Lane Johnson

OLT Oklahoma

6-6, 303, 35.25” Arms, 28 Reps,

S-1.61! 4.72 (O)! 

9'-10" Broad, 34" Vert! 

4.52 SS! 7.31 3-C!




The Best I've Seen.


Johnson is such a freak athlete. I have never seen anything like it before. His feet at the bag drills at the Combine were the best I've ever seen. If he had been a LB the announcer would have been swooning. But With a 300 OLT, the impossibility of those feet seemed to stun people. I'm telling you right here right now, he has the best feet of any OLT who has ever played the game, and that is really saying something. 

The other thing that people seem to not be talking about is the offense he plays in. One of the reasons you have to really like both Johnson and Joeckel is they play in a Fastbreak offense. The pace they play at is incredible. They are both in such phenomenal shape. The play 80 to 100 snaps a game. 

The reason I like him him over Joeckel, beside he is such a better athlete them him, is he that he plays a lot meaner than Joeckel. Joeckel is too happy to not play through the whistle too often. Johnson is always looking for the second or third block to inflict on a defender. He plays to the whistle on every play. 

I like how he uses his long arms. Terrific switching off on Stunts and twists. He redirects so smoothly it doesn’t even look like he is doing anything. Gets out on OLB with nice quickness. Terrific quick feet. He does such a nice job keeping his feet moving. He has room to gain some weight. Cut blocks a lot. Comes in low and jams up nicely with his long arms on Draws or Delays. Great hands shoving guys out wide on the edge. He puts them five yards past nowhere with a single two handed shove. 

The thing that really impressed me about Johnson was that against A&M, they all but refused to line up Moore in front of him. Now Moore bounces around a lot, but he lines up on the Blindside at least half the game. He hardly lined up in front of him in the game, and when he did he primarily dropped. When an opposing coach schemes his best rusher, and maybe the best rusher in college football, away from you? Is there a better compliment than that. 

Power House blocking down on the D-End. Plus, his ability to then slip past and get to the linebacker really demonstrates his athletic ability as an Ex-TE. Another guy who is phenomenal shape due to the insane pace of the offense he plays in. Needs to add strength. He does get jacked every now and again. When a defender gets inside his long arms, he cannot hold his ground. Amazing agility to turn and run with DEs as he flies past the QB, and drive him ten yards behind the QB. I’m not sure I have ever seen that before. They finally put Moore over on his side in the 2nd quarter and he did not fair well.

Freak athlete who looks like he has developed into a legit NFL OLT. This guy clearly won the who-the-hell-is-that-guy award at the Senior Bowl. He was the best pass protector there. Amazing balance using his hands and feet together. Stoned guys from both sides of the line, not that it matters as a team will take him in he first round to play OLT. Shows some nasty on the field, and friendly off the field.

Dancer with a boxers mentality. He went to the Senior Bowl and made himself a 1st Round Pick. He was a QB, so you know he has the smarts. He was a TE so you know he has the athleticism. And in the One on one drills he refused to allow anyone by him, and showed they meanness you want an O-Tackle to have. Wow! Great Feet. He is an OLT in the NFL. He has plenty of room to grow. Does a nice job washing the D-End down the line. Terrific doubling the D-End into the TE, and then getting to the second level and taking out a LB. 

He switches side a lot during games. Lining up at the ORT and also as a TE in the Off Set. He has no trouble dropping an g blocking from either side. In fact, they usually run when he lines up on the right. He tends to block down on the D-End. This kid has it all. He is a freak athlete with long arms. He is tough, smart and strong. 

Lane Johnson Vs Texas:

I thought this was a very interesting game. He showed his remarkable athleticism, and his remarkable versatility. I have this game on DVDr. I watch the 1st Half again. I sometimes record the first Half, and try and takes more notes in the 2nd Half (I don't know why;-). I watched  it earlier this week. I kept wondering how he could have shown up at the Senior Bowl so damn good, and I never noticed. Well he was just as good at Oklahoma.

He has the best feet of any O-Line prospect I have ever seen. You have to watch his feet at the Combine, in the bag drills, to truly appreciate who great this kid could be. Simply stunning. 

This is amazing. I always say the hardest block for a Tackle to get, When he is suppose to Seal the D-Tackle to the outside. He has to get across his body, get position, and then Seal. That is the block I see the best O-Tackles in college football miss all the time. Here he burst over in front of the D-Tackle, and dives into the opposite side of his body on the Cut block (0:01). I know it is a little thing. But he dives on the inside of the D-Tackle. There is not another O-Linemen in this Draft who make that Cut block. There are some who could cut him from the front, but not on the side. 

Here he is lined up in front of Jeffcoat. Who was considered one of the top prospects at the passrushing position. I thought he was vastly overrated, but he is extremely well thought of by a ton of personnel guys. Plus, he is a true elite speed guy (0:09). He does have a nice burst off the snap and amazing speed. He can run like a deer down field. He burst up field and reaches the Corner. However, Lane has absolutely no problem kick-stepping back and meeting him at the pass. Then he stones him with his hands, and adds a jarring jab after. That is an example of having no trouble with speed on the edge, against one of the fastest rushers in college football last year. 

Here he is against Jeffcoat standing up. Jeffcoat rushes, and he just punches him to the ground (0:14). A bit of a technique flaw here. He gets a little high, and his hands outside the shouderpads. That is likely to be called in the NFL (0:26). You can see him push and shoving him back violently. However, Jeffcoat has the leverage. Jeffcoat finally Rips under him. However, Johnson holds on long enough to keep him out of the play. 

Jeffcoat is standing up. He beats Johnson to the inside on the Draw. This is a better block than it looks like. Johnson kicksteps back, like it is a pass. The O-linemen faking on the Draw. Jeffcoat cuts in front of him, right into the RB. He has to stop and knock Jeffcoat off the Tackle and his feet (0:37). When you talk about versatility it start with Johnson. He lines up at left tackle and right tackle all the times. He hopped and bopped over and back all the time. You have to see this to believe it. He is lined up outside the ORT here. Watch this burst off the snap (0:49). Then he turns and Seals him as the ORT catches up. What is amazing is that his legs are squared up on the LB, while his shoulders are perpendicular to the LOS. He is already Sealing the D-End. He is already blocking the ILB, while sealing the big D-End with his hands and shoulders only (0:52). Then he jumps out and punches the ILB in the stomach and side. Watch him shove a pretty good ILB to the ground. 

Then back to the Blindside to face Jeffcoat in a four point stance. Jeffcoat gets a little early jump on that play. He still is so smooth in his kickstep that he meets him at the pass without the slightest problem. Then he powers up by his neck and adds a little more pain to the play (0:57). He plays with such great feet and agility that he doesn't get credit for how physical and mean he plays. He is a very big guy. When get his hips into his punches he hits like a heavy weight. First, watch him hop around Jeffcoat like he is a tackling dummy (1:09). Then the punch. He comes in low and mean, and almost knocks the LB straight backward off his feet, like he was a drunk on a bar stool (1:12). The drunk somehow maintains his balance, and even though another blocker is coming to double him, Johnson doesn't care. He tries to hit him again.

He has handle Jeffcoat like he was a mouse in a trap. So they stick him over to the rightside to face the Texas' real passrushing threat. Watch the kickstep on the opposite side. He has to take a couple of big hops to start off to match Okafor's explosion off the snap (1:17). Then he meets him at the pass, and it is all long arms and feet. About time, watch the quick transition out of the kickstep as he turns into Okafor. Okafor has such great lean around the Corner (1:29). Okafor punches Johnson's inside arm off his short as he tries to Turn, but Johnson shoves him past the QB with his outside hand. Then he is squared up on him again on the backside. That is an amazing block for such a big guy. He does so many subtle things so well, that it is so easy to miss. 

Then he is in at ORT again. He doubles on Okafor on the outside. He punches him back, and Okafor knocks his hands off his shirt. Then he has him sealed to the inside (1:37). Back at OLT facing the speed guy. Jeffcoat does a nice job using his long arms to hold him off, that was his first bad block of the day (1:46). However, he meets him at the pass, and stones him easy (1:55). He has such great feet moving backwards. It doesn't even look like he is laboring against an alleged 4.5 guy. 

Watch the feet as he half shuffles and half sidesteps out to the Flat. Jeffcoat follows him. Johnson has no trouble impacting him and stalemating him out in space. Remember that is one of the most athletic D-Ends in college football in a while (2:05). Watch the feet as he twists his torso to keep his shoulders square to the LOS. Then he sees Jeffcoat shadowing him, and attacks (2:15). He gets his hands on his shirt. Jeffcoat does a nice job knocking one of his hands off his shirt, but he holds on and turns him around anyway. 

Jeffcoat gets down in a four point stance ready to explode off the snap. Johnson disarms him like he was a toy (2:22). He just has to Seal the backside. He shoves Jeffcoat out of the play. Not his best block, but it worked (2:34). He turns and tries to get the inside shoulder of the DT, but the DT was slanting inside. That is an impossible block (2:43). Lined up outside the ORT against Texas' five man line. He powers into Vaccaro, and knock him up. He turns and twists him out of the play  (2:52). That is a very tough block for such a big guy, against a super athletic Safety like Vaccaro. 

Lined up like a TE outside the ORT again. This is equally a good and bad block. He gets lost between two defenders. He sticks a hand in each defenders chest and slows them just enough. He doesn't complete either block, but he delays two defenders for just a split second long enough to allow the touchdown (3:05). Back in offset. He shoves the defender 3-yards sideways. The defender hustles nicely, but Johnson is always looking to keep blocking (3:16). One reason why I have Johnson over Joeckel too often doesn't play until the whistle. He would have made the first hit, that knocked the defender sideways. But he would have stopped and not got his hands on him again. I honestly don't know how so many people have Joeckel as the top pick in the Draft. I am fighting an uphill battle I know, but I just can't put him in at Number One. 

Watch him blast off the snap, and pound Okafor out and up. That is not easy to do (3:25). He knocks Okafor three yards backwards (3:32). Then you have to see this to believe it. Watch him crawling under Okafor, trying to drive him back on his hands and knees (3:35). You'll never see Joeckel doing that. He has some serious mean to his game. 

He turns into the stunting D-Tackle and drive him 5-Yards backwards in the most awkward positions imaginable. I love that block (3:38). They call this power. He blocks down on the D-tackle, and drive him into the turf (3:47). Then, he hops back up, turns, and pops the LB (3:52). That is just an amazing block.

He meets Vaccaro at the pass and washes him well down stream (3:56). Just a simple Seal block on the edge. Until he keeps punching and shoving the D-End until he falls down (4:10). I know this is probably a coincidence, but I love this Seal block. He turns him easily perpendicular to the LOS. However, he continues to spin Jeffcoat, seemingly keeping his back to the RB the whole time (4:19). Until Jeffcoat is completely turn around and the RB is five yards down field directly behind Johnson. 

Another simple Seal on the backside. But you can really see how Johnson just keeps punching and shoving until the whistle. He never lets up on guys (4:31). Plays action pass, and Johnson barely lets Jeffcoat off the LOS (4:46). Watch this hit. He shuffles outside with one hand on the D-End the TE is blocking (4:54). Then he spots the LB coming to make the tackle when the RB cuts back, and boom! He hit him into the Endzone (4:56). Back in the off set. He pounds into Okafor, and Okafor sheds him, That is why I like Okafor so much (5:02). However, he gets back and hit him a few times, as the runner scores. 

Here he is knocking Jeffcoat out and up. Then he slides off and knocks the LB back a few yards (5:20). He meets Jeffcoat before the pass, and washes him down stream with ease (5:29). Jeffcoat makes a nice inside move here. Johnson meets, regains position, and washes him past the QB (5:38). Okay that enough. The rest of the game is a blow out. If that isn't enough Tape to show you what a freak athlete he is, then I you might as well be watching the Wizard of Oz (and yes, I had to take my kids to that new Wizard of Oz movie;-). 

Lane Johnson Vs Texas:


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