited anonymous campaign donation by corporations” free speech.

[the NNRP]… has made judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and amount and payment of their salaries.

They are Traitors to American. When alleged Supreme Court justices sell their souls to corporation’s unalienable evil, than how is our complicated republic going to survive? 


Their treason is the worst. They will burn in hell right next to Benedict Arnold for that un-American, pure corrupt, and tyrannical decision, bought and paid for by the NNRP:

For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Government: For suspending our own Legislature, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever…. [The Five] has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his protection and waging war against us.

They are supposed to be the last bastion of protection for “We the People”, and not the final arbiter of the wealthy, the sole representative of the NNRP, and bought- sold- and paid-for by Corporate interests. 


They are supposed to be the last bastion of protection for the Bill of Rights, and not the match that burns the greatest document of liberty, democracy, and government ever written. But mostly they are the final arbiter of the Law, and they betrayed our Law openly and corruptively in every way, shape, and form a traitor to liberty can perform.

When in the course of human [no matter how many times you say it, corporations will never be human] events, it becomes necessary for one people [It’s like I always say, “no mater how many times you tell the same lie, it can never make it true.” Corporation are not now and never will be people] to dissolve the bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal [no matter how many times you lie, a corporation will never be equal to a citizen] station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a descent respect to the opinions of mankind [not corporatekind, but God entitled respect to mankind] that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

America lost its’ pride on that infamous day when the final arbiters of law knowing pissed on their oaths, their honor, and their good names; and most importantly and most terrifyingly on the Bill Of Rights, the greatest document ever created, when they knowingly, lyingly, and criminally choose their corporate sponsors, the NNRP, and Corporations over the Rights of the American people. I am a Free Speech fanatic, I’m more of a Free Speech fanatic than a Patriots or Celtics fanatic combined (and you-all have seen how nuts I am about my two teams;-) That decision by those five traitors is the first step in destroying any kind of say we average Americans have in our government. This is not an exaggeration of any kind, this is a warning to all true Patriots to fight in anyway we can to return Free Speech to the Citizens of this country, and not the Tax Shelters of this country, because corporations are not people they are tax shelters for the wealthy and powerful who now completely own the Republican Party. That is not Democracy! That is not Free Speech! This is no longer America! I have to stop now and weep for freedom…

Okay, time in: Continued from above:

The Five Criminal justices SAID, “If you are a millionaire or a billionaire you are good and we’ll only want to give you free money. If you earn less than that then you are evil, and we will destroy you.” The world is upside-down and backwards, when Supreme Court justices side with powerful privileged instead of the Constitution, make judgments based solely on political ideologies in direct opposition to the Bill of Rights, give citizen status to Tax Shelters, and by all the goals of the unholy call money free speech!

accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism... *

So who are these new republicans representing? Thos who hate American enough to try and destroy the full faith and crdit of the United States of America? I honestly don't know a single sane citizen who would think that is reality based thinking of any kind. 


Then, Obama killed Bin Laden, and the world changed. It seemed if only for a few short days that democracy and justice had returned to America . I grew bold. Americans grew bold. The victims of Al Qaeda grew bold. Then the NNRP couldn't help itself? They are now purposely trying to ‘Shut Down” the government. They want to force a stoppage in payment to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, veterans, soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, veteran hospitals, National Parks, etc:

The history of the present King of… [NNRP]… is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

So who are they representing, because they are not representing me or anyone I know. They are not representing Soldiers, veterans, or returning hero’s from our wars who need rehab. They certainly are not representing the rights of police, firefighters, and teachers who are suppose to be the other hero’s of our society. They are not representing the common good, our long term economy, and the fiscal responsibility. They are not even pretending any more. They have been completely bought and sold by the Wealthiest One Percent and the Monopolistic corporations that just hijacked free speech in America. 


"That means we’ve got to stop funding certain grants for medical research," Obama said trying to explain common sense to those who think a corporation is a human. "That means that food safety may be compromised. That means that Medicare has to bear a greater part of the burden. Those are the choices we have to make."  Their attempt to bankrupt the American government is treason. It is pure Republican Terrorism.


* For followers of fox Fake News all quotes where from Thomas Jefferson's brilliant Declaration of Independence.

To Be Continued...



June 16th

This should hopefully be short rant. I just wanted to say to Sarah Palin stay the hell out of my State you ignoramus! Paul Revere was “warning the British.” Seriously? Stupid is as stupid says, and it isn’t just the amazing factual F-ups, it is the joy, happiness, and felicity she says the dumbest crap I've ever heard. She F-ups every fact about a great Massachusetts Patriot and says with such zeal like she just knocked it out of the park! It’s not just the ignorance, it’s the fact that she is so damn proud of her ignorance!

This from the woman who thought Africa was a country (for all the Palinites out there Africa is a continent). The ignorance pours off of her like stink off a skunk, making every around her dumber. Stay out of my State. You are no longer welcome in Massachusetts where we value education, knowledge, and actual facts over warning the British about gun control with a bell. Seriously? Go somewhere else and Palinize the facts. This from a woman who pretended that being ask, “what newspaper do you read?” is a trick question and some kind of bizarre trap. This from the Moron who republican pundits are trying to say is in charge of their party, excuse me! You can't trust her with the most basic facts of the founding of our country! And you Suckers want to give her the power to pick your candidate? How are we suppose to have a "Serious" conversation with you? 

My biggest problem isn’t with her confounding ignorance (Paul Revere “was warning the British about gun control?” Are you f-ing kidding me!), it’s her mind-controlled zombie followers that scare the crap out of me. She was asked very simply what newspapers do you read? And she couldn’t answer it. And in the Bizarro World Palinites pretended that was an ambush. And they proclaimed this ridiculous lie loud and proud for everyone to here! “She was ambushed by Katie Couric, and tricked by her vicious attacks.” It is not just a lie, it is such a stupid lie that only the most disingenuous of  zombies could pretend to believe it. Did you actually see the film of Couric asking Palin the question? Because Couric couldn’t have been nicer, and was actually trying to help her find reality by almost apologetically begging Palin to just say a name

To pretend that was some kind of vicious attack is so blatantly false, insincere, and morally bankrupt that is terrifies me that millions of lyin’ sack o’ crap republicans would repeat such nonsense and pretend that they believe it. I mean how are we suppose to have a “Serious” conversation about taxes, energy independence, and the economy with Citizens who are so willing subvert themselves to Subjects by participating in such stupid deceptions. Everybody who implied that she wasn’t treated properly by Katie Couric in any way shape or form is a lyin’ sack of crap, and there is just no other way to say it. Why are normal everyday republicans so desperate to be lied to? That is the question that scares the crap out of me!

And here it is again! It’s happening again? Instead of seeing Palin’s full frontal ignorance, joyous stupidity, and bumbling BS as relief that she is not running for President, and never will (another bit of total BS is that she would ever run for office again. She will never run for office again, period. She is making too much money off you Suckers to ever stop the gravy train by running for office), these amazingly ignorant Palin Subjects actually went on to Wikipedia and tried to change the great and historic story of Paul Revere and the great history of Massachusetts to fit Palin’s ignorant stupidity.

How do you consciously make that decision to purpose try and deceive yourself and everybody around you with amazingly stupid BS that you know is not true? These Subjects/Suckers are so desperate to be lied too that they are willing try to change the facts that they know to be true, into rumbling, bumbling, and stumbling lies that they know with one hundred percent certainty is not true? How is Democracy suppose to work with moralless morons like this trying effect the political process of this country?

Democracy only works with an informed, vigilant, and honest citizenry. If we are not even capable of pretending to be honest, then how is this country going to survive this crisis of conscience these “New Normal” Republicans are inflicting on this country. Just ask the People of Wisconsin, Florida, New Jersey, and Michigan. When you listen to people like Sarah Palin, Junkie Rush, and Captain Factually Incorrect, who never let the facts get in the way of their opinions, and all their disingenuousness and lies as they pretend that Palin is a victim or worse a smart leader, then you want to be lied to, and you want to elect liars who will do everything in their power to take away your rights and fight against what is best for "we the People" and this country. I honestly don’t understand why so many Americans are so desperate to be lied to?    

This seriously terrifies me. I mean how do you debate, negotiate, and argue with people who honestly know the facts, but maliciously pretend to change them to make themselves, I don’t know, happy? You can’t have “serious” adult conversations with Subjects/Suckers who now pretend that Paul Revere “warned the British” (Seriously! “Warned the fucking British!” What do you say to someone who actual says and pretends to believe something they know with absolute certainty is completely incorrect crap?)”, that Katie Couric ambushed Palin with her trick question, and someone who pretends to love this country but can’t name a single Founding Farther of this country that she pretends to worship so much (Captain Factually Incorrect actually says "Washington" twice and "George Washington" once before she tries to answer the simplest of simple question for a real Patriot of this country). 

This is what the "New Normal" Republican Party is doing across this country. They have shown their new agenda in Wisconsin! New Jersey! Florida! and Michigan! Seriously, is this how you want this country run? Of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation. In all four States the first thing the NNRP Governors did was cut taxes on the Wealthiest One Percent and the giant Corporations in their state, and then claim, "the sky is falling." 

The first thing they did when they got into office was take a bad economy and make it worst by cutting billions in state revenues from the WOPs and the MCs (not the middle classes taxes, not your taxes or my taxes, but the taxes of the people who profited the most from the Greed Recession we are still fighting), and blamed the working men and women of their States who just struggling, like all of the middle class, to keep their families afloat. This is there new agenda. Destroy the middle class and all the hard earn programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security that help the middle class in any way. This is the New agenda of the "New Normal" Republican Party, and it scares the crap out of me, because millions of Subjects/Suckers are now forcing themselves, that's forcing themselves, to believe the Paul Revere was warning the British about gun control with a bell. I mean... It's so... What can you say? Could somebody help me! Because I am seriously terrified about what comes next.  

Because this is not just a singular case. If this was a singular case of mass stupidity then I could sleep at night with a smile on my face. However, we all know that is not true. For some reason, now, speaking to republicans makes everyone dumber by association. I was watching the great Bill Maher, and he has a disingenuous Republican Representative from South Carolina on, and he actually asked him, "do you believe in Global Warming?" and everybody watching was made just a little dumber. Climate Change is a fact. Climate change being propagated by Green House Gasses is a fact. It is not open to opinion! To ask a lyin' sack o' crap "New Normal" Radical if they believe in Global Warming is like asking if they believe in the Moon. The Moon exists, just like Global Warming exists, and all the Republican leadership knows it. The Moon is a scientific fact. just like Global Warming is a scientific fact, and the only pundits who say differently are paid to lie. When you watch fox Fake News, NOW PAY ATTENTION, whenever any those pundits says Global Warming or Climate Change is not true or not a danger to all of us, they are lying to your face! 

When ever the NNRP says the only way to lower the National Debt is to lower revenues by cutting taxes (okay folk, just stop and think about that for a second, to lower debt we have to lower revenues that we can use to pay the debt, in what fantasy world does that actually work in?). What they mean is they want to lower taxes on the Wealthiest One Percent and on the Monopolistic Corporations (Okay folks pay attention!!!) AND NOT LOWER YOUR TAXES. This is historically, truthfully, and factually incorrect. To say the only way lower the Deficit and/or National Debt (which is the same thing) is to cut taxes on the Wealthiest One Percent and the Monopolistic Corporations is like saying there is no Sun. It is not just factually incorrect, it is insanely wrong. 

I was watching the Chris Mathews show, I think, and he had a "New Normal" Conman on, and they were talking about the difference between how Hollywood Ronald Reagan did a much better job fixing the economy than O'Bama during the 1982 recession. And he was right, because Reagan raised taxes on the Wealthiest, what 5% back then, and O'Bama didn't. Hollywood Ronald Reagan solved his first recession with deficit spending (like O'Bama), raising the taxes on corporations, and raising the taxes on the Wealthiest Five Percent. If deficit spending and raising taxes on the WFP/WOPs and MCs is Socialism, then both Hollywood Ronald Reagan and Bush the First are ten times the Socialist that O'Bama is alleged to be. The only actually factually correct way to stimulate the economy during a recession and start creating jobs is to raise taxes on the Wealthiest people and the Giant Corporation (which are just tax shelters for the Wealthiest One Percent).   

When the "New Normal" republicans say they have to lower taxes to create job, they are saying there is no Sun. There has never been a point in history when lowering taxes correlates to more jobs. In fact, the opposite has always proven to be true. The Sun does exist, and raising taxes of the wealthy has always spurned job growth, economic recovery, and (like in the 1950's and under the greatest President of my lifetime Bill Clinton's reign) the greatest prosperity for everybody and not just the wealthiest of the wealthy. Look here it comes, I can see the sun again, and it truly does exist.   

Why do you listen to Conmen and Conwomen for information who you know are lying to your face? Would you watch a news show that tells you the Moon doesn't exist, but is actually a Democratic plot to scare you? Because you do. Would you listen to a radio show that tells you the Sun doesn't exist, but is actually a plot to steal your oil? Junkie Rush knows with absolute certainty that Green House Gasses are destroying our planet. Sarah Palin knows... okay so Sarah Palin probably does know. However, ignorance is not an excuse. They all know over at fox Fake News that Green House Gasses are destroying our planet, and they purposely lie to all of you because they have no respect for any of you Suckers. Conmen always know they are always lying to Suckers.  

Just like Paul Lyin Sack O'Crap Ryan. He created a Voucher Program to give Millionaires Welfare, and then pretends to be offended when you call it a "Voucher Program". He knows it, I know it, Boehner knows it, O'Bama definitely knows it, Junkie Rush and all his followers at fox Fake News knows it, but worst of all you know it. You know for a fact the it is a "Voucher Program". And when you hear any Conman saying differently you know for a fact that: the Moon will be out tonight, the Sun will rise tomorrow, and they are lying to your face. So why pretend that it is anything other than a Voucher Program to create more Millionaire Welfare at the expensive of Working Americans? Why is Lyin Sack O'Crap Ryan pretending he is the victim? Especially when his plan is to destroy Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security and make millions of Americans victims? I seriously don't understand this. 

This is the agenda of the "New Normal" Republican candidates running for President. After watching what the "New Normal" Governors are doing in Wisconsin, Florida, New Jersey, and Michigan, which is not just not creating jobs, but firing state workers and actually reducing jobs. And illegally taking away the rights of the American Workers in their States. They have shown what they plan to do if they can take over again. Is this the "New Normal" America you want? Because these guys scare the crap out of me. Turn off fox Fake News and look up what the Lyin Sack O'Crap Ryan plan to cuts taxes for the WOPs and MCs again, and pay for it by destroying Medicare. Look at what the "New Normal" Governors are doing in States were they have seized complete control, and are lying, cheating, and breaking the law in order to steal the rights away from decent hard working Americans. It is genuinely scary. 

Is that what you want to happen nationally? Because that is their plan. No matter what they say, No matter how many facts they Palinize, or how many Democrats they demonize, they have shown you their plans for this country. Studying it well. Look at the criminal behaviors by the "New Normal" Governors that our making victims of American Workers by the thousands in Wisconsin, Florida, New Jersey, and Michigan, while lowering the taxes of the Millionaires and Billionaires in their States. Is that the kind of plan you think is fair? Destroying public education and the schools that teach our children, to save a few pennies for Millionaires and Billionaires who don't really need them? If you have children in public schools, this is going to sound mean, but when you vote for a "New Normal" Republican you are voting against your own children's welfare. Just stop Palinizing the facts to make yourself, what, happy, and looks at the actual factual legislation they are crafting. Where do they make their first and most vicious cuts, in the public school systems. Every time, every year, every where, for decades.  

They are already talking about lowering the taxes on the WOPs and Monopolistic Corporations by 10%! That would destroy the economy completely! And that is not Wingnut rhetoric that is the plan simple math reality. So say any differently, is to say you don't believe in the Sun and Moon. Anybody who says lowering the taxes on the Wealthiest One Percent and the Monopolistic Corporations, who we know for a fact don't pay anywhere close to 35%, is good for the economy is lying to your face with such a complete lack of respect for you that they honestly believe if they told you the Moon and Sun don't exist you would believe them. Again, I go back to America as a business. When a business is struggling do think any real business man would come up with a plan to lower revenues in order to improve cash flow to pay their debts? Did Paul Revere warn the British about gun control with a bell? Of course he didn't. That is easily the dumbest thing I've heard since Lyin Sack O'Crap Ryan's Budget "to reduce the deficient, but of course doesn't reduce the deficit at all" Plan. Wake up working people the WOPs and MCs are using the NNRP to steal what's left of this country.

Freedom isn't free. American Democracy was Not created to protect the wealthy, greedy, and powerful, but to protect "We the people" From the wealthy, greedy, and powerful. It is a Free Society, but Freedom is not free. Freedom comes with responsibility and consequences. The responsibility of a Free Citizen is vigilance. A citizen has to keep himself informed, educated, and search for the facts. When you want to be lied to by your News Outlet, pundits, and leaders than You are failing as a citizen of our Free Democracy. When you want to believe the Moon doesn't exist, that the WOPs and MCs shouldn't pay taxes, and believe that killing Medicare is in the best interest of "We the people", then You are failing America, and that is not acceptable to me. When You allow your alleged leaders to Palinize the facts of this country, you betray Our sacred trust as citizens of American Democracy, that is not acceptable to me. When we watch millions of Americans loosing their homes, jobs, and security so millionaires and billionaires can move their corporate greed outside America for treasonous profit, and allow the NNRP to Palinize those all important facts, than we all are betraying our America and have made ourselves Subjects of the WOPs and MCs.

With these acts of treason we all pay the consequences. We paid the consequences under Crackhead George's reign of economic terror for eight years. The very budget they are trying to Palinize are the exact same policies that Crackhead George used to nearly destroy our country. There is not a single new idea, just another Ryanization of Creakhead George doctrine of handing over more of our freedoms to the WOPs. Because don't kid yourself folks, money is Freedom in America. When they steal 2/3rds of our Freedom over the past ten years under the Ryanization Crackhead George policies, and you vote for more of the same, then you are simply betraying yourself. You are making yourself a Subject to Tyranny. 

Don't believe me, look up what is going on in Wisconsin. They are taking away the rights of citizens in order to cut taxes on those who don't need their taxes cut. This is their plan. Wake up. Do a search on the "New Normal" Governors of New Jersey, Florida, and Michigan and see what they are doing to the working men and women of our Country. America is not their country, America is our Country. And the consequences of not being informed and wanting to be lied to is that they take and take and take our rights, our money, our jobs, our security, our dignity, and our democracy and laugh at us all the way to the bank.

Now is the time to stand up and fight against the "New Normal" Republicans and their radical and dangerous desires to destroy America. Wisconsinites have learned first hand what voting for "New Normal" Republicans are doing to their rights as Americans, as they are stripped of their rights as citizens (and I hate to even call these Radical Terrorist, republicans, because their insane, criminal, and radical agenda is not representative of any republican that I know, except of course for their hatred of Welfare. I mean, for people who actually need the help and not millionaires;-). 

The NNRP is busing in paid Wingnuts and shipping in millions of dollars from out of state from Radical Terrorist like the Kochhead Brothers and other Monopolistic Corporation, to fight against the rights of Wisconsinites, and they don't really have a real horse in the fight other than pure maliciousness. These are the people whose taxes we need to cut? Again? When we can trace all the National Debt back to the criminal Bush Tax Cuts. And do they use all the extra Capital they have stolen from the rest of us to create jobs? Did Paul Revere ever say the Moon doesn't exist? Hell no! They use the millions they stole from us over the past ten years to try destroy the rights, lives, jobs, security, and dignity of everyday working Americans like you and me. And the scary part for vigilant Working Americans, is that this Show is going national! And this agenda must be defeated in the most important national election of our lives. 

WAKE UP! If they win, the Lyin Sack O'Crap Ryan Medicare killing Budget will be passed. If they win, the Chris Crisco destroy public schools to cut more taxes on the Wealthy agenda goes national. If they win, the "New Normal" Wisconsin Governors agenda paid for by the Radical Terrorist Kochhead Brothers to strip the rights away from all working Americans so they can stop paying for health insurance goes national. This is not a joke. This is the time to be Citizens, and stand up and stop this Radical "New Normal" agenda in American. This is time for Democracy to take over and vote these Radicals out of office. It's now or never folks! Do you want to be a Citizen of a Free Democracy, or a Subject to this "New Normal" Capitalist agenda of take everything. That is the only thing that is on the table in this next election and everything else is bullshit. 

Damnit, I wanted this to be a short rant;-) I have NBA Draft profiles to work on. I was hoping to get Klay Thompson, Trey Thompson (who does not have one decent tape of him on UTube), and maybe Hamilton (who I am getting higher and higher on as I really, and I mean really, like how he shots a Jumper. He is reminding me more and more of George from last years Draft (instead, I'm spending my day trying to save America from being Palinized;-). Plus, I have been getting more and more frustrated by all the Weiner talk. I mean, who cares really?

He got caught whacking it. Listen there are two types of men in this world, guys who lie about whacking it, and guys who lie and lying about whacking it. Get over it. It is more than embarrassing to get caught whacking it, it is humiliating. But he didn't cheat on his wife, like so many republicans are wont to do. He didn't break the law to get laid, like Louisiana republicans are wont to do. He didn't have any physical contact with anybody except himself (LOL), unlike certain Gay Congressmen from Minnesota bathrooms. He used the internet to whack it. All men who have access to the internet use it to whack it. Let's face it, if the internet could be used to whack it, there would not be a computer in almost every home in America (and that goes for VCRs and DVDs as well;-). 

Plus, if you think he should be stripped, then you are agreeing with the radical "New Normal" terrorist Gaybart (and I'm sorry for offending any gays out there, and what is more offensive than getting compared to lying sack of shit Gaybart who puts the Cumbag in scumbag, but any man who brags about having a picture of any man's boner is gay in my book, and I won't apologizes for that;-). As I have said before, if I share an opinion with a Nazi, than I know I have to be doing something wrong. And I am telling you if you share an opinion with that radical terrorist Gaybart, than you are doing something wrong. It's time for Democrats to get a spine and stop letting radical republicans define the discourse. Anthony's wiener hasn't changed the discourse of politics the past few weeks. It has been Democrats who have allowed themselves to be played by fox Fake News, again. 

Okay democrats here is what I have been trying to teach you for past few weeks, the republicans stated strategy for dealing with democrats is ridicule, and this not just a fact, they brag about it. They don't talk facts about helping Americans. Instead, they ridicule democrats and cackle line a pack of cannibalistic hyenas. They want to ridicule all democrats, because they can't stand up the facts. So they only real way to deal with cackling bullies when they attack the middle class and working American is to ridicule them back. And it is so easy because you just have to ridicule them with the facts. And they can't take it! 

The one thing a "New Normal" republican can't take is when you ridicule them, because in their twisted world that is their loud and broad strategy for dealing with democrats. Did you see Gaybart (again sorry to all the gays out there, I know comparing you to such a lowlife piece of shit is terrible, but I am ridiculing him for for buying, hoarding, and bragging about pictures of Anthony's wiener;-) pretending that he was the victim, and almost crying, because Weiner called him out. I mean this guy says the most vile, reprehensible, and ridiculing lies about democrats and then cries like a little girl when a democrat ridicules him back. I have seen some pathetic, cowardly, and cackling bullies turtle in my time, but I never seen such a pussy crying in his shell so quickly and weakly before in my life over so little. If you truly want to negotiate with these ridiculing republicans you have to ridicule them publicly, because if you don't they are the school yard bully giving you wedges and will continue to treat you with a complete lack of respect. You cannot negotiate with people you don't respect. So punch them in the face with the facts, and watch them turtle like a Vancouver Canuck (GO BRUINS!).  

Stop allowing them to attack us, and start attacking them, because they are the big bullies who can't take it when you ridicule back. Look at poor Lyin' Sack O'Crap Ryan who was literally cryin' in his post meeting the President presser, and actual whined about democrats using demagoguery. Seriously! fox Fake News Republicans whining about Demagoguery! Is that disingenuous Bullshit that is beyond the pale even for "New Normal" Radicals? Did Paul Revere ride through Boston yelling "the British are coming" to warn Bostonians about the British Invasion? That is finally actually factually correct! Yipee! We have some actual factually correct historical information, may Sarah Palin and Captain Factually Incorrect rest in peace.


We the People?


May 31st

The tide is turning in America today. “We The People” are finally turning off fox Fake News and becoming informed citizens. Democracy is a very difficult proposition, which only works when we have an educated and informed citizenry. Without a free flow of information and public education, we are not citizens we are subjects of tyranny. If you watch fox Fake News you are worse than a Sucker, you are a Subject.

I found it interesting this week the reaction to Paul “I have no morals” Ryan and his Beelzebub Budget. You can say what you want about the “New Normal” Republic Party (criminals, liars, propagators of evil, and disingenuous assholes;-), but they can sure Spin a story like no one in history since the Nazi Party in 1936. The problem with Spinning though is that while it spins us out further and further from the truth, it can’t change the facts hidden in the middle of the turntable. You can turn up the volume load and proud on the outside lies, but you can’t change the basic facts that are there for all to see. If you want to know the facts. Do you want to know the facts?

I am not some arrogant republican talk show disgrace, like Junkie Rush. I don’t know or understand the absolute truth about everything. I don’t pretend that my opinion is the preordained truth as divined by god himself. What I will arrogantly say about myself is that: I value facts, I have a thirst for knowledge, and the truth; and these Three are as important as anything we have as humans. I also believe that, the Three, is the closest we as humans can come to any understanding of the truth. I wish things were true that aren’t true. I have hopes and dreams that I know will never come true, but I continue to strive for those goals and dreams. I am human and thus imperfect. The truth is a beautiful, translucent, and perfect ideal, that is by definition an impossibility for us mere mortals to truly understand.  

However (you knew this was coming right;-), the spinning, twisting, and distorting of the truth is brought to new incredulously evil levels by the NNRP. Rand “BP shouldn’t have to clean up its’ own Gulf mess” Paul, this asshole actually criticized O’bama for making BP clean up the Gulf Oil spill, and he claims to wants smaller government, but expects corporate disasters to be paid for and cleaned up by We The People and our tax money instead of the corporations who made the messes? He said “[The Beelzebub budget] doesn’t go far enough [to kill our Seniors].” Massachusetts own Gay Porn star Scott Brown talking about the Beelzebub Budget, “Thank God for Paul Ryan.” Now both saying they will vote against it. RUH! (They keep turning me into Scooby Doo when I hear their ghostly plans;-) How can you vote against something you feel that strongly about?  I mean, “Thank God” and “Not far enough” that is the honest look into their true beliefs. When NNRP talks about “taking away our freedom”, what they mean by that is Corporate Freedom. They are not talking about the freedom of citizens, but believe that companies have the right to commit any crime, lie, or act of vile hatred in the name of their profit, and the worst crime a government can commit is to stand in the way of that Corporate profit. Both the Pauls would have said openly and publicly that they would have voted against the Civil Rights act because they believe that Owners of businesses have the right to openly practice racism and refuse to serve Black Customer, and have no problem with them putting up signs that say, “No Blacks Allowed!” These are their words, and yet they pretend to get mad when you say, “what a second, that is prejudices of the worst sort.” But worse, this shows their true ideals and the ideals that make me nervous, they believe that Corporations have right, and citizens don’t.

The newest spin on the Beelzebub Budget is that: Paul the Anti-Christ Ryan is a Granny killing courageous Saint. You are just stupid, The American People are too dumb to understand, We can tell any stupid lie on fox Fake News and the suckers will believe us, Who, put together a budget to ensure Insurance Companies can steal 100,000,000.oo Bucks from We The People, is trying to save our economy from pesky workers who think they have rights, because the Suckers American People are stupid and ignorant aren’t ready to be defrauded again, to get serious yet. FU!

For those followers of fox Fake news: the Republican analists who are saying “the American People don’t understand”, are calling you stupid! The Republican analist who are saying, “Medicaid is about to ruin our economy”, are flat liars. The Republican analist who are saying, “the American People aren’t ready to get serious yet”, are calling you Suckers, and the Republican analist who are saying, “The American people aren’t ready to get serious about the deficient”,  are lyin’ sacks o’ crap who think you are stupid! And worse, are not serious about destroying the Greed Deficient. I mean, the NNRP never let the facts stand in the way of an opinion. Now maybe that doesn’t bother you? Because let me be the first to tell you, it bothers me. A lot. So don’t lie me and tell me I don’t understand! Because I damn well do understand, and that is what is scaring you!

If you want to get “Serious, about the Deficient" you have to start with increasing taxes on the Wealthiest One Percent by 10%. Let’s talk about the Defense Budget. Let’s get the hell out of Afghanistan! Sun Tsu said, “There is no instance of a country having benefited from Prolonged War.” If you want to get “Serious”, then start talking about the three things that are really causing the Deficit! Then come to me with talk of our Insurance Care system, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and Millionaire Welfare.  

Paul "Lyin' Sack O'Crap" Ryan's biggest fear is that "We the People" finally turn off fox Fake News and pay attention. Then "We the People? will "understand" his lies. Tickle Down economics is pure fraud committed against "We the People", it doesn't create job, never has never will, and the next time some lyin' sack o' crap tells you in order to create jobs we have to cut the taxes on the Wealthy, ask them, "how come we lost job for eight straight years under Crack George's rule of stupidity? Every single year he cut taxes for the wealthy, and every single year we lost jobs. So please explain that math to me?" The facts are the facts, and no matter how many times you tell the same stupid lie, it will still always be a lie. Every citizen who has turned off fox Fake News is starting to understand that. Which leaves the only real question, how many time can a man lie in your face before you realize you can’t trust a word coming out of his mouth?

“We the People” do understand that killing Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security to ensure the Criminal Bush Tax Breaks stay in effect is wrong on any and all levels. The undisputable fact that “the American People” do “understand” is that the Beelzebub Budget will, by definition, kill grandmothers and grandfathers all across this country. What “The American People” are starting to “understand” is the we are tired of “leaders” (did you see that Paul “I hate your Granny” Ryan interview?) who think Corporations have rights and Citizens don’t. The scariest fact for “We The People” is that the republican “leaders” think that the governments only job is to protect Corporations. At least we still have the Democratic Leaders, who still believe that the governments job is to protect “We The people.” The only real questions are: do you think your rights should be null and voided to give human rights to corporations? Or do you believe, like me, that my rights are a million times more important than Corporate right? In fact it is an insult to equate the rights of citizens with corporations in any way shape or form. Corporations are not citizen and thus have no rights afforded by the Constitution, period.

Case in point, “Vouchers”. “Vouchers” are a crime committed against “The American People”. They are “New Normal” Republican Party speak for Millionaire Welfare. In my dealing with republicans one things has always been made abundantly clear, republicans hate welfare and all the minority free loaders who live off the tit of the State. However, you suddenly put a bunch of rich white guys on the States tit and they can think of nothing prouder to do then give them Welfare. “Vouchers” take our hard paid for tax dollars and hands them over to Corporations free of charge. I find that personally offensive on so many levels it makes me nauseous, and if you don’t find that offensive than you are a sucker, with a capital S. It makes me as nauseous as the thought of a single mother struggling to raise a kid getting welfare makes the average republican. It is imperative as educated and informed citizens that we always and vigilantly say no to vouchers.

My insurance cost me 16,000.00 this past year and if my insurance corporation has it’s way it will increase by 20-30% each and every year. That is the number one threat to our economy, you want to get “Serious” about protecting our economy let’s start with a real Health Care discussion that start with, “America pays more for health care than any other citizen of any other country in the World, and costs are raising at a higher rate each year as well.” Why? It costs 8,000,00 per citizen per year for health care, while the number two most expensive health care system in Canada, costs 4,000.00 bucks per citizen per year. So why exactly are we continuing this free cash for Insurance Corporations system?” That is a “Serious” starting point to talking about or economy! Not Killing Senior Citizens for Corporate Greed. 

Do you understand what the Beelzebub Budget says? Yes, good. For followers of fox Fake News. What The Anti-Christ wrote in his Budget is that he will kill old people by killing Medicaid and ensuring corporate "Vouchers". What is a "Voucher"? A "Voucher" is 5,000.00 dollars in free cash for insurance companies check, that is paid for by our hard-earned tax money. They want to eliminate the best federal program ever created in our country at any time in order to give more Dividends to millionaire and Billionaire Insurance Executives. How do you define evil? Because I believe in evil, and that is a pretty good definition of evil. Purposely killing American Citizens for profit, that is as good as it gets in defining evil.

Okay, for followers of fox Fake News, I saw on TV that 47 million Americans are on Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, and another thing that pisses me off is calling those great programs “Entitlements”. Another insult to the working men and women of this country. We do not feel “entitled” by these programs, we pay for these programs. We need to start calling them the “Dignity” Programs, because these programs give dignity to American Workers when they get to old to work, and allow them to live out their lives with some modicum dignity. Without them retirees would be starving to death in the streets, and surviving like animals.

The Dignity Programs give all kinds of dignity to hard working American Men and Women all across this great nation and it is time we started giving the Dignity Programs the proper dignity they deserve, and not the backhanded insult the NNRP gives them. If you receive benefits from the Dignity Programs and you hear a republican analist (and yes I know how to spell analyst, figure it out;-), calling it an “Entitlement Program” they are insulting you. That is the worst kind of back-handed insult they and give. They are insulting you and the dignifying programs that help you, and calling you a free loading welfare recipient to boot! Is that who you want to Vote for? A rich douchebag who thinks you are a douchebag for feeling “Entitled” to receive your well paid for benefits from the Dignity Programs? F-them! Or should you be voting for the Party that has stood up for Worker Rights for the past 40 years? Figure it out.

Okay, back to my actual point (and yes I try to keep in suspense on purpose;-) Vouchers. Paul “the lyin’ sack O’Crap" Ryan’s plan is to give millions upon millions of 5,000.oo free cash gifts to Insurance Corporations is not reforming Medicaid or to lower the deficit (the Medicaid welfare handout doesn’t lower the cost of health care for Seniors one bit! In fact, it will increase costs, again). What it is, is a plan to defraud the “American People”, again. In the name of pure Corporate theft, again (And, there still there is not a single executive in jail for all the fraud committed on “The American People” during Crackhead George’s reign of terror). The problem with that plan is that it is not just a lie, it is such a badly crafted lie that only the suckerest of suckers could possibly believe! Oh by the way I just found out that the Banke of Kenyaa (and yes I know I spelled Kenya wrong;-) has a million dollar check made out just for you! And for some unknown reason that sent it to me;-) and if you send me your: social security card, your bank account number, and 5,000.oo bucks I’d gladly hand it over to you for the low additional charge of only 1,000.oo bucks. Act now Sucker or forever hold your peace.

This evil assholes plan is to take 47 million Americans and give them a government ("Voucher") check for 5,000.oo bucks that only Insurance Corporations can cash (now that may not be a “Voucher”, but that is the very definition of voucher;-). Now I know Paul “Lyin’ sack O’Crap” Ryan is pretending it’s not a “Voucher” Program, but when he goes on to explain why it’s not a “Voucher” program, he describes a “Voucher” Program perfectly. It’s so insulting, “It’s not a ‘Voucher Program’ it’s a, huh-program, and we-huh, we send 5,000.00 to the Corporation [yeah!]. But you, huh-well, sort of, get to choose the Corporation, not really. But it’s not a ‘Voucher”, because we send the free cash directly to the Corporation, and you don’t ever get to touch your money, huh-cash, huh-check, I mean, the non-‘Voucher’ piece of paper the 5,000.00 free cash is written on. So you see that while this program defines what a ‘Voucher Program’ is, specifically, we decided it isn’t a ‘Voucher Program’ because we don’t like how ‘Voucher Program’ sounds.” Greeeat, got any more Crap you can pile on top of my grave? For the followers of fox Fake News, anybody who looks you in the eye and tells you it is not a “Voucher Program” is lyin’ in your face. Which leaves the only real question, how many time can a man lie in your face before you realize you can’t trust a word coming out of his mouth?

Just for the sake of the math, say 20 Million Americans instead of the reported 47 million, which I have not verified. I cut the 47 number in half because I think it is total recipients of all the Dignity Programs, and not all will receive the non-voucher “Vouchers”. Which is 23.5 Million (then rounded down to 20 million for obvious math reasons;-). So if you multiply 5,000.oo non-“Voucher” bucks by 20 Million citizens in the Dignity Program, it is 100 billion dollars in Corporate Welfare.

That’s 100 Billion! That’s 100 Billion of our hard-earned tax dollars free and clear of charges! Paul “The Lyin’ sack O’Crap” Ryan’s “Serious” deficient reduction Beelzebub Budget is to hand over a 100,000,000,000.oo F-ing dollars of our hard paid for tax dollars over to Insurance Corporations, not once, not twice, but each and every year until this country has died a bankrupt death. What in the hell is “Serious” about that? Plus, what have we learned about Insurance Corporations? For followers of fox Fake News, the first thing Insurance Corporations do is take 20% off the top and stick it in their greedy coffers. And that isn't rhetoric and wing-speech, that is standard operating procedure. Whatever Insurance Companies take in for Health Insurance they automatically take 20% off the top, no questions asked.  

Do you see? Do you get it? No? That is 20 billion in pure Millionaire Welfare stolen from us each and every year by Paul “Lyin’ sack O’Crap” Ryan’s completely non-Deficit-reducing plan. Wake Up Working Americans! And in case that isn’t insulting enough for you, they have already run the figures, and his non-voucher “Voucher Program” will actually cost more, and increase the cost of Medicaid. So whose Interest is he looking out for, yours, or the Insurance Corporations Executives? To me, that Plan is not just evil, but treasonous.

Any Republican who looks you in the eye and tells you it is time to get “Serious” about reducing their Greed Deficit is lying to your face, that’s 20 Billion stolen each and every year out of the Medicaid budget with ZERO return! WFT is “Serious” about that? Which brings me to the question I have to ask ever Sucker I meet, how many time can a man lie in your face before you realize you can’t trust a word coming out of his mouth? The way you answer that question is how a Sucker is defined.

And I’m not talking about your normal lie told each and every year by the WOP funded NNRP, that is a 20 Billion dollar lie, that is a lie of epic proportions even for Junkie Rush and fox Fake News. That’s 20 Billion dollars stolen from “We The People” each and every year. So the only real question is, whose Interests do you think Paul “The lyin’ Sack O’Crap” Ryan is supporting. Because he ain’t supportin’ mine. He ain’t supportin’ yours. And he sure as hell ain’t supporting the people of Minnesota? He is solely looking after the interests of monopolistic Corporations, period. Why in the hell would you vote for a guy who would kill your grandmother in order to give 20 Billion dollars in Millionaire Welfare “Vouchers” to Insurance Executives? It is time to Vote this evil man out of office before he eventually succeeds in killing all old people in this country.

Trading Emergency?


April 7th


I have a trading emergency. I know what is that right? Well I am the world biggest Bruce Springsteen fan. I traded Bruce bootlegs for years, okay decades;-) I have hundreds of Brucelegs, and thousands of Springsteen disks. I learned how to email and build websites so I could trade Brucelegs. Well, when I went to a Concert I would put out a trading emergency as I would be in desperate need of a copy of the Bruce show I just attended. 


Well, I have a trading emergency. I have recorded all of the Senior Bowl practices and game (and East-West game for that matter) on DVD. I could make a Solder Senior Bowl Tape for Pat's Fans that would knock your socks off (In fact, I'm watching Solder in the first Senior Bowl practice right now;-).


However, I don't know how to do it, and I don't have the software. Is their anybody out there in Patriot's land who know how to convert DVD film to Utube Tape? Does anybody out there in Patriots land have software that can do that easily that they would like to donate (or trade some Brucelegs!;-) for? Especially if you live in the Fitchburg/Leominster area. If you have such wonderful knowledge and/or software please contact me immediately (, and I promise I will make the best Solder Senior Bowl Tape Pat's Fans have ever seen, because he really showed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of his game at the Senior Bowl.  


Well that may have been the most entertaining 1st Round I have ever watched! However, it pissed me off the hundredth degree, because I  broke the Belichick Code this week, and did trust my instincts and came off of Castonzo and Solder. My 1st Round review will be a little later than most as I am working on my 2nd and 3rd Round Mock that I want to get up as early as possible so you guys can read it. Then i was planning on watch the 1st Round again 9 I watch ESPN last night and DVRed the NFL Channel and I want to watch that first), and double my notes for you guys to read. Right now that is the plan, but I'm already exhausted and haven't even gotten to the 2nd Round yet;-)!