Margus Hunt

5-T D-End SMU

6-8, 277, 33 3/4” Arms, 38 Reps! 4.6!

10'-1"! 34.5" Vert, S-1.51, 7.07 3-C!




The Waterboy.


This guy has everything you want in a 3-4 D-End. He has freakish size and strength, and rumors of 4.7 speed (He ran an impressive 4.6 flat at the Combine). Height and size might be his biggest problem. He is listed at 6-8. Does a good job playing with his arms extended. Lack of experience shows in his instincts show sometimes. 

Not only plays special teams, he plays special team on a record setting level with 17 blocked kicks. Seven PATs blocked, and Nine FGs blocked.

He is a big 3-4 D-End. Nice read and react technique. Uses his arms and strong hands well. Drops in Zone Blitz sometimes. He got his first Sack of the Season against A&M lined up straight up on the ROG. He has a nice sideways outside rush as well. He is so good when he uses his long arms and strong hands. Very unique blend of size and speed. I like how he attacks the arms and hands of blockers. Looks like he has the speed to turn the corner on the outside. Plays with nice leverage and always has arms extended. He has a nice Power Rip to the outside. 

Nice speed around the Corner. Heavy hands. He has a nice rip around the corner. He never saw American football until he went to SMU. So his only football experience is in college. When he is playing with good instincts there is not a better 3-4 D-End in College. With his speed around the end and his size and strength, he is a beast. Impressive Rip through the O-Guard for a Safety in the Bowl game. Wow, what can you say. He has 3 TFL, 3 Sacks, and 2 FF in the first half of the Bowl game. Wingspan of 82 inches. They started him inside against Fresno, and then moved him back outside to the 5-technique, and he dominated. They started to triple team him in the 2nd half. When they doubled him in the second half he dominate. Then he started to split the triple team. His performance is that game was as good as I’ve ever seen (since the Waterboy;-). It was certainly the best game I’ve ever seen from a 5-technique D-End. 

Hustles. Added a little dip move around the end. He doesn’t get real low (obviously;-) but it is effective. You have to take everything about him with the idea that he is just so huge. At 6-5 250 he is not an NFL prospect. I saw him as a 3-4 D-END solely. However, he did lineup inside against Fresno. He showed nice interior pass rushing quickness. This is the forth time I watch him play, and I didn’t think I could be more impressed, but I am. He has shown vast improvement since he came back from his injury just five or six games ago. The most underrated aspect of prospects is the question, “are they still improving?” He is still improving. 

He still has a lot of improvement to go. He is a weight room warrior who is famous for his work outs in the weight room. Again, a very underrated aspect of prospect evaluations. Plus, he is guaranteed to make any team that drafts him and get a lot of extra time and reps, because he might be the best kick blocker in the history of the NCAAs. He will be a special team maven from the second he steps onto an NFL practice field. He might be a bit of specialist on special team, but field goal and extra point blocking teams need specialist too.

Hunt Vs Fresno ST

DANGER: You are about to see something beyond sight, sound, and mind. You need to take it with a grain of salt. You should never judge a prospect solely by his best game, or his worst game. Especially, when it a senior playing his last college game against a true freshman. However, this was a in SMU's Bowl, which should be against top competition. This was his last college game, and the last time I saw him play before the Senior Bowl. So you will see why I was so high on him. 

You  can start to see his burst here. You can also start to see his lack of instincts. He does a good job holding contain, but he has to pounce on Rouse here (0:01). You can really see the power in his benching. Watch him bench the O-linemen off of him as he moves down the Line and gets the RB (0:08). He added a little Dip move this season. Watch how he relentlessly pursues the QB (0:15). He is in a very similar front. The Pats like to go in and out of Odd and Even fronts. The more positions you can play in both fronts, the more versatile the defense becomes. Here he is in what I was calling the odd Even front, because it is a two down linemen front instead of four, which looks so odd. He just splits the OG and OC with his burst and hands. Then you can really see his burst to the QB (0:26). The Nickel and Dime defenses have really become so complicated. You have to have players who can rush the QB from Odd and Even fronts, and odd and multiple position. Hunt can do that. Is there a Pats Fan out there, who would want to see Hunt lined up next to Wilfork in the odd Even Nickel or Dime? 

Here he is in the Odd even Nickel. Tell me he would look very nice lining up next to Wilfork in this formation. He does get a little high sometimes, and when he does he get stalemated fast (0:26). I really like this play. He holds off the big TE, who looks like a 3rd Tackle, and stays in front of Rouse (0:47). This is another good example of his upside. He plays his technique perfectly. He bends the knees, uses his long arms to hold off the shorter blocker, and uses his feet to stay in front of the RB. 

Remember the more positions a player can play, also allows him to be on the field more, and it allows the D-Coordinator to create more complicated schemes. The DC can create the wackiest plays possible to confuse the QB, but if no one can play in them they don't work. Here is Hunt on the Nose. He gets doubled. He controls the OC as he reads the play. Then gets jammed in the side with a nice punch by the OG. He falls back. Loses the OG, and then Shrugs the OC off his body, and attacks the RB (0:47). Now here he is at his natural position RDE in the 3-4 (1:01). He also makes it over the cutting OG with his great feet. 

Here he is showing some nice technique. You can see the nice shoulder punch. Then he Rips to the outside. He added a nice little Rip move that looks high, but it very effective (1:08). Here he is again  showing his lack of instincts (pay close attention for later). He need to pounce on Rouse (1:18). Here he is on the Nose getting Stalemated again (1:28). You can really see it here. He gets stalemated by the OC. Watch him then re-anchor, and slap the OC off his shirt with his hands, hips, and feet. He plays so well in balance and power with his hands hips and feet (1:38). This is one of the reason I don't see him as a D-Tackle. He has some terrific flash and splash as an Interior rusher. However, when he gets a little too high on the inside he looses all leverage instantly. He is terrific at punching O-linemen off his body and gaining separation, but he is usually out of the play by then. 

He is so big and strong. Watch his terrific agility and quickness here. He slows for the Play action. Reads pass, and then blast off and Swims past the ORT like his he is a drunken turtle (1:45). Did you see that lateral burst to the outside that made the ORT whiff. Then watch the angle as he leans around the Corner. That is just incredible. If he was a 6-4, 250 pound OLB that would be impressive. But he is a 6-8, 280 pound 5-Technique. That is Twilight Zone stuff. 

Okay, just watch this blast off the Line. The ORT is beat in a flash off the snap (1:53). Watch the rip as he turns the corner with amazing agility (2:10). Then he kills the QB. You can really see the impact as the QB is jolted right off his feet (2:19). Watch out NFL QBs, the Waterboy is coming to town (2:31). Wow! And that isn't even his best highlight of the game. 

Watch the OG take a shot at his legs. He hops over him with an incredible display of freakish athleticism (2:38). Watch the amazing agility, balanced, and coordination as he flips over himself, and starts hunting the QB again (2:51). I mean, how many 6-8 guys in the entire world could just do that? 

Here he is using his great hands and feet in combination to blast past the ORT and destroy all the hops of dreams of that poor QB (3:01). You can really see him use his special burst to zip past the ORT, and then Rip through the OG. Then he absolutely kills the QB again  (3:10). You can see how he shoulders into the OG, and then watch the shoulder punch by his outside hand that keeps the ORT from doubling him. That punch is the definition of heavy hands (3:18). That play was so impressive on so many levels. You have to feel sorry for that QB, He just took two hits that should have knocked him out of the game. 

Another thing I like is how he plays smarter every time I watch him. He was killing the ORT on the edge, and then he just burst right inside if him. He got fooled by the Screen, but I love the countermove (3:27). Then he does it again. Watch the jab-step to the outside, and then the incredible burst inside. His second moves are so impressive (3:46). Watch this incredible move, redirection, and second burst up field. The beautiful Rip inside (4:01). Then he pounces on Rouse (I told you to pay attention earlier;-). He is learning during this game (4:05). Plus, when he hit little guys. He hits 'em high, and the ball comes out. 

Here he is on the big goal line stand. First play he gets knocked back a yard by the Double team. But watch him put a hand in the chest of the OG and ORT and re-anchor. It is a little late, but that is some very impressive strength (4:12). They slid him inside a little here, to make the double a little harder. He is learning. He comes off lower, and shoves the OG up. Then knocks him to the left with a great shoulder punch that frees up his hand on the side the ball is going. He doesn't shed him though. Then gets too high as he tries to grab the RB. So the OG is able to shove him back as he reach out for the RB (4:21). He is learning. He reads the Motion, and shifts himself over to the side they are running. He stays and plays low, as he bursts past the OG like he is a tortoise on turf. He gets himself into position to disrupt the play and is just able to reach and grab Rouse (4:28). He forces Rouse to slow down and dance around him, which allows his teammates to crash in behind him (4:36). You can see him hop over, and then stay low and power through the OG here. The most impressive part of this play is the double. The OLG pulls over and runs full speed into Hunt. Watch him hit Hunt and fall down, and Hunt doesn't even seem to notice. The Left Guard was suppose to lead the RB into the hole, but instead he ran into the Waterboy and feel down. That is as impressive a defensive play a D-End can make on the goal line (4:43). I love this play as well. He hops outside the OG, which forces the OG to lunges at Hunt. So Hunt's burst caused the OG to gets himself off balance. Then Hunt benches the ORT two yards sideways while the OG is holding him (4:53). Watch him burst right between the OG and ORT, with the RB waiting to triple him. The punching off the ORT is just great (5:03). He blew up both plays when his team needed him the most, on 3rd and Goal and 4th and Goal. 

I stopped here the last time I did the Hunt Tape. But my f#*%in' computer crashed. It was old and I had a replacement to plug in, but I lost Hunt, Patterson, and most of the Tavon Austin's Tapes. I didn't finish Austin, and I working on the OLBs Tape, what was his name? The small school pass rusher? I can't remember. Lucky I was working between my computer and laptop, and saved most stuff on the Thump drive. However, I can't really do Tapes on my Laptop, because the screen is too small. So I lost that file, with two articles on Wes Welker and almost three tapes on the same file. Plus, I set up my computer to FTP, and have no idea how I did it. So I have to do that again, and can't figure it out.  

I decided to do the some of the 2nd Half, because some of the funny things that happen. Watch this all out triple team. It is hard to rush the QB with three guys punching you in the chest (5:14). I mean, they don't even pretend. They stop Hunt or the QB dies. I like how he still escapes the triple team at the end, LOL (5:28). He gets shoved down on this play (5:32). However, watch the lateral burst as he Stunts inside, and the agility to recover and not fall all the way down to the turf (5:39). This is another example of his great second move. He burst off the line and benches the OG backwards. Read pass, redirects, and runs around the Corner to scare the crap out of the quarterback (5:47). He running like the 4th string QB in the Waterboy.

I mean, that is the Waterboy. Remember when the 4th string QB came in and was begging Sandier not to kill him, LOL. Can't you hear the QB panic and run back yelling, "Please don't hurt me!"(5:57). See (The Waterboy 36:50). Can't you hear him screaming, "I never said she was the Devil!" (6:03). Here he is again, anytime the Waterboy gets near him he just whips the ball away (6:18). There's the Waterboy again, squealing up field trough the double team. He is like a greased pig slipping through the OG, ORT, and little Rouse screaming, "squeek!"; like a hog let lose on dead meat (6:38). LOL, and you thought I was joking! He scares the crap out of the quarterback so bad that he panics away, and then tackle himself, screaming "Please don't hut me! Please don't hurt me! I'm not the Devil!" OMG, I have to stop doing this Tape my side hurts from laughing so much. 

Margus Hunt Hawaii Bowl:

Senior Bowl Notes:

He looks quicker and quicker inside every time I watch him. Great inside Swim move. He can play in the NFL. He made an inside move on Pugh at the Senior Bowl practices where he looked like a little OLB, and in case you didn’t notice he ain’t no little OLB. He played on the Blindside at the Senior Bowl, and primarily on the opposite side at SMU. Showed a nice Rip around the corner at Senior Bowl. I still just marvel at his speed to the corner for a guy his size. Got smarter and smarter as season went on. Reads the Draw well for such a young player to the game. He sole question is, “how low can he go.” His size is so great, that some will see it as a detriment. I was more impressed with him at SMU than most other scouts. He has astounding speed around the corner for his size. I cannot remember a guy his size who could TTC like him. However, if he can’t stay and play low, he will be dug out and tossed backwards a ton. I think he can, and is harder to move backwards that others seem to see. Senior Bowl will be huge for him, as he has to step up as the level of competition steps up. One interesting thing about Hunt, the Raiders, who coached the North Team, kept taking him out of the one on one drills in Senior Bowl practice. As though they didn’t want too much film of him being spread around the NFL? The Raiders 2nd Round pick is his floor in the Draft. Great burst inside from the strong side. He will get high sometimes, when the O-Line grabs his shirt. He won the starting Blindside D-End spot at Senior Bowl, the opposite side of were he normally plays. I love his blast off the snap. When he sees it, he gets to the ball quick. He can split the OG and OT with quickness. Sometimes forgets to use his long arms. When he uses his arms well he is a force. Still makes mistakes mentally on the field.


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