Mike McGlinchey- OLT ND

6-7 3/4", 311, (U) 5.33,  

34" Arms, 24 Reps,  

8'11" Broad, 28.5" Vert, 

Moving Backwards: Part III. 


He is a weapon pulling to the right or left. When he gets his hands on the big rusher, he can hold him off for five or six seconds. It frustrates me, because they don't have him kickslide, which is terrible. Now he doesn't need to do it in college, but he is going to need to do it in the NFL.  

Nice job pulling to other side of the line. He uses his long arms very well blocking. He can seal DE and DTs with his long arms. Better foot athlete than given credit. He can dance nicely around the DE and seal him inside. Nice job pulling outside and sealing defenders out of the play. Not great feet moving laterally. He was a little high and tight. Nice hitter on pull block.

He was better in pass pro this season. He is more consistent. He is doing a better job with his feet. He is also doing a good job keeping his hands high and tight. That is so important for him. He can give a hell of a hit on goal line and short yardage.  

He is a force blocking down on the DT. I don't like how he is much better blocking DT than the DE, especially in pass pro. He does nice job mirroring rushers who don't want him to get his hands in their shirt. He has some nice quick moving side to side. 

He can stone the rush at the Line when he is setting the edge on play action, and not allow him to move once he sees it is a pass. Very strong dude. Nice burst off the snap backwards in pass pro. Snaps his feet back nicely. He stays in balance well, but keeps his hands down too much. Very quick feet shuffling back. He can absorb speed to power, and get his trunk bent back a little, and hold on.

Nice feet moving backwards, but doesn't always kickslide. Nice job picking up the blitzing LB. He can get low, and wash him out of the play. He can double the OLB with the TE and put him on skates going outside, and then catch the Safety blitzing and take him out. Very impressive combo blocker. I want to see hi move backwards more, but they don't have him kickslide a lot. When he blocks down on the DT, he can collapse the line with pure power. 

McGlinchey is smooth mover moving backwards. Plus, he is elite blocking down on DTs, which is a sign to me that he can move inside to OG if needed. "He came in with very little knowledge of an offensive lineman. Even vocabulary, words of an offensive lineman, didn't resonate with him," ND HC Brian Kelly said. "He's still scratching the surface. I don't think there's much doubt he's going to be playing at another level. His athleticism, his length, his toughness, his IQ, how he carries himself. He's going to be a great pro." He has an excellent Kickslide. He still does get beat outside by speed occasionally, and will sometimes line up extra wide for a 9 or 11 tech. 

Additional Notes:

Georgia: He is doing a better job with his feet. He is also doing a good job keeping his hands high and tight. That is so important for him. He can give a hell of a hit on goal line and short yardage.
He does use his feet to get into the position he needs to get into, but his footwork in pass pro is terrible sometimes, spastic and uncoordinated with his body. But he is such a great athlete that he makes it work.

LSU: He is every bit the run blocker that Nelson is. I question him moving backwards a little sometimes, but he is every bit as good as Nelson moving forward. He devastates DEs in the run game. He doubles with Nelson a ton. He is also Nelson's equal pulling outside to lead the sweep. He can grab hold of the OLB, and just hold him in place in the rush. It is amazing sometimes. He can hold up on the edge in the rush for a long time. He rarely looks like he is pressing moving backwards in kickslide.

BC: Still shuffles his feet sometimes instead of kicksliding. It seems like most of the OLT in this years Draft are not kicksliding for some reason. Great job using his long arms and feet to seal the DE outside on inside runs. And not just seal him but push him outside as well. He plays great for quarters, and then makes a couple of quick mistakes that could get his QB hurt. His footwork is just terrible sometimes. He can get outside in front of the WR on a bubble screen and hit a DB. Has light hands. 

Stanford: Moves smoothly back into position on play action. Nice heavy hands. Nice job hoping back, and seeing the OLB didn't blitz, and then stepping forward to stone the 5-Tech. Terrific job turning and sealing the OLB outside. Keeps hands low in slide, and gets them out too wide sometimes. He like to jam his hands up into the shoulder pads of the rusher. He does not lose a lot this season. He will get high sometimes, and shoved aside by the 5-Tech. He can turn on the OLB, and drive him back five yards sideways. Great job jamming his way through the 3-Tech, and then impacting the ILB and knock back almost off his feet. 

Michigan ST 2016: Nice job getting under the DE, hitting him up, and turn and sealing with some power. Great twitchy feet. I'd like to see him control his feet a little more, and kickslide. He can get beat to the Corner. When he gets his hands up late and they get chopped down, the big D-end can Rip under him. 

McGlinchey and Nelson Vs LSU:

Nelson grabbed the DT and pulled him down to the ground with just his hands. While McGlinchey stalemated the DE at the LOS (:01). McGlinchey holds off the DE, and then turned to hit the inside blitzer. Nelson popped the blitzer so hard that he knocked McGlinchey off his feet (:08). Nelson turned and sealed the big DT with great power from his inside hand (:14). McGlinchey pulled to the other side of the line and took out the LB.  

Nice slide by McGlinchey. Nelson just waited, and then stopped him with his two hands (:21). McGlinchey uses his hands and feet very well to seal the edge. Nelson was outside the DT before he moved, and sealed before he knows what was going on (:40). When McGlinchey and Nelson double team DLs, they bend them into pretzels (:47). Nelson pulled around McGlinchey like a charging bull, and sealed the LB inside on the 2nd level (:53). McGlinchey stalemated the DT until the RB could get by. 

Nelson pulled all the way outside, and then shoved the DL out of the play. McGlinchey pulled outside, and impacted the DE outside and sealed him (1:00). Nice turn and seal block by McGlinchey. Watch Nelson pull around the OC, and kick slide with his great feet to seal the LB (1:07). I love how they both move in unison when pulling outside to the left (1:24). McGlinchey has a nice burst backwards on his first step in pass pro (1:31). Nelson just ran around the DT.

McGlinchey stepped back and stopped, and the rusher ran into him. Nelson stoned the DT at the line, and then the OC helped drive him back (1:37). Nelson got to the 2nd level and destroyed the LB. McGlinchey showed a great burst off the snap and knocked the DE back. Then pretzeled him (1:44). McGlinchey kickslides back to fast, and has to slow to let the big DL catch up (1:53). One thing about Nelson that worries me is that the OC doubled with him a lot in pass pro. 

I love how Nelson went low, and impacted the DT up and stoned him. McGlinchey sealed the DE like he was a kid (2:00). Nelson on the double team block again, while McGlinchey tried a cut block that was ugly (2:07). Watch the great hand fight by McGlinchey as he fought backwards against the big rusher. Great balance and agility (2:14). Nelson doubled the DL inside again. But he had a great grip on the DT's shirt and didn't let go.

They both reached out and stone DLs at the line for a very long time on the flea flicker (2:24). McGlinchey didn't run well at the Combine, but he looked great dancing around the DE, and running out to the Flat. He doubled the DT into the Center. Then watch him shuffle outside to the second level to seal the LB. That was excellent (2:57). Nelson stepped forward in pass pro, and stoned the DE (3:11).  McGlinchey did a good job fighting outside in space.

It is tough because they slide back so little. Nelson with another double team block in pass pro. I don't understand this blocking scheme (3:19). Both McGlinchey and Nelson win with leverage and arms extended, but don't move back enough (3:33). Pass pro without a kickslide, just standing and stalemating (3:42). McGlinchey shuffled back a little, but no slide. Nelson just waited for someone to head butt (3:49). Almost kickslid there, while Nelson doubled the DT into the OC, and then had to turn and bail, but picked up the blitzer nicely (3:56). I'm starting to get worried.

McGlinchey kickslides a little, then stopped and grabbed. Love this block by Nelson. He doubled with the OC. Then watch him grab and drive the blitzer past the QB at the last second (4:02). Nelson popped the rusher inside McGlinchey, and he lost to a power move inside (4:09). McGlinchey mirrors the edge rusher nicely. While Nelson stoned the DT at the line (4:31). Nelson showed a little of his athleticism pulling to his left (4:38). McGlinchey is a great power blocker in the run game. 

McGlinchey needs a lot of work on technique and kickslide. That is terrible (4:46). I love how Nelson benched the DT to the ground. McGlinchey used his feet and hands well in pass pro, without a lot of technique (5:15). McGlinchey did a good job hoping around the TE, and hitting the DE and fighting him back (5:30). Nelson got popped back, but recovered and fought all the way outside. 

Mike has some quick feet moving backwards. Nelson got trapped inside as he was unable to pull around the OC (5:39). I think I have to lower both guys off of that Tape. 

McGlinchey and Nelson Vs LSU:


McGlinchey Official Bio:

Notre Dame captain (2017, 2016)
Associated Press Second Team All-American (2016)
Phil Steele Third Team All-American (2016)
Maxwell Award Watch List (2017)
Outland Trophy Watch List (2017, 2016)
Lombardi Award Watch List (2016)

Started all 12 games at left tackle
Helped running back Josh Adams run for over 100 yards four times (Nevada, Syracuse, Virginia Tech and USC), including a career-best 180 yards at rival USC (Nov. 26)
Part of the offensive line that paved the way for 417.6 total yards per game.

JUNIOR SEASON (2015): Started all 13 games at right tackle on an offensive line which was a finalist for the inaugural Joe Moore Award
Part of an offensive line that helped the Irish average 5.63 rushing yards per carry (eighth-best in the FBS) -- a modern (post WWII) school record
Notre Dame ranked 27th nationally in total offense, averaging 466.4 yards per game, its third-best mark since setting a school record in 1970 by averaging 510.5 yards per game
Notre Dame was one of 11 programs nationally to average 205 yards rushing and 250 yards passing per game in 2015 (Irish had not accomplished this feat since 1970)
Notre Dame averaged 207.6 rushing yards per game (28th in the FBS), the best rushing output since 2000, including six games with 200+ yards (Texas, Virginia, Georgia Tech, UMass, USC and Stanford)
Paved the way for first-year RB C.J. Prosise, who rushed for 1,032 yards (second-fewest carries needed to reach 1,000 yards) and recorded the 18th 1,000-yard rushing season in school history, and freshman RB Josh Adams, who set a freshman single-season school record with 835 yards rushing
Blocked for an Irish rushing attack that recorded 457 yards vs. UMass (Sept. 26) -- the best single-game rushing total by Notre Dame in 23 years, and 299 yards at Stanford (Nov. 28) -- the most by an opponent in David Shaw's five seasons (35 carries for an 8.5 per-carry average against nation's No. 22 rush defense)
Helped the Irish register a pair of 90+ yard TD rushes (Adams 98 vs. Wake Forest, Prosise 91 vs. Georgia Tech)
Notre Dame had just two rushes of at least 90 yards in the first 126 seasons of Irish football
The 98-yard TD run by Adams vs. Wake Forest was the longest play from scrimmage in Notre Dame history and longest rush by a freshman in NCAA history
Blocked for 10 individual 100-yard rushing games -- the most by the Irish since 1983 (11)
Three different Notre Dame players recorded 100-yard rushing games.

SOPHOMORE SEASON (2014): Played in all 13 games, predominantly on special teams before earning his first career start at right tackle in the 31-28 victory over No. 22 LSU in the Music City Bowl (Dec. 30)
One of 20 Irish players who made his career debut in the season-opening victory over Rice (Aug. 30)
Earned a spot on field goal/PAT block unit midway through the season and registered his first career field-goal block vs. Northwestern (Nov. 15)
Played the majority of offensive snaps at right tackle at USC (Nov. 29).

FRESHMAN SEASON (2013): Did not see action during the season.

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