Nate Peterman- QB Pitt

6-2 1/2", 224, (O) 4.82, 

34 3/4" Arm! 24 Reps, 31" Vert,

9'2" Br, 7.14 4-Cone, 4.31 SS, 

Toughest QB In The Draft. 


I think he can develop into an NFL starter. "A chance to be in the NFL is quite the opportunity," Peterman said. "So I’m just thankful for whatever comes. And I think I learned that in college, that you never know when that opportunity comes. But when it does, you better be ready. So if it’s Day One, I’ll be ready. If it’s a couple of years down the road, I’ll be ready." He needs to work on using his legs more to increase his arm strength.  

The Jaguars are showing a lot of interest in him. "Brunell was just [telling me] to enjoy things," Peterman said. "He told me the story of when he was at the Combine. He was basically like the last invite. He did every single thing. That’s when guys weren’t throwing, and he did every single thing and ran. I think he ran a really good [40]. So it was kind of cool to reminisce a little bit about that and just enjoy it and light it up." He could be an option for them in the 4th.

They can develop him behind Bortles. "It’s pretty cool, especially to see Tom Coughlin or even Greg Jones, who I know is in their scouting department now," Peterman said. "And Coach McCardell. I told Greg Jones I have his rookie card still. So it’s crazy to see that guys get to interact with them now." Then they have some insurance if Bortles doesn't bounce back from last season, though I thought the offense stalled because of his O-line. 

He can make some beautiful calm throws on 3rd down. He will start throwing it too high sometimes. His only question is arm strength. He has everything else. he runs a very complicated offense. He turns his back to the defense on play action. He can take a hit that no else could handle, and complete a pass on the next play.  

He started off college at Tennessee, and played in three different offenses in college. "Playing in three different offenses, knowing I can learn an offense quickly and master an offense quickly I think helped me," Peterman said. "I’ve been in some pro style systems as well, been under center, been in the huddle. I’ve been no-huddle as well, so I’ve done it all and I’m ready to do it at the next level." He is as smart as any QB in this Draft.

He does a nice job, on the play action, and then three steps and throws a beautiful pass down the sideline. He does a lot of shovel passes inside. He uses his legs to flee the pocket, and throws a nice pass to the 2nd level on a full sprint. 

He makes some beautiful calm throws on 3rd down. He will start throwing it too high sometimes. He does a nice job, on the play action, and then three steps and throws a beautiful pass down the sideline. He does a lot of shovel pass inside. He use his legs to flee the pocket, and throws a nice pass to the 2nd level on a fun sprint

His question is arm strength. He has to throw it harder. If he can make NFL throws, velocity wise, he will be a starter for a long time in the NFL. My question with him is, is he Hoyer or is he Rich Gannon. Arms strength will determine how successful he will be.

Great quick feet in the pocket. He might have the best feet in the pocket of any QB in this Draft. He Dobbs, and Watson have the best feet in the pocket. Great quick three step drop. He will sometimes let his feet get too hyper when the timing pass is slower to develop then it should. 

I think I would rather have Peterson on Day Three than just about any other QB in this Draft. He can run a playaction with his back to the defense. Turn and spot his WR as the LB shoots the A-gap, and hit the WR with the LB jumping on top of him, and wiping him out. Great passer in with a rusher charging right into his face, and he knows he is going to get crushed.

2016: A starter in all 13 games, Peterman was at the helm of the highest scoring offense in Pitt history (40.92 points per game; 532 total points)...completed 60.5% of his passes for 2,855 yards with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions...led the ACC and ranked eighth nationally in pass efficiency (163.4 rating)...led the ACC and ranked fourth nationally in yards per completion (15.43)...led the ACC and ranked seventh nationally in yards per pass attempt (9.33)...Peterman's 27 TD passes were the most by a Pitt quarterback since 2003 and rank fourth on the school single-season list...was Pitt's third-leading rusher with 286 yards on 72 attempts (4.0 avg.) with three touchdowns...named the Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week following his incredible performance in the Panthers' 43-42 victory over No. 2-ranked and previously unbeaten Clemson (Nov. 12)...Peterman threw for a career-high 308 yards and five touchdowns with zero interceptions on 22-of-37 passing against the Tigers...according to ESPN Stats & Info, Peterman became the first player with five passing touchdowns and zero interceptions against an AP top-3 opponent since USC's Matt Leinart accomplished the feat against Oklahoma in the 2004 national championship game...selected to play in the prestigious Senior Bowl...named to the All-ACC Academic Football Team.

Proday: "QB Nathan Peterman (6-2 1/2, 224) stood on his combine numbers but did go through a workout," Gil Brandt wrote. "He showed a good but not great arm, but he's extremely smart and makes good decisions."

Peterman Vs Northwestern:

He can really spin an accurate pass to the third level to the WR going deep down the sideline (:29). He has terrific accuracy throwing down the sideline. He does not have the best arm, but it looked strong enough there.

They lost James Conner to a vicious cheapshot in this game, and kept winning (:46). They have an extremely tricky and complicated offense, and he doesn't seem to struggle with it mentally at all. Plus he is a senior, and I am starting to believe that no QBs should come out early. He goes under Center, runs play action with his back to the defense, and waggles outside to find the safety with elite feet. He can find the TE dragging behind the play, with a great pass on the move. TMIWTMIL. 

He is remarkably clutch at the end of each half and never seems to give up on a scoring opportunity. Terrific scrambler when he had nothing, and can take off and get the 1st for the TD (:55). He is a terrific foot athlete.

He got devastated against Northwestern, as two rushers smashed into him from opposite sides (1:16). The second guy stuck the crown of him helmet into his jaw on 2nd down. Sorry about the video it was the best I could get. Hey, where are my Draft Breakdown Boys? Come on guys this was a top five QB performance.  

But what that video didn't show was that he got up off the turf on on 3rd down, 3rd and 28, and completed a pass to the RB out in the flat. He not only threw the ball on the next play, he completed the pass outside to give them a shot at the field goal. That was an NFL throw, because he got his head blown off by the DE, as the DT was tackling him from behind. It was reminiscent of the Bledsoe hit, only the LB went helmet to helmet. And he remarkable complete the next pass when you know he was hearing birdies singing in his ear hole. Then he didn't come back in for the next series, or the rest of the game. He completed that final pass when he was clearly concussed.

Pinstripe Bowl Highlights:

Peterman Vs Clemson:

He was truly great in this game. "I like him. He made me a believer when I watched him against Clemson," a director of scouting said. "I do want to see him throw live and get a feel for how the ball comes out. I never saw him in person and you can't get a feel for that stuff on tape." Peterman was the only QB to beat Clemson's in the 2016 season. 

He throws with great accuracy and anticipation, which mitigates his arm strength a little. "I would definitely say obviously the Clemson game was the biggest moment and toughest opponent for sure," Peterman said. "Just the defense that they played. Luckily, we had a great game plan, we practiced extremely hard that week and really got ready for them and everything they could throw at us. Once it came to game time, all of our guys weren’t scared, they were ready to play and throw our best punch at them and luckily that was enough to knock them off. It was a special moment and one I’ll remember." He led Pitt to the biggest upset victory of the season.

He can step back in the face of pressure and throw the touch pass to the third level down the sideline (:29). He will turn his back to the defense and run play action, and/or multiple play actions (:29). This guy can really take a big hit, and then get up and complete a pass. He runs a wacky offense where he is expected to do a lot of different things mentally (1:01). It is not just a shotgun/Option offense. It is actually a Prostyle offense where the HC adds a ton of trickeration and misdirection. And he will turn his back to the defense on the play action, and roll out. 

Check out this throw (1:11). He showed run all the way, and when the DB came off the RB. He stopped, leaped outside, and fired a bullet at the receiver. The DB continued and knocked him clean off his feet and out of bounds. 

This guy can really take a big hit, and then get up and complete a pass. This was the next play after the big hit that sent head over heels out of bounds, and he got up and completed the pass (1:01). Watch the great touch pass over the blitzer about to hit him to James Conner for a TD (1:24). Another great throw in the face of a blitzer diving into him (2:03). This guy took more hits as he threw than any QB I saw last season. In fact, it sometimes seemed he needed the pressure to complete the pass.

He consistently ran play action with his back to the defense, and completed passes on the 3rd level with rushers about to smash him, for another TD (1:14). He took a vicious hit against Clemson that was so hard it hurt me (2:39). The blitzer dived in and cheap-shotted him low. But watch how the edge guy went high, and dived through him from the side. His head had to be buzzing. He ran the ball the next play. Then he got up and completed a pass two plays after that head crushing hit. 

He got hit and fumbled the ball over to Clemson. His next pass was over the head of the WR (4:19). I just love the escapability of his great feet (4:48). You can see the three guys closing in on him from three sides, but they didn't show the replay (5:19). In the 3rd, against Clemson, he took a double shot from two rushers that took him off his feet, and the safety swooped in helmet first into the ball to cause a fumble. Peterson to got hammered to the ground. 

After Pitt got the ball, three plays later he threw the beautiful ball to the WR going down the sideline, and Tankersley had to grab him to prevent the touchdown. He is so good at getting extra time with his feet in the pocket. He throws an excellent pass when he has to bail out of the pocket.

Peterman Vs Clemson:

Peterman VS UNC:

He is so good at zipping the ball past the blitzer trying hit him (:17). Great job looking off the safeties to one side and throwing to the other (:24). NFL Play action. NFL throw with DE charging in his face (:33). He took the big hit by the DLs (:44). He stood in the pocket bravely, but did not complete the next pass (:54). Now I don't have that knack judging speed and arm strength so I can't say if his arm is strong enough. But that was a nice fast ball 20 yards down field. But I do want to see more arm out of him.

Great feet in the pocket (1:02). Throws well on the move (1:32). He completed the first throw after the terrible snap (1:59). Not sure about the arm strength there (2:29). He is certainly tops at completing passes with a blitzer leaping at him (3:12). He took the big hit (3:48). Completed the next pass on the next series (4:00). He took a couple of hits (4:11). He complete the pass the next time he threw (4:20). He did dink and dunk more in this game than I remembered.

Double NFL playaction with his back to the defense, and completed the pass (4:39). If NFL guys think he arm is strong enough he can go Day Two. He has everything you want in an NFL QB, except an elite arm. 

Peterman Vs UNC:

Peterman's Official Bio:

Nathan Peterman Superlatives:
2016 ACC Leader in Pass Efficiency (163.4)
Led Highest-Scoring Offense in Pitt History (2016)
2016 All-ACC Academic Football Team
Three-time SEC Academic Honor Roll
*Stats as of the end of the 2016 season

2015: Enrolled at Pitt in June as a graduate transfer from the University of Tennessee...played in all 13 games, starting the final 11 contests at quarterback...completed 61.5% of his passes for 2,287 yards with 20 touchdowns and eight interceptions...finished second in the ACC in completion percentage, third in touchdown passes and fourth in passing efficiency (138.57)...engineered a 45-34 win over Louisville by completing 64.7% of his passes (22 of 34) for 232 yards and a season-high four touchdowns...each of his TD strikes against the Cardinals occurred in the second quarter...completed 70.8% of his passes (17 of 24) for 222 yards and two TDs in a 26-19 win over Virginia...led Pitt to a 31-28 victory at Georgia Tech, completing 66.7% of his passes (14 of 21) for 162 yards and three TDs...also averaged 6.2 yards per rush (31 yards on five carries) against the Yellow Jackets...after coming off the bench in the initial two contests, Peterman made his first Pitt start at Iowa...overcame two first-quarter interceptions to complete 68.9% of his passes (20 of 29) for 219 yards and two TDs against the Hawkeyes...his finest moment at Iowa occurred in the final quarter when he led a 13-play, 75-yard touchdown drive that featured two fourth-down conversion passes and an eight-yard scoring strike (to Tyler Boyd) that tied the game with 52 seconds left...threw for a season-high 262 yards on 27-of-42 passes (64.3%) with one touchdown against North Carolina...rushed for a season-high 60 yards on eight carries (7.5 avg.) against Notre Dame.

AT TENNESSEE (2012-14): Played in 11 games and started two contests at quarterback for the Volunteers over the 2013 and ’14 seasons…completed 20-of-43 passes for 94 yards with two interceptions over those two years…redshirted in 2012…three-time Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll student.

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