Myles Bryant- Safety Washington

5-8, 183, 6.81 3-Cone! 

4.02 SS! (O) 4.62! 

31.3" Vert, 29 1/2"Arms 

PatsDraft 2020 AFC East Review 

Preview: Part II. 


Love this kid's Tape. Tough. Feisty. Plays fast. Sub 7.0 3-Cone and almost a sub-4.0 Short Shuttle. However, he had a bad Forty. Can he play nickel? At 5-8? He is an NFL Nickel. That speed will hurt him less inside as a Dime or Nickel. Where he lined up in deep Off against Slots a lot. He played Safety last season. Can he hold up at Safety at 183 pounds? Great at diving into the ball carrier's legs. That's how he survives at his size. 

Quicker than fast. Tougher than fast. Terrific short area explosion in coverage. Foot tackler. Smart. Leader. Makes checks and calls for the Defense. Love his Tape. He can play Safety in the NFL. Love him at Safety. Plays fast. I think he ran a bad Forty at the Combine. I think if he had a Pro Day, he would have run in the 4.5s. His on field speed and flash can't be all great eyes, smarts and anticipation. 

He can play Cover One Safety and get to both sidelines deep down the field. You need some speed to do that. Reminds me of a smaller Eugene Wilson. He rarely wants for speed on the field. Fearless. Flashes forward. Finds the ball. Terrific tackler. I can't wait to see him on special teams for the Pats. He played Corner, but I miscast him as a CB. He was a Safety last season for Washington. He will be a Safety for the Pats. 

Stanford: It is amazing how often he finds the RB in traffic. He can get into the backfield, and hit the RB on the toss. He can shut down the big TE in the Endzone. Impressive little slot Corner who played outside and at FS. Very small guy for the NFL. Hard to see him more than a nickel. But he has some talent.

Colorado: He is a heck of a hitter. He can hit like a Safety, which is so impressive for his size. He makes huge hits all over the field. They will put him in the middle of the field to eye the QB, and follow his eyes on the 2nd level. He is amazingly tough against the run. He plays a lot bigger and tougher than his size. He protects the outside from the RB with some cracking hits. 

Combine: Tough kid. Super Competitive. Nice tight pedal. Quick feet. Easily open hips. Nice job swiveling them back. Looks like a back end FS. A little tight snapping all the way around, but light on his feet. He can catch the short fastball. 

Bryant Vs. Cal:

Here he is in the slot, which is where he will play in the NFL if his speed doesn't kill him. Nice feel for position (:01). Now we know why he plays so much Off coverage in the Slot. Great feet and lateral bursts in coverage (:09). He will line up at safety, and flash up when the QB takes off (:27). The dude can really move on the field. 

He is the opposite of Coe. Not a great athlete, but watch how he plays behind his eyes. He stays in position on the Slot guy. Then flashes forward to the QB and helps take him out. Not track fast, but he is field fast. Reads it in a flash. Finds the fast angle to the ball. Explosive COD and instant change of direction (:29). He played Cover One Safety. He was so far back off the screen, but still got in on the run defense (:40). Watching this Tape you can see he was really more Safety than Corner. He stepped into the slot to cover in three and four WR sets (:51). He just has such a great feel for position. He has to study Tape fanatically. It is amazing on how he seems to get in on every tackle that gets past the front-7, and a lot that don't. 

Free Safety. He stepped up and was the first player to the Screen. He over ran it inside, which was not a bad play position wise, as most of his teammates were inside, but it turned into a disaster (1:03). Cover Two Safety. It is amazing how many tackles he makes from Cover Two (1:03). He is small, but a great hitter. He isn't going to have a long career, but it is going to be fun to watch. 

Cover One. He came up a little late, because of the fake hand offs, on the Option. He has that knack for finding the ball carrier in traffic (1:28). This is interesting. Cover Two Safety in the Endzone. he sees it faster than anyone in this Draft. He is flashing forward as the QB hands the ball off. Fills the hole and finds the RB in traffic (1:38). Quarters in the Redzone (1:46). Steps up and Covers the TE in the Endzone. He can cover TEs all over the field. 

Cover Two in the Endzone. I am enjoying his Tape. I told you I liked his Tape (1:55). Steps up into the Box. He moves out to try to trick the QB. Then he charges up and covers the RB. That speed is not a 4.6 guy (2:05). Box Safety. Covers the TE (2:17). Cover One Safety. He has to make the tackle as the last line of defense (2:25). Even though the RB makes a great cut back, Bryant still makes the physical tackle. 

Cover One over the Trips again. Small, but does a great job covering tight ends (2:44). Way outside over the Trips, but finds the angle to the RB running over half the field away (2:56). Box Safety. Gets in position but misses the tackle (3:07). They like to line him up over the Trips. The Pats could use that (3:14). Box Safety. Fills the hole and finds the RB in traffic (3:26). Cover One Safety (3:42). He gets to the deep outside with some speed, after the QB looked him off. 

He sees something, and steps in to blitz the Edge. He just misses the RB in the backfield (3:52). On the TE in the Slot  in the Rezone. He drove the QB out of bounds, but his speed looked lacking there (4:03). Cover One in the Redzone. Sees the hand off quick but gets stuck in traffic (4:14). Cover One. Works his way in front of the RB (4:31). He gets to the QB and forces him to take a knee (4:49). In the Slot again. He run blitzes again and finds the RB in traffic (4:56). But his size let's him down. 

Bryant Vs Cal:

Bryant's Official Bio:

2019: Named to the All-Pac-12 second team ... also named to Pro Football Focus, Phil Steele and Associated Press All-Pac-12 second team ... preseason All-Pac-12 first team ... named to the preseason watch lists for the Nagurski, Thorpe and Bednarik awards ... started every game ... led the Huskies with eight tackles in a start vs. Eastern Washington ... three tackles vs. Cal ... named the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Week following the win over Hawai'i, when he had two interceptions and a sack ... totaled four tackles in the UH game ... also named the UW coaches' defensive player of the week following the victory over the Rainbow Warriors ... led the Huskies with nine tackles in the win at BYU ... had seven tackles, including one and a half for a loss, in the victory over USC ... eight tackles at Stanford ... made five stops, with one tackle for loss, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery (on separate plays), in the UW win at Arizona ... seven tackles vs. Oregon ... four tackles against Utah ... made one stop in the win at Oregon State ... five tackles at Colorado ... five tackles and a fumble recovery in the win over Washington State ... had a 26-yard interception, along with two tackles, in the Las Vegas Bowl win over Boise State ... named UW's most outstanding defensive player, and also won the Tyee Sports Council Community Service award, at the postseason awards banquet.

2018: Played in 13 of 14 games (all but Stanford), starting 12 (all but Stanford and the Pac-12 Championship Game) ... eight tackles, including a 12-yard sack, in a start against Auburn in the season opener ... started and finished with five tackles in the win over North Dakota ... six stops in the win at Utah ... four tackles against Arizona State ... led the UW with seven tackles, including two for a loss and a 14-yard sack, in the win over BYU ... named the UW coaches' defensive player of the week after the BYU game ... five tackles and a forced fumble in the win at UCLA ... five stops at Oregon ... also had five tackles, as well as a crucial pass break-up, in the Husky win over Colorado ... two tackles at California ... missed the Stanford game due to injury ... returning to his starting role against Oregon State, finishing with two tackles, including a 19-yard sack ... three tackles in the Apple Cup win at WSU ... two tackles, including half of a sack, in the Pac-12 Championship Game win over Utah ... six tackles against Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

2017: Started all 13 games ... honorable mention All-Pac-12 ... started in the Huskies' season opening win over Rutgers, making seven tackles, including one for a loss, with two pass break-ups ... three tackles, including one for a loss, in Washington's win over Montana ... one tackle and a pass break-up in the win over Fresno State ... named the UW coaches' defensive player of the game after the Pac-12 opener at Colorado, when his 35-yard interception return for a touchdown gave Washington a 24-10 lead ... also had seven tackles, including one for a loss, against the Buffaloes ... three tackles at Oregon State and again the following week against Cal ... 11 tackles, including one for a loss, in the Arizona State game ... earned the coaches' defensive player of the game award for the win over UCLA, with three tackles, two pass break-ups and a fumble recovery ... two tackles in the 38-3 victory over Oregon ... three stops at Stanford ... made seven tackles and forced a fumble in the win over Utah ... two tackles in the Apple Cup win over Washington State ... had five tackles, including one for a loss, vs. Penn State in the Fiesta Bowl ... co-winner of the Earle T. Glant Tough Husky Award at the UW postseason awards banquet.

2016: Played in 11 of 14 games during his freshman season at the UW ... made four tackles in Husky debut in the win over Idaho ... one tackle in the UW win at Cal ... broke up a pass in the Pac-12 Championship Game win over Colorado.

President Dumbass Doesn't Want Real Americans To Get Tested, BUT... EVERYONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE GETS TESTED ALMOST EVERY DAY! He gets tested every day, sometimes more than once!!!!!!! If there is no danger, why is President Dumbass getting tested everyday? While refusing to allow real Americans to get tested?!? 

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A baffling ailment linked to Covid-19 has killed three young children and sickened 73 others across the state.

A mysterious syndrome has killed three young children in New York and sickened 73 others, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Saturday, an alarming rise in a phenomenon that was first publicly identified earlier this week.

The syndrome, a toxic-shock-like inflammation that affects the skin, the eyes, blood vessels and the heart, can leave children seriously ill, with some patients requiring mechanical ventilation. Many of the symptoms bear some resemblance to a rare childhood illness called Kawasaki disease, which can lead to inflammation of the blood vessels, especially the coronary arteries.

“The illness has taken the lives of three young New Yorkers,” Mr. Cuomo said during his daily briefing in Manhattan. “This is new. This is developing.”

Until now, parents and public health experts had found some solace in the notion that the coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, largely spared children the worst effects of an illness that has claimed more than 21,000 lives in New York State alone. But any sense of relief was shattered this week when a 5-year-old in New York City died from the syndrome, which doctors described as a “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome.”"

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The Mahoney Model:

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We will be well past 100,000 DEAD AMERICANS by the end of MAY. 


We will be well past 100,000 DEAD AMERICANS by the end of MAY. 

With President Dumbass purposely going out of his way to make everything worse. And purposely killing thousand of Americans with his vicious incompetence every week. Why would the Curve even pretend to go down? It is time for some real honest and terrifying models. 

March, April, May death tolls will be over 100,000 dead. Just tell me one thing President Dumbass has done to Cut the Curve: 


So here it is. In three months, with the NFL looking to get ready to start the season, we will be closer to a QUARTER MILLION DEAD AMERICANS THAN ANY SIGN OF SANITY IN THE WHITE HOUSE! In six months the Mahoney Model brings the death toll up to 300,000. because of the utter loss of leadership, compassion, and American Know-How in the White House and the Republican Party? HOW IS THE DEATH TOLL NOT OVER 250,000 DEAD AMERICANS by October!?!?!?

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With President Dumbass cheating in every possible way to win, including begging help from his KGB Master Vladimir Putin, who he purposely conceded the title of "World's Most Powerful Man" too. AND the Turkish Czar, that Michael Flynn also works for, will be attacking America's Election as well. 

That is the vision of America by the new Republican Party led by President Dumbass and his evil and corrupt cohorts in the White House, and his Family. If you like that vision of America as well, you might be as Evil as President DumbAss himself. 

Coronavirus Truthers:

Good luck Real Americans, we're gonna need it.


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