Tyrone McKenzie

Inside Linebacker South Florida-

 6-2, 244, 4.6, 27, Reps,

 36", 9'3", 4.50 SS,   

McKenzie 2008

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My Review Of Sebastian Vollmer:


I know nobody is going to believe this, but I watch South Florida play 3 times (mostly to watch DE George Selvie), and I wrote in my notes, "He might be the most underrated prospect in this year Draft." I don't remember exactly why I wrote that, but I do remember he loves to attack. He plays with great on field speed. He is his best when he read the play quickly and is moving forward. Takes on blockers well, not great, and can be put on skates when he is looking through the blocker, but he keeps his feet moving and keeps fighting. He is at his best, taking on blockers, when he keeps his hand up and takes on blockers like a boxer. Excellent hands. Played both the Will and Sam last season, and often switched sides. Great field speed, and can make tackles sideline to sideline. When he is at his best he is recognizing run vs. pass plays with computer like quickness. Smart player. Has played in three different programs in his past four seasons, and has stepped right onto the field and started tackling everyone they played against. His transition and production in his switches from Michigan State to Iowa State to South Florida. He left Michigan State and took a year off to take care of his mom, and then stepped onto the Iowa State team and garnered over 100 Tackles, and than he left Iowa to take care of his mom and stepped onto the South Florida team and garnered two straight years of over 100 tackles. That is simply amazing. Played OLB in college, but will be an Inside Linebacker in BB's 3-4 defense. Holds the point well, and can set the edge on the outside when he is asked to. He can uses he strong hands to shed blocks and then crush the ball carrier. Wasn't asked to blitz a lot. Good form tackler who can grab quicker scat backs, wrap them up, and knock them down. He breaks down well. Has a knack for hitting the ball. Good form tackler. Strong tackler he plays with excellent lean and can drive right into the ball carriers chest and knock him backwards. Gives a good chuck, like I said he can attack blockers like a boxer, and he does the same thing with Tight Ends. He can punch and turn with good violence and agility, and run with good TEs down the seam, but fast guys will give him trouble. Has a little tightness in his hips, and doesn't always turn smoothly in coverage, which is why his initial punch is so important in coverage. I really like this pick, and I had in my notes he might be a bit of a 'tweener, in a 4-3. However, I really like him as a 3-4 ILB. He will be competing with Guyton on opening day in September, and I think he will win the starting role at ILB next to Jerod Mayo when the great Tedy Bruschi finally retires, maybe in 2010. Guyton is  better athlete, and much faster. However, McKenzie is much smarter, tougher, and has the knack for finding the ball carrier that you just can't teach. 

In 2004 he played 11 games at Michigan ST and garnered 3 tackles, but he was a true freshman. Sat out 2005 season when his mother was seriously injuries in an auto accident. Worked third shift at a motel to support his family. 2006 he played for Iowa ST, and garnered 2 Sacks, 9.5 TFL, 4 FF, and 1 INT, and 129 Tackles. Was given an Hardship transfer as he had to go back to Florida to help his mother again. In 2007 season at South Florida he stepped right onth efield after playing in two other programs in the past 3 years and garnered 1.5 Sacks, 7.5 TFL, 2 FF, 2 FR, on 127 Tackles, and still found time to block a kick, break Up 5 Passes. Last he started games on both sides due to injury, and he stills garnered 1 Sack, 14.5 TFL, and 116 Tackles. He also was had an INT, 8 PBU, and was named team captain. I really like this pick, because he is a very smart, very mature, and very tough Man, who faced a lot of off the field adversity and could have given up. Instead he kept out working the troubles that he encountered and found his way to South Florida and now to the Patriots. He is the kind of man who left college and his dream of playing in the NFL to help him mom. But he never quit kept fighting and now has found his way to his dream. And no he is a very ood football player, with great character, and a good man.     

BB Sunday night after Day Two:

"And then in the compensatory pick we took Tyrone McKenzie. Hes an interesting player that we caught up with at the Senior Bowl. He started off at Michigan State, was a productive player there. He had some family situations so he had to leave Michigan state [and] go to Iowa State. Started in that program -- same thing at Iowa State. Went to South Florida, walked on at South Florida, and again jumped in and was an immediate impact player on that program as well. I think his versatility and being involved in some different defensive systems, how quickly he was able to adapt and be productive and show his flexibility and versatility in those things was pretty impressive at a very high level and really almost immediately he was a positive impact in those programs. So"

Its usually a negative to have gone to two or three different schools over the course of your career but obviously there were some factors. Speaking with him today he sounded like a very mature guy and appreciative for all hes been through. Can you talk a little bit about what hes had to overcome to get here?

"I think Tyrone can speak more on that directly, but I would just say of all the players that Ive talked to and weve interviewed this year and even through the years, that Tyrone is amongst the most impressive. Maturity, intelligence, what hes done with the opportunities that hes had or that hes had to overcome, how hes approached them, how hes dealt with them, how hes made the most of them. It hasnt been easy. Yet, hes continued to excel, jump over hurdles and overcome obstacles that I think would have derailed a lot of other people and/or football players. I think hes a very impressive, mature, humble young man."


I know nobody is going to believe this, but I watch South Florida play 3 times (mostly to watch DE George Selvie), and I wrote in my notes, "He might be the most underrated prospect in this year Draft."